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Jagrata is going on, Sharma family comes there. Sonal welcomes them, Mahek gives her parsad she prepared for Mata Rani. Kanta sees Pammi. Pammi sees them too. Pammi comes to Kanta and Mahek, she asks how are you Kanta? she says fine, Pammi says i thought you wont some, Kanta says we didnt do anything wrong, we are not scared of anyone, Pammi says we did mistake of thinking to make relation with you, Kanta says we did mistake too, Pammi says Mahek got some praise in Dehli heart and you are flying high now?

Pammi says to Kanta that if you want to call at middle of night and curse at me then use PCO from next time, my brother is in custom, it took me 2hours only to find out who it was calling, Mahek says aunty it was all my mistake, please dont do anything here, we will discuss later, she takes Kanta from there.

Pammi comes to her husband and says send Kanta and Mahek to jail or else i will kill them and go to jail, what Mahek thinks of herself? first she called me and cursed me and now saying that we will talk later, let this jagrata end then i will set her right. Jagrata is going on, all are enjoying. Kanta is feeling cold, Mahek goes from there. Ajay hints to Nehal that he is sorry, she ignores him. Mahek brings shawl and puts on Kanta. All are dancing and chanting for Mata Rani. Sonal’s mother makes Kanta and Pammi gets up from their positions.

Jagrata is going on. Sonal’s mom brings Pammi and Kanta in center. Nehal leaves, Ajay goes behind her. he asks if she is angry? he asks why did she unfriend him from facebook? Nehal says what you did that day, after that i should have slapped you, he says mamma came that day, Nehal says get lost, she leaves.

Mahek is giving parsad to people, Sonal comes and says give me your cooked parsad too, i will make my would be inlaws eat, it will increase my points. Mahek gives her. Sonal serves to her would be mother and father in law, she tells them that Mahek made it, mother says she has magic in her hands. Pammi says they all are magician, you people can open company, one daughter can cook and other is show piece and Kanta can be salesman who can go to any extent to sell, like going to people’s house at early morning, Ravi says we should leave now.

Pammi eats halwa which Mahek made, she says its good, Pammi’s husband asks her to not create scene, Pammi says let me talk. Pammi says to Kanta that i am seeing Ajay’s marriage proposal somewhere else, girl works at bank, Kanta says congrats, Pammi says i will give catering order to Mahek for his wedding, she will decide menu, Ajay’s inlaws will be impressed, she doesnt have any standard but still i am giving her advance, she gives Mahek 5000/- to insult, Mahek has tears in her eyes, she looks at Kanta, Pammi says you are from business family, cook good food,

Pammi starts leaving but Kanta says Pammi.. all turn to look at Kanta, Kanta comes to Pammi and says first thank you for giving so much respect to our Mahek, you have praised her talent earlier too, In Guradvarah you liked her prepared food and in Dehli heart because of your mistake, Mahek won, and today too you gave contract to her too cook food for your Son’s wedding, cookng food and serving is pious work, Mahek is blessing for our family, i want to tell you her story.

When i got married 21years back and came to Jeevan’s house, i was so agitated that how will i survive but Mahek’s mother calmed me down, she was like my sister, she used to take care of whole family, she used to cook food from morning, she used to love cooking, when Mahek was child, she used to spend time with her mother in kitchen, she used to make bird from flour and unknowingly Mahek’s mother was passing her talent to Mahek as she had to leave us all behind and suddenly Mahek’s mother left us when Mahek was 12years old, we tried to be her mother a lot, when small girl used to miss her mother, she used to go to kitchen and would prepare food like her mother, she would spend nights in kitchen,

she used to prepare new dishes from stale food, she one day made kheer from peas wrapping, we were stunned and soon she filled gap her mother left, we had to take care of her but she started taking care of us, she never showed annoyance, all she wanted to make us smile by cooking for us, she comes to Mahek and says our Mahek who till now sent aroma of her food in these streets, its time for her to send her aroma around world, congrats for your son’s wedding but Mahek will be busy and cant accept your advance, in winters when your son will be marrying, our Mahek will be on Tv, Mahek looks at her in shock,

Kanta gives Pammi her advance back, Kanta says you said that Mahek cant do anything beside cooking so on basis of her this talent, Mahek is going to take part in India Super cook competition, all clap for Kanta and Mahek, Pammi is embarrassed and leaves.

Sharma family comes home. Ravi sings, and they celebrate roasting of Pammi. Kanta and all dances around Mahek, PD dances with them, Mahek sadly leaves. Kanta sees her leaving.

Mahek is cooking in kitchen, Kanta comes there, and asks if she miffed with her? Mahek doesnt answer and nods in no, Kanta says i didnt ask your consent and said something so big even after knowing that you dont want to take part in that competition, i am sorry. Mahek says you have taken such big decision so you must have thought something, i was just thinking why we are giving importance to Pammi? Kanta says we are giving importance to ourselves, you spend time in kitchen doesnt mean you are useless, Pammi has just told her reality.

Kanta says to Mahek that the world in which we are living, it wont allow us to just sit at home and work, woman get recognized when she works, Pammi saying that my daughters dont have standard is still prick for me, i know you dont wanna go but for us and for yourself do this, you can do it, Mahek says i am scared but i will do it only for you, Kanta kisses her forehead.

Its night, Mahek comes to her room, she opens laptop and says nobody knows real problem that is i will forget everything seeing Shaurya Khanna’s face, she recalls how Shaurya insulted her and warned her to not comeback, she mimics him.

Shaurya is busy in call, he says lets start competition with continental dishes, he ends call and opens his laptop. He sees Mahek online and messages her MS whats up? Mahek writes MS? She then writes oh sorry MS is me. Shaurya writes if she is stressed? She smiles and asks how do you know that i am stressed? Shaurya writes I am CCTV in your life, i cant see you have tension, so tell me whats the stress? Mahek writes there is one rude man in my life, he is eclipse in my life, his name is Shaurya Khanna. Shaurya is stunned.

Shaurya asks Mahek what is problem in her life? Mahek contemplates to tell him or not. she writes that there is one eclipse in her life, his name is Shaurya Khanna.. she doesnt send it and cuts it. she writes that my family is asking me to take part in competition, i dont want to go. Shaurya says these indian families force girls to work.

Mahek says dont say anything against my family, they dont force me to do anything against my will, they request only. shaurya says then go for it. Mahek says i am scared of it. Shaurya says i know how to make fear go away. Mahek writes tell me Mr. CCTV. He says burn fear in stove next time. Mahek says its not that easy. shaurya says its easy and even if then fear doesnt go away then tell him that Karela king will come and beat him. Mahek laughs and thanks him for lifting her mood. He writes good night.

Its morning, Balwant sprays Jeevan’s neck, Jeevan asks what are you doing? Balwant says i am killing mosquitoes. Jeevan asks where is Ravi? Mansi says dont know where he is. Kanta asks where is competition form? Mahek brings it, Kanta says its in english, Mahek says i will fill it, Kanta says do it with Mohit, Mansi asks if Mahek is scared? Mahek says i am but i will do it for my Kanta chachi. Kanta asks Mansi where is Ravi? she says dont know, i am going to mandir, she leaves. Kanta says what they are upto?

Ravi and Mansi are in their newly bought car, Kya khub lagti ho song plays. Ravi drives car and says Mansi i will make you learn driving in 15days then you will black glasses and drive like boss. Mansi says thats like my Ravi. Ravi says when you sit in car, you get more attitude. Ravi strikes with bike on road. He comes out and scolds biker for hitting his new car, biker says it was your mistake, your new car got scratch, it will be not be cursed now. Ravi slaps him, biker starts fighting with him, biker says i will cut your hands, Mansi says how he will drive then?
Sonal comes to Mahek’s house and says Ravi is having fight on road, lets go.

Family comes on road and asks why he is fighting for someone else car? biker says its his car, Jeevan asks Ravi when did you buy car? Ravi says today only, Kanta says you didnt tell us? Mahek says he must be wanting to surprise us, biker says you dont look like brothers, Jeevan says enough, he says lets go home.

At home, Jeevan says to Ravi that you have always been sneaky and plotting with your wife. Ravi says you are acting like i have asked to divide house, i have got car for family, Jeevan says we are family, you dont have to hide things from us, Ravi says you are jealous of my earning, Kanta says car has come and now its useless to fight. Mahek says Ravi chacha must have bought for whole family, Pd wont have to use rickshaw now, Mohit will go to college in that car.

Jeevan says its not about car, we are all thinking about your wedding but he broke FD and bought car, he should think about home and family. Balwant says why you are acting so angry? it was his money and he used it, whats your problem Jeevan? Pd says you dont have to act like politician Balwant, they are aged, they can solve problems, she asks everyone to go, all leave. Mahek asks Kanta if they fought because of her? Kanta says i will slap you, nobody is thinking about your wedding.

Jeevan says to Kanta that Ravi bought car, now we have to give installments. Mansi says to Ravi that you should be ashamed to talk your brother like that, Ravi says he is jealous of me. Kanta says to Jeevan that you are fuming in anger, calm down.
All family members are sitting on dining table.

Balwant asks where is bitterguard? Pd says you are sitting here only. Nehal says pulse has too much salt on it, Mohit says veggies doesnt have salt in it at all, what have you cooked Mahek? Kanta defends her and says so what? she always cook nice, cant you guys ignore if she made mistake once? Mahek says i deliberately more salt in pulse and less salt in veggies, all look at her confused.

Mahek says salt is like arguments in family, if you put a lot fights in family then you cant gulp it down, we should keep salt in balance. PD says you all should get her message and end this fight. Ravi comes to Jeevan and says i am sorry, Jeevan gets up and hugs him, Jeevan says i am not jealous but proud of you. Mahek hugs Kanta, they all have dinner, Ravi says we will go out in new car.

Ravi stops car at petrol pump, he asks salesman to fill car with diesel, salesman says your car runs petrol, Ravi says no i ordered car which runs on diesel, he argues with him. Someone from behind gives horn. Mahek comes out of car. Shaurya’s car is behind them in petrol line, he looks out of window when Mahek comes out of her car. Shaurya says blo*dy middle class. Jeevan asks Ravi to not argue, they leave.

All family members come home and dejected, Ravi is tensed. Balwant asks what happened, Jeevan asks Mahek to make tea for Ravi, Ravi says no i am not in mood, he sadly leaves.

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its night, Ravi is sadly sitting in porch. Jeevan brings drink and Ravi to drink it, he asks what is it? Jeevan says cold drink, Ravi says i am of 50years old, my mood wont lift drinking cold drink, Jeevan says its drink of 50years old people, Ravi drinks it and says wine? Jeevan asks him to be silent, family can listen. Mahek comes and Chachi is calling, Jeevan says i am coming, Mahek leaves. Ravi and Jeevan drinks more wine. both are little tipsy now. Jeevan says Ravi we will not spare this car agent, Ravi says how? Jeevan says you dont know me, DG’s wife buy sarees from my shop, i just have to make one call and that agent will be gone, Ravi puts his head on Jeevan’s shoulder, the sleep.

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