Twist of fate update Thursday 11 April 2019


Aaliya asks Tanu why did she show off? He looks at Pragya and King. Jo mere did ko… song plays… Aaliya thinks I have to do my second work soon. She looks at the chandelier. Abhi thinks of Pragya’s words that he has right on their memories, but not on her and King is her husband.

Twist of fate April teasers

Aaliya comes to cut the rope, but just then, John comes there and tries to give her Dasi’s message, but she scolds him and asks him to go.

Kiara makes Tarun scare King’s Aunt. She gets up shouting ghost!! Kiara and Sunny laughs at they hide. King’s Aunt runs after Tarun to beat him.

Disha thanks King and Pragya for coming and asks them to play the game. Pragya nods no. Tanu takes the mic and asks if she is scared to play? Pragya says not scared. Tanu says you were laughing when I played. And tells that you people are the best couple of Delhi and says you have to play. She challenges him. King says I will play and will not lose the game. Mitali says she will bring the blindfold.

Twist of fate update Thursday 11 April 2019

Abhi thinks he will see if her marriage is a mistake or not. Aaliya looks at the chandelier and thinks of Bulbul’s death. Disha explains to Pragya about the game and says some will genuinely tell you where your husband are standing and some will distract you, but you have to follow your heart and choose the one whom your heart selects.

Abhi senses something bad is going to happen and thinks it is his jealousy, of how he will react if Pragya chose King. John thinks why did Aaliya scold me and thinks if there is something wrong? He then thinks to do his work.

Mitali ties the blind fold on Pragya and asks if she can see? Pragya nods no. Mitali says it is okay, if you can see. Pragya thinks whom to choose and thinks she is not married to King, but everyone thinks of him as my husband.

She thinks Abhi is her husband but… Mitali asks her to search for her husband using the Dandiya (Stick). Disha says you will touch your husband and identify him.

Aaliya is cutting the rope. John gets doubtful and thinks what is she doing here? Tanu thinks to go there. King says you can do it Pragya. Taya ji says it is cheating. He asks Abhi to talk. Abhi says Pragya… Pragya turns to him.

Aaliya is cutting the rope when John comes and looks there, but just then, the knife falls down and Aaliya sits to pick it. He couldn’t see her. Tanu comes to Aaliya and says Pragya would be coming under the chandelier, and asks her to cut the rope fast. Aaliya asks her to cut it fast.

Tanu tries and says she can’t cut it and gives Aaliya the knife. John thinks he will ask Robin to make him permanent in the house, and thinks the family is good. Tanu looks down and thinks Disha and Purab are sending Pragya to Abhi. She thinks their love story will end today!

Pragya goes past King and comes near Abhi. Abhi thinks if she is coming towards me by herself or if destiny is bringing her towards me? Pragya comes to Abhi. Dasi thinks Pragya is listening to her heart and that’s why she’s going to Abhi. Pragya goes to king then and thinks of Disha’s words. Purab and Disha get upset. Pragya thinks whose side to go to? She again comes to Abhi. King changes his place and stands infront of Abhi.

Twist of fate update Thursday 11 April 2019

Tanu asks her to cut it fast and says it is now or never! She says we have no much time. Abhi sees the Chandelier falling and pushes King and saves Pragya in the nick of time. Aaliya and Tanu smiles. John sees them cutting the rope and he’s shocked.
Abhi asks Pragya to open her eyes. Purab says they should take Pragya to the hospital. Abhi takes her to his car. King comes and sits in the car. He surprisingly looks at Abhi’s concern for Pragya.

Abhi tells the driver to rush to the hospital, King is surprised at how concerned he was for Pragya. Abhi tells Purab to come in another car.

Dasi is not well as she is tensed about Pragya, she says I want to go and see her.
Aaliya and Tanu rejoice that their plan has worked, they see that a waiter has overheard them and get shocked. Aaliya walks to him.
Abhi’s car stops due to some problem on the road, the road is blocked, They steps out and request them to let them go as a patient is not well.

The cop says a Politician car will soon pass by, and he can’t let them go due to that. Abhi tells Pragya, we have fought many problems, please stay awake, she falls unconscious. Abhi gets out of the car and starts unblocking the road.

The cops hold him, he tells the cop what if your family member was injured? The people around says that a person’s life is more important than your rally! The Cops agree and let Abhi’s car go.

Twist of fate upd ate Thursday 11 April 2019

Aaliya asks the waiter why is he here? He says I have come to see Aaliya as Dasi wanted me to give her the gift for Disha. Aaliya asks the waiter if he has seen anything? He says yes. Tanu yells at him for keeping a check on them. The waiter says I am going to Abhi Sir and will tell him, what I have seen.

He says I know you wanted to kill Pragya and you had planned all of this! Aaliya says you will not do this, since you will lose your job and money. The waiter says I don’t want to work for people like you who are murderers!

Aaliya tells him to cool down while Tanu throws money at him. Tanu says you won’t get this much money for saying the truth, but if you remain silent, you can start a new life. The waiter picks up the money and says, see, anyone can be bought with money.

Abhi and King reach the. hospital, Abhi requests the nurse to make sure Pragya is well soon, King says nothing will happen to her, we got her time, Abhi is tensed and says I am responsible for what happened. King says it’s not your fault, you saved her just in time. The Doctor will take care of her.
Abhi checks with the nurses and loses his cool as he finds out that the Doctor isn’t available.

The Doctor comes and says stop creating a. scene, we will attend to the patient! king notices Abhi being too tensed. The Doctor treat Pragya. King says I am sorry Pragya, I didn’t save you, please get well soon, I will not let anything happen to you. Abhi and Purab are tensed too as the Doctor treats Pragya.

Tanu and Aaliya thinks to check on Pragya at the hospital. The waiter stops them. Tanu says you don’t have to thank us for the money, and take the money to start a new life! The guy says, you need this money, you can keep it, you are big people, you will need this money. He says I have not seen this much in my entire life, what will I do with it! He says for me, my respect matters, I don’t want to be a person like you, he says I will go and tell Abhi all the truth. Tanu warns him not to leave the house! The guy pushes her away and runs out of the house.

Abhi asks about Pragya from the nurse? She says we can’t say anything now. The Nurse asks Abhi who is the husband? Abhi is ready to sign them. Purab stops him. He recollects Pragya’s word, that King is her husband now. King comes ahead to sign the papers.
Abhi blames himself for Pragya being in danger. Purab tells him it was an accident and he shouldn’t blame himself.

Abhi sees Pragya in the OT room and he’s tensed for her. He enters the room. The Doctor tells him to get out! Abhi pleads with the Doctor to please save Pragya. Abhi prays to God.

Dasi and others comes to the hospital, they ask about Pragya? Granny says I had told you to forgive Pragya and he should have brought her back home. Dasi asks if there is anything to worry about? Purab says the Doctors are undergoing operation. Dasi says you can do the right things by telling the other person, how important they are to you, and tells Abhi to trust in God and Pragya will get well soon.

Twist of fate update Thursday 11 April 2019

King sees everyone’s concerned for Pragya. Disha sees King and she’s tensed. Granny, Suwarni is worried about Pragya.
King comes to them and says nothing will happen to her. He gets his Aunt’s call and tells that she is fine. Granny, Suwarni asks Disha who is he? Disha says he is Pragya’s boss. Granny, Suwarni thinks her boss cares so much for Pragya and prays for her.

Tanu tells Aaliya that Abhi will not leave them,and says he will kill me! She says he might throw me out of the house if not kill me. Aaliya says this all happened because of you, and says you tried to buy John. She says I was threatening him, but you tried to give him money. They blame each other.

Tanu says I won’t let my life be ruined because of that Servant, and says my dream to become Mrs. Universe will end. She says you don’t have any dream, you will always cry for Purab. Aaliya asks her to apologize to her. Tanu refuses and says she will take them out of this mess.

Zee World: Twist of fate 2 teasers April 2019

Kiara tells Sunny that Grandma (King’s Aunt) and Tarun has slept. Sunny says I am getting sleepy. Kiara calls the driver and says Mama and Papa aren’t picking her call. The Driver says they are busy. Kiara says she fell down and can’t walk. The Driver tells her about Pragya’s accident.

Kiara is shocked and tells Sunny that she wants to go to her Mum. She walks out of the room. King tells Granny, Suwarni that she shouldn’t have come. Granny, Suwarni says until I see her, I won’t go anywhere!


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