Twist of fate update Tuesday 8 June 2021


Twist of fate 8 June 2021: Abhi thinks he has seen her and will not leave her. he comes to Rhea’s room and tells that he knows about accident and will not leave someone.

Ranbir brings Prachi to have icecream and talks to the icecream shop guy. The guy tells that the unseasonable rain comes when something unusual happens. Ranbir thinks he never thought that he will love Prachi. Prachi likes the icecream. The guy says Ranbir came here on his 15th birthday also and came alone always. He asks them to be together and never be sad. Ranbir asks Prachi about her boyfriend. Prachi says she never had any boyfriends. Ranbir says I know you and like you know and asks her to tell. She calls him baklu and runs away. He follows her.

Abhi says if I tell Vikram’s family then what they would have thought. Aaliya asks him to listen to her. He holds rhea’s hand and is taking her. Rhea asks why you are getting me caught. Abhi says why I will get you caught and tells that he had seen Maya. He tells that there was someone else with Maya. He asks her to come with him to Maya’s house and says I will confront her. Rhea gets scared and tells that she fell down from the stairs today and is hurt. Abhi asks her to be at home and tells that he will not leave Maya for doing Prachi’s accident. Aaliya says we don’t know where she stays? Abhi says he knows.

Prachi and Ranbir are in the car. Prachi says I have won in the race. Ranbir says we both ran and it was not race. He says you didn’t give any instructions. Prachi says life is race and it don’t come with instructions. Ranbir says we know what we will do when we lose and when we win. Prachi bets with him to run and says she will win. Ranbir asks if she will make him eat icecream if he wins. He says he is a football player and will run faster. He asks the icecream seller to let her win and holds his jacket. Ranbir says ok and tells that he has to run to lose, and make her win. Prachi wins and gets happy. She tells that she used to win in every competition in Hoshiarpur. Prachi claps happily. Ranbir admires her as she jumps in excitement. Prachi says I have won and says their ratio is 2:0. She asks him to come and sit in car. He wears seat belt.

In the room, Rhea tells that opposite thing is happening. She tells that she thought that Prachi will go against Ranbir, but she is trusting him more. She thought Ranbir will go away from her, but that is not happening. She says Prachi befriended Maya to save Ranbir. She says whatever I shall do is done by me and I am feeling that I am wrong and feels so bad. Aaliya says you are not bad, we have to become bad to deal with bad people.

Rhea tells that she has a feeling that she has done wrong. Rhea says you are fighting with bad people, you are fighting for your love and everything is fair in love and war. She says when you get Ranbir then you will not feel that you are a bad girl, but will feel proud that you got him by doing all this.

Rhea asks if she is not bad girl. Aaliya says yes and asks her not to let anyone say that. She says you are weak now, but become strong. She asks her not to forget her motive. She asks her to go with Bhai and make sure that Maya don’t say anything to him. Rhea says ok and calls Abhi, says she is coming with him. Abhi says ok fine. He is on the way and thinks Rhea trusts Ranbir and loves him, wants to get clear chit for him.

Ranbir thinks he is in true love and is nervous to convey his feelings to her. He thinks he is very sure that he wants her in his life more than music and football. Abhi thinks Rhea and Ranbir are going to be together in future so he will not let anyone come in their happiness. Prachi asks what does that icecream seller told that something will happen today. Ranbir says someone might be going to pro…(propose) just then a balloon comes inside the car to Prachi. He asks her to take it. Prachi says it accidently came to her.

Ranbir says he will buy it and goes to the florist shop. He asks the lady to take the balloon which came in his car, but the girl with him don’t want it. The lady asks him to keep it and give to the girl and tells that one day she will become your girlfriend. Abhi sees Prachi and thinks where is Ranbir? Abhi buys flowers. Ranbir comes to Prachi and asks her to take the balloon, says he paid for it. Prachi takes it. Abhi comes to maya’s house and asks her to open the door. Maya sees Rhea’s message asking her not to open the door.

Abhi asks her to open the door. Maya asks him to go else she will call Police. Abhi says I will give statement that you have hit the auto. Maya thinks he is angry as if I hit his daughter. Rhea reaches there and knocks on Maya’s door asking her to open the door. Abhi says she will not open the door and tells that she got the warning, lets go. Rhea tells Abhi that she came in cab in a hurry and asks him to pay money. Abhi sees her car there. Rhea gets shocked and recalls leaving in the afternoon.

Ranbir tells Prachi that he has never give heart shape balloon to anyone before. Prachi says you was never serious. He tells that he has given her heart shape balloon to a girl and will tell her specially. Prachi asks who is the girl? Ranbir says I will tell it later. Abhi asks Rhea why her car is here? Rhea tells that her car stopped and needs servicing, so she left her car here. Abhi asks her if she came to meet Maya in the afternoon. He says if you don’t tell me then I can find out. Rhea cries. Abhi asks her to say truth and says I know Aaliya is with you. He asks her to tell him the truth. Rhea cries. He says you are my strong girl and princess, asks her to tell. He says I will do everything fine. Rhea says I will tell you.

Ranbir drops Prachi to her house. Prachi gets down and walks holding balloon, while it is about to fly due to the heavy wind. Ranbir looks at her and smiles. Tu thodi der plays……He asks her to listen and gets down the car. He then thanks her for having icecream with him. Prachi says I shall thank you for making me have icecream. Just then it starts raining, Ranbir holds her hand and takes her to car. Prachi’s balloon flies up. She says my balloon. He asks her to sit. Prachi says she likes rain and enjoys the rain. Tu pehla pehla pyaar hai mera plays…..He gets down from the car and walks towards her. She takes the rain water in his hand and splashes water on him. She is about to fall, but he holds her. Sarita behen sees them together and takes Prachi to home, says it is limit of shamelessness.

Rhea tells that she has done a big mistake. Abhi asks her to tell what is going on in her head. Rhea says if I tell you then you will hate me. Abhi says I don’t hate you, I always love you and will fix everything. He says your elder sister used to call me superman and used to say that I can fix everything. Rhea says she took money from Aaliya so that she can give money to Maya so that she takes the case back. Abhi appreciates her for doing this for Ranbir and hugs her. Sarita brings Prachi home and asks her to go to her room. Ranbir comes behind them. Sarita behen asks him to go before she says anything wrong. Prachi says you are thinking wrong. Sarita behen says whatever I have seen in rain there. Shahana asks what did you see? Prachi says you are mistaken. Ranbir says she fell and I held her. Sarita behen asks shall I call your parents here.


Sarita behen asking Ranbir to stand if he wants her to call his parents. Shahana asks him to go. Prachi says you are misunderstanding us. Ranbir leaves. Sarita behen tells that this is wrong and tells that what neighbors will think. She says if there was love or any relation between you then it would have been right. Prachi says whatever we have between us is just friendship. Sarita behen says it was not friendship and asks her to go and do all this somewhere else. Rhea comes to Aaliya and tells that it was like everything ended when dad questioned her. She says when Dad saw my car infront of maya’s car, I thought he came to know that I did everything, but he thought that I took the money to give to Maya and I supported his misunderstanding. He appreciated me and said that

I haven’t done anything wrong. Aaliya hugs her and says until you are caught, you are not culprit. Rhea says she will not confess unless she is caught. Aaliya says you fell in love just now and giving so many tests. She says so many problems come in the way and when you overcome all, then the happiness which you will get is worth it. She asks her never to give up your love.
Sarita behen says she cares for real relations only and locks Prachi in the room. She says until you lie, I will not talk to you. She says I will talk to your mother, says she won’t let wrong thing happen in her house and says either you stopped staying in my house or stopped talking to Ranbir. Shahana asks her why she is behaving like a step mother and tells that everyone likes him. Prachi thinks why Sarita behen is thinking like this.

Sarita behen laughs and tells that Prachi says that she likes him as a friend, but this is not true. She says she saw them in a romantic pose and they were speaking through eyes. Shahana says Prachi said that there is nothing between them. Sarita behen says she wants Prachi to realize her love for Ranbir and says when I am stopping her, she will get more inclined towards him. She will rebel. Shahana likes her idea. Sarita behen says medicine will be according to the treatment. She says Prachi will confess her love differently and hugs Shahana.

Ranbir comes home. Vikram asks him to go and change his clothes before his mummy or Dida see him. Ranbir goes and thinks what Sarita behen might have thought. He thinks he should have stayed there. He thinks if Prachi wouldn’t have enjoyed the rain then this wouldn’t have happened. Vikram comes there and tells Ranbir that he will dry his hairs with his mum hairdryer. Ranbir says I am fine.

Vikram dries his hair. Ranbir thinks of Prachi. Vikram coughs. Ranbir says you seems to be unwell. Vikram says I got drenched like you got drenched. Ranbir asks if he was also with the girl and got drenched. Vikram asks which girl make you drenched in rain. He tells that he was going in the car, when a truck splashes dirty water on him when he was crossing the road and he got drenched. He says I changed my clothes when you came home. Ranbir says Rani drenched me. Vikram asks which rani? Ranbir tells that it was written on the auto, rani.

Vikram asks him to say the truth. Ranbir says I will tell mummy. Vikram says if your mummy took seriously then she will take my class. Ranbir says I will tell mummy and asks about his assistant’s name. Vikram says sorry. Ranbir says you should not do this and says if you get drenched in rain like this. Vikram says I said sorry twice. Ranbir says you are getting drenched in rain in this age, very wrong.

Pragya comes home. Sarita behen says I want to tell you something. Shahana tells everything. Pragya asks why did you say this? Sarita behen says I was making her understand that if she has no feelings for Ranbir then it is wrong else I would have allowed her. Pragya says this way is not right and tells that you talked to old films’ step mother. Sarita behen says she is old only. Pragya says she didn’t know about her own feelings and says I will go and talk to her. Sarita behen asks her not to insult her. Pragya calls Prachi. Prachi opens the door and hugs her. Pragya says I made her understand. Sarita behen says I don’t know gutargu when there is no relation. Prachi brings water for herself. Pragya asks her not to be sad and tells that even Sarita behen knows that you are not wrong, her intention is good. She says she loves you a lot. Shahana says when I get many flowers on valentine’s day then will you scold me. Sarita behen says may be someone will give you gobi ka phool (Cauliflower) and will ask you to make aloo gobi.

Abhi opens the door and looks at the rain. Pragya also opens her room’s window and enjoys the rain. Allah wariyan plays…..Abhi calls her, but her call doesn’t connect. Even Pragya calls him and gets sad.

Rhea looks at Ranbir and her pic and thinks about him. yam era deewanapan hai plays…..She tells that you have no idea how much I love you. Ranbir thinks Prachi is not upset and hopes her mummy makes her understand. He thinks she must be worried. Prachi feels bad for Ranbir and thinks if she shall call him. Ranbir thinks if I shall call her. Just then Prachi calls him. He says I was thinking about you and your call came. He asks if everything is fine. Prachi asks him not to worry and says everything is fine. She asks him not to smile. Ranbir asks if she is on video call and checks the phone. Prachi says I know you.Ranbir says if you know me so much then why don’t you understand about us. Prachi asks what? Ranbir says I was thinking if there was anything between us by chance then what you would have told Sarita behen. Prachi says then I would have told that love happened, what can I do. Ranbir says it was real for me and says it just happened, I felt…Prachi asks what? Ranbir says I am ending the call else I will say everything. Prachi thinks he is mad.

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