Twist of fate update Tuesday 29 December 2020 (season finale)

Twist of fate 29 December 2020: Pragya thinks Abhi will gain consciousness now and gets happy. Nurse informs her that Abhi has gained consciousness. Pragya gets happy and runs to his ward. She asks Dadi, if anyone meet him. Dadi says no, and says you have first right to meet him, as you have saved him. Tanu gets scared of the consequences of their meeting.

Pragya is going there. Tu Meri Jaan hai plays……………Abhi sees Pragya. Pragya smiles seeing him. Abhi asks Nurse what is going on? He says I told you to call my family. He asks her to go and call his family. Nurse asks Pragya why did he say that, if he is not remembering you. Pragya is shocked and asks Doctor to check her. She tells him that Abhi is not recognizing her. Doctor says I will check him and goes.

Dadi asks what happened? Pragya says he is not recognizing me? Don’t know why? Dadi is shocked and asks her to have strength. Tanu and Aaliya looks on surprised.Doctor checks Abhi. They come out. Dr. Sharma tells her that this is unfortunate, but truth. He says he can’t identify you, and it is not his mistake. Dr. Jatin says he is having retrograde amnesia..Dadi asks what is it? Doctor explains and says it is a memory loss. Dadi is shocked. Doctor says his mind was hurt which deals with short term memory. He says we can’t tell how much did he remember? Mitali says if he don’t know anything. Doctor says we don’t know. He don’t know anything about his accident and the thing before the accident. Aaliya asks him if he don’t remember anything. Doctor says he forgot few parts in life and asks everyone to meet him. Dadi says can we tell him who is the person. Doctor says it is not easy to make him remember and asks her to be careful. He asks them not to disturb his reality.

Abhi thinks why my family is not coming, and thinks if they came or not. Aaliya enters. Abhi sees her and says you…Aaliya says bhai. Abhi says you was in Australia for studies, then when did you come? Aaliya is surprised and says today I came. She asks do you remember me? Abhi says ofcourse, I sent you for studies. He says you should be there in Australia for your exams. Aaliya says exam was done, and even results came. Abhi asks why I couldn’t remember anything. Aaliya asks him not to stress his mind. Abhi says you must have top the exams. Aaliya says yes. Abhi hugs her.

Dadi says what do you mean? Shall we not inform him that Pragya is his wife and have saved him. Doctor tells sometimes it happens that the patient forgets his loved ones or others. Raj asks if there is any test to know when he will regain memory or if there is any medicine. Doctor says no, and says if he has to get well then he will be fine else he will be like this only. Abhi asks Aaliya about his accident and asks since when I am here. Aaliya asks him not to take stress. She thinks Abhi don’t remember anything since January 2014, and don’t remember his marriage with Pragya. She thinks he has become like old Abhi. She thinks we got the Jackpot today. Abhi asks her to send Dadi. Aaliya says okay.

Purab asks Doctor to tell what did he forget? Doctor asks him not to stress on his mind. Dadi gets worried. Doctor says this had happened with many famous people and now they are living normal life. Aaliya comes out and tells Abhi has lost memory since 2 and a half years ago. Purab asks how can you be so sure? Aaliya says I met him and he was asking me about my exams. I am assuming that he don’t remember anything happened since last 2 years, and says even he didn’t remember that he was angry with me.

Location: Abhi’s residence
Tanu and aliya sarcastically taunt pragya that she has to leave. pragya is distraught and apalled and vehemently asserts about how she needs to be here, and that she may be out of abhi’s memory, but not from his heart and soul. they continue to chide, and keep explaining as to how her leaving here, is the right option, since he doesnt have any recollection, but has memories of the other relations, and suddenly seeing her would be wrong for her health.

she says that she shall stay in hiding, but prevent him from evil eyes, and then she can be assured of his safety and well being, without even having to be in front of her. but they tell her thats not possible, and continue to pack her stuff out, to throw it out of abhi’s room. granny comes and is apalled to see her being chided and teased like that. she rushedly takes her from there, while pragya continues complaining about whats happening to her, and how they are plotting yet again. she calms her down, while pragya continues to pour out, that she was the one who got him married to her, to keep his life happy and stable.

when she finds granny tensed and apalled, she asks whats the matter, granny begs for forgiveness and then explains how this is the only option, for abhi’s happiness, and asks her to make this ultimate sacrifice, for abhi, and assures that she shall merely be away and not actually separating from him. pragya is apalled, as granny extends her hands for pragya’s help. she is distraught when she gives into her request, and then walks out in a daze. granny collapses on the bed dishevelled and distraught.

Meanwhile, pragya goes to her room, and starts packing up, encapsulaing every memory and experience of her with abhi from this room. she stands tensedly, as a wave of memories passes in front of her eyes. she gets emotionasl and nostalgic remembering those moments. The screen freezes on her tensed face.

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  1. The director of this movie do not have the interest of their fans at all. Every body were happy that Pragya would gain happyness once again with Abhi and they twisted everything to her detriment again and we your viewers are not happy at all and it’s becoming bored to watch. Falsehood is prevailing against truth and that’s unrealistic

  2. I don’t think I will still watch it again if abhi n pragya re nt together happily.instead d bad ones re jubilating .hw can tanu n Aliya be in dat house instead of in jail?.I am tired of watchytwist of date.its annoying

  3. It is very disheartening, and at the time so irritating that they the India directors are very myopic minded.
    What a horrible director. Evil triumph over darkness??????????. Despite all Pragya”s prayers.??????
    Oooooh please forgive me Lord Jesus Christ. I just remembered they are serving a man made god who can neither hear nor answer prayers.
    How is possible that one person will suffered so much all for nothing but emptiness.
    Her sister dead, mum almost died, husband finally got to know all the evil schemes from one level to another yet in the end his entire relationship with his dearest & purest of heart wife wiped off compelling her to start life all over again. Aaaass zee world that’s what we call wickedness in high places.
    Besides, where in the world have you (the directors ) of zee world programs seen where a man will marry a very beautiful and attractive young lady and for over two years. Refused to touch her. They sleep like two strangers sharing one room.
    His ex girlfriend kept insulting and humiliating his wife?????????? All in the same House??????
    Noooooooo its an evil program dedicated to their powerless god who does not believe in marriages and can not talk.

    Same rubbish directing in This is fate. Evil defeated good. Those two Satanist characters are still their causing so much Havocs.

    Ring off fire
    not spared from mistake directing. Waoooh. Zee world please we are begging you guys to please stop airing this demon possessed directors programs which support destruction and separation of married couples.

    What about Zara nikka.
    Most beautiful all time tv couple evil again rubbished the very essence of the Union. Torn them apart by making sure Zara husband married his sister in law’s niece.
    And made life so miserable for both of them.

    Married again 2
    same senseless acting husband married his wife off to another man after 10 solids years old living together like two guys. No physical relationship.
    One thing stand sure , no mistaking. India serial and soaps directors all of them truly don’t below in happily ever after. I mean like what they directed in gangs 2.

    Kill Sagar, kill daughter, kill father wipe of the whole family.
    In mehek
    only family member survived. Everyone else killed just to prove a point. Evil over good only in India see world. Making their fans more miserable their various sorrowful characters.
    Totally shameful program. Very abnormal and truly evil.


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