Twist of fate update Tuesday 20 February 2024

Twist of fate 20 February 2024: Manpreet warns that Mr Tandon would have to accept her condition but he replies that they would have to do it and there is not going to be any discussion, Manpreet says that he cannot make all the decisions by himself as she is also the mother but Mr Tandon says that he will take the decisions by himself, Chachi comes into the room and asks why did they both get quiet as she entered the room, Manpreet mentions Mr Tandon has called the hospital and instructed them to take good care of them both, Mr Tandon informs this is the last choice which they have, Manpreet threaten of severe consequence if he sends the children to the hospital saying she would die, he asks his sister to try and convince Manpreet but she says she is standing by the side of Manpreet, Mr Tandon gets worried.

Prachi says that she knew Mehika loves Ranbir but never thought she could reach to such low level, Mehika replies that she could also not believe that Prachi can do all these things, because she was just like Bhagwan ram and had a lot of respect but she kept going with her future husband, Prachi asks how did Mehika talk nicely with her all these days when she had such bad thoughts about her, Mehika replies just like Prachi because she always tied to snatch everything from her, Prachi asks what did she mean when Mehika says she is trying to snatch her Ranbir, Prachi replies she never tried hearing which Mehika says that she is always ready to serve Ranbir whenever he gets any in any trouble, Prachi replies that she has so much care for Ranbir because of what he has done for her as he has always protected both her and her daughter, Prachi says she is warning Mehika to stop her actions and not think about her past mistakes, Mehika replies it is a mistake when one is saved but had she been successful Prachi would have died, Prachi says this is her last warning to Mehika because she tried to take her life and that of her daughter which she cannot bear, she warns her of severe consequence if she does anything again, Mehika mentions Prachi made a mistake by saying all these things to her because she has woken the devil inside of her and now she will surely show the real self.

Manrpreet mentions she never wants her children to go away from her so going sit beside Didi requests her to ask Mr Tandon to change his decision since she is going to take care of the children and not let the children leave, Didi assures that she will not let the children go to the hospital, Khushi comes following the ball and questions her Grandmother why is she crying when she replies that she has something in her eyes, Chachi asks Khushi to come to her saying that she should tell her Grandfather that she needs to go to a picnic with her Akshay papa and Mehika bua, Khushi replies she actually loves them when Didi says that she knows it but if Khushi clarifies it then it would mean a lot, Manpreet tells Didi that it is wrong to use a child when Didi says that everyone in this house loves Khushi and she is sure that Mr Tandon would listen to her.

Akshay is in the room having drink when Mehika enters so Akshay at first hides the drink, Mehika says she warned him to let Prachi go so she could settle but he did not listen, Akshay replies he is glad that Prachi is fine when Mehika explains that Prachi threatened her today and now she is sure that Prachi will not back away but would surely get close to Ranbir, Ajay asks Akshay why would Prachi Bhabhi threaten Mehika when she informs that Prachi found out that she is the one who tried to cause the accident. Mehika leaves saying she is warning him to be careful otherwise they will lose everything, Akshay tells Ajay that Mehika is not lying and if he is to live his life with Prachi then must get rid of Ranbir so they never become one, he vows to make sure that Ranbir is dead so Prachi can live with him for the rest of their lives.

Mr Tandon sees the phone ringing, he remembers how he got in an argument with Manpreet who kept insisting that they should not let their children go to the hospital but he is sure it is necessary, Khushi comes running so Mr Tandon hugs her, she asks for her chocolate when he replies he could not bring it as he has not gone out but will surely bring it, Khushi says she has to talk of something important, he asks what is it when she says he must bring his ear. Khushi starts revealing her desire to him hearing which he gets worried. Manpreet comes out with Didi so asks what is going on that Khushi is saying it in the ear of her Grandfather, Khushi says that it is their secret when Manpreet mentions it is not right to talk privately, Manpreet mentions that she might be complaining about them, Khushi says she was requesting to go for a picnic with her father and Mehika bua, Khushi says she knows her Grandfather is the best and always accepts whatever she says, Manpreet asks Mr Tandon to reply carefully as Khushi considers him as her superhero. Mr Tandon agrees. Ranbir comes when Khushi runs to greet him, she says she is very happy so Ranbir asks the reason when Khushi says she is going for a picnic with Mehika Bua and her Akshay father. Ranbir says he also wants to go with her but she says that she will think about it and tell him in the night, Ranbir starts following her.

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