Twist of fate update Saturday 3 July 2021

Twist of fate 3 July 2021: Maya gets Ranbir’s call who asks her where is she? He then asks her to come to guest room. She asks why? Ranbir says I have to talk to you obviously. Prachi asks Rahul to tell Maya that he has sent Ranbir for some work.

Ranbir sees Maya coming and tells Prachi that they shall hide. They hide behind the bed. Maya comes to room and shouts seeing Rahul in sardaar attire. Rahul asks her not to shout. Maya calls him bhai saheb. He asks her not to ruin their relation and removes turban, fake moustache and beard. Maya smiles and calls him Rahul. Prachi and Ranbir smiles.

Doctor tries to revive Abhi’s heart and pumps him. Abhi’s hand touches Pragya’s hand accidentally. Doctor says now he is safe. Nurse tells that just as his hand fell on her hand, his heart beat becomes normal. Doctor tells that he doesn’t believe on this and asks her to inform his family.

Maya asks Rahul, how come he is here? Rahul says he came for her. Maya says you had left me, why? Rahul says because of your Papa, he had threatened to kill me if I am with you. Maya asks why didn’t you tell me before. Rahul says he didn’t have courage, but now he gathered all his courage and came here. He asks her to elope with him. Maya says if you had told me before….Rahul tells that he became drunkard because of her, but now he left drinking. He asks her to come with him. Prachi smiles looking at them. Ranbir looks at Prachi and sees her keeping her hand on his hand. pehli baar hua hai plays…..

Prachi and Ranbir go out from the window. Ranbir says we should have wait there, it was fun. Prachi stares him. Ranbir says yes, we shall let them talk and asks who was her first crush? Prachi says what is this question? Ranbir says if you would have asked me then I would have told you. Prachi asks her to tell who is his first crush? Rahul says his teacher, when he was in LKG. He tells that a girl used to bring tiffin for him and used to stare him while he eats food. He says when he was in 5th class, he had a crush on his classmates. Prachi gets upset with him for telling her about his crushes.

Ranbir asks her not to get upset and tells that he don’t have any crush now. He holds his ears and tells that he wants her to like him. He says he knows that she don’t like guy like him, but he is trying to become like she wants. He tells that if she was with me in his childhood then he wouldn’t have looked at any girl and will only look at her now, closing his eyes, ignoring other girls. Prachi says she also thought to joke and tells that even she had crush on her teacher. Ranbir gets tensed and asks in which class? Prachi says every year on her teacher, since her childhood. Ranbir asks who was that teacher? Prachi says my mother. Ranbir says thank god, mummy. Prachi goes.

Rahul asks Maya if she will come with him and tells that he will not leave her alone. Maya says today is my sangeet. Rahul says if you marry Ranbir today then you will regret all life. Maya says it is too late now. Rahul says it is not late, I would say that it would have been late if you was married to Ranbir. He asks if you will come with me? Maya holds his hand and says lets go. Mrs. Chaubey comes there holding gifts and calls Maya. Maya asks Rahul to hide. Rahul hides behind the bed. Maya tells her mother that she is feeling drowsy. Mrs. Chaubey gives her water and sees Rahul in the mirror. She asks Maya to be there, and goes out. She thinks to tell Dushyant, but fears that he might kill Rahul. She sees Rahul leaving.

She comes back to Maya and tells that she is very happy that she is getting life partner like Ranbir, who belongs to a good family. She tells that she didn’t tell her about her story and tells that before her marriage, she was in love with a good looking guy, who had claimed to keep her happy and pluck stars from the sky for her, but her parents were against their match and got her married to Mr. Chaubey forcibly. She says they didn’t get me married to the guy whom I loved, because that man was not having any respect in society.

She tells that today she don’t repent on her parents’ decision. Maya says you both used to love one another. Mrs. Chaubey tells that she got a loving husband, daughter, family and social status after marriage. She tells that if I had married him then I wouldn’t have got such things as that guy was very poor and a drunkard. Maya says you are right, but you used to love him. Mrs. Chaubey says love doesn’t remain for longer and tells that she wants her to be happy, and doesn’t want her to think before spending money or to buy something. Maya looks on and comes in her mom’s talks.

Mrs. Chaubey coming to Maya and asks what is she thinking? Maya says status and money are important in life. Mrs. Chaubey asks her not to back off from her words, says I told you everything, if you want Ranbir to stand with his car door open, or do you want to stand for the bus under the hot sun. She says it is upto you to decide. Maya tells that she has decided and tells that she wants Ranbir to open car door for her. She tells that she had decided to choose her parents’ respect and tells that if she had married that guy, then she would have to take her parents’ help which she wouldn’t. She says your bua is calling and asks shall I call her. Maya says yes. Rahul comes to Maya and asks her to cover herself with chunari, but Maya refuses to come with her.

Rahul is shocked and tells Prachi, Ranbir, Shahana and Aryan. They wonder if her love is love or fever which got away seeing Ranbir. Prachi tells that she has a plan and tells Ranbir. Ranbir says we don’t have time to think and asks Rahul to die. Rahul asks them not to ask him to die and says I came here to elope with her. Prachi says what do you say that you loves Maya, but can’t you act to die. Ranbir says you shall pretend to commit suicide and tells that Maya will think that you loves her so much and this will make her elope with you. Prachi gives example of Heer, Ranjha, Shirin, farhad and asks him to pretend suicide, so that Maya comes running and stops him.

Ranbir says we will be near Rahul and will see if the plan is executing well. Prachi asks Rahul to make Maya write a note that she is eloping with you with her wish. They all wish him all the best and leave. Shahana comes to Maya and asks her to come with them, says you have to dance with Ranbir. Maya asks her to tell her some steps. Prachi comes there and worriedly tells that a guy is committing suicide there. Maya says nobody shall die during my sangeet.

Prachi tells that she tried to stop him, but he said that his girlfriend refused to go with him. Shahana asks what is his name? Prachi pretends to recollect and says Rahul. Maya runs hearing Rahul’s name. Ranbir tells Aryan that he brought the pen and tells that it should be with the letter else there will be a big problem. They go inside the room and see Rahul calling help. Ranbir asks him to act and tells that his acting should look real. They see Rahul suffocating. Ranbir and Aryan hold Rahul.

Ranbir says we asked you to act, not to die in reality. Aryan asks why did you tie two knots? He opens one knot. Just then Maya comes there and sees Rahul hanging to the ceiling and table under his legs. Maya gets worried for Rahul. Ranbir diverts her attention and throws the knife on the dupatta so that it tears and Rahul falls down. Maya helps him get up. Rahul says I have to die, leave me. Maya says no. Rahul says what to do and tells that he can’t live without her. Maya says even I love you. Rahul says but you don’t want to stay with me. Maya says I love you.

He says if you love me truly then come with him, car is parked outside. He says if you had really loved me then would have come with me, but you didn’t, so I will die. Maya gets ready to go with him. Rahul asks him to write a letter to her family that she is going with him, else they will get worried. Maya says you have become intelligent. Rahul says he is in company of intelligent people and says that’s her. Maya smiles. Ranbir, Aryan, Prachi and Shahana come to the room to get Maya’s letter. They find Maya’s letter and gets happy. Ranbir and Prachi hug each other. Ranbir says lets go, your brother will not get married now, he tells Aryan.

Aryan says lets’ see how Maya’s family react seeing the fake letter. Pallavi asks Beeji which she girl she would choose for Ranbir. Beeji looks at Prachi, and says it is too late now. Pallavi says she would have like the girl like Rhea. Ranbir brings the letter and shows to Vikram. Vikram gets shocked. Dushyant asks Mr. Chaubey if Ranbir is upto something and tells that if he does something then he will not leave him. Vikram and Ranbir come to Dushyant. Ranbir says this sangeet can’t happen. Dushyant says he will get the songs changed and says you and Maya can dance on other song. Ranbir says this marriage can’t happen now.

Dushyant takes out the gun and aims at him. Ranbir gets scared and says what is this? He says I want to marry her, but she don’t want to marry me. Mr. Chaubey asks what you are saying? Ranbir says she told me that she wants to marry me, but made fun of me and eloped with someone else. He says she never wrote any letter to me, and today she wrote that she is eloping with someone. He shows the letter in which she has written that she don’t love him and loves someone else. Mr. Chaubey, his wife and dushyant get shocked. Dushyant reads the letter. Prachi says I will read and takes the letter from his hand. Prachi reads “Ranbir, please forgive me…my family are forcing me to marry you, but I love someone else, so I am eloping with him, you search another girl, not yours, Maya Chaubey. Ranbir acts to cry, hearing the letter.

Prachi reading Maya’s letter. Mrs. Chaubey thinks her fear came true. Ranbir cries that his life is ruined and keeps his head on Prachi’s shoulder. Prachi asks him to stop crying. Beeji says we have chosen your daughter and she showed this color. She asks what will happen with Ranbir. Pallavi says atleast she would have thought about her family. Shahana whispers to Pallavi that they helped Maya elope. Beeji says what will happen with Ranbir? Pallavi says the kids made her elope. Dushyant tells that he will rectify her mistake and will bring her here from anywhere, then will get Ranbir and Maya married. Ranbir says I will not marry, as she doesn’t love me. If she runs after marriage then where will I search her? He says what will people say about me and cries.

Dushyant says if you don’t want to marry then why are you crying? Ranbir says no, I am not crying. Dushyant says if Maya and Ranbir don’t want to marry each other then this marriage is cancelled. Mr. Chaubey tells that Maya has done mistake and apologizes to them. Mrs. Chaubey also apologizes to them. They all leave. Ranbir, Prachi, Shahana and others get happy. Pallavi asks whose idea is this? Shahana says it is of Prachi’s idea. Pallavi hugs Prachi. Ranbir thinks to hug Prachi, just then Maya returns there with Dushyant, Mr. Chaubey and his wife. They all get shocked.

Sarita behen tells that her business is getting young with her age. She thinks she will change her business name. She gives the credit to Pragya for her business. Ranbir says you had elope from here and shows the letter. Maya tears the letter. Pallavi asks why did you tear the letter? Maya says she has not written any letter. Prachi says where did you go then? Maya says she had gone to get her chunari, which someone had tear intentionally. Prachi thinks chunari was fine, and what is happening and where is Rahul.

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