Twist of fate update Saturday 3 April 2021


Twist of fate 3 April 2021: Disha comes to CM to tell that she wants to leave, but CM tells that her secretary’s husband is serious so she went. Disha says she wants to talk about her. Just then CM feels sprain in her legs. Disha asks her not to worry and lie down.

Ranbir thinks how to make Prachi fall for him and think to think good about her. he sees Prachi bring Dadi and making her sit with Beeji. He thinks she is good with everyone except him. Prachi goes to get juice for Dadi. Ranbir plans to collide with her, but collides with other girl and says I love you. She says I love you. Prachi goes. Vikram gives water to a lady. Pallavi comes there and scolds him. Vikram says he is fine now. Pallavi gets upset with him.

Disha tells CM that it seems to be sprain and says she will call doctor. CM says we will wrap up with the award function in an hour and then you take me to doctor. She says party is going on here and the attention will be diverted to me if Doctor is called. Disha thinks how to go now and thinks to take hritik’s help.

Meera sees Abhi asking for drink and then not drinking. Meera asks what was it? Abhi tells that he is feeling bored and that’s why thought to drink, but then thought otherwise. She says she will take him outside. Abhi says Vikram will not let him go. Pallavi continues to scold Vikram for giving water to the lady. Abhi comes there. Pallavi says she is ruined by Vikram. Abhi asks what did he do? Pallavi says he doesn’t do any of my work, but served water to the guests. She says he left walking stick to impress the lady. Abhi asks what? Vikram says you will get me divorced. Abhi says you did wrong. Vikram asks are you friend or enemy? Abhi tells that when clients come to meet him, he asks about their favorite lipstick, perfume etc.

He says once he asked a couple about their honeymoon location and says he asks all this for you. He says he wants to gift you those things and wants to take you for honeymoon. He says he served water to the lady as you co-host the party. Vikram relaxes. Abhi says he talks about you all the time. Pallavi gets happy and asks what did you bring for me? Vikram gets tensed.

Pallavi asking Vikram what did he bring for her. Vikram says not anything right now. Pallavi says then why you talked to the ladies. Abhi tells that he brought a special gift ring for her. She asks where is the ring? Vikram asks Abhi to say where is the ring else he will get jealous.

Pallavi says she is not jealous wife. Abhi says Vikram forgot the ring in his room. Pallavi gets Beeji’s call and goes. Disha gets Hritik’s message and tells CM that she will be back. Vikram thanks Abhi for saving him and says she would have become ring master. Abhi acts. He asks him to call jeweller and get the ring. Vikram says a glass of water proved costly. Vikram asks about his wife and asks if she used to get jealous also. Abhi says no and she was very dangerous. He tells that she used

to ask me not to drink, but I used to drink. She used to drink too and then my drowsiness out and hers in. He asks him to call jeweller. Vikram says yes. Hritik comes to the party. Disha is about to go to him, but seeing a lady unwell, she runs to her. Hritik identifies Purab and comes near him. He asks if he saw Disha. He sees disha and goes to her. Purab gets teary eyes.
Abhi thinks of Pragya seeing her pic and thinks he is still waiting for her and asks her to come back. He wishes that day wouldn’t have come else she would have been with him. Vikram comes to him and makes a sound scaring him. Abhi drops his phone. Vikram asks are you doing something with Pallavi.


Abhi says that’s why pallavi talks to you like this. Vikram gives his phone and says I came to take your help. Abhi says I can’t help you. Vikram says please and says jeweller is not ready to do the delivery of ring in such a short time. Abhi says you have a way and asks him to take a ring from Pallavi’s jewellery and gives to her, she will not identify. Vikram asks him to help him. Abhi refuses. Vikram says if she gives me divorce then I will sleep in your room. Abhi asks him to come.

Ranbir is talking on mobile and sees Prachi. He tells Prachi that he would have died as she stared her. Prachi says she wants to make him invisible and calls him flirt. Ranbir says some great man had said that healthy flirt can save unhealthy marriage. Prachi asks who was that great man? Ranbir says how to praise myself. She says you are not husband or human material and says no girl will marry you. Ranbir gets angry and thinks of Rhea’s words. Prachi asks him to say. Ranbir says I was wrong. Prachi says I am happy for you. She asks how can you say I love you when you collide Rishika. Ranbir says I thought you will collide with me and that’s why told I love you to calm your anger. Disha takes Hritik to CM and says he is her colleague, she handles field work and he handles desk work. He says he will check her sprain and make her foot fine. He sets her bone and she shouts.

Disha asks did you do this before. He says no. CM asks Disha to call Abhi there. Abhi and Vikram come to the latter’s room. He takes the ring and asks Abhi if it is looking new? Abhi says yes. Vikram recalls and tells that he gave the ring and complete set to her on anniversary. He takes out her jewellery and asks Abhi to select the ring. Hearing Pallavi come there, Abhi wraps the jewellery in bedsheet and hides in the cupboard with Vikram. Pallavi thinks something is wrong.


Shahana asks Prachi if she will give her dress and bangles to her which Pragya gave her. Prachi asks her to tell what the matter is and asks if she wants to impress some guy. Shahana says no and goes. Prachi hopes the guy she likes is good. She thinks why her bed is messy and the cupboard open. She thinks if someone stole in the room and calls Vikram. Vikram puts the phone on silent mode. She checks and finds her jewellery missing.

Vikram asks why did you take all the jewellery here and says she will call Police. Abhi says I will tell her. Vikram stops him. Pallavi hears Abhi’s phone vibrating and thinks thief is inside the cupboard. She calls brother to thief and asks him to return all her jewellery as her husband is a miser and don’t give her jewellery. She then says she is very dangerous and will call Police. Vikram and Abhi gets tensed.

Abhi telling Pallavi that he wants Abhi’s signature. Pallavi goes to bring his signature. Abhi and Vikram come out of the cupboard. Purab thinks he is suffocating in his marriage. He turns and sees Disha. He says sorry. Disha says we are not meant to be together and asks him not to look at her tears which flows out unknowingly. She says she is upset with herself for loving him. Aaliya calls Purab. Purab tries to go and tells that Aaliya is unwell. Disha says I am not your extra marital affair which you want to hide. Aaliya comes there. Abhi and Vikram argue while keeping the jewellery back in cupboard. Vikram keeps the jewellery back while Abhi keeps the bedsheet. He says it was your idea. Vikram says you will get me divorced. Pallavi comes there and sees them.


Aaliya says it is good that you came with CM, else and threatens her. She asks him not to come in her talks. Disha says she has moved on. Aaliya says she came to our party intentionally, knowing CM will come here and asks what she is doing in our room. She asks her to be in party and not to enter inside the house. She asks her not to forget that her limitation is outside. Disha says it is good that today is your anniversary else I would have given you a fitting reply.

Aaliya says Purab is mine always and says if I see you with him again then I will not leave you. She says you had said that your sindoor, mangalsutra and rounds make him yours, and says same thing implies to me, it is all mine will lose infront of them. Disha goes. Aaliya tells that she don’t want to handle the situation like this and says I was scared and had to do something. I was scared to lose you.

Pallavi tells Abhi that she was searching him and says thief is inside. Vikram says thief wants to meet him. Pallavi asks thief to take Abhi’s autograph. Vikram opens the cupboard and says thief is not here. Abhi opens the cupboard and takes out the blanket with jewellery. Pallavi says thief was good to leave her jewellery and wishes to take selfie with him. Vikram says you didn’t take pic with me. He says you said that your husband is miser. Abhi asks them to continue argument and leaves. Prachi finds Disha shattered and runs to her. Disha says she is fine and asks her not to trust anyone.


Purab asks Disha to listen to him. Disha says Aaliya told me about my limitations. Purab says sorry for whatever Aaliya had said. Disha says she is not affected by her words. Purab says I can see. She says your betrayal was bad. Purab says when did I betray you? She asks him to look at himself in the mirror and says my Purab ji was not selfish. Purab says it was not my mistake. Disha asks him to say what was not her mistake. She goes. Hritik comes and collides with Purab. He tells her that CM wants Disha at her side and tells that they are business partners. Purab says I thought? He says boyfriend and girl friend? He asks him not to say that infront of her and says she gets upset hearing this and tells that he can’t be committed and marry anyone.

Prachi tells Shahana that she met Maasi. Shahana asks whom? Prachi says who had come to meet Maa at our house and says she was crying badly. She says she will call Maa. Pragya and Sarita behen play ludo. Pragya says she loses with the family members happily. Sarita behen says family members sometime make us lose in life too. Prachi calls from Shahana’s phone. Pragya says Sarita ji is better. Prachi says she met Disha Maasi and she was crying badly, looking worried.

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