Twist of fate update Saturday 5 June 2021


Twist of fate 5 June 2021: Rhea blames Prachi. Abhi asks her to stop it. He says it is her thought and says when Ranbir proves innocent then she will prove wrong. He says I can talk to her and scold her, but can’t change her thinking. Let’s concentrate on proving him innocent.

Just then Aryan brings Ranbir home. Abhi asks what did you do? Ranbir says this is happening because of Prachi. He says I am innocent. Abhi says I know you since childhood and asks him to raise his head high and talk. He says all of us are supporting you and asks why did you drink? He says if you drink again then I will slap you. He asks him to get off from his face. Vikram tries to hold him, but Ranbir says he is fine.

Abhi ask Ranbir to get off from his face. Ranbir is about to go, Vikam holds him. Ranbir says I am fine. Abhi calls Ranbir and hugs him. Ranbir says I am sorry chief. Abhi asks him not to be sorry, be normal and says your father taught you to walk, I will teach you how to walk after falling down. He asks them to take care of him and not to make him feel lonely. Ranbir goes to his room crying. Rhea acts to be sad and thinks this is exactly I want this to happen, your trust on Prachi broke and now you trust me. Pragya rings the door bell and thinks of Ranbir’s words. Prachi opens the door and says I will get water. Pragya says I met Ranbir, he said that he wanted to talk to you.

Prachi says he talked or complained against me. She says I used to trust him a lot, I thought him to be good, but I was wrong. Pragya says you both are friends and boss and employee too, and tells that he is not lying, I collided with him on the way. She says he was drunk and stumbling, but he was confident and he was not lying. She asks her to talk to him once. Prachi says I talked to Maya already and she told me everything. She says she will get her justice. Maya comes there with Shahana and Sarita behen. Prachi says this is Maya. She says I couldn’t bear the injustice and will get her justice. She hugs Maya and asks her to help Maya, says we shall help her, she is lonely. She says we shall help her.

Sarita behen says we shall help her. Shahana says I fought with Prachi, but when I met maya, I felt bad that bad thing happened with her. Sarita behen says we must have done mistake to trust Ranbir. She says respect is everything for a middle class girl. Prachi says Ranbir doesn’t know and this would have happened with anyone. Maya says she didn’t have this much courage, but Prachi gave her courage. She thanks Prachi and says she will go home. She leaves. Shahana locks the door. Pragya tells Prachi that Maya is lying and the reason might be big too, I don’t know what it is? Maya goes out and drinks wine. Rhea comes in her car. Maya sits in the car and says I thought you went. Rhea asks are you out of your mind, says molestation happened with you recently and says if Prachi had seen wine in your hand then would have understood. Maya tells that she has fooled everyone at Prachi’s house with her acting and fake tears, Prachi’s mum was against me, but Prachi told that she will get justice for me. She says she has good chance in bollywood.

Pragya tells Prachi that Maya’s tears was fake and she is trying to ruin his image. She says her trust on Ranbir got more stronger after seeing her. She asks didn’t you see fake tears in her eyes. Shahana says I used to like Ranbir, when you comes to know what he did with her then you will be shocked. Sarita behen says you are a woman and not supporting a woman. Pragya says this matter is about good and bad, and not about woman or man. Prachi says let me explain.

Pragya asks do you have more intelligence than me. She tells that Prachi shall support Ranbir and tells that you might be doing wrong with Ranbir while supporting the wrong. Prachi says I am Ranbir. She tells that Maya is acting and says she has no enmity with Ranbir, but accusing him on someone’s sayings. Shahana and Sarita behen get confused and asks whom she is supporting. Pragya asks her to tell what she wants to say? Prachi says Maya tried to commit suicide, I rescued her and then she blamed me for her suicide attempt. She says I knew that she will not commit suicide, but will act again. She says if I am with Maya then will not let anything happen to Ranbir. Pragya asks her to talk to him and clear the misunderstandings. Prachi says I am bearing everyone’s anger, will tell the truth to him tomorrow.

Aryan calls Ranbir. Ranbir asks him to go. Aryan asks him to close his eyes. Ranbir says I feel your presence here and asks him to go and close the door from outside. Aryan goes out and says I love you bro. Ranbir says I know. Aryan says what is this answer. He comes again and says I love you bro. Ranbir says I know. Rhea comes there. Ranbir says I love you. Rhea smiles and comes inside. She says I love you. Ranbir says I know that everyone loves me, they all are stressed because of me. Rhea asks him not to take stress. Ranbir thanks her for the support. He says I should have trusted your saying on first day itself and says sorry. Rhea says no problem and asks him to sleep. He sleeps. Rhea thinks this is what I wanted, I wanted you to trust me and that is how it is happening, I love you Ranbir.

Pragya comes to Prachi’s room and thinks she has become understanding and is learning how to balance. She comes to Prachi and hugs her. Prachi asks why I got this good morning hug? Pragya praises her and asks her to get ready for college. Prachi says your face is lucky for me, whenever I used to see your face in the morning. Pragya reminisces Kiara and tells Prachi that she used to say the same. She goes. Prachi thinks to call Ranbir. Pallavi asks Ranbir to have food. Ranbir says I don’t want to eat, I will have juice. He keeps his phone on the dining table and goes to get his wallet. Rhea comes there and asks about Ranbir. Pallavi says he is same. Rhea says she will take him to college. Prachi calls him. Rhea sees her call on his mobile.

Ranbir sees Prachi’s call on his mobile and rejects the call. Prachi thinks he is arrogant and thinks to talk to him in college. Rhea asks him to drop her to college. Ranbir says why not and asks her to come? Pallavi asks Rhea to take care of him.

Rhea says I will be with him 24 hours. She gets happy and thinks he didn’t take Prachi’s call. Prachi waits for him outside and thinks to talk to him. She hopes his anger is lowered today. Rhea and ranbir come home. Rhea says my car was not working. Ranbir says I know you don’t want to make me feel alone. Rhea says you know about my feelings for you. Ranbir doesn’t hear her and looks at Prachi who is standing there. Ranbir goes ignoring Prachi, while she calls his name.

Rhea tells Prachi that Ranbir doesn’t want to talk to him and asks her to stop chasing him. She comes to Ranbir and tells that she explained to Prachi not to chase him. Nick comes to college and asks friends to brief him about the college updates. They tell about Ranbir’s arrest. Nick asks where is Ranbir? Ranbir is walking thinking of Prachi.

Aryan comes there and hugs him. Ranbir says he can’t bear that Prachi doesn’t believe him. Aryan asks him to control his feelings. Ranbir asks how? Nick comes there and says sorry to Ranbir. He then asks about his case and says that girl broke our friendship and ruined you. He says she must have told something else if she wanted to send you to lock up, but molestation? He whispers something in his ears and says prachi is a MMS material. Ranbir beats him for talking bad about Prachi and asks him to leave. Aryan takes Ranbir to a classroom and asks why you got angry. Ranbir says I can’t bear what he said and he was saying dirty thing. He says I love her and can’t hear anything bad about her.

Shahana is sitting there. Ranbir asks her not to tell this to Prachi and says she will feel bad. Aryan asks her to tell everything to Prachi, as Ranbir is bad in her eyes and Maya is very good. He asks what is Prachi’s problem, what does she think of herself and if she wants to do this then why she said that Ranbir is a good guy in Police station. He asks her to tell prachi not to come infront of him and says if she comes infront of him then he doesn’t know what he will do. Shahana asks him to shut up and says Prachi is not with Maya, but with Ranbir. A friend asks Ranbir to play football. Ranbir says he will talk later.

Prachi comes infront of him and asks him to hear her. Ranbir says he don’t want to talk to her. Prachi takes him to class room and asks if he thinks she is a small kid and mad not to see truth or lie. Ranbir asks her to leave his hand. Prachi says I will twist your hand and is not afraid. Ranbir says this is your problem. Prachi gives him her swear. Ranbir stops and closes the door. She says I didn’t know that you believe on swear. Ranbir says I don’t believe on swear, or God. Prachi tells him that she believes him and asks him to look in her eyes. She says I know that you haven’t done anything with Maya, you haven’t molested her. She says what is important is I trust you.

Ranbir gets emotional. Prachi tells that she saw Maya trying to commit suicide infront of the office and says she saved her. She says that Maya is after you and wants me to get you punished. She says someone is behind her and wants me to get you punished. She says I know why she is lying, but I know that you can’t do this. She says you are right, infront of me, you can’t do this with any girl and can’t touch anyone without permission. She says sorry and says I didn’t know that you will react this way and I was acting.


She tells that she told Police officer that she saw him going to room with Maya and kissing her. Ranbir says I didn’t kiss her. Prachi says listen to me, I am not with Maya, but with you. I am acting so that I can know her strategy and can save you from her conspiracy.

Ranbir gets teary eyes and thanks her for trusting him and showing faith in him. Prachi wipes his tears and says you have become understanding. Ranbir says my mummy also says that. I shall go and tell them that you are with me. Prachi says nobody shall know until I find out the truth and asks him to promise that he will not tell anyone. She says she will maintain distance from him and his family. He asks what is her plan? Prachi says they will talk out and asks him to go and she will come after 2 mins. Ranbir tells that she didn’t force him to come, he came with his wish. Prachi looks at him.

Rhea is sitting with her friends. They see Ranbir happy. Rhea asks Dimpy and Shaina not to talk about him and behave properly. Dimpy says we will not say anything. Shaina asks why is he happy? Rhea thinks he is happy as I am with him, he understood the difference between Prachi and me. Ranbir comes there and says hello to Rhea. Rhea says you are looking happy. Ranbir says I have understood today who will stand by me and who are my loved ones. He says see ya and goes. Rhea looks at him and laughs….ya meri mohabbat ka suroor plays….

Prachi calls maya and asks where are you? Maya says she is outside the lab. A girl Saloni tells her friends that Maya did bad with her which led her to depression, now she will not leave her. She doesn’t see Maya going from there. Rhea is on call with Maya and collides with Saloni. They have an argument. Maya hears Saloni and gets tensed. Rhea asks Maya to keep Prachi on her side and inform whatever she says. Maya is lost in thoughts and asks her to say again. Rhea asks her to concentrate on Prachi. Maya says she is on my side and ends the calls.

Maya comes to the class and thinks where is Prachi, I asked her to come here. Saloni is in the classroom with her friends. Her friends asks Saloni to settle scores with Maya. Saloni says I heard that Rohan left you because of your demands. Maya says she don’t want to discuss her love life with her. Saloni says you have no lover. She asks whose lover she will steal now? Maya says I didn’t steal your friend. Saloni says when he came to Manali, you went to Delhi with him and stole him from me. She says I trusted you being your friend and you snatched my boyfriend from me. Prachi comes there and hears them.

Saloni accuses Maya to have snatched her boyfriend from her. Prachi comes and asks what is happening? Maya asks Saloni to come with her. Saloni says I am not coming with you. Maya says you are the worst person to go with and asks Prachi to come with her. Saloni is angry. Aryan tells Shahana that Ranbir was in tension as he thought that Prachi don’t trust him. Shahana asks do you love someone else she will take out knife from her bag.

Aryan says you have knife in your bag? He says he don’t love anyone. Shahana says you must be loving someone. Aryan says I love Mom. Shahana gives him his mum’s swear and says don’t tell anyone that Prachi is with Ranbir. Aryan says if I had known then wouldn’t have told you. He says you are not trustable and calls her cheater…

Shahana says you are gone. Prachi takes Maya to the canteen and thinks to make Maya busy with Shahana, while she goes and asks Saloni why she is angry with Maya. Maya asks why did we come here? Prachi says we will drink coffee here. Maya sees Shahana with Aryan and asks Prachi, why she is sitting with Ranbir’s brother. Ranbir comes there, looks at them and goes. Maya tells Prachi to bring her sister. Prachi says ok and goes to Shahana. She whispers to her that she will act to scold her, and asks her to come with her when she asks. She says she has to go out for sometime. She then asks Shahana to come with her and asks why is she sitting with Ranbir and Aryan.

Aryan asks Shahana not to agree soon. Prachi asks Shahana to sit with Aryan if she is his sister. Shahana says no, I am not his sister and gets up. Prachi asks Ranbir to stay away from her sister. He says ok and smiles.

Prachi asks Shahana to stay with Maya and goes out. She comes to the classroom and searches Saloni. She thinks why they were fighting and stopped seeing me. She sees Saloni going and asks her about Maya. She says she is Prachi and helped Maya in molestation case. saloni says Maya has snatched my boyfriend and is my enemy.

You are her friend and my enemy too. She says I will take revenge from Maya and says she just needs a chance. Prachi says if I give you a chance then. She says Maya has done wrong with her friend and says we can both help each other. Saloni asks what I have to do.

Rhea comes there and asks Ranbir and Aryan what Maya is doing here? Aryan and Ranbir tell that they really don’t care with Maya’s presence here. Rhea thinks Prachi shouldn’t have leave Maya here. Prachi comes to Maya and asks her to come. Maya comes out with her and tells that Shahana has eaten her brain. Prachi says you are talking much now and tells that Saloni told her something, I don’t know how this is possible.

Maya says Saloni is lying and tells that she didn’t steal her boyfriend, she tells her that she is cute and that’s why her boyfriend loves her. Prachi says I know, but Saloni told me something else. She asks her when that unfortunate incident happened with her on the lori day.

Maya says I went with Ranbir at 10 pm and when I came out, it was 10:15. Prachi tells that Saloni told her that she was molested by Ranbir at 10:10 pm. Maya asks what? She asks her to take her side. Prachi tells that Saloni told her that when they went to room, Saloni was already in room and you went out of room as you have enmity with her and says by the time you returned, Ranbir had lost control on himself and then you returned. Maya says you saw me coming out of room. Prachi says I was not there and asks her to talk to Saloni. Maya says I will talk to her and asks why she is doing this? Prachi thinks Maya is trapped.

Maya calls Rhea and asks her to meet her at her house. Rhea gets up and tells Ranbir that she will go home. Ranbir offers to drop her and asks Aryan to come. Aryan says he has a class to attend. Rhea thinks she will get late to meet Maya if Ranbir drops her home. Prachi calls Ranbir and asks him to meet at backside of college. Ranbir says ok and pretends to Rhea that he has an important lecture to attend. Rhea goes. Ranbir asks Shahana to sit with Aryan. Shahana says no. He then asks Aryan to drop Shahana. Aryan says ok.

Ranbir leaves. Shahana comes to sit with Aryan. Aryan says it is good that you came here else I would have come there. Ranbir comes back and sees them together. He smiles and goes.

Prachi is waiting for Ranbir. Ranbir looks at her from behind the tree and thinks he has become gone case, thinks where he will get such a girl, all the beauty of the world is in one girl. He says he is ready to face one more molestation case with her, but he shall get some time to spend with her, no Shahana and no Bahana….He comes to her. Akhiyan jab jab main khola plays……..

He forwards her hand to hug her, but just then Prachi turns and asks what is it? Ranbir says what do you think that I wanted to hug you and says my imaginary friend Deen dayal was standing behind you. Prachi asks if he thinks she is a fool and tells that she is from Hoshiarpur. She says there are many ghosts in Hoshiarpur than in Delhi. Ranbir says I think that the ghosts got extra there so some came here to study. She says she knows a good mantra to shoo away the ghosts, but if she reads it now then the ghost will run away with whom I want to talk. She tells him that she met Maya’s friend Saloni, who is her enemy now and she will help us in molestation case. Ranbir asks why she will help us.

Prachi tells that Saloni has personal enmity with Maya and she will go to Police and tells that you haven’t molested Maya, but molested Saloni. Ranbir asks one more molestation case and asks God why he took his words seriously. Maya informs Rhea that Prachi told her that Saloni is going to file molestation case against Ranbir. Rhea asks why? Maya says so that my case get weak and I don’t get justice. Ranbir says he wants to be a football plater and not a molestor. He asks her to tell Saloni didi that he don’t want this. Prachi tries to convince Ranbir and asks do you trust me? She asks him to listen and says Saloni will not go to Police, but will threaten Maya to go to police. She says when you supposedly molested Maya, that time only you have molested Saloni. Maya will get scared and asks Saloni not to tell this. Ranbir says Maya is not truthful. He says you have become dangerous. Prachi says you must remember that I was blindfolded and beaten the goons. Ranbir recalls beating the goons and says I remember. Prachi says I will not hit you as you’re my friend and goes. Ranbir says he is in so much love with the chikchiki.

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