Twist of fate update Saturday 7 November 2020

Twist of fate 7 November 2020: Tanu comes to the place and thinks it is strange place. Pragya calls her and asks her to come inside. Tanu refuses to come inside. Pragya blackmails her. Tanu wonders what to do as Nikhil instructed me not to go inside until he comes there. Abhi comes to room and thinks he can’t act infront of Pragya. He sees her nowhere and thinks it is good that she is not here. He wonders where is she? Hamari Adhuri Kahani plays………Purab tells Pragya why she is not coming inside. Pragya says don’t know. Purab says her boyfriend must have told her not to go inside until he comes.p

Pragya gets Abhi’s call. She thinks Abhi is sad so she shall talk to him. She tells Purab that she will talk to him. Abhi thinks Pragya doesn’t care about him and that’s why didn’t pick his call. He looks at the wine and thinks only it is with him always.

He gets Pragya’s call and wonders what to talk. Pragya says you have answered the call and now not replying. Abhi says I haven’t called you. Pragya says you called me. Abhi says it is touch screen phone and call went just like that. Pragya says you are phone is smart to call me.

Abhi says my phone is stupid else it would have blocked you like I blocked you. He asks her to stay there, as he don’t want to see her face. Pragya says I can understand your situation as you have no one to take out anger, to talk to someone and to love someone. Abhi asks her to say what to do? Pragya asks him to hear Santa Banta jokes in this condition. She tells him jokes. Abhi says it is not a joke and tells joke. Sarla thinks she can’t leave her daughter alone. Purab thinks Tanu is waiting for her boyfriend who is her baby’s father. Nikhil comes wearing burqa with goons. He asks her not to worry and says he will kill blackmailer and come out. Purab thinks they are going inside, and thinks to alert Pragya. Pragya is busy on call with Abhi. Nikhil takes out a knife to stab Pragya.

Nikhil tries to stab Pragya, just then Ronnie comes indisguise of a constable and asks what they are doing here late in night. The goons tell that they were searching for burqa clas woman’s husband. Ronnie asks them to leave. Purab thinks he is doing over acting.

Pragya asks Ronnie what he is doing in the constable’s get up. Purab says he asked Ronnie to dresses up like Constable. Purab tells her that Ronnie came and saved her. He says that there was a man wearing the burqa. Sarla is on the way and waits for auto or taxi. Pragya’s students see her and offer to give lift. Sarla sits in their car. Tanu thinks if Nikhil kills watchman then she will live peacefully. The goons try to leave, but Nikhil says constable will go. The goons refuse to support him. Nikhil says

if you are caught, then I will help you come out of police station. He says he will give them double money and asks them to hide. They agree. Nikhil tells Tanu that he can’t take risk again and will kill watchman today. He says we shall hide until constable go from here. Tanu says okay. Dadi is doing puja. Dasi asks if she is asking long age for herself.

Dadi says I will ask long life for Abhi and says my son is very worried. I am praying for him. Dasi says you said right. Rachna says everything will be fine and asks her to have food first. Dasi says we have to get Abhi and Tanu’s marriage done in the temple, and then Pragya can’t do anything. Rachna says Pragya will not return the money. Dasi says Abhi have to marry Tanu as she is carrying his baby. We will get to know if Pragya thinks about Abhi’s betterment or not.

Pragya tells that Tanu might have went seeing Police. Purab asks Ronnie to go out and hide somewhere. Nikhil sees Constable leaving and tells Tanu. Pragya says I have to do something to bring Tanu out of her hide out. She calls Tanu and asks where are you? Tanu asks where are you and where is the proofs? Pragya asks her to come inside and gets the proofs. She says you did wrong by sending the people inside. She asks her to bring her baby’s father with her, as she knows that he is with her. Tanu is stunned. Abhi thinks Tanu took him for granted and haven’t return home till now. He says he will punish her for sure.

Tanu asks Nikhil what to do? Tanu says may be there is some trap for you. Tanu says we will get to know after we get in. Nikhil says you are asking me to go. Tanu says okay, and goes inside. Nikhil thinks he can’t call her as watchman can identify his voice. Ronnie informs Pragya that Tanu is coming inside. Purab asks Pragya to make Tanu confesses her truth and says this is the last chance for her. She hides.

Just then Sarla comes to the place and thinks Pragya is going to come there. She looks for Pragya. Tanu sees Sarla and thinks her to be blackmailer. She says I brought the money and asks her to give the proofs. Pragya sees Sarla from far, but doesn’t know she is Sarla. Tanu asks the goons to catch her. The goons catch her. Nikhil removes the burqa and says he has done this for their child. Tanu thanks him. The goons take Sarla from there. Pragya comes back to Purab and tells him that she wants to see the person’s face. Pragya says we have to take a small risk. Purab says we have done a mistake by thinking that they will come alone. Pragya says what we will tell at home. Purab says we will make plan again. She says we have proper proof against Tanu now. He says we have to leave from here before they come again.

Nikhil tells Tanu that he has always a back up plan. Tanu asks what we will do with him. Nikhil says we will leave him and let him go to Abhi to tell the truth. Tanu says have you gone mad. Nikhil asks her to relax and says first we will see his face. Nikhil says lets see who is blackmailing my jaan. Sarla sees Nikhil and takes his name. Nikhil says what you are doing here. He says may be aunty ji came here mistakenly. Sarla thinks Nikhil will catch Pragya and lies to him that she is the one who is the blackmailer. Tanu asks why she is lying? Sarla calls her shameless and tells that Pragya left Abhi for you and your child. She asks her to have any shame. Nikhil says speech is in your blood, like mother like daughter. He says you are blackmailing her, and asks if she can’t see Abhi’s mistake. He says you are also belong to us. You have blackmailed us for money.

Tanu emotionally blackmailing Abhi. She says if you want to leave me then you can. I will not let my baby suffer and will give a good life and upbringing. She cries and says she will work for her baby’s good life. Abhi falls in her trap and apologizes. Tanu says we can’t marry until you get divorce from Pragya. Abhi says I will talk to Pragya and asks her not to cry. Tanu looks on. Abhi comes to his room and sees Pragya sleeping. He thinks to talk to her nicely as Pragya might refuse to divorce him. In the morning, Pragya wakes up and thinks she was waiting for Abhi and slept. She sees Abhi sleeping. She thinks she will prove truth first and then will think of other things later. She covers blanket over him. Dadi comes and takes Pragya with her. She asks what happened yesterday?

Pragya says I came but saw you sleeping. Dadi says you might have waken up me. Pragya tells that Tanu and her boyfriend came with goons and took someone else thinking her to be blackmailer. Dadi says what is happening now and asks God to show the way. Janki calls Dadi and says she needs to talk to Pragya. Dadi gives call to Pragya. Pragya asks about Sarla. Janki informs her that Sarla is missing since yesterday. Pragya says she might have went to market. Janki says she is not there. Pragya says I will come there. She tells dadi that they shall go there. Dadi prays to God again.

Mitali sees Tanu sleeping peacefully and wonders if Abhi didn’t tell her anything or she trapped Abhi with her cunning words. She wakes her up and asks her to pack her stuff and leave. Tanu says do you think Abhi will throw me out of house. She says you can’t control your husband and think same of others. She says Abhi is not angry with me, but with Pragya. Mitali says you might be dreaming. Tanu says I wouldn’t marry Abhi even if I come there as Pragya and Abhi are not divorced yet. She says she solved a trouble yesterday. Mitali asks what did you do? Tanu asks her to go and talk to Raj. Mitali says he is just angry with me. Tanu says if you wake up me again then I won’t let you stay in peace. Mitali gets angry.

Pragya tells that they will enquire about Sarla. Dadi says she will be found. Janki, Dadi, Purab and Pragya search for Sarla on the road and enquire about her. Pragya gets tensed and thinks nobody saw her. She calls Mama ji and asks if he talked to Sarla yesterday. Mamaji says no. Pragya says she might be here only and disconnects the call. Pragya’s students came to her, who gave lift to Sarla and greets her. They say they met Sarla yesterday and dropped her somewhere. Pragya congratulates them for their marriage.

Tanu comes to Abhi’s room and sees him sleeping. She thinks Abhi might not talk to Pragya till now. She wakes him. Abhi wakes up and asks where is Pragya. Abhi says I will take her class and calls her. Pragya says she can’t come home. Abhi asks her to come home. Pragya says she can’t argue. Abhi asks her to say where is she? Pragya says she is going to Malvani Church. Abhi says I will come there. Tanu tells him to divorce Pragya and come home. Abhi leaves.

Pragya comes to the hotel, but is stopped by guard. She calls manager and tells that she is Sarla’s daughter. Abhi comes there and asks Pragya to come. Pragya says Sarla is missing since night. Manager comes. Pragya asks if Sarla took catering order. Manager says no, and says she took order before. Pragya thank him. Abhi says we will inform Police. The goons wake up Sarla. Nikhil asks her to tell the truth. Sarla says your game will end soon. Nikhil asks if Pragya knows about it. Sarla says Pragya doesn’t know else your truth have come by now. She says I would have deal with Pragya rather than Tanu. Nikhil asks his goons to keep Sarla hungry so that she tells the truth.

Pragya tells that she went there, but came to know from manager that she didn’t took any order. Purab says studio is near there and says Sarla might have came there. Pragya says why we couldn’t see her then. She recalls goons kidnapping a woman and says she might be be maa. Abhi comes and hears her.

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