Twist of fate update Saturday 8 May 2021

Twist of fate 8 May 2021: Disha says Purab ji is my ex. Hritik gets teary eyes too. Disha tells that she lied to Purab that they are in a relationship as she didn’t want him to know that she still loves him. She says I need to go. Hritik tells that Purab knows everything when he picked Veronica’s call on your mobile. He says he knows everything. Disha is shocked and leaves.

Twist of fate 7 May 2021

Pragya calls on Purab’s phone. Peon tells that he is not in the office. Abhi comes to the cliff and sees her scarf hanging on the tree and finds suicide note also. He reads her note that she is leaving from the world, had given him trouble, now he will be relieved etc..He shouts Priyanka.

He comes to Pragya’s house and rings the bell continuously. Rishi opens the door. Abhi asks what did you say to Priyanka? Rishi says she had called me, I said nothing..Abhi says she said that you called her there and asks what did you say to her that she committed suicide. Rishi and Pragya are shocked. Abhi says you was about to come to cliff. Pragya says I stopped as Rishi came back. Abhi asks her to tell the truth and asks if she is supporting him. Pragya asks what are you saying? Abhi says he has read the suicide note and it was written clearly that Rishi insulted her badly and that’s why she is committing suicide. Rishi is shocked.

Pragya tells Abhi that Priyanka can’t die. Abhi says she is dead as I read her letter. He says she has written clearly that Rishi had come to apologize to her, but he insulted her and made her commit suicide. Rishi says I will call her, she must be there, she can’t commit suicide. Abhi takes phone from Rishi’s hand and asks him to come with him. He drags him out. Pragya goes with them. Aaliya comes to Disha’s house and asks if you will not welcome me. Disha says guests are welcome and not uninvited guests.

Aaliya says what to do with you, as you came in my life. She says you are the second woman and also the fallen woman. Disha asks her to mind her language. Aaliya threatens her to stay away from her husband and stop dreaming to get him. She asks her to stay away else bad thing will happen with her. Disha asks are you threatening me? Aaliya says didn’t you know what I have done to get him when I was not his wife, and asks her to think what she can do when he is her husband now, and they have a son together. She asks her to stay away from Purab and leave.

Rishi brings Abhi and Pragya to the place near the cliff. He says she was here. Abhi says I am scared if something happens to her. Rishi tells Pragya that Priyanka is trapping him and says if she really committed suicide then why she would have moved the burning sticks. He says I should have listened to you and not met her. Abhi gets a call from Inspector. He tells Rishi and pragya that he filed FIR.

Disha comes to Purab’s office and asks Peon about him. Peon says he is going to his cabin. Disha goes to his cabin. Purab is surprised to see her and says sorry for Diwali Night. Disha says I came to ask you, why this thing happens with me. She says since I met you again, something happens with me daily. Purab asks what happened? Disha says you have troubled me and asks did I give you any indication that I want to come back to you.

Purab says you have no relation with Hritik. Disha says I am not your wife and you shall not care if I lie. She says I am happy without you. Purab says you came to tell you this. Disha says I cleared to you that I don’t want you in my life, and asks him to go home and tell his wife that she is not interested in him. She says I let her say me anything this time, but next time if she comes, I will file harassment case against her. She says this is applicable to you too.

Police comes to the cliff side. Abhi tells Police that Priyanka committed suicide because of Rishi. Pragya says you can’t tell that she committed suicide, she must have gone somewhere. Abhi says she has written a letter. Abhi asks where is that note? Abhi says it is not with me. Constable gets her mobile phone. Abhi asks Pragya to pray that nothing happens to Priyanka.

Aryan and Ranbir come home playing. Aryan takes Prachi’s name. Ranbir says Prachi, steps on the ball and falls down. Prachi laughs seeing him fallen down. Ranbir looks at her…Song plays…..rehjaane de…kehna jo plays….

Prachi helps him get up and says you are heavy. She asks Aryan, did you see how he fell down? Aryan says like tom and jerry. Prachi says it was funny. Ranbir asks did you come to meet me? Prachi asks Aryan to make him some what better? Pallavi comes and takes Prachi with her. Aryan asks Ranbir what happened and tells that Prachi likes my type of guys, but she is like my sister. Ranbir says she is good, but not my type.

Abhi asks Police to search Priyanka. Pragya sees something and goes there. Abhi looks at Rishi who panics. Pragya gets something stuck in the tree. Abhi says I told you not to go near Priyanka and asks how dare you to touch her. Pragya stops Abhi and says you are thinking him wrong. Police holds Abhi. Police team tells Abhi that they found a suitcase, but not any dead body. They tell that they have to take Rishi to Police station. Pragya hopes Priyanka is alive.

Priyanka is in the car and driving it. She recalls Rishi slapping her and thinks everything could have been good between them, then why did he bring Pragya between us, and then I have to bring chucks between us. She says I will not go to jail and will not send Rishi also, but will ruin his life. She says I will write his life story and he can’t do anything. She says he will not be arrested, but he has to go to Police station daily, I will watch his ruined life on TV and newspaper. She says nobody will marry you now. She wears googles and comes to a hotel. She thinks it is not of her standard and is about to go. Receptionist asks may I help you? Priyanka says I can’t stay here as it is shady and dirty.

The receptionist tells that she is new here and tells that the manager gives room to anyone without taking ID. Priyanka tells that she will take up room. Receptionist asks for her ID. Priyanka writes Seema and reminds her of what she said. Receptionist tells that it will be 100 extra.

Pragya reaches the Police station and asks Abhi, where is Rishi? Police constables bring Rishi there. Rishi says we got late. Pragya says you left before me. Inspector says we stopped on the way to question him. Abhi says what he said? Inspector says he told us and it was a not like a story. According to him, Priyanka is mad about him and wanted to marry him. She tried to marry him. Abhi says what proof you want and says I told you what was written in the letter. Inspector says you didn’t show us letter, the truth is complicated and result is shocking. Abhi asks if Rishi will not be arrested. Pragya says no.

Inspector tells Abhi that such cases are sensitive and the result is shocking. Abhi asks if Rishi will not be arrested. Pragya says no. Abhi says you are supporting a criminal. Pragya says he is not a criminal, our lawyer is coming.

Lawyer comes there and tells Inspector that he is Rishi’s lawyer. Abhi tells Pragya that he wants to talk to her. The hotel staff member takes Priyanka to the hotel room. Priyanka says third class room and switches on TV to check for her news, but nothing comes. She says Abhishek Mehra’s niece dead body is missing, people should see mystery in this, but there is no news. She thinks what is happening, Rishi is not arrested. She thinks she has done so much planning and result is zero.

She thinks to wait till night and thinks she won’t be ignored being Abhi’s niece. She says after Rishi is punished, she will make an entry as Ghajini and will feigned memory loss. She thinks Rishi’s life will be ruined by that time and he is a big fool and paying with his life for not marrying her.

Abhi takes Pragya to a cabin and tells that Rishi molested Priyanka and forced her to commit suicide and asks why she is supporting a criminal. Pragya says I understand your feelings, anger and frustration. He says she is not just my niece, but my responsibility, what I will answer to her Dadi. Pragya says you are mistaken and Priyanka is something else infront of you. She tells that it is proved in court and tells that all the witness were against her.

Just like she called Rishi in the cabin that day and today she did this. Abhi says I thought you will be with me. Pragya says I am standing with you, but you always stand with wrong and see me far away from you. Abhi gets angry and leave. Pragya thinks she can’t let anything wrong happen with Rishi, thinks Sarita behen has supported her and her daughters in troubled times. She thinks Rishi is truthful and she shall support her.

Priyanka’s Dadi calls Suwarni Dadi and tells that Priyanka didn’t reach home and her phone is ringing. Abhi comes home. Meera tells him that Priyanka didn’t reach home. Dadi asks Abhi to talk to Priyanka’s Dadi Manjeet. Manjeet Dadi asks Abhi where did Priyanka go? Abhi says I will find out and asks her not to take tension. Manjeet Dadi asks him to find out and call her. Abhi says I will call airline and ends the call. Suwarni Dadi asks Abhi if anything happens to Priyanka then what we will say to Manjeet. Abhi asks her not to take tension and goes to his room. Meera thinks if he has an argument with Pragya and he is looking so emotionally troubled.

Pragya looks out of the window and thinks of Abhi’s words. Abhi also thinks about her and looks at her pic and tells that you are again against me, go away from me and get against me on return. Pragya says you thought me wrong, I am not against you, but standing with truth. Abhi says you thought me wrong always. Pragya says you never understand me. Jo Bheji thi Dua plays……Abhi and Pragya cry in their respective rooms. Jo bheji thi dua continues to play…..Pragya says you said that we will not be affected with this matter, but why it is affecting now. Abhi says I said that this case will not affect us, but….

Ranbir and Aryan come to the hall and see Abhi sleeping on the couch. Ranbir says we didn’t know that you are here. Vikram comes there. Abhi says his neck is paining. Aryan tells that we were coming and someone called him good boy and he wants to be bad guy. Abhi asks Ranbir to be good boy and asks him not to change. He says I changed from bad to good for someone, but she didn’t value it. He asks him not to change and tells that he was thinking all night and says they shall never change for anyone. Vikram says seems like something had happened with him and he is feeling hurt. Ranbir says he is right that we shall not change and remain as we are. He says he is going to college and says bye.

Pragya thinks of Abhi telling that Priyanka died as Rishi insulted her. Rishi comes home and sees Pragya in thoughts and says sorry, says you are in trouble because of me. Pragya asks him not to think all that and says problem won’t be solved this way and asks him to think about his Nani. She says if something wrong happens then what will happen with her. She asks him to thank God that nothing worse happened. She says Priyanka wants to ruin your life, calling it as love. Rishi says how you trust me, we met just few months back. Pragya tells that her heart tells whom to believe and whom to not and tells that Priyanka won’t be quiet and will do something. Sarita behen comes and asks what they are talking about. Prachi comes there and tells that Shahana is wearing my clothes and spoiling it. Shahana comes there wearing Prachi’s clothes. Prachi says whenever you wear my clothes, it tears here and there. Shahana says you called me fat. Pragya asks them to hug her. Prachi asks are you having fever? Pragya says slight and goes to bring lunch box. Sarita behen asks them to shake hands and stop fighting. Rishi thinks they are good family and I am lucky to call them as my family.

Priyanka comes to the reception and asks why the newspaper hasn’t come to my room. Receptionist asks her to think this lodge as the hotel and says only waste paper comes here to wipe the things. Priyanka takes newspaper bought by the receptionist and pays her money. She asks if my twin sister Priyanka came here. The receptionist says no. Priyanka thinks if you see my pic then shall think that she is my twin sister.

Aryan tells Ranbir that he didn’t study today. Ranbir says I didn’t study too. Aryan says you get good marks always. Ranbir says I understand and don’t learn. The college friends tell that Dheeraj Thakkar is in hospital and serious. Ranbir asks what happened to him. Priyanka searches her news in the newspaper and throws it angrily. She says Abhi’s niece has no value and thinks to spread her own new

Meera bringing coffee for Abhi. Abhi says you don’t need to do all this, ask Bahadur to make coffee. Meera says she likes to do this. Abhi says then do. Meera asks if he didn’t sleep in room last night. Abhi asks how do you know? Meera says I came here at night and you was not here. Abhi says you covered me with blanket. Meera nods her head. She asks about Priyanka and tells that she thought that Pragya and he had a fight. She says she will leave. Abhi stops her and tells that he doesn’t share many things with her and feels little awkward, even though know you for years. He says I don’t know how to explain, I hope you understand. Meera says no need to explain, you don’t accept people in life easily..

Abhi says it becomes difficult to share with you, you are important part of my family, you have brought up Rhea like a mother and gave her motherly love, I have seen it, your presence here makes me feel Pragya’s absence from the house. Meera asks did you have any fight or argument with Pragya? Abhi asks how do you think? Meera says she would have been with you then and asks him to bring Pragyua back in the house.

She asks her to forget the past and moves on. She says this thing happens between husband and wife. Abhi says sometimes circumstances becomes big leading to their separation. He tells that the reason for their separation is Rishi and Priyanka. He tells her everything that he saw Rishi in the office with his shirt button on and seems like he molested Priyanka. Judge told that Rishi might be innocent.

Priyanka was going to Punjab and met Rishi suddenly and then called me saying Rishi wants to apologize to her. but when he reaches there, he found Priyanka’s suicide note and the suitcase and tells that police and forest officers searched for her, but couldn’t find her. He asks what he shall do? Meera says you are right. Abhi says you are at my side and tells that Pragya is at Rishi’s side and asks her not to tell anyone. Meera says you have done the right thing. Abhi says I hope Priyanka is found.

In the college, Ranbir says sorry to Principal. Principal asks him to come to his cabin. Ranbir says after sometime. Principal asks him to come right now. Prachi hears them and asks Ranbir to go and meet Principal. Ranbir says I collided with him mistakenly. Prachi asks him to meet him right now else will be scolded tomorrow. Ranbir says he is going to meet his friend now who is hospitalized due to exam fear. Prachi and Shahana say that they will come.

Meera says I wish Priyanka is alive. Abhi says the reality is she is not alive and says you are justifying Pragya and says he don’t want to talk about her. Vikram comes there and gives him new mobile. He says two numbers are saved, one of me and other of Anuradha ji. Abhi tells Vikram that he loves his wife and will love her always and says whatever is he thinking can’t happen. Vikram says the women loving you, will continue to love you.

Ranbir, Aryan, Prachi, Shahana and other friends come to see Dheeraj in the hospital. Dheeraj asks Ranbir to make his mum understand. his mum says I am angry with my son and asks him to ask Dheeraj who gave him right to end his life, just for exam. Ranbir says you did this for marks and says I thought someone broke your heart. He asks why did you do this? Dheeraj says sorry. Ranbir says you are good at studies and asks why did you do this? Dheeraj says Dad expired and I couldn’t focus on studies and got spoiled after he left. He says I was worried about mom. Prachi asks Dheeraj not to cry.

Ranbir asks her not to take his side. He says you thought about Mom’s respect and says you would have given her another pain. He says what will be left with aunty if you had ended your life. He asks Dheeraj’s mother not to cry and says don’t talk to him and don’t forgive him. He says you hurt many people, you have hurt your mother, dad and your friend, that’s me. He says I will not talk to you. Prachi says you can’t talk to him like that and takes him out. She makes him sit on the bench. Ranbir says I want to meet him and talk, says he thought about himself and don’t thought about his family.

He says Dheeraj was a topper and I used to told him that he will become big. Prachi asks him to calm down. Ranbir says Dheeraj would have died and left Aunty alone. She lost her husband and this moment is very difficult for her. Prachi asks him to calm down and says he did his life’s biggest foolishness and tells that Dheeraj’s situation will not change and asks him to think about him, says he must be feeling broken thinking about what he has done. She says may be he realized his mistake and you are counting his mistakes infront of him.

She asks him to help him in studies and asks him to imagine himself on his place and asks him to make him understand that life haven’t ended, but started for him. She asks him to help him, go home and think. Shahana tells him that visiting hours are over. Prachi holds his hand and asks him to go home. Ishq Dariya….song plays….

Priyanka is walking in the market with sun glasses and hooded jacket. She thinks if Rishi is arrested and asks a man to give his phone. He calls Rishi from his number. Rishi picks the call and says hello. Priyanka thinks you will call back so I blocked your number. She returns phone to the man. Rishi informs Pragya that Priyanka is alive and called me, as she wanted to make sure if I went to jail or not. Pragya asks him to call her. Rishi calls her and tells that the number is blocked. Pragya says my number is not blocked and calls on that number from her phone. The guy picks the call. Pragya tells that her nephew got a call from this number. The guy tells that a girl took his phone and called him. Pragya asks where is he? He says Delhi. Pragya thanks him. She says she will inform Abhi. Rishi says he will not believe until we find Priyanka. She coughs. Sarita behen takes Pragya with her. Rishi thinks this matter is ruining her health and thinks where might be priyanka?

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