Twist of fate update Tuesday 8 December 2020


Twist of fate 8 December 2020: Tanu follows Abhi and asks why he agreed to wait till tomorrow. He says she made him eat such a good paratha. If he had said anything, she would have stopped his food. Tanu says so what, she is there. Abhi says he would be better off eating from outside then. She asks she makes that bad food? He insults her in his humorous way and leaves. Tanu is worried what she should do now about the money.

Mitali is dreaming about money that she got in her hand, but couldn’t keep it. Her mummy ji and she plan to steal money in night.

Pragya is thinking why Tanu was insisting Abhi to take money. Is she planning something evil?

Mitali and Mummy ji are passing by. Pragya asks them about Tanu. They say they didn’t see her and will inform Pragya if they see her.

Janki maa tells Sarla about high tax on Kumkum Bhagya hall. They have to pay 10 lakh within a week. Pragya hears it. Sarla tells Janki maa to leave papers there and don’t tell anything to Pragya. Pragya says 10 lakh? She has so much money, but how she can use it for her matters. She can’t ask Abhi for it either.

Nikhil is afraid of nurse. He tells Tanu to arrange money fast..else nurse may poison him. Tanu says she has arranged money, but Pragya has her eyes on it and Sarla too. Nikhil says they will need to do something about both of them. He shares some plan with Tanu.

Pragya is not able to find Tanu. She wonders where she went so late. Abhi quietly tries to come inside their room. Pragya sees him and asks what’s going on. He says she was busy, so he didn’t want to disturb her. She says he’s disturbing her by doing things like that and asks him to help her in work. Abhi says she didn’t help him when he was making a song, then why should he? She says she did help.

He says what help? After making lyrics, she forgot it. She says he made her forget by kissing her. He says he offered her another kiss to bring her memory back, but she refused. They argue. She says she couldn’t remember song. He asks her to look aside and gives a long kiss on cheek. Pragya is shell-shocked. He asks her if she remembered? She is quiet. He says no? then he can give another kiss.

She says no and sings the song super fast. Abhi thanks her. She says he’s too mean. He asks if she wants him to do any work and teases her with another kiss. She tells him to do nothing and go to sleep. Both sleep.

Tanu was waiting outside. She says once they sleep, she’ll start her work.

After awhile, Pragya jumps saying cockroach. Tanu runs. Pragya wakes Abhi. He’s on floor. He says he is that cockroach. Pragya gets mad and asks him to sleep. He asks what he will do alone in double blanket. She is irritated.

Sarla catches Tanu outside Abhi-Pragya room and ask what she’s doing there. How she came there alone in dark. Tanu is quiet. Sarla tells her she doesn’t want a second woman to be outside their room. Tanu says a second woman? Sarla says yes, thanks to Pragya she’s there.

Tanu thinks she will snatch away everything from Pragya. Sarla continues with her detective mode and tells Tanu to go else something will happen to her child and family will throw her out. Tanu walks away and thinks Sarla is right about taking care of her baby else she won’t get anything.

After while, Tanu comes back. This time, she successfully goes inside their room. Both Abhi and Pragya are sleeping. Tanu tries to take keys from Pragya. In sleep, Pragya says you came again (thinking it’s Abhi). Tanu thinks so all this happens behind her. She gets mad and controls her temper. Now Abhi laughs in his sleep. Tanu says both are in deep sleep, and still thinking about each other. Soon she will change Abhi’s thinking..then he will stay with Tanu rest of his life. Tanu searches for locker’s keys. She finds it under Pragya’s pillow. She picks it up and leaves making door noise. Abhi wakes up, sees Pragya sleeping and then goes back to sleep.

Tanu succeeds in getting money.

Abhi notices Pragya is feeling cold. He goes and closes window. Pragya smiles seeing him. She quickly goes back to sleep before Abhi sees her. Abhi then goes to her and covers her with blanket. He says good night and goes to his bed. Pragya says good night and again pretends to be sleeping. Abhi says she’s in his mind, everywhere. How will this work? Once she comes in his life forever, neither he will have any complain, nor her.

Tanu recalls Nikhil telling her to steal money and try to show it’s done by Pragya and Sarla. Abhi will get mad at her then.

It’s morning. Pragya asks Abhi if he covered her with blanket in night. He says, he was sleeping. Jadoo from Koi Mil gaya must have come. Pragya says her Jadoo is him and goes to washroom. Abhi blushes.

Abhi is playing guitar. Pragya brings fruits for him. She says he favored her yesterday, so she thought to do something for him. Abhi asks about their money deal. She says she will give but he will need to tell her where he will spend that. Abhi says such a typical wife, but finals the deal with her. They fight to eat fruits. They fall on floor. Pragya on Abhi. Song plays… They have eye lock.

Location: Abhi’s residence
As pragya lies atop him, they both eye each other awkwardly. he thinks that he feels all of his life’s problems are solved, if she is this close. she thinks that they should be this close all their life. he asks what she just said. she denies. he tells what she was thinking. she says that she didnt want that, but when she hears him thinking so, it means he might just be wanting this, and that he doesnt want to separate. they eye each other romantically.

Granny comes and is super happy to see them like this. she amusedly coughs, and asks them to get up as its good morning. she asks them to come have breakfast. he says that they were finalising the deal. Pragya says that its nthing, as they stand embarassed and flushed, and asks granny to side with her. she asks them to have breakfast first. they rush out. as tanu comes in, he informs that the share is finally happening, and leaves. she thinks that his relation is being halved. she says that money is like that, due to which she first left him, and now the vice versa, and its good she kept the key back to pragya.

Downstairs, Pragya’s mother welcomes them both, and asks them to come have food. he asks if they can divide the money first. granny talks about the 50-50, and they are amused. but sarla reminds them to have food first, talking about what she has made, which makes abhi’s mouth water, and he readily agrees to eat. all are amused. they all proceed towards the dining table. sarla eyes tanu and gets tensed. tani thinks that she has already settled matters. Tanu thinks that only he knows where he money is.

she remembers how she gave it to the nurse in nikhil’s hospital, to keep it safeguarded, and not open her mouth, about how, where and why she landed this kind of cash. the nurse complies and leaves. she is amused. he asks her not to be too overconfident, as pragya has a knack of hitting back every single time. he asks her to pay the hospital bills and free him from here. he asks her to remember how she brainwashed rj, and separated alia from her, and he says that they shall target her support system, her mother too.

she asks him not to worry. she says that she shall be very careful, about hurting her. he asks her to start hitting on home ground. she says that its started. he asks her not to consider it easy, as the first chance pragya gets, she would hit back, and asks her not to be foolish. she asks him to beware as she would stop coming if he abuses her. she smirks thinking, that their delay is increasing their desperation, as her aides have been cut off, one is in australia and the other in hospital.

she thinks that she shall have breakfast too, after which they shall start their game plan. mitali fights with her mother in law, blaming each other, of the faults that led to the failure of the plan, they continuously cast hurling accusations at each other.

At the dining table, all enjoy the sumptuous breakfast, while sarla asks how is it. they chatter while eating, like a traditional hearty punjabi family, while granny reminds them all of abhi’s old tales, and all are amused. then they have the traditional lassi too. they all start talking about how t feels good to have a nice family meal, amidst heart banter and cheerful chattering. tanu arrives. granny says that she knows she is hasty about the money, but asks her to let abhi have food first. she asks whats the haste, of her money.

tanu stands embarassed, and wonders how to tell their of the plan to evict pragya, so that she becomes the owner. granny invites her to sit and have food. tanu says that she cant as its oily. mitali and the mother too join them. pragya and abhi again start fighting like children, over the food, and tanu reacts weird, which makes pragya worried and boggled. they again crib like children, as to who got the bigger share of the bhatura. all are amused. tanu asks if they can leave now. he complies.


but sarla says that lassi is a pre-requisite, and then serves it to everyone. he drinks with much glee. she gets frustrated and again reminds about the money. pragya wonders why is she so hasty about the share. she invites all of them to witness it, to avoid any ambiguity. tanu says that its good since she would be embarassed in front of everyone. they all reach up. pragya thinks that she is super excited.

In the room, after much intentional deliberation, pragya opens the safe, while all watch in anticipation. but they are aghast to see the money vault empty, and when pragya turns around she herself is shocked too. tanu steps up, and immediately starts indirectly accusing pragya of the theft, while they are all tensed and shocked. tanu smirks evilly, as pragya lands in a tight spot, as she vehemently and fumbling, tries to prove that she kept them here itself. she is boggled as to where it went. mitali and her mother discuss that someone else instead of them, took the money. abhi is tensed how to react. tanu continues to pin point as to how noone else had access to the room, and only pragya had the keys, and ince its not a small amount that can be mishandled, and it definitely points out that they have been stolen.

tanu asks where is the key, and pragya responds that its always with her. they are tensed as to what she is trying to insinuate. granny reprimands as to what she is saying. she continues poke and investiagtes pragya, as to what could have happened. sarla says that pragya couldnt have done it. akaash asks her to beware of hat he is saying about pragya. rajjo too sides with pragya. tanu asks abhi to be strict and pragya shall say everything.

sarla asks her not to advise him as he knows whats to be done. she says that she too knows. abhi acolds tanu, and she defiantly says that she is doing the right thing, being his wife, she is concerned for his money. she asks pragya yet again, while she say that she kept it in the safe, and thn is opening it now. tanu accusingly asks her where and who could have taken it then. tanu asks her yet again. pragya is asked by akash, granny and sarla that since she isnt wrong, she neednt be tensed, and asks her to remember clearly where she had kept. she remembers as to how purab was with her, and calls him to confirm. he also assures her that they kept it together. they both are tensed together, and boggled as to how is it possible, and places it on loudspeaker for everyone to know that she kept. abhi stands tensed.

Dadi asking Pragya not to worry. Pragya says I wonder where did that money go? Tanu blames Pragya and says Pragya is acting innocent and have stolen Abhi’s money. Akash says you too can steal it as you was in need of money. Tanu says I am in need right now also, but Pragya can do anything as she has stolen Abhi’s everything. Pragya asks Akash to check in her cupboard. Tanu says now I can understand what is the matter? She tells Abhi that Pragya agreed to give him money and then stolen his money. Akash asks her to stop the crap. Rachna says Pragya will not steal her own money. Tanu says it was Abhi’s money which she has stolen. She says Pragya have stolen the money and got it deposited in unnamed account. She says when I pressurized Abhi to ask her, she has stolen it.

Abhi asks Tanu to stop it and asks Pragya to try to remember where she had kept the money. Pragya says she remembers and says she had kept it there itself. Mitali and Tai ji are upset and think money is stolen by someone. They doubt on Pragya and Tanu. Tanu says how can 1 crore rupees vanish. Dadi says it might be here only, and asks her to remember. She says Purab is coming. Tanu calls her lotteri dulhan.

Sarla says Pragya that money will be find. Tanu thinks very soon you and your money will vanish from this house. She tells Abhi that she will go and rest for sometime. Dadi tells Pragya have kept Abhi’s money before also, and have suffered a lot, but today I am seeing her tensed. She says Pragya will find money. Pragya thinks how can I keep the money and forget. She asks God to help her find the money. Tanu keeps eye on her and thinks this is the best view, I am seeing her worried.

Pragya thinks why I am not recollecting? She thinks if Tanu said right? If that money is stolen. She says I can’t let Abhi’s hard earned money stolen. Tanu comes to her room and sings a song. She talks to Aaliya’s pic and says she will take revenge on Pragya. She says I am more smarter than you. She says I have trapped Pragya and her mum and once I kicked them out, I will call you. She thinks to call Nikhil and inform him.

Pragya thinks who can steal the money and suspects Tanu. She recalls Tanu desperately asking Abhi to get the money. She understands that Tanu is the one who has stolen the money and thinks nobody can save her now from me. Tanu calls Nikhil. Nurse Sonal picks his call and asks about Pragya. She says I have betrayed that woman as I didn’t want to get killed. Tanu asks her to keep her mouth shut and calls her greedy. Nurse says whoever marries you will repent.

Tanu thinks she will see Nurse later, but now will see Pragya crying. Purab comes. Pragya tells Purab that Tanu has stolen money, and asked me to open the locker. Purab says we shall check her room. Pragya asks him to bring everyone there and goes to Tanu’s room.

She asks where is the money? Tanu says why you are asking me as you have stolen it. Pragya says you should know as you have stolen it. Tanu says how dare you? Pragya says you have stolen keys from me and kept it back on its place. She says Aaliya and Nikhil are not here, so you are the one. Tanu says I told everyone the reason why you have stolen the money. Pragya says even you have a reason. You have to pay the goons, and also Nikhil’s hospital bills. She says you have provoked Abhi to get money, and was not shocked when I opened locker.

Pragya says you are in trouble now. Tanu says you have connected things well. She says how you will prove it. Pragya says I will prove infront of all. Purab says I have brought everyone here. Tanu sees Abhi and everyone, and asks why you all have come. Abhi says don’t know and asks Purab. Purab says Tanu should behave as a member of family as she stays here. Tanu gets tensed. Purab says we have checked everyone’s room and will check hers too. Tanu is angry. Purab says family members might tell that I haven’t check Tanu’s room and get upset. Abhi asks Purab to go ahead and asks Tanu to give almira keys.

Tanu is shocked. Pragya thinks Tanu will be exposed now, and thinks if they find even a small amount then she will be caught. Tanu is about to open the almira. Pragya snatches keys and asks Purab to check. They check the almira and couldn’t get money. Tanu asks if you have found money. They leave. Tanu asks them to check beneath the mattress or break open the wall. She says you can fool everyone, but not me, as I know you have stolen the money. She asks pragya to accept the truth and send Robin as she will get her room cleaned.

Purab tells Pragya that this is someone deep planning and is not only theft. Abhi says we have checked everyone’s room. I knew that we will not get anything. Tanu says one room is remaining. Everyone looks on. Tanu says guest room. Abhi asks Tanu to stop it. He says Sarla is staying in guest room and we will not check that room. Tanu says you have checked everyone’s room, and not her room. She asks him to check her room also. Abhi says I know that we will not get anything. Tanu says I know, but we shall get it check. She says you got Dadi’s room checked then why not Sarla’s room. Pragya asks what is this misbehavior. Tanu says I don’t want Sarla to go from here after insulted, I want her to go clean chit. Dadi says if you will be sure then check her room. Tanu smirks. Pragya looks at her face.

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