Twist of fate update Saturday 6 March 2021

Twist of fate 6 March 2021: Pragya looks at the door and understands she is inside.She peeps inside the room through the other door and asks her not to do anything wrong.

Prachi looks at the tablets and is about to eat it, when Pragya pushes the door, gets inside and throws the medicine. Prachi hugs her and cries. Pragya asks why do you care for them and says didn’t you think what will happen to me if you end your life. She says you will end my life by ending your life. She asks who is my brave child? Prachi says I..and cries.

Pragya asks her not to accept defeat from anyone. Prachi says sorry and says I am suspended from college, and says Principal said that Mr. Mehra called and asked him to suspend me. Pragya says I will talk to Mr. Mehra and says because of him, my daughter is suspended. Prachi says no. Pragya leaves. Sarita behen and Shahana feel bad.

Abhi talks to Principal and comes to know that he suspended Prachi on his instructions and will make the suspension permanent. Abhi asks you said this. Principal says Rhea. Abhi is shocked and says I will come there. He thinks Rhea did wrong and crossed all limits. You have to apologize for this. He comes to his car and bends down to pick the keys. Pragya comes there and walks inside the Mehra mansion. Abhi sees her from backside and doesn’t recognize her.

Rhea is sitting with her friends and they tell her that they taunt Prachi and Shahana and started hooting circling them. She says everyone insulted them and says we organized it and you was not there. Rhea says I just love myself very much and I gave this happiness to myself.

Shaina asks what she is saying? Rhea says I told Principal that Dad want him to suspend Prachi and he did what he was supposed to do, and says she was there when everyone was humiliating Prachi. Shaina says you was attending the lecture then. Rhea says I was very upset and says Ranbir has a class and can’t sit with behenji.

She says she was feeling jealous and says he just likes me and shall talk to me. She says I just couldn’t control. Shaina says Rhea is feeling anger seeing Ranbir with some girl and says your heart is developing feelings for him. Rhea asks excuse me, and says you guys think he likes me and asks how do you know about that. Shaina says they heard.

Pragya comes inside Mehra Mansion and calls Mr. Mehra. Meera comes there and asks what happened? Pragya says he accused my daughter and got her suspended from college. Mitali is coming down hearing song on head phone and doesn’t see Pragya. Pragya goes to Mr. Mehra’s home. Mitali asks Meera what happened? Meera asks her to talk to Prachi’s mum and says she is very angry. Mitali asks Meera to talk to her and says she came here to fight with Abhi, and says when a daughter’s mother comes to fight then it is very difficult to handle.

Meera comes to Pragya. Pragya says he is not in the room. Meera says many people got ill in the party. Pragya says they must have get well, but what if my daughter died. Meera is shocked. Pragya says I made that food and asks if someone asked me about it. She says Mr. Mehra got my daughter suspended and says how can she see her daughter dying. She asks did you have any kid? Meera says she lost her daughter before she was born and she couldn’t take her in her hands.

She says when I came here, Rhea was month’s old. She says I can understand and would have reacted the same way. Pragya says sorry and says Rhea is lucky to have you. If you think of Rhea as your daughter, then Rhea might regard you as her mother. She asks her to tell where is Mr. Mehra. Meera says may be in office. Pragya goes.

Abhi comes to college and asks if someone saw Rhea. The students ask him for a selfie. Abhi says fast. Abhi asks Dimpy if she saw Rhea and says she got Prachi suspended using my name? Dimpy says she didn’t see Rhea and thinks it is good that Principal went home. Rhea asks Shaina why she thinks Ranbir likes her. Her friend tells that she thinks he likes her. Dimpy comes to Rhea and tells that her dad came to college and went to meet Principal. Rhea gets worried and says he is changed because of Prachi.

Abbi gets Vikram’s call. Abhi tells him that he came to meet Principal of Rhea’s college, but he went early. Vikram asks him to come urgently for meeting. Abhi leaves from there. Pragya comes to Abhi’s office and tells that she wants to meet Mr. Mehra.

Receptionist asks for the appointment. Pragya says she wants to meet him and goes. Receptionist asks the employee to stop her. Pragya asks him not to waste his time and energy and says I will meet him. She goes to cabin and doesn’t see him. Employee asks her to go and says he is not there. Pragya says she will not go until she meets him and locks the cabin. Receptionist calls Abhi and tells him that his crazy fan entered his cabin and locked it, insisting to meet him. She asks shall I call police? He says no and tells that he will meet his fan.

Meera comes to meet Prachi. Sarita behen refuses to let her meet Prachi and asks if she wants to tell Rhea how much Prachi is depressed. Meera requests to meet her. Sarita behen lets Meera talk Prachi. Meera comes to Prachi’s room and apologizes to her. Prachi says it is not your mistake. Meera says it is our mistake and whatever happened with you is in our eyes. She says what is more painful for your mother is to see you trying to commit suicide infront of her eyes. She says you might have got free, but you didn’t think about your mother. Prachi cries. Meera asks her not to cry, and says you are brave, but foolish too. She says you are like my baby Rhea and says I can’t see you crying. Shahana tells Meera that Rhea had spread this news in college that Prachi is a murderer and everyone was calling her murderer. Meera promises to punish Rhea and says you will get what you have lost. Prachi hugs her. Shahana thinks why Meera is going against Rhea.

Pragya is in Abhi’s cabin and doesn’t see Rhea and his pic. Vikram comes there and asks receptionist. Receptionist tells Vikram that Abhi’s old fan came here and says may be she loves him. Vikram says what? Receptionist says she might have come to say I love you. Vikram asks her to watch lesser films and asks to call Abhi. He says I will meet the fan so that Abhi can meet the investor. Receptionist says she has locked herself in the cabin.

Vikram asks her to get master key. Pragya picks up the photo frame and sees Rhea’s pic. She is about to pick Abhi and Rhea’s frame, just then Vikram opens the cabin and says you are here. Pragya says how you will feel when your daughter is suspended from college. Vikram says nobody can do this. Pragya says because you are rich. She tells about Prachi and tells that she was innocent and was handling the party, even though she didn’t make the food. She says I sent her to college, but your messaged reached there before her. Vikram says many people fell ill.

Pragya says you would have got her treated and says you have punished her for the work which she has not done. Vikram is shocked. Pragya says my daughter went in depression because of you, and says you talked badly with her, kicked her out of house and got her suspended from college. Vikram says I? She says I will file defamation case against you. Vikram says I will try to get the root of this matter. Pragya says I won’t be quiet, and will file the case against you and calls him Mr. Mehra. Vikram says again Mr. Mehra.

Pragya says you are not God. She says if I can thank you then I can file case against you, and can do anything. Vikram says Ms. Pragya can open debate channel very soon. He says I am getting mad. Abhi comes to the office. The construction guy asks him to park the car behind. Vikram calls him and tells that he bear the bullet of his behalf on his chest and tells about Prachi’s mum scolding him.

He tells that her mum said that Prachi tried to commit suicide in depression. Abhi tells that everything is happening because of Rhea, she got Prachi suspended from college taking my name. Vikram says that’s why she said how will I feel if my daughter is scolded. He says her scolding is sweet and I liked it. And asks him not to tell Pallavi. Abhi asks him to make her wait. Vikram says she already left. Abhi thinks to take a short cut and goes inside the under construction building. Watchman tries to stop him, but in vain.

Pragya is leaving. Receptionist asks her to stop. Pragya asks do you want to send Police and asks her to send him to her house. Receptionist says Mr. Mehra wants to meet you. Pragya asks her to send him to her house. Receptionist thinks she loves him. The worker asks the other workers not to go as the bamboo might fall down. Workers ask him to have food and says we will not go there. Pragya also comes there trying to call Sarita behen. Abhi is also here. Just then the bamboos start falling. Abhi and Pragya see each other there. Allah wariyan plays…..Abhi smiles looking at Pragya. Pragya cries looking at him and thinks of her promise. Their moments are shown. They walk towards each other…

Abhi and Pragya meeting each other accidentally in the under construction building. Allah Wariyan plays……Pragya asks how are you? Abhi says you….She says our daughter…and recalls her promise and walking out of his house. She starts walking away. Abhi asks her to stop for his sake. Pragya cries…song plays…tere bin nahi lagda……Pragya turns to him with tears in her eyes. Abhi walks towards her….and wipes her tears. Just then the bamboos start falling again. Abhi hugs her covering her head with his hand. The workers ask others to call engineer and contractor. They tell that it is good nobody is inside.

Sarita behen asks Prachi about Meera. Prachi says everyone is good there except Rhea. Shahana tells that she is Arora, but takes Mehra’s side. She says if anyone tells anything to you then I will slap that person and says Prachi won’t be affected with her humiliation. She says Maasi is feeling humiliation because of you.

She says Maasi can’t cry infront of you as she knew if she cries then you will also cry. She says they don’t care about you, but you are still defending them. She says Meera aunty was right and says what is painful to Maasi is to see you committing suicide. Sarita behen asks her to give some respect to her Maa and make her happy and proud. Prachi says I will ask maa and asks her not to fight with anyone. She says she will call her. The stones from the roof start falling. Abhi takes Pragya to side while covering herself. Pragya sees Abhi’s concern for her even after 20 years.

Allah wariyan plays….They have an eye lock. The stones stop falling down. Pragya asks how is my daughter? Abhi says like me, very good. Pragya says how she is good if she is like you. They smile. Abhi asks how is my daughter? Pragya says very good like me. They get emotional and smiles. Abhi holds her closer and hugs her. Pragya recalls Abhi asking her not to return and says I have to go. Abhi says Pragya listen to me.

Abhi is going behind her when the stones falls on his head and falls down unconscious. Pragya runs to him. The workers see the pillars falling and thinks let all pillars fall and then they will fix it. Other worker tells that Abhi sir is inside, his watchman told. Pragya asks Abhi to open his eyes for her and covers him with her. Abhi opens his eyes a bit and takes her name. Receptionist tells Vikram that Abhi is coming from the construction site. Other employee comes and says building collapsed when Abhi Sir is coming here. Vikram asks to get the building vacated.

Dadi asks Meera where did she go? Meera thinks shall I tell her. Mitali comes and tells that Abhi got Rhea suspended from college. Dadi says my Abhi can’t do this. Tai ji says someone else might have done this. Mitali says this is truth and asks her to talk to Prachi. Meera says bhabhi is said, and tells that Pragya was suspended and she was bullied a lot in college that she tried to commit suicide, and it was not Mr. Mehra, but Rhea who got her suspended. Dadi feels bad for Prachi. Mitali asks Meera to check with Abhi. Meera says she talked to him. Meera asks Bahadur kaka about Abhi’s tiffin. Bahadur kaka says he forgot. Meera says she will call Abhi.

Vikram asks Juhi to ask all employees to vacate the office. Meera calls Vikram and tells that Abhi forgot his tiffin. Vikram tells her that Abhi met with an accident in the under construction building of office site and says he is taking rescue team there. Pragya asks Abhi to open his eyes and says I won’t let anything happen to you. She says someone will come to help us and wipes his blood with her pallu. She tries to get water and sees another stone about to fall on him.

She runs to him and covers himself with her. Stone falls on her, she shouts, but nothing major happens to her. Vikram scolds the construction workers and says if anything happens to my friend. Meera, Dadi, Tai ji and Mitali reach there. Vikram stops them and says rescue team will come.

The rescue team tells Vikram that they couldn’t find anyone there and says if anyone is stuck inside then there is little chances of his survival. Vikram asks them to check again. Mitali shouts at them. Tai ji says he will be fine. Vikram threatens the contractor and the workers. Pragya takes Abhi to the cart (used for loading bricks) and pulls it.

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