Twist of fate update Sunday 2 October 2022


Twist of fate 2 October 2022: Prachi ask Ranbir to get her down. He makes her sit on the sofa amd asks her to stop behaving like kids. Prachi asks you are behaving like kids. Ranbir asks Shahana to bring first aid box. Prachi says Shahana doesn’t know where is it and tells that it is in the room.

Ranbir asks Shahana to get it. She asks him not to act like a hero. He says I am Ranbir Kohli and asks her to stop acting like a baby. Prachi says I didn’t ask you to treat me. Ranbir says ok baby. She asks him not to call her baby. He asks her to stop acting as baby. Rhea asks why are you calling her baby, and asks him not to do her treatment. Ranbir asks her to make her sister understand. Prachi says don’t talk to me and if you want, then talk to your so called husband.

Ranbir gets angry and is going from there. Prachi says your doings will not work infront of me. Shahana asks Prachi, why is she treating him badly. Prachi says I am teaching him, my value and says then only he will respect me. Rhea goes behind him. Dida says he was taken care of you, what is wrong if he applies medicines to you? Prachi thinks she got rid of his habit with much difficulty. Aaliya says Prachi is overreacting. Pallavi says my son helps everyone, and tells that you are not special.

Prachi says she don’t want anyone’s care, and then they have to pay for it. She says I don’t want anyone’s help. Shahana asks her to sit. Ranbir comes to the room and searches for the first aid box. Rhea thinks where did he go and sees him in the room. He thinks what is the problem, if I want to take care of her. He says I am not showing any rights on her, and gets pained seeing her like this. Rhea comes there and asks why are you doing this?

She says I care for you. Ranbir says I care for her. Rhea asks him not to lose his self respect, if he has even a bit of it left. She says she won’t be quiet if she insults him. Ranbir asks her to go and sleep and asks her to give other solution. Rhea asks him not to come infront of Prachi, if she don’t want. Ranbir says he feels pain seeing Prachi in pain. She goes. Rhea thinks I thought she will not return after her named getting ruined with Siddharth, but she came back. She tells that she will do something and her mind works faster in sleep. She says Prachi, you just wait and watch.

Ranbir comes to the hall. Prachi warns him not to touch her. Ranbir asks her to sit quietly until he bandages her foot. Prachi says if you touched me then I will call Police. Dida asks what are you saying? Prachi says it is not my wish, and says I tried to refuse him, warned him and now threatening him, and says if you touch me, then I will call Police. Pallavi asks Ranbir to leave her, and says she will apply herself. Aaliya says Pallavi is right, she is doing much drama and asks Ranbir to leave her. Shahana asks will you call police on lohri day. Dida says yes. Prachi says I don’t want his help, care and concern and says if he don’t apply medicine to me, then I will get more hurt and couldn’t walk, what else will happen.

She says if you touched me, then I will call Police. Ranbir says then call the Police. He holds her foot. Prachi calls Police. Pallavi asks are you mad, you called Police in reality? Ranbir says let her call Police. Inspector picks the call. Prachi tells that she is Prachi and stays in Kohli Mansion, says something wrong is happening with her, which is against her wish. Inspector says we are coming. Ranbir applies medicine to her foot. Pallavi takes Vikram to side and asks him to do something. She says Prachi is having problem with Ranbir’s care. Vikram asks her to calm down and says it is like typical husband and wife’s fights and says there are at certain point where they are seeing each other flaws. Pallavi says you will not do anything. Vikram asks what you want me to do. He says Prachi will not get him arrested. Pallavi says your confidence on Prachi is wrong and you are taking wrong side.

Ranbir asks Prachi why is she staring at him. He holds her hand. She brushes off his hand and asks what was he doing? Ranbir says I was taking you to room. Prachi says she will not believe him even if he walks on burning coal. Dida thinks when their fight will end. Pallavi asks Ranbir to stop it. Ranbir says Prachi is creating drama. Prachi says even I can say this and gets up. She falls. He holds her hand. Kamli song plays….Inspector comes with his team and asks who is Prachi. Ranbir says your friends came, do whatever you want to. He asks Shahana to hold Prachi. Inspector asks who is Prachi? Rhea says my husband was helping her, and she called you here.

Aaliya says she is mad and called Police. Ranbir asks her to tell that he touched her inappropriately and stared her etc. He says you will get strong case against me, and says you have eye witness. Prachi says sorry. Ranbir tells Inspector that if helping a woman is molestation and tells that he didn’t do this for her, but for his wife. They have an eye lock. Galliyan plays…Ranbir says for my wife Rhea. Rhea gets happy. Prachi gets angry and shocked. Ranbir asks Prachi to get him arrested and provokes her. Prachi says don’t provoke me. Ranbir says send me to jail.

He says you can’t get me arrested, as I know that I am not wrong. She says you didn’t mean anything to me, and that’s why your thoughts and doings don’t effect me. Ranbir calls Rhea as Rhea baby and says did you understand by now, why I and for whom I have done this. He says I did this as I care for my wife Rhea. He says Prachi is having much problem with my wife Rhea, and says when her foot was burnt, I thought she will blame Rhea, and that’s why helped her. Inspector says helping is not the crime and tells that it seems their fight is like fight between the lovers. Rhea says he is my husband. Inspector says sorry and tells Prachi that strict action can be taken against her, and asks her to apologize to Ranbir and end the matter. Ranbir says I don’t think you will say sorry, so I am ending this matter myself. Song plays….Ali…

Ranbir tells Prachi that he don’t think that she will apologize to him, and that’s why he is ending the matter. He tells Rhea that he is sleepy and will go and sleep. Rhea says yes. He says goodnight. Ranbir looks at Prachi. Ali Maula plays….He goes. Pallavi apologizes to the guests and says now you all came to know, how much love, my son does with his wife. She thanks them for coming. The guests leave.

Pallavi, Vikram and Dida go inside. Shahana asks Prachi, why did she do this madness, made Ranbir angry. Rhea smiles and thinks Ranbir called her baby. Vikram tells Dida that whatever his son said was in anger, and whatever he did was for Prachi and not for Rhea. Dida says even I know and says until when they will fight. Vikram says both are hurt. Until there will be

pain, they will keep fighting. He says it is late night, and asks her to sleep. Rhea thinks of Ranbir’s words and gets shy. Aaliya comes there and asks why she is happy? Rhea says Ranbir said that whatever he is doing is for his wife, that’s for me. She says she never thought that Ranbir will do this, and that he cares for his wife, and don’t want Prachi to accuse me. She says I think wrong about him and he thinks good about me. She asks Aaliya to pinch her. Aaliya pinches her. Rhea says he is mine now.

Prachi thinks about Ranbir helping her to take the rounds around the lohri fire and bringing her inside, and apply ointment to her foot, even though she refuse to take his help. She asks herself if she felt good seeing his care and concern, and reminds herself that he is not with her in her life. She says Ranbir will not show his concern next time and asks herself not to be habitual to it. She asks herself not to feel anything and remember what he did with her, and thinks not to get trap in his drama.

Ranbir thinks of Prachi’s warning and then calling Police as he was taking care of her. He says I will not show my goodness to her, and she showed me her attitude. Prachi rests on the bed and gets restless. She gets up and the glass falls down touching her. Ranbir gets worried and thinks he shall not care whatever happens. Prachi calls Doctor and tells that she is feeling uneasy and wants tomorrow’s appointment. Doctor asks her to come at 11 am and bring her file. She then calls receptionist and says fix my appointment with Prachi. She says I will call Ranbir Kohli. She calls him and asks him to come and collect his mom’s medicine at 11:30. Ranbir says ok. He comes to Prachi’s room and takes his clothes. He asks Prachi if she is fine. Prachi says I am fine. He sees the broken glass pieces and says you are not well emotionally or physically. Prachi says you know what, people share their talk for support, but I don’t want anyone’s support neither emotionally nor physically. She walks towards him and closes the door. Song plays.

Next day, Vikram is searching for his specs. Prachi comes there and asks if he is searching something. He says don’t know here I have kept my specs, and tells that he has a meeting. He sits on the sofa and the specs break. He says he doesn’t have time to go to shop to get the new specs. Prachi says you don’t need to go, and shows the lenskart App. She promotes the APP and asks him to use AR feature. Vikram says let’s try it. He tries different specs and tells that he is in dilemma what to take. Prachi asks him to buy two specs and tells that she has prime membership with them. Vikram thanks her and then thanks the God.

Aaliya asks Shahana if she learnt the house work so soon. Shahana says everyone shall know. She tells that she has to go to her office. Rhea comes there and tells that she is very happy, couldn’t control her happiness and that’s why couldn’t sleep. She tells Pallavi that it was her life’s most memorable and best lohri of her life. She says I don’t know that Ranbir cares for me so much and couldn’t believe that he loves and cares for me so much. She says I felt like I got someone’s solah somvaar fast. Aaliya says you shall not get someone’s bad sight. Rhea says I felt good when he called me baby many times. Prachi and others hear her. Rhea says I was very happy and feeling shy, I am just too happy. Ranbir comes there and sits beside Rhea. She asks did you remember, whatever happened last night or if he forgot. He looks at Prachi.

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