Twist of fate update Wednesday 14 December 2022

Twist of fate 14 December 2022: Ranbir brings tea for Prachi. He says he wanted to bring pakodas, but he don’t know how to make it, and that’s why brought hot tea. He asks her not to judge it. She sips the tea and says it is good to keep the body warm.

He says he has added so much love in love. Prachi says it will look like I am saying it forcibly. She tastes tea and says milk, tea and sugar are in equal quantity. He says even I got drenched in water, you can’t praise me. She offers him tea. He sips the tea and gives to her. She sips it and says not bad at all. He sips it and says not bad at all. He is about to kiss the lipstick mark on the tea cup. Shahana comes there and says someone is calling you. Ranbir asks why did she come like a housefly. He says he wanted to do something.

Prachi takes Shahana out. Everyone is waiting in the hall. Rhea comes there and asks what happened? Pallavi says there was call from hospital and they have sent the report, it is on its way. Door bell rings. Pallavi says may be report came. Ranbir asks Prachi to be careful. Prachi opens the door and takes the report. She asks Rhea to take the report. Aaliya asks why you are giving this report to Rhea. Prachi says this is not report, but my answer. She says Rhea is having many doubts which needs to be answered.

Pallavi says there was call from hospital and they have sent the report, it is on its way. Door bell rings. Pallavi says may be report came. Ranbir asks Prachi to be careful. Prachi opens the door and takes the report. She asks Rhea to take the report. Aaliya asks why you are giving this report to Rhea. Prachi says this is not report, but my answer. She says Rhea is having many doubts which needs to be answered.

She says I am not fighting, I just want to clear Rhea’s misunderstanding, as she related Sid’s name with my name. She says Sid is not just the son of the house, but was also Rhea’s husband. She says I want Rhea to read the report, so that she comes to know that the baby is of her husband Ranbir. Rhea says I wish this happens and says I wish all the misunderstandings get cleared between us. Shaina thinks Rhea is talking nicely thinking she might proved wrong. Rhea says if I proved wrong then I will touch your feet and apologize to you. Prachi says no need, read the reports now. Rhea opens the report and reads it, shockingly.

Aaliya asks what happened, what is in the report. Rhea gives report to Aaliya. Pallavi asks what is in the report. Prachi says I know it is difficult to read the report. She tells Rhea, that she is her real sister and her own blood and that’s why she forgives her always, and says I am forgiving you once again. She says I can’t forgive you again, as there is no relation than mother and child. Pallavi reads the report.

Dida asks what is in the report. Pallavi says it is written that Prachi’s baby DNA is not matching with Ranbir. Everyone is shocked. Aaliya smiles. Rhea smiles too. Pallavi says baby is not of Ranbir. Ranbir takes the report and tears it. Rhea is shocked. Ranbir throws the torn report and says just like you trust this paper, I trust my love and says I will always trust Prachi and will listen to my heart. He says I am becoming Bau ji and Prachi is my baby’s mother. Rhea asks what is wrong and says this baby is not yours, as if his mind went in his knees and says DNA report shows all. Ranbir asks her to be quiet and holds Prachi’s hand.

He says Prachi’s trust, I have earned after a lot of time. He says nobody shall speak until Sid comes, and till then we all will wait. He asks Prachi to come and takes her to room. Rhea is upset.

The goons are waiting for Sid. The goon says flight get cancelled sometimes. The other goon says we will get money after we kill him, and will get money to keep mouth shut. They see Sid coming out of airport. The goon says we will hit him where there is no CCTV cam. They see him leaving in car and follow the car. The car driver looks at the car following them.

Ranbir asks Prachi not to take stress and says I will bring water. Prachi asks do you believe me? Ranbir says no, I don’t. He says you can’t hurt me by asking this question. He says leave the past, now you are with me. He says you are the best thing that has happened to me. He says let the people ask, I will answer everyone. Prachi says you shall not fight with anyone because of me, they are our own family. Ranbir says if anyone says anything then I will not be quiet. Prachi says I am angry on myself for troubling you, upset with you, fighting with you, making you cry and hurting you.

She says I have hurt you a lot and says I am really bad. He opens his arms wide. Prachi runs to him and hugs him. Ranbir says I used to yearn to talk to you, and now you hugged me. He says I just want your love and says I will bring water. Prachi says you are the best thing that has happened to me. Ranbir says it will happen again and again.

Rhea gets happy and says if my destiny can be so good, thinks it is miracle. Aaliya comes there. Rhea says report was changed, and says I was worried that I will get caught. She says everything turned down in my favor. She thanks God. Shaina comes we have given you this gift. Sid thinks to call Vikram and tell him that he reached. He thinks he asked him to keep his phone off and wonders what might have happen there.

The driver sees the goons following his car. He asks Sid, what work you do? Sid says I do business. Driver asks if he is having cash with him, as someone is following them. Sid is about to turn. Driver asks him not to turn else they will know that we came to know. Sid asks what we shall do now. Driver says we shall fool them. Shaina tells that she reached hospital. A fb is shown, she meets technician and asks him to change the report. She gives him money and asks him to do the work.

She asks him to think what he can do for his family and gives him greed. He takes the money from her, and says report was about to be sent. He says he will change the report. Fb ends. Rhea says I know that Buji will handle the situation and I also know that you will do something to save your friend. Aaliya says if this plan haven’t worked then we would have made some other plan. Rhea asks how much money, you have given to change the DNA report. Pallavi comes there and looks shocked.

Shaina telling Pallavi that whatever she heard was wrong. Aaliya says let Pallavi say what she wants to say. Rhea asks do you want to say anything. Pallavi says I am sorry. Ranbir thinks why Sid has switched off his phone, he would have picked him from airport. Pallavi says sorry to scold Rhea and says I should have supported you and not Prachi. She says I don’t trust Prachi 100 percent and says my Ranbir loves her so much.

She says I try not to talk to you rudely, but sometimes infront of family, I talk to you like that, but you shall know that I don’t trust her 100 percent. She says why nobody defended Prachi when she was accused with Sid. Ranbir is going from there and stops to listen. Pallavi says today everyone talks about love, trust.

He says Ranbir had also accused Prachi, and now when DNA report came infront, everyone is trusting Prachi. She says it means that whatever happened was truth. Ranbir comes inside and says really Mom. He says think before saying and says you might feel ashamed later, as she is your bahu, not just my wife. Pallavi asks him to open his eyes and says Prachi’s truth is out. Ranbir says it is not truth that day, and even now. He says Prachi slapped me that day as I didn’t listen to her. He asks everyone not to tell anything against Prachi, else he will pack his bags and will leave with Prachi. Pallavi gets angry and slaps him.

The driver asks Sid if he knows who are they? Sid says no. He asks driver to stop the car and says I will talk to them. Driver asks if you want to hit your leg on the axe. The goons follow the car. Driver says they have seen us. He drives in speed. They stop at the signal. The goon gets down holding the gun. Driver asks Sid to close the window as the goon is walking towards the car holding gun. The goon knocks on the window, just then Inspector also knocks on the window from the other side.

The Inspector asks goon why is he knocking? The goon makes an excuse and goes. The Inspector sits in the car. Sid says Mahesh. Inspector says you have recognized me. He says who was that guy? Inspector says leave him. The goons escape. Driver says they are escaping. Sid says leave them. The goons call Aaliya, but she doesn’t pick the call.

Pallavi asks how dare you to think that you will leave for Prachi. She scolds him for seeing life with her, and not with her who gave her birth. She says that Prachi is everything to you and we are nothing. She says I have been very patient and nice with her, but I can’t close my eyes after seeing the DNA report. She says baby’s DNA is not matching with you, I will not give her same love and respect. Ranbir says I understand, why you shall be good to her, my love is blind, but not yours. He says I love you, you have given me birth, brought me up etc. He says mother and son’s relation is also give give. He says mother might be hungry, but feeds the baby first, makes baby sleep even if she is sleepy.

He says you made me respect women, not just elders. He says whatever I am, I am because of you and I am yours. He says I have learnt so much from this world too, and says you can’t make everyone happy. He requests them not to say against Prachi, and says if you say then the values given to me, will go. He says I love and trust Prachi a lot. He says even 100 reports come, then my trust will not break.

Aryan comes there and says Police have come downstairs. Everyone go there. Shaina says real Police came. Ranbir asks Inspector what is the reason for his arrival. Inspector says you don’t know the reason. Sid comes running there. Aaliya thinks the goons couldn’t do anything, thinks she will be exposed. Vikram asks Sid why is he breathing heavily. Sid says nothing. Aaliya thinks if he went to PS and Police brought him here, she hopes to get saved. Ranbir asks are you saved? Sid hugs him and asks how are you? Ranbir says I am fine. Sid meets Dida and Vikram.

He touches Pallavi’s feet. Pallavi says its ok. Sid says you will think until I say. He says this is Inspector Mahesh Shukla, and I saw meeting him. He says we have raced, and he has won. Mahesh asks him to jog early morning, and says I will leave now. Sid says meet my family. He introduces everyone to him. Inspector leaves. Pallavi asks why is he racing with his friend. She says why didn’t you think why we called you. Dida says let Prachi come. She says we shall talk infront of her. Pallavi asks Rhea to call Prachi. Aaliya says until Prachi comes, I will attend a call. Sid asks what is happening? Pallavi says let Prachi come, then we will talk. Rhea comes to Prachi’s room and says Sid has come.

Prachi says finally truth will come out, and says she don’t want this thing happen infront of elders. She says it will be proved by Sid, that I am right, but you will be exposed. She says there is still time, accept that you have proved fake proves. She says we both know the truth and asks her to accept it that you blamed me fakely. Shahana says let the muddy water fall on her. She says you have given her many chances, and says when she goes downstairs, she will be out. Rhea says I will throw you out, Sid has come. She asks them to come and they go. Prachi says she will agree with Sid’s talks. Shahana holds Prachi’s hand. They go out.

Aaliya calls goon and says he is alive whom you went to kill. The goon says we couldn’t kill him infront of Inspector. He says you didn’t give us money to trap ourselves. Aaliya says why gunda is complicated. She asks them to return her money.

Prachi comes out. Sid asks how are you? Prachi says I am fine, how about you? Sid says he is also fine. Rhea says now nothing needs to be proved, everyone must have understood, how deep is their relation. Shahana says if two friends can’t ask each other how are they? Aaliya says she is right, they were together for many days, then got separated, it is not easy. Ranbir asks Aaliya not to say that.

Aaliya says you are threatening me. Vikram asks Aaliya to give sometime. Rhea says if we give some more time, then Sid and Prachi will sign each other, what to say and what to not. Sid asks what is happening here. Dida says here, fight is going on about truth and false. Pallavi asks him to say truth. Rhea asks if Prachi is pregnant with your baby. Sid asks if your mind is fine. Pallavi asks him to just answer. Sid says no, Prachi is not pregnant with my child.

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