Twist of fate update Wednesday 21 October 2020

Twist of fate 21 October 2020: Purab comes to Sarla’s house and says he went for jogging and saw fresh vegetables. He thought to buy for her as she likes it. Sarla says I understand fully and calls Bulbul. Bulbul comes, greets him and asks what did you buy for me.

She asks do you remember what is today? Purab says happy birthday, and asks what is the day today. Bulbul says her birthday is on Feb, and says today is our love anniversary. We have proposed each other on this day. Purab pretends to remember and says I was just testing you. Bulbul asks him to go to hell. Abhi tries taking jeys from Pragya’s nightie pocket.

Pragya wakes up and asks what you was doing? Abhi says nothing. Pragya asks if you was trying to take my advantage. Abhi says I want my key and asks her to sleep after giving keys. Pragya sees Purab’s 10 misscalls and thinks he might want to talk to her about something important.

Sarla is happy seeing the fresh veggies and asks Purab what happened? Purab says your daughter is impossible. Jhanki asks him to marry Bulbul soon. Bulbul is still angry. Sarla asks her to bring her clothes from tailor. Jhanki says she can’t go to two places and asks her to send Bulbul instead. Purab asks Sarla to go and collect the clothes, and says he will be with Bulbul.

He asks her to open the door and wonders why Pragya didn’t come till now. He calls Pragya and asks her to come fast. Purab asks Bulbul to open the door and says Pragya is here. Bulbul asks him not to lie. Pragya asks her to open the door. Bulbul and Purab argue. Pragya asks her to forgive Purab. Just then Sarla comes and asks to open the door. Purab opens the door. Sarla says I forgot to take the money. Pragya hides.

Bulbul tells Sarla that she has given money to Purab as he needed it. Purab gives her money. Bulbul says she is hungry and want food after she comes back. Sarla says I will make it now. Purab and Bulbul send her to tailor’s shop. Pragya says she will leave and asks them not to fight.

Tanu asks Abhi, if he got Pragya’s signatures on the papers. Abhi says papers are there. Tanu gets happy and tries to open the almari. Abhi says it is saved in the locker and asks her to hold on her breathe, as he is not having drawer keys. He says pragya is having keys. Abhi says what could I do? Tanu says I can’t take the risk and says she will break the locker.

Abhi says I will bring something to break the drawer’s lock. Tanu thinks Pragya’s story will end if she manages to open the drawer. Ronnie comes calling Pragya and enters her room. He asks Tanu if she is stealing something. Tanu says she is trying to take out something which belongs to Abhi. Abhi comes. Ronnie shares his doubt with Abhi and suggest him to wait till Pragya comes back.

Pragya comes home. Abhi asks her about keys. Pragya says I don’t know. I might have kept it somewhere and says it is not a jewellery. Abhi says it is more precious than your jewellery. He asks her to tell. Pragya says she don’t remember.

Purab takes Bulbul to a restaurant. Bulbul asks him to remember the important dates of their love life. She asks him to love her and says she will fight with him. Purab says lets start with a kiss. Aaliya and Tanu come there. Tanu says lets spoil their date. Aaliya says my mood will be off. Tanu says didn’t you make food at home. Bulbul says there is no love life for you both and says she can understand their frustation. She says she is celebrating love anniversary, and tells that you both know anything about it. She gets Pragya’s call and goes to attend it.

Abhi tries searching for keys and thinks he has to sleep before lady hunter comes. He thinks Pragya can get keys while cleaning the room. Pragya comes. Abhi pretends to be sleeping. Pragya thinks he is sleeping after messing the room. She cleans the room. Abhi says it is good that she is cleaning the room, and thinks to sleep. Pragya also rests on her bed.

Bulbul comes back and asks Purab to leave her alone for sometime. Purab asks what happened? Bulbul says she is getting strange feeling that something wrong is going to happen, and says she is feeling insecured. She says we shall marry and then no problem will come. Purab says we will come once our motive is successful, and Abhi and Pragya unites. Bulbul says we shall do court marriage and we will not let anyone know. She says she will have surity that he will be his. She says I feel like someone is snatching you from me. Purab says no one can come between us, just then someone hits on his head. Bulbul looks at the reflection of the person who hit on Purab’s head.

Bulbul ask who is there? Aaliya comes infront of her and says she will kill her. Pragya wake up and thinks it is a bad dream. She thinks to see what Aaliya is doing. Tanu asks Aaliya why she was getting effected.

Aaliya says she still loves Purab, but couldn’t express her love because of family. Tanu says I thought that you have forgotten him. Aaliya says I love him very much even now, and I have subside this matter now, and concentrated on Abhi. She says she lost her temper when she saw them celebrating love anniversary. She says she will do something to this Bulbul, and will see Purab later. Pragya hears her and thinks she has to meet Purab and Bulbul now itself.

Tanu sits for breakfast and sees many dishes. She says I think Pragya is not at home. Just then Pragya comes home. Abhi asks where did you go early morning. Pragya says there was some important work and calls Purab and Bulbul inside. Purab and Bulbul come inside holding the garlands. Pragya says they are married now. Bulbul says we got married in the temple. Abhi asks who gave them permission to marry.

Pragya says she got them married. Abhi asks how can you marry on her sayings, and asks have you gone mad? He asks did she threaten Purab to marry Bulbul as he don’t do anything without informing me. Pragya asks him to ask Purab himself. Dadi takes Pragya inside. Tanu thinks to call Aaliya and inform her.

Abhi asks Purab what is your helplessness to marry in a hurry? He asks if you are with Pragya and taking my side as per her plan. Dadi asks Pragya if she really got Purab and Bulbul married, or are acting. Pragya says they are really married now. Dadi says you might have forced them to marry. Purab says you are doubting me. Abhi says you would have told me before, and says Pragya has taken your advantage to make me feel let down.

Purab says I have done this marriage for you, and says she has decided to appoint him as a manager. He says he has also applied for the post, but Pragya said that the manager should be a married man. He says he got stressful and married Bulbul to get the job. He says he told Pragya to come to temple and says he will marry Bulbul. Abhi says she said that she got you both married. Purab says we told her to tell that.

A FB is shown, Pragya meets Purab and Bulbul and tells them that Aaliya still loves Purab. She tells them that she heard Aaliya speaking to Tanu and saw a very bad dream too. Bulbul says we will be alert and will stay away from her. Pragya says we have to do something. Purab says Aaliya is pretending to be nice and we are unable to expose her. Pragya says there is one way and asks them to marry so that Aaliya accepts her defeat. Purab says how can we marry without Sarla, Dadi and Abhi, but Pragya convinces them.

Purab and Bulbul gets married. Dadi tells her that Aaliya was quite since many days. Pragya says she heard Aaliya’s conversation with Tanu and says may be Aaliya would take a wrong step and do any mistake. Dadi says you said right and asks Bulbul to be alert. Bulbul says she got the strength to fight for her marriage.

Pragya says it is kumkum’s strength. Dadi worries if Abhi will agree. Pragya says Purab will convince him. Abhi comes. Dadi asks why did they betray us. Abhi says I will not forgive my friend and ex saali, says I am very happy with your marriage. It was my responsibility to get you married, and Pragya snatched that right from me. He asks them to take Dadi’s blessings. Dadi blesses them. Pragya smiles. Abhi says they are taking Dadi’s blessing and not yours.

Abhi says I was sure that there is no God, and argues with Pragya. Pragya says I will not waste my money for your wishes. Abhi says so you got them married to save money. SRK and Kajol come there. Pragya says I have fulfilled your responsibility. They argue. Abhi says I will perform, dance and will do their marriage grandly. Pragya says it would have remain a dream only. Abhi says there is no solution now. Dilwale cast ask him to listen to his heart and throw grand reception for his friends. Kajol asks him to fulfill all his wishes in the reception. Abhi likes the idea. Pragya refuses to give the money.

Aaliya coming home and thinks nobody ask her tea/coffee etc. Tanu thinks to tell about Purab and Bulbul’s marriage, and stops Aaliya. Just then Mitali tells Aaliya that there is a good news for her and asks her to see in the room. Aaliya thinks if Tanu does any mistake. She goes towards the room. Purab tells Bulbul that he has convinced Abhi with his acting. Pragya says if Abhi gets angry then she will have to bear his anger. Abhi comes there and says you did rituals and after that……Aaliya comes and says Mitali told about the surprise, and asks what is that surprise?

Bulbul shows off her mangalsultra shocking Aaliya. Aaliya says you both got married, and says I was…….She says I wanted to throw a big party for you and says marriage is not a joke. She asks Purab to tell that they are joking. Purab says we are married. Aaliya says this is not done.

Abhi says Purab is your friend, and haven’t told you before marrying. He says Pragya is behind their marriage. Tanu says you should wish them. Purab says I think we shall go to our house. Abhi says you will not go. Purab asks him to give space. Abhi says I won’t let you go. He calls Bhabhi ji to Bulbul. Bulbul asks him not to pull her leg and says nobody can come between them. Abhi says we will have party here until I am satisfied. Bulbul says where we will sleep then. Abhi asks them to take any room and asks Pragya to decorate the room. Pragya says she got terrace room decorated. Abhi says there is full privacy there. Tanu gets angry and breaks things in her room. Tanu asks what you are doing and tries to stop her.

Bulbul asks gift from Abhi. Abhi says you didn’t inform me before marriage, so have to wait for gift. Bulbul says you just make a call and the gifts will keep flowing. Abhi says he doesn’t have even 100 Rs. and asks them to turn faces as he is going to torture Pragya. Abhi requests Pragya to give him money and says he is even ready to hold her feet or can beg infront of him. Pragya agrees and says she will cut money from his Pocket money. She asks him to check the decoration in the room.Abhi says there should be perfect romantic setting in the room and takes Purab with him. Bulbul thanks Pragya. Pragya gives clothes to Bulbul and says she will buy more. Bulbul gets tensed thinking about Sarla’s reaction. Pragya asks her not to worry and says she will make Sarla understand.

Pragya comes to room and asks from where did he learn this? Abhi says betrayal teaches everything and he has understood the importance of love. Pragya says you have fallen in love twice. Abhi says I couldn’t hear your heart beat as money noise comes from it. He says he has understood value of love and says they couldn’t be together. Hamari Adhuri plays…………He lights the candle…Pragya holds his hand and asks what is he doing as he is about to burn his finger. Abhi says he is burnt from inside.

Pragya says this room is for two lovers who are going to start their new life and asks her to go. He picks the flower with thorn and asks her to help someone when she understand the difference between flower and thorn. Hamari Adhuri plays…………..He asks about the drawer keys and says it has fuggi’s stuff which he want to see.

Abhi says I am missing my fuggi and that’s why want to talk to her stuff. Pragya says okay, I will search keys. Dadi comes and says she needs to talk to him. She asks if anyone talked to Sarla about Purab and Bulbul’s marriage. Abhi says I will ask them. Dadi says I asked them, and they didn’t inform her. She says we shall go to Sarla and talk to her politely, so that she don’t get any shock. She says we will take Pragya as well, as if Sarla asks us who got them married, we will tell that Pragya got them married.

Sarla asks about Bulbul. Dadi comes there with Abhi and Pragya. Sarla asks them to sit and asks if everything is fine. She asks if Pragya has done something. Dadi says she did what we couldn’t do. Abhi says we want to do this, but she has done although her way is wrong. Sarla asks what is the matter? Dadi asks her not to get angry and says she did right. Sarla asks them to tell. Dadi says Pragya got Bulbul and Purab married.

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