Twist of fate update Thursday 1 april 2021

Twist of fate 1 april 2021:  Someone tells Abhi that the lady behind him wants to say something. Abhi says ok and turns towards Pragya, but he couldn’t her due to the crazy fans. Pragya gets emotional and teary eyes. The girls tell about love.

Twist of fate 31 march 2021

Abhi says it is a feeling for me which can be told, but can be felt, and when you feel it then that will be with you all your life. He says when you a click a pic, you can keep it for lifetime, but love…you can just feel it. He says I remember the time when I got drenched with her in rain and when she hugged me. He says I remember her touch and feel her, as this feeling is still alive as I …Their moments are shown. He says I used to love her. A guy asks why did you say that you used to loved her. Abhi says I will sing song for you. Pragya comes to Sarita behen.

Sarita behen says I thought you went. Pragya says nothing. Sarita behen asks did you meet Mr. Mehra.Ranbir and Prachi are in the car. Ranbir asks if she is mad as she refused to take his help when he offered lift. Prachi says even I can call you nuts and asks are you nuts. He laughs and says all girls die for me. Prachi says they don’t run behind you, but you try to impress them by driving fast car, playing guitar, football etc. He drives the car fast and says I am trying to impress you. Prachi asks him to slow down. He stops the car and asks are you okay. Prachi says I did a mistake by taking lift. She asks him to drive car.

Ranbir asks what she thinks of herself, Ms. India or Ms. Universe. Rhea calls him and asks for the progress in her car. He thinks he has to woo Prachi, but can’t bear her. He says he will call her later and ends the call. He tells Prachi that he will drive the car on 20 and 30 speed. Prachi asks him to drive silently. He gets upset.

Rhea thinks Ranbir will not fall for Prachi, but Prachi can fall for him. She thinks to do something and sees Dadi. She runs down the stairs and pretends to stumble on stairs. Dadi shouts Rhea. Sarita behen tells Pragya that she told the girls that he is your boyfriend to get rid of them. Vikram reaches there and talks to Abhi. Sarita behen gets a call and asks Pragya to meet Mr. Mehra. She leaves. Vikram comes to Pragya and asks about her. Pragya says she is fine and asks about Prachi. Vikram says she is doing work nicely. Pragya asks about the party order. Vikram asks her to come at 7. Pragya asks about the message. Vikram says I sent it. He goes. Pragya thinks she felt Abhi messaged her.

Abhi sings song bekhayali me bhi…….Pragya hears him singing and looks at him. She gets teary eyes and wipes her tears. He sees Pragya standing and hearing him singing. He keeps hand on his face. Pragya moves from there. Abhi thinks he is imagining her. Pragya comes to him and holds his hand while his eyes are closed. She cries.

Ranbir tells Prachi that she didn’t book taxi and asks her to thank him and have some decency. Prachi says you don’t have patience. Ranbir says you don’t have decency. Prachi says everything has some way and tells that she was about to get down the car, smile and thank him. Ranbir says you will never do this. Prachi says you will not get thank you and any explanation. Ranbir says this is my favor on you. Prachi says I have two words for you and says good bye. Ranbir thinks he can’t have friendship with her and thinks who will marry her, I can’t even act to be friendly with her. he sees file and thinks if he goes home, then Dad will send him again. He calls her and gets down from the car. Prachi is coming to him, stumbles and fall. He holds her. They have an eye lock. Waiter asks Pragya to keep the bags at the safest place. Pragya goes from there.

Light is switched on. Vikram comes and says superb singing. He goes to get call. Abhi gets Dasi’s message that Rhea fell down the stairs. Ranbir asks Prachi if she felt anything. Prachi says I am fine and goes inside. He thinks what I was thinking and what I was asking. He sits in car. Prachi waves him bye and goes inside. Shahana looks at them from window and smiles.

Abhi reaches home and comes running inside. He asks Dadi what happened to Rhea. He asks if she is alright. Dadi says Rhea blackmailed me. Vikram says I can’t understand anything. Rhea says I would have slept by the time you came here. Dadi says she wants to call you before. Rhea says she wants to invite Prachi and her mum to party tomorrow. She says secondly, she wants to buy gift for bu ji. Thirdly, she doesn’t want her to wish Aaliya and Purab as it will be surprise for them. Abhi hugs her. Rhea thinks I won’t let my plans fail this time, Ranbir will propose Prachi and I will meet her mum.

Pragya is in the taxi and thinks about Abhi. She thinks he has feelings for her still and misses her. She thinks even she wants to go to him and meet him, want him to see me and call me fuggi. She thinks why he went suddenly. She thinks if we will meet again.

Prachi searches for her diary and telling Shahana that if she keeps it now then there will be no problem in office. Shahana asks if she wants to do extra work to earn extra and says tomorrow is Sunday. Prachi says she didn’t think. Shahana teases her taking Ranbir’s name. Aryan comes to Ranbir’s room. Ranbir asks what are you doing at this time. Aryan says I came to meet you as you was always busy with Prachi all day. Ranbir asks did you miss me? Aryan says not really and says when you was with me, all girls noticing me. Ranbir asks her to take all the girls and asks him not to give brotherly love to eena, meena and deeka. Aryan asks who are they? Ranbir says I will not give my love for you to someone else. Aryan says liar. Ranbir says something is going on in your mind.

Aryan asks him not to sleep and says I was thinking what is happening. Ranbir says I will sleep if you bore me. Aryan asks are you in love with Prachi? Ranbir gets up shockingly. Shahana asks Prachi if she is in love with Ranbir. She says she saw them together outside. Prachi refuses and asks if she is having fever. Shahana says you have love fever. Aryan says Prachi is such a sweetheart, I like her. Ranbir asks have you gone mad and says how can you think I will love Prachi. Prachi asks her to utilize her free time for some good use. She says my dream guy will be different from him.

Shahana asks how he will be? Prachi says she haven’t think, first she will concentrate on her studies and career and will marry wherever pragya asks her to marry.
Ranbir tells Aryan that he loves Rhea. He says I can’t bear for 5 mins and thinks how to take her life. He says my head starts paining listening to her philosophy. He says she has an opinion about everything and we don’t know anything. He says she gave so much lecture, and I have grown up hearing her lecture. He says he feels pity on the guy marrying her and says she will give him lecture on wedding night. He says if she gets married then it will be arranged marriage for her. Prachi tells Shahana that she don’t want to fall in love and tells that she will complain to Maa. Shahana says no. Prachi goes. Shahana thinks Prachi is in love.

Ranbir says I run away from her. Aryan asks why you was looking at her with that look. Ranbir says whenever she is infront of him, he feels like shouting and shouts to save him. Beeji comes there. Ranbir says Aryan was teasing me taking Pra..and then says a girl. Beeji says there must be something and asks Aryan who is she? Aryan says he was saying just like that. Ranbir says he wanted to test me. Beeji asks him to say. Ranbir says she will come in Aaliya’s marriage anniversary. Beeji says if she likes the girl then will arrange their marriage. She goes.

Abhi thinks he couldn’t talk to Sarita about catering and calls her. Pragya is about to pick the call, but it ends. He calls on pragya’s number. Sarita behen comes. Before Pragya could pick the call, it is cut. She calls him, but he calls on Sarita behen’s number. Sarita behen talks to him. He asks her to do Aaliya’s anniversary catering. Sarita behen I love you very much and will not leave my shop and you. Abhi asks her to put love in the food. She says she will charge extra. He asks her to take extra money. After she ends the call, she asks Pragya if she is jealous meeting her hero. Pragya says today she met her hero and smiles. Sarita behen says that’s why you are happy. Abhi messages Pragya that he couldn’t talk to her. Pragya thinks he messaged for Sarita behen.

Purab comes to Abhi’s room. Abhi says I sleep alone here and says you can sleep here also. Purab says next day will come to know about our bhai chara. Rhea comes and takes Purab’s approval for the pic on the cake. He says ok. Rhea asks them not to wish Bu ji. Purab says ok.

Disha’s secretary tells her about the award function. Disha says Hritik will handle it, I have much work. Secretary calls Hritik and gives call to Disha. Disha asks him to wear clothes and says she is feeling shame seeing him. He asks her to listen. She says she will not do any favor on him. Hritik calls Disha and asks her to attend the function. Disha says CM is going to give award to Abhishek Mehra. She says she has a thought that something wrong will happen. He asks if her ex will be there. Disha gets upset on him. Hritik convinces her to go and tells that he is with his friend. Disha agrees to go.

Abhi messages sorry message to Pragya for not able to meet her. She says she met someone whom she wanted to meet since many days. Abhi is about to write the same thing then thinks what she will think and replies goodnight.

She comes to the window and looks at the moon. Abhi also comes to his room window and looks at the moon. Allah Wariyan plays. Pragya thinks of his words.

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