Twist of fate update Wednesday 11 November 2020

Twist of fate 11 November 2020: Abhi looks at Nikhil in compounder dress and asks who is he?Abhi thinks about Sarla. Nurse comes back and asks compounder to give medicine, but he is actually Nikhil and that’s why give wrong medicine.

Nurse asks him to go home if he is feeling sleepy. Abhi scolds him for doing a mistake. Nikhil’s phone rings. Abhi asks him to out and talk and keep phone on silent whenever he comes inside. Tai ji asks Mitali to give fruits. She asks Dadi about Sarla.

Taya ji asks her to keep jagrata or mata ki chowki for peace and safety. Abhi comes. Dadi says we were talking about puja at home. Abhi says we will talk later. Tanu comes home. Dadi scolds her and says you didn’t come in night. What did you think of this house? Abhi says she told me before leaving. He asks how is your mum? Tanu says I went to met Mummy, but she refused

to show me her face and asked me to go. Dasi says she is your mum and why she will say this. Tanu says I am feeling bad as people used to taunt her asking about my marriage with Abhi. She says my mum went into depression, and says she told me clearly to come after my marriage, or don’t see her face even if she dies. She says I am afraid to lose her and will become mother without marriage. Abhi says Sarla aunty. Tanu asks him to understand her helplessness, and says if my mum leave this world without seeing me married. Pragya thinks why she is acting. Guard comes inside and says a compounder came and said he needs to talk to you.

Compounder comes with a bandage on his head. He tells that he haven’t come inside and tells about the attack on him. Abhi asks if you could identify him. Compounder says yes. Abhi asks him to stay there only. Tanu thinks to warn Nikhil. Tanu tells Abhi that everyone is his and she is nothing to him. She goes to her room and thinks to stop Nikhil. Nikhil thinks it will be difficult to kill Sarla in the morning, but I have to take risk. Tanu calls him and asks him to go back. Nikhil says nobody doubted on me yesterday. Tanu says compounder came and told that he saw your face. She says he will identify your face, and your story will end. Nikhil says I would have killed him. He says if Sarla gains consciousness, then your life will be ruined too. He asks her to get compounder out of house. Tanu thinks how to get him out now.

Abhi comes and holds Tanu’s hand to take her out. Purab tells Dadi, Pragya and Rachna that that man came to kill Sarla. Dadi says someone don’t want to see her alive and wonders who is he? Purab says how can he try to enter home? Pragya says he can do it again. She says until we get to know about the truth, we have to be alert. Purab says he will be with Maa all the time and asks them to be careful. Dadi asks them to think about Tanu and tells about her crocodile tears. She says we have to do something. Pragya thinks about her words.

Abhi brings Tanu to Sarla’s room and asks who is she? Tanu says she is Pragya’s mum. Abhi says she is my mum too. He says he has accepted her from his heart. When she called me son, I didn’t see that I am a rockstar, but saw her love. He says she is fighting with her death, and I want to be with her. You want me to marry you before she gets conscious. He asks do you have any brain. If you would ask me to marry you if she was my real mum.

Tanu says she is asking him to marry her because of her real mum. Abhi says there is a right time to handle any situation. He asks her to call her mum and says I will make her understand my way. Tanu gets tensed and says I will handle mum. Abhi says until Sarla gains consciousness, you won’t talk about your marriage with anyone. He asks Nurse to come. Tanu thinks I won’t let Sarla get consciousness.

Mitali thinks she has to acting to be sad. Taya ji asks Doctor to see reports. Pragya asks when will reports come? Doctor says it will come by evening. Guard comes and says outhouse is open now. I tried to stop him, but he didn’t agree. Mitali thinks who is this person. Everyone rush towards the outhouse, and see Aaliya breaking the outhouse lock.

everyone getting shocked seeing Aaliya outside the outhouse. Mitali asks if she ran away from jail. Aaliya says her friend have bailed her out. Abhi asks why she came to stay in outhouse. Aaliya calls him by his name.

She says I haven’t enter your house. I own no value in your eyes and that’s why I will stay here. She says she don’t want to stay inside the house, and this outhouse makes her remember her chawl days. She says Abhi always fulfilled all her wishes and never gave her a chance to do something on her own, but now she want to struggle and move forward. She says I will try not to come in your way and asks them to live and let live. Pragya says what do you think that we will forgive you and let you stay here. You are doing a mistake?

Aaliya says everyone is following your commands as you are boss, but I don’t care about you. Dadi says I have seen these kinds of dramas before and says we will not fall in your trap. She says Snake will bite only as it is its habit. Aaliya calls her Dadi of Abhishek mehra, and says I knew your truth since you sent me to jail. She says I will do everything face to face. She says I have chosen this house and I want to show to everyone that I can go to the top. She says I have talent more than you, and I have decided to reach heights. She says she won’t stay for free, but will give rent.

Purab says if you want to give rent then you can take rented home elsewhere. Aaliya says I can fall or broken many times, then I have to do one thing. I will come out of this house and will look at your house, then my motive will strengthen. She says it is my right to stay here and requests them to let her stay there. She says I won’t come to your house, and you people don’t come to my house. Taya ji and Tai ji ask Abhi to let her stay in the outhouse. Dadi also asks Abhi to let her stay. Abhi goes from there. Pragya asks Aaliya to remember her doings. She says Abhi is waiting for a chance to kick her out from the outhouse and asks her to do acting properly.

Tanu thinks about Abhi’s words that he will not marry until Sarla gets well. Tanu thinks how to kill her. She gets Nikhil’s call. Tanu gets angry on him. Nikhil asks her to marr abhi and then divorce him, and come to him. Tanu gets angry again. Nikhil says he has a plan. He tells he got poison in injection bottle and asks her to replace it with medicine bottle. Tanu says okay and says this plan is good as doctor and nurse will be blamed for Sarla’s deatha. She says she will meet him.

Later Tanu comes to Sarla’s room. Nurse asks her to stay there with Sarla and goes. Tanu takes advantage of the situation and changes the injection bottle with poisonous injection bottle. Nurse comes back. Tanu says Sarla will die now and thinks nobody will doubt now. She thinks if Nurse checks medicine then…and thinks she shall be positive. Mitali comes and asks what she is thinking? Tanu says why you are asking? Mitali says it is Mehra house.

Tanu asks her not to interfere in her life. Mitali says you are thinking about killing Sarla. Tanu asks who told you this and why I will think of killing her. Mitali says this is a good chance. She asks Tanu to kill Sarla now with a pillow. Ronnie comes and asks what they are talking about? He warns them not to talk in that area. He tells if anyone is seen here then they have to stay with Aaliya in the outhouse. Tanu says I didn’t know and goes to meet her.

Purab, Pragya and Dadi are tensed thinking about Aaliya. Pragya says Aaliya might go to court and asks about her share then things can worsens.

Abhi telling Purab that he is worried about Sarla. He says Aaliya can harm her. Purab says Aaliya said that she will not enter home. Abhi asks him to keep an eye on Aaliya and if anything happens to Sarla then he will be responsible. Tanu comes to meet Aaliya in the outhouse, and tells her that she missed her very much. Aaliya says that’s why you didn’t come to meet me in jail. Tanu tells her that she is in problem since she left.

She tells about Sarla knowing her truth, Nikhil hitting her with his car, and then says that she have changed her injection with poisonous bottle and she will die. Aaliya asks do you want to kill her. Tanu says she has learnt all from her. She asks do you want to stay here. Aaliya says this place is good than jail.

She says she will ruin Abhi and will make a name for herself. She says she will build a big company and will malign Abhi’s reputation and name. She says Abhi will not understand how he got ruined. Tanu says okay, lets go home and see if Sarla have died. Aaliya refuses to go. Tanu says I don’t want to miss the final show and goes. Nurse takes the injection in a syringe. Tanu thinks just 5 mins, and she will die.

Ronnie tells Abhi that he can’t see anyone getting injection. Pragya also closes her eyes. Doctor gives injection to Sarla. Tanu is happy and asks Doctor when will Sarla get consciousness. Doctor says course is complete and she can get consciousness at any time. She says her mind and body are working now and she will get fine soon. Abhi thanks him. Tanu thinks all these fools are happy, but they didn’t know that I made her die. Pragya thinks Sarla should get fine and says I will not spare guilty. Doctor asks them to inform him once she gains consciousness. Tanu thinks Pragya will cry after Sarla dies. She thinks how to hide her happiness and goes to call Nikhil.

Nikhil is in the car and thinks why Tanu haven’t called me yet. Tanu calls him and asks him to give grand party to her. Nikhil asks did you change the injection. Tanu says yes, and says I saw doctor giving that injection to Sarla. She says poison will kill her. She says Sarla will die with the truth and says I heard about ghosts. Nikhil says no one can harm us, not even God. He says Sarla will die within 5 mins. Tanu says there is one problem that her marriage will be delayed more after Sarla dies. She says she can’t push him for marriage. Nikhil asks her to talk to Abhi about marriage soon. Tanu says I don’t want to miss her death drama.

Tanu thinks if she manages to convince Abhi that all this is happening because he didn’t marry her, then he might agree. She says Dadi believes on kundli and all, and thinks to convince Dadi. She collides with Mitali. Mitali asks Tanu not to talk within herself, and says you would have fallen from stairs. Tanu says I am happy and that’s why will not tell you anything. Mitali asks if Abhi is marrying you? Tanu says no, and says trouble is going to move from her way. She says my destiny is going to change. Mitali says I was born with bad luck and says I thought to do something bad with Sarla. I have stolen her medicines, and thought that Sarla’s condition will deteriorate. Tanu gets tensed. Mitali says but then Doctor came and gave injection from his box. Tanu gets angry and tries to suffocate Mitali. Mitali says I thought to help you, but you are pressing my neck. Tanu says I will not forgive you. Mitali says what wrong did I do?

Abhi remembers the love which Sarla used to give him, and recalls Sarla giving him sweater once. He gets emotional and keeps his hand on her head. Dadi comes and asks Abhi to take some rest. Abhi asks Dadi not to worry and says everyone want her to gain consciousness, but I need to be with her as I have some questions in mind. Dadi says we all want to know what is responsible for her condition, and asks her to sleep. Abhi says Sarla did something before fainting, and says she gave Pragya’s hand in my hand. He asks what does she mean? Why did she do this? I think she wants me to support Pragya. Pragya hears him and gets emotional. Abhi says Sarla might wanted me to accepted Pragya back in my life. He says why she wanted this, as she said yes for Tanu and my marriage. She hates Pragya and now why she wants Pragya and me to unite.

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