Twist of fate update Wednesday 23 September 2020

Twist of fate 23 September 2020:  Dadi thinks what to do to save Abhi. Aaliya says if Pragya frees Abhi, then she loves him. Dasi gets angry on Pragya. Tanu says we have to take her class. Dadi says first think how to save Abhi from Police. Pragya comes home and looks at them. Dadi thinks she came alone, means she sent Abhi to Police. Aaliya thinks to use Abhi against her. Abhi comes there walking past her. Aaliya is surprised and says it means she loves Bhai even now. Tanu says thank god you are here. Dadi hugs him and asks what happened. Abhi tells they couldn’t arrest me as someone saved me. He tells that he is saved by Pragya Arora.

Tanu says she threatened to send me to Jail and proved that I have stolen. Abhi is surprised. Aaliya asks why she didn’t think about money and freed you. She says may be……..Abhi says I am her walking ATM and non ending bank account. She uses people for her advantage. If I would have get arrested, then people would not buy my albums and She will not get money. He says you can sell even a dead for your advantage.

He says you thought that you will control me, but don’t forget that your remote control is in my hand. He says your weakness is me, rockstar Abhi……brand Abhi. You can’t do anything to brand Abhi. Pragya asks him to think whatever he wants to. Abhi rues to torture her from now and tells everyone not to worry.

Dadi thinks Pragya couldn’t keep hold on her emotions and freed Abhi ruining her plan. Just then Pragya comes there. Dadi applauds for her tauntly and says you freed him like Savitri. She asks why did you do this without asking me. Pragya apologizes to her. Dadi says My trust on you have been gone. You have raised a doubt on Aaliya and Tanu’s mind. They will think that you still loves Abhi and acted for a make over. They have known about your weakness now, and will plan against you. I thought you will be successful to expose them and I can unite you both, but now I think I have to see you both separated.

Pragya says she couldn’t see him going to Jail, and says her win is useless if Abhi is not with her. She says she can’t see him in trouble. Dadi says I would have brought him home and reminds of her promise. Pragya says she didn’t forget the promise made to her, but also remember the promises made to Abhi during their marriage. Dadi says this step was wrong and you told about your weakness to your enemies. She says now you both will be in trouble, why I can’t see you both happy.

Dadi says you will be responsible for your separation and for your failure, and if this happens then I will not forgive you. Pragya asks her not to tell that and says she will never be separated from Abhi. Pragya says if my love is my weakness then it will become my strength too, my love will help me win in this fight. Just then they hear someone clapping and looks on shockingly.

Pragya and Dadi are shocked as someone heard their conversation. The woman turns out to be Bulbul. She applauds for Pragya’s sacrifice and love. Dadi says you did a mistake and didn’t close the door after coming in. Bulbul is happy. Dadi says this world is of show off….Aaliya is happy thinking Pragya still loves Abhi. Raj asks what happened? Aaliya says it shows that Pragya has feelings for Abhi, and we have to take her advantage and set a game plan accordingly. She says Abhi will help them unknowingly.

Raj says okay and leaves. Abhi thinks why did Pragya saved him? If she really cares for me, or have feelings. He thinks I have to find out about the real reason and get in her mind. He thinks where is she? Pragya tells Abhi told that I freed him because of money. Dadi says everyone is not blind, and knows the truth. Pragya says she will proof that she freed him because of money. Bulbul says I came here to tell why Jiju took the money. Pragya asks why? Bulbul says they had to return the money to the customer who booked Kumkum Bhagya marriage hall, and Abhi helped them with the money. Dadi says I knew that my grand son didn’t leave his goodness. Dadi asks her to make her heartless, just like she trained her to be modern.

A flashback is shown, Bulbul is seen training Pragya and grooming her to be modern and arrogant. Bulbul taught her arrogance and attitude. Pragya asks her not to be tough with her husband. Dadi says you have to teach her again, holding the stick. Bulbul says I will leave now else Maa will be on the door with stick. Sarla tells Jhanki that Bulbul called Abhi and he helped them. Jhanki says Abhi helped them without having any relation, and saw their helplessness.

Sarla says Pragya’s call have not connected when we were in need. Bulbul comes home and says she went with Purab to drink coffee. Sarla asks why you are lying? Purab said that he dropped you one hour again. Bulbul tells she went to Abhi’s house to thank him. Sarla says you did right. Did you meet Pragya? Bulbul says she was there, but ignored her. Sarla gets hurt. Bulbul cheers her up and apologizes for lying.

Pragya comes to room and looks for files. Abhi takes her pic and says you are thief. He says I captured your video, stealing the stuff and will get you arrested. He says the title of this video will be robbery in Rockstar’s house. Pragya asks him to get the video shot by a professional and says she needs money. Abhi is surprised. Pragya says she will also put his video on social networking site and earn money with many likes.

Abhi says he wants to prove her wrong. Pragya says you had stolen money. Abhi says I took that money and I don’t want to ask you. He asks why did you save me? Pragya says you said infront of all, and asks him to sleep as he have to work on the song. She asks where is my file? They try to take the file and fall on the bed together. They have an eye lock while the song Allah Wariyan Song plays……………………………………………..Pragya takes the file and leaves thanking him.

Next morning Abbi wakes up and plays loud music to disturb her sleep. He says he has to compose a song and needs peace. He starts exercising. While he is exercising, Pragya comes and stamp her feet on the table, shocking Abhi (just like Bulbul taught her).

Abhi laughs at Pragya’s exercise tricks. Pragya asks him to watch her and tries to lift the dumb bells. Abhi gets surprised to see her lifting dumb bells till her shoulder. Abhi asks how can you lift it? Pragya says I have the power of money, so I can do anything. I was weak before. She says I like people who exercises in the money, but don’t like people who waste time. She asks him to get ready and come. Abhi looks at her dumb bells. Pragya asks him to get ready fast and leaves. Abhi thinks how can she lift it? He picks the dumb bell and sees it light weight. He is surprised and asks Robin for his coffee.

Dadi and Dasi decorate the inhouse temple. Dasi says why God don’t listen to us and asks him to bring peace in house. Aaliya comes and calls for Robin….Abhi asks where is my coffee. Dasi jokes and asks them to do Robin’s name Keertan. Abhi sees Pragya’s PA Ronnie holding tea tray. He says he made it and says Didi asked to do work by themselves. He asks him to asks his assistant to make coffee, but drinks at his own risk. He says it was not tasty when she made it. Abhi asks Aaliya to make coffee for him. Dadi asks her to make it for her bhai. Tanu asks her to make juice and then seeing her angry, she goes with her. Aaliya says she wanted to drink green tea and now have to made coffee. She says she don’t have money else would have get Pragya’s shot.

Pragya, Dadi and Bulbul are in the restaurant. Pragya says our plan flopped. She says we couldn’t find out about the person helping Aaliya. We couldn’t find out about father of Tanu’s baby. A man sitting signs Pragya. Bulbul asks her to change place, and sees the man trying to flirt her. Bulbul asks what happened and scares him. She asks Pragya to tell about her day. Pragya tells about shocking Abhi by holding the fake dumb bells. Bulbul says she got the idea. Abhi asks Payal to get heavy weight dumb bells made. Purab comes. Abhi asks her to be alert.

Purab asks what is happening? Abhi says leave it, and says he will sing a song which will make everyone go crazy. He says he wants a good environment and same friends. Purab asks what is your plan? Abhi says I want to teach a lesson to Pragya. He says he will be making two music scratch, and one he will give to Pragya. He says he will open a company in his name, and give 30% to the singer. Purab says what if Pragya gets to know about it? Abhi says he knows her weakness and says he will surprise Dadi.

Bulbul gives the script to Pragya and asks her to talk in any accent. Aaliya plans to sell the jewellery to hire a lawyer. Tanu says it is gifted by Abhi and he will feel bad. Aaliya says she wants to get rid of Pragya. She gets a call and Pragya introduces herself as Meena Kumari. She tells her boss wants to expand his businss and wants to convert his black money into white. Aaliya says I am not interested. Pragya asks her to give one scratch of Abhi so that they can record a song. She says we will give 10 crores rupees for this. Aaliya is surprised and happy.

Pragya says I can give you 2 lakhs in advance. Aaliya asks are you joking? Pragya says we will know how Abhi makes music, and we will also make changes and do the work. Pragya says we can hire someone. Bulbul says we can’t hire and trust someone. She says we have to make sure Aaliya don’t get a chance to be saved.

Tanu ask Aaliya to call that woman. Aaliya asks her to have patience. Tanu says one day she will become patient. She says we shall inform Raj. Aaliya says no and says we will not inform him.

Bulbul tells Pragya that she will leave now and asks her to message. Sarla is going from there after buying vegetables, but didn’t see them together. Dadi asks Pragya not to call or message her as Dasi is always with her. They laugh. Pragya hugs Bulbul twice and says she misses Sarla. Pragya and Dadi leaves. Sarla turns and sees Bulbul waving bye. She scolds her and asks to come.

Purab praises Abhi’s song and says it is good. Abhi says he has composed bad song for her, and says it is his choice to sing the song. He sees Payal with Ronnie and threatens to fire from the job. Payal apologizes to him. He asks where is Pragya? Ronnie says she went out. He says I will do whatever Didi says. Abhi thinks he heard this line somewhere. Purab says he has changed the line. Abhi asks him to go. Aaliya and Tanu come there. Purab says Abhi made scratch music and we are going for party. Tanu insists to hear his music. Abhi asks her to come.

Mitali tells Raj that she is fasting. Raj says this is not possible. Mitali says she is fasting as Rita Maa asked her to keep fast. Raj says Rita Maa is depended on you for money and asks what did you give her. Mitali says 3000 Rs. He leaves. Mitali thinks she will get her fruit and then she will make Aaliya and Tanu believe her. Pragya calls Aaliya again, with a changed voice. Aaliya accepts the deal with a condition, and says my name should not come infront of anyone.

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