Twist of fate update Wednesday 16 February 2022


Twist of fate 16 February 2022: Sushma telling Abhi that she must be busy in work so give keys in Pragya’s hand. He says Pragya. Sushma says my daughter. Abhi says my Pragya and runs upstairs.

Ranbir comes to the hospital and asks Doctor Manoj about his Papa. Dr. Manoj says he refused to get admitted in the hospital and went home. Beeji calls Siddharth and asks him to come home fast. She says Vikram said that if he has to die then he will die in the house. He thinks she can’t be his Pragya and comes to her room. Pragya is in the bathroom and looks for her towel. Abhi thinks she is inside and I have to give her key in her hand. Pragya calls Shagun and asks to give towel.

Abhi hears her and says Pragya. He gets emotional and thinks why is he thinking that she is Pragya, thinks if she was his Pragya then would have searched him. He thinks there must be lakhs of girls with this name, but my Pragya is just one. Pragya asks if you can’t hear what I asked you, asks to give towel. Abhi thinks his Pragya don’t talk like this. He gives keys in her hand as she forwards her hand to take towel. Pragya asks who are you? Abhi says your mom asked me to handover keys in your hand. He says I forgot to give you towel and gives towel in her hand. Meri Aashiqui song plays… their hands touch each other. Abhi asks if something happened. Pragya says I will complain to your boss and says you have no manners. Abhi asks her to close the door and goes, tells that he shall tell her mother than she scolds badly.

He is about to go, but Servant stops him and asks him to have food in the kitchen. Pragya gets ready and thinks this mechanic is mannerless and late. Abhi eats the food and says it is like my Dadi’s food. He asks Servant if her madam name is Rani. Servant says she is pragya. Pragya comes downstairs and asks Sushma about the mechanic.

Sushma says he went to the kitchen to have food. Abhi tells that her madam’s voice is like his Rani’s voice. He praises the food made by her and goes. Pragya comes to the kitchen and asks servant where is he? Servant says he went and tells that he was a nice man. Pragya tells that the mechanic was mannerless and came to my room. Sushma says I sent him, as you was upset. Pragya says he should have given keys, and gave towel. Sushma says towel. Pragya says I will scold him if he meets next time. She says they have to go to boutique.

They come to the boutique. Sushma asks if something good is here. Pragya says I asked to keep some sarees for us separately. Tanu comes there and thinks she shall steal the red lipstick which will suit her nicely. She thinks nobody can catch her till now and thinks she has done a research and is a professional thief now. Pragya sees her and excuses herself. Someone appreciates Prachi for her good presentation and offers to drop her. Prachi refuses. She sits in taxi and sees Rhea sitting on the road and eating something like drugs. Rhea sits in the lorry. Prachi asks the driver to stop the car, but couldn’t see Rhea. She thinks she thinks about Maa and Rhea, that’s why imagined her. Pragya thinks she might have seen someone else.

Siddharth and Ranbir come to Vikram’s house. Ranbir stops. Siddharth asks him to come inside. Ranbir recalls Vikram and Pallavi breaking their relation with him. He recalls telling that he can’t stay in the house, where his wife can’t get love and respect. Pallavi tells that they are meeting for the last time and he shall not return even if they die. Prachi asks her not to say this. Pallavi asks her not to talk to her and pushes her. Ranbir says she is my wife and holds her. Pallavi says your wife will never get respect here. Vikram says even you will not get anything. Ranbir leaves with Prachi.

Fb ends. Ranbir tells Siddharth that he is thinking if he shall go inside or not. Siddharth asks what is important to you, bad memories, or your memories with them. He asks him to come and he himself goes to get his mobile back. Ranbir rings the door bell.

Tanu comes to the make up section and takes the lipsticks. The salesgirl comes and tells that she will help her. Tanu says you left lunch to attend me. The salesgirl tells that all the salesgirls don’t go altogether and go one by one due to the shop lifting incidents. Tanu says don’t know why people steals. She says she has this shade already and tells that she has an international card which will not work here.

Sushma asks Pragya what happened and says you seems to be disturbed. Pragya recalls their business partners conversation about stealing her folder from her purse. She says nothing. Tanu looks at Pragya’s purse and thinks she shall steal it, thinks someone has forgotten it. She comes there and takes Pragya’s purse and walks out from there.

Sushma asks the salesgirl to pack all her sarees. She tells Pragya that she has taken clothes for Shagun also, who works in the house. Pragya says I will pay. Sushma says I will pay. Pragya says it is same. She looks for her purse and finds it missing. She tells Sushma that it was stolen.

Pragya telling Sushma that she knows where she will get her purse and goes. Sushma thinks she might have gone to PS and thinks to use the source for the case. Ranbir comes home. Servant asks who is he? Beeji sees him and says Ranbir. Ranbir says Dida and comes inside. She gets emotional. Pallavi comes there talking to doctor on phone and sees Ranbir.


He recalls Ranbir’s words that he will die, but will not leave Prachi. She recalls Ranbir telling that he can’t stay in the house where his wife doesn’t get respect or love. Ranbir asks Pallavi if he can meet Dad. Beeji asks him to go. Pallavi asks him not to talk to him about something, which he feels bad. Ranbir says Papa will be fine Mummy. Pallavi gets teary eyes. Ranbir goes to meet Vikram. Pallavi asks Siddharth, if Ranbir was with him when he got Vikram’s news. Sid says yes. Pallavi asks Beeji to rest. Sid takes him.

Pragya comes to the PS. Constable says Pragya Madam has come. Inspector asks her to sit and tells that he got his senior call about her. Pragya tells that her purse was stolen and tells that it had property papers. She says she is doubtful about Bhuvanesh Thappar and his son Gautam Thappar. Gautam gets a call. He tells Pragya is coming here. Pragya comes there and accuses them for stealing her purse. Inspector sees the CCTV footage. Pragya says I heard when your father asked you to steal the factory papers and says it is sure that you will not steal it yourself so hired someone. She says she will ask the thief? Inspector sees Tanu’s face and calls Pragya. Constable says I know this girl.

Inspector calls her and tells that thief is found. He sends her location. Pragya says she will come there and goes. Gautam tells his dad that Pragya overheard them and doubting them. His father says when she realized his mistake, she will return back.

Vikram asks if my son returned? Ranbir says I have come back and hugs him. Vikram asks why didn’t you come before? Ranbir says I was afraid that you will not like to see me. Vikram says I missed you while celebrating festivals. Siddharth tells that Beeji is sitting in hall and asks Vikram if he is fine now. Vikram smiles. Pallavi thinks Prachi has ruined their family.

Vikram asks Ranbir to stay there. Ranbir promises him and asks him to come to hospital. Vikram refuses and asks Pallavi to make him understand. Pallavi says he didn’t hear me. Sid talks to someone and cancels his Mumbai meeting. Vikram asks him to go for the meeting as Ranbir is here. Sid says I know Ranbir will take care of you better than me.

Tanu returns home. Aaliya asks where did you go and asks whose purse is this? Tanu says you are jealous of me and tells that it is hers. Aaliya says it is original and asks from where did you bring it? Tanu says I have stolen it and then tells that she is lying. Aaliya says I know it is original and asks her. Tanu says it is duplicate. Abhi comes there and asks Aaliya if Tanu can bought original here. He says everyone is poor here and calls Dadi. He asks Tanu if stealing is good and says one day Police will come and arrest you. Pragya comes to the chawl in her car. Police also comes there in the jeep. Inspector tells Pragya that the thief stays in this chawl.

Siddharth tells beeji that he is going to Bangalore. Dadi says they will take care of Vikram. Pallavi comes there and gives file to Siddharth and politely scolds him. beeji asks Ranbir if he missed her. Ranbir says he remembered her daily. Beeji goes and hides to hear them talking. Pallavi says it is good that you came to meet your dad, he really meant that he missed you a lot.

Ranbir says even I missed everyone. Pallavi asks if he is still staying in the same chawl and says if you had married Rhea, then would have stayed in this luxurious home. Ranbir says he stays in a good colony and not chawl. Pallavi says I have seen if it is colony or chawl. Ranbir asks then why didn’t you come inside. Pallavi says you are forgetting that I don’t want to have any relation with the girl, with whom you want to have the relation. Ranbir says you broke relation with me.

She asks him to take care of his dad, but leave Prachi.. She says you can become the son of this house, can take the cars, stay in house etc but not as someone’s husband. Ranbir says I am still your son, you didn’t understand. She says it seems you don’t like her. Pallavi says Rhea was my first choice and I never accepted Prachi as my bahu. She says only you can come here and not you. Ranbir says what do you think that you will give me greed about cars, home etc, and I will agree. He says I don’t want anything, I just came to see Papa. Pallavi asks what do you like among the house, cars, company, business etc. Ranbir says he wants a simple life and loving wife. He tells that they have their share of happiness or sorrows, one thing is there that they are together always. He says you don’t seem to be happy.

The people of the chawl look at Pragya. Sushma calls Pragya and asks where are you? Pragya says she came to the thief’s house to ask her why she stole my purse. She says she doubts Thappar. She says I will talk to you later and ends the call. She gets inside Abhi’s house with Police and gets shocked.



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