Twist of Fate update Sunday 18 April 2021

Twist of fate 18 April 2021: Rohit tells his friend that he will jump infront of the car and threaten the car owner to give money else he will go to police. Rhea is in the car, when Rohit collides with the car. Rhea stops the car and gets down. She asks him to come to hospital. Rohit refuses to go to hospital and asks her to give 10000 Rs or come to Police station.

Rhea understands his acting. He says you are a rich father’s daughter and asks her to give. Rhea asks him to wait and watch. She calls the people and tells that this guy is claiming to love me and tease me.

Rohit says I didn’t tease her and says you are messing with wrong guy. Rhea says he is again teasing me and asks the people to beat him. They beat him. She leaves. She gets down from her car and sees Prachi’s pic stuck to the car’s front mirror. She thinks what is the connection between that man and Prachi. Rohit tells his friend that he was beaten up badly and tells that this time he will convince her. He says I have learnt all the love book. He says I like Aaliya bhatt and won’t settle down for Bipasha Basu. Rhea comes back to Rohit. Rohit runs. Rhea asks his friend to catch him and says she will give 1000 Rs to her. Rhea asks if this is yours. Rohit says she is his. Rhea offers to give money and asks him to tell about him. He tells about him being Panchayat member’s son and tells that he came here without telling his dad. Rhea asks how do you know her?

Receptionist calls Disha and says Purab Khanna is coming to your cabin. Disha says I will handle him. She says you would have called me before coming. Purab says I want to talk about present and says everyone including Abhi wants you to stay in our house. Disha asks do you know what you said, you want me to stay in that house, where Aaliya and you stay together. She says I am not interested and don’t love you anymore. She asks why you are greener my wounds. She says I would have understood if jiju said this. Purab says Abhi had only said this and says I am always worried about you and you are punishing yourself because of me. he says you have to move on and asks her not to hurt herself. Disha says I love Hritik and says I love him very much and he takes care of me very much. Hritik comes there. Disha tells Hritik that they have to go out and leaves with him.

Rohit says she is Prachi from Hoshiarpur. Rhea asks ifs he is your sister. Rohit says she is my lover and I want to marry her. Rhea says I can help you to make her as your bride and can give you 10000 Rs also. He asks for her phone to feed his number. Rhea plans to help Rohit

Rhea gives money to Rohit and says she will call him. Rohit’s friend asks for his 1000 Rs. She asks him to take 11000 and leaves. Rohit’s friend wishes him happy marriage. Rishi tells Pragya that he wants to shift to the small room and want to give this big room back to Shahana and Prachi, as the former misses her room and is sad about it. Pragya appreciates him for thinking so maturely. She asks can I ask something?

Rishi says yes. Pragya says I thought there is a tension between Priyanka and you and you was feeling uncomfortable. She asks if there is any problem? Rishi says I would have told you if it was important and says it was her past. Pragya says ok. She asks him to tell if there was anything and goes. Shahana comes to room and asks Rishi if he is leaving. He says he is shifting to the small room and asks her to be happy and forget their argument. He says I am leaving this room for you and asks her to enjoy. He goes.

Abhi is talking on phone and going out, when something goes in his eyes. Meera asks him not to rub and blows on his eye. Abhi feels better and leaves. Mitali sees that and reminds her what happened on Ganapati day. She says when I told him about Pragya, he was searching her leaving everything. She says just as Pragya returns, they both will unite and tells that he is made only for Pragya. She tries to make her understand. Meera says nobody knows what is written in the destiny and says when they love each other a lot then why they are not together. She says destiny decides everything and tells that I didn’t come here to snatch anyone’s love. Mitali says, I know, but what Abhi will do when he comes to know about it. Meera says she is not scared and knows what Pragya is for Abhi.

Pragya asks Disha why did she lie to Purab. Disha says if she was so concerned then wouldn’t have married to Aaliya. She says she don’t want Purab to think her as weak. Pragya asks if hritik knows about it. Just then hritik comes and tells he parked the car with much difficulty and says they would have come by taxi. He then says that he has a habit to talk much. Pragya looks at him. Hritik says Disha has identified my illness of excessive talking. Sarita behen says she diagnosed your illness and have to pay for it. Hritik tells Pragya that if he must have identified her even if Disha was not here. Sarita behen asks how? Hritik says Disha showed him a selfie of them and compliments her looks.

Sarita behen asks do you want to drink tea? Hritik says he wants to see the house first. Sarita behen asks him to inform her if he finds the treasure. She takes him with her. Hritik gets stuck in the curtain and falls down. Sarita behen helps him get up. Disha tells Pragya, who will love such a guy and hopes Purab don’t meet him again else he will figure out the truth. Pragya tells her that she feels that Hritik has soft corner for her. Disha says it is not like that, he never took any relationship seriously. Pragya says he was trying to impress you. Disha says no and tells that he is irritating. Pragya asks her to think and says I think I was right. Disha smiles.

Purab comes back home, thinking about Disha’s words. He drinks wine in the house bar and thinks he shall be happy that she has moved on, but he is restless.

Shahana comes to Rishi and says she has figured out that he is not that man. Rishi asks how do you know? Shahana says she has percentage message in her to rank the people. Rishi touches the ink and spoils his hand. Shahana picks call on Rishi’s phone and gives call to him. Priyanka is on call and hears Shahana. Rishi ends the call. She gets shocked and thinks this time game will be hers and even Rishi. She comes to Sarita behen’s house and tells that she has forgotten chain. She says she will take it from Rishi’s room. Sarita behen says he has vacated his room for Shahana. Priyanka asks who is she? Sarita behen says she is Pragya’s niece. Priyanka asks if Rishi and Shahana are sisters. Sarita behen says no, but Pragya loves him a lot too. Rishi comes and says I know why you came, and asks her to talk to him. Priyanka hugs Sarita behen and calls her nani ji. Sarita behen is surprised.

Ranbir is at home. Beeji asks if you are fine. Ranbir says I was thinking something. Prachi comes there. Beeji talks to her. Ranbir goes to his room. Pallavi says you just missed Vikram, as he left just now. Prachi says I will go. Pallavi asks her to drink tea and says you are like family member. Prachi says let me make it as you think I am family. Pallavi says I am possessive about my kitchen, but its ok for you. Beeji asks her to make tea for her also. Prachi says ok and goes to kitchen.

Hritik brings Disha back to her house and asks if Pragya and Sarita behen liked me. He says I want to impress them so that if I had any breakup then can get shelter there. He says they are not like you. Disha asks did you get any girlfriend. He says he is cool and handsome and got a gf now. Disha asks him to come and see some mails. Hritik asks what is the matter, you are talking nice. Disha says Pragya di likes you and even Sarita behen thought you as cartoon character. He gets happy. Disha says I am very happy that you made a new girlfriend and tells that Pragya di thought that you have feelings for me. Hritik gets thinking and says I am upset that how she can think this. Disha says I am too good for you and asks him to go else she will become like him. Hritik is leaving, then turns and asks if she knows Purab Khanna from before. Disha says yes. Hritik says I will leave. Disha nods her head. Hritik leaves.

Precap: Rishi holds Priyanka’s hand and says you will not say her anything. Priyanka asks him to leave her hand. Abhi sees that and comes to Rishi and slaps him. Pragya comes there and sees Rishi slapped by Abhi.

Beeji ask Prachi to make a cup of tea for herself and Ranbir too. Prachi nods her head. Pallavi stops her and says maybe you have noticed or not and tells that he is looking lost since yesterday evening. Prachi says he is calm and there is no noise here at home. Pallavi says I think he is in love with someone and asks her to ask her. Prachi asks her not to worry and says guys become such due to over pampering and says they need attention. Pallavi and beeji look at her. Prachi says I mean over sensitive. Pallavi says my son is over sensitive.

Rhea thinks to know what type of songs Ranbir likes and thinks to call him and ask. She then thinks to go and ask him directly. Purab is in the house bar and turns when the glass falls down from the table. He thinks Hritik had told that nothing is going on between them, thinks Disha might love Hritik and he is unaware of her one-sided love. He drinks and thinks how she can love someone else, we both…? He thinks of his moments with Disha. Dil toota main plays…… He is shattered.

Ranbir is in his room and thinks of Prachi asking him to do judo and karate. Prachi comes to his room and asks him to take the tea. He says I will not drink as the poison must be in it. Prachi asks him to drink tea and make his bitterness less due to the sugar in the tea. Ranbir says you must have surely added something and tells that he will not drink. Prachi says sorry and asks what is the matter? Ranbir says you…Prachi said me sorry. Prachi says so what and says you talked nonsense. Ranbir says a nonsense person is standing infront of me. Prachi tells him that Pallavi had said that he is looking sad as if someone girl is rejected him. Ranbir says there is no such girl who can reject him.

Prachi says there is a girl who can reject him. Ranbir asks her to show the girl who can reject him. Prachi makes him see in the mirror. Ranbir laughs and says you don’t have qualities of a girl, it was boring and irritating. Prachi says feelings are mutual and asks why do he make his family upset and why was he sad? Ranbir says I thought you feel Rishi as good looking really? Prachi asks if he is thinking about Rishi still. She says it is my choice to talk to whom. Rhea comes there and hears them, thinks Ranbir is getting jealous of Rishi. Ranbir says if your literally choice is such then you have to leave the company. Prachi says I have one word for you and says bye. Ranbir drinks the tea and says not bad.

Rishi brings Priyanka to a restaurant. She asks why do we come here? They sit on the chairs. -Rishi says I didn’t want to talk to you at home and in the taxi, says he knows what she did last time. Abhi is also there for the meeting and gets up to go. Rishi says he knows that she is angry. Priyanka says she is not angry. Pragya comes to the restaurant and sees Rishi there. The manager tells her that he was waiting for her and asks her to give the sample to Raunaq. Priyanka asks Rishi to be clear.

Rishi asks her to stay away from Shahana. Priyanka says she came in your life and asks when you are going to share the bed with her, and says I will oust her from our life. She gets up to go. He follows her and holds her hand asking her not to say anything to her. Abhi sees him holding his hand and slaps him. He says you are an intern in my office, you are fired. Pragya sees Abhi slapping Rishi, but don’t see the former’s face. Abhi takes Priyanka with him. Pragya comes to Rishi and asks about the man. Rishi says we shall go home and talk.

Aaliya comes to Purab and asks what happened, why is he so drunk? Purab says I don’t want to stay here? Aaliya asks what do you mean? She makes him sit on the bed. He says I don’t want to stay here. Aaliya asks where you want to go. He says he will go on a business trip. Aaliya says you had said that you don’t want to go. He says he wants to go. Aaliya asks him to lie down and says I will make arrangements for our visit.

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