Twist of fate update Saturday 28 November 2020


Twist of fate 28 November 2020:  Abhi wondering where is Pragya? He asks manager if he saw his wife? Manager says she went towards the parking lot. He goes o his car and sees Pragya on the car. Abhi asks to get down and pulls her towards him. She adores him romantically.

Kaisa yeh Ishq Hai plays………….Abhi also gets moved in her love. He asks her to sit in car. Pragya says no, and insists to drive the car. Abhi says you can’t drive as you don’t have licence. Pragya says I have licence. Abhi thinks how to stop her and says she is behaving like children. He asks her to sign on the papers if she wants to drive car. Pragya takes the papers from his hand. Abhi thinks he is fooling Pragya. Pragya signs on the papers and asks to give her licence. She takes out his wallet and get his driving licence.

She asks for the keys. Abhi says you can’t drive car as you are drunk. Pragya asks what else I can do then? Abhi says you can do anything. Pragya sings accident hogaya hai rabba. Abhi says ok, drive the car. He asks her to sit in car. He says I will give you keys. He keeps the divorce papers at the back seat.

Tanu comes there and asks for papers. She says I know Pragya have signed on the papers. Abhi says I don’t have those papers. Tanu gets the papers from the back seat, and gets happy. She thanks him and apologizes. She says this is our marriage certificate. Abhi says this is my character certificate, I lied to Pragya to get my work done. He says Pragya never made me fall in my eyes, but I took advantage of her goodness. Tanu says what do you think that your fuggi/Pragya loves you. She says Pragya have taken your advantage and ruined you. She says don’t forget that we are in your life. She asks him to think about their baby. Pragya asks him to hurry up.

Abhi sits in car. Pragya asks him to fasten his seat belt. Pragya sings song again loudly. Abhi asks her to concentrate on driving. Pragya makes innocent faces. He looks at her and thinks she is very innocent and thinks my fuggi have returned. He says Tanu was wrong, she is not mogambo, but my fuggi. She don’t know what I am doing with her, and apologizes in her heart. HE says you are my fuggi who loved me very much and always used to forgive me. She says I was helpless to betray you.

Tanu comes home and thinks she is flying high. She thinks to inform Aaliya and collides with Dadi. The papers fall down on the floor. Dadi asks her to pick her papers. Tanu tries to bend, but Dadi says she wil pick her papers. Tanu thanks and hugs Dadi. She says I am very happy today, good night. Dadi thinks what she was saying? She thinks Tanu is mad still. Pragya gets down the car and asks Abhi to come home. She acts to lock the car. Abhi says home is not here. Pragya says you are drunk and asks him to enter home. She says Dadi asked me to go on a date and not to come late. Abhi wonders why did Dadi say this?

Nikhil comes home and asks Tanu why she is ignoring his calls. Tanu hides the papers. Nikhil asks her to show and sees the papers. He says divorce papers of Abhi and Pragya and asks how did you do this? Tanu says we have done this, and asks him not to meet or call her. Nikhil asks her not to ever try to over cross him, and says he is very cunning and have been supporting her due to her promise of a big job in Abhi’s company.

He reminds her that she is carrying his child and says your life is in me, and says I know everything about your baby. He threatens to give all proofs to Abhi and says Abhi will kick you out then. She says even I will not take you in my life. Tanu thinks to kill him after marrying Abhi.

Tanu comes to Aaliya and shows the divorce papers. Aaliya gets happy and says I am so happy. Dadi is going from there and stops to hear them. Aaliya says Pragya will be out now, and you will become Abhi’s wife now. Tanu says Nikhil threatened me. She says my challenge is completed before 24 hours and I will kick her out of house. Aaliya says she is feeling peace. Tanu says this divorce will happen and my marriage too. She smiles. Dadi gets tensed. Pragya walks on the road and searches for their house. She says how can house go without informing her and goes calling house.

Dadi goes to Rachna and tells about Tanu and Aaliya’s conversation. Rachna asks her to call Abhi. Dadi says okay. Abhi asks Pragya to stop. He gets Dadi’s call. Dadi asks where are you and pragya? Abhi says Pragya is fine..we are near house and will reach there in sometime. Dadi tells Rachna that Tanu’s mind might be shaken because of Ronnie’s ghost. Rachna says yes. Abhi sees Pragya sitting on road and asks what happened? Pragya says she is hurt. Abhi says we have to get your operation. Pragya starts crying and says you believe on Tanu and not me. She says I don’t do anything for my advantage as I…..Allah wAriyan plays…………………They have an eye lock.

The auto driver tells Abhi that he is 100 percent sure that Pragya loves him a lot. He tells that his wife betrayed and divorced him. Abhi thinks Pragya is not betraying me, but I have betrayed her. Pragya counts the stars and tells Abhi that if she counts all the stars then the stars will break and one star will fall for her. Abhi thinks am I doing wrong? He thinks Pragya wants to stay with me, but I divorced her by cheat. Pragya counts the stars again. Abhi says who is good lifepartner, beautiful face girl or good hearted guy. What needs for good living, money or love. He says I will ask myself why did I cheat her? He says she have snatched my everything, but fulfilled all my wishes. He thinks after their divorce, may be he couldn’t see her.

Pragya sees him crying and gets emotional. She asks him not to cry, and holds his tear. She says I asked for star and you gave me pearl. She asks him not to cry, and says she can count the stars, but can’t count his tears. She says I will make your wishes come true, asks him not to cry, else she will cry also. Abhi gets emotional and hugs her……Sanam Re plays……..He recalls the happy moments with her while the song plays……………

Pragya sleeps in his embrace…Abhi kisses on her forehead. Tanu sees Abhi and Pragya’s pic and says what you are doing with Abhi in the pic. She says mangalsutra have binded you both, but a signature have separated you both. Abhi takes Pragya to room. Tanu says she will gift this photo to her. Abhi asks what are you hiding? She hides seeing him and says nothing. Abhi makes Pragya sleep on bed, and asks Tanu to show. He gets the cut photo from her hand, and asks how dare you do this? Tanu says I thought you both are divorce. Abhi says you hate her this much, and announces that he loves Pragya a lot. He asks how can you end my feelings for Pragya and remove the memories from my heart. He asks her to burn him and says everything will be ruined. Tanu cries. Abhi feels guilty for cheating Pragya and says I was wrong to cheat her and break her trust. HE says Pragya used to respect me, and support me. She got more happy than me when I got an international assignment. He says you didn’t even congratulate me.


Tanu says I was happy about the divorce. Abhi says you couldn’t become wife like Pragya, but I will marry you as you are going to be my baby’s mum. He hopes Pragya would have get pregnant with his baby. He curses his destiny and says Pragya might go far from him, but her love will never go from his heart. He says Pragya is my love and will always be. Tu Meri Pehchaan hai song plays…………Abhi sleeps beside her.

Tanu comes to Aaliya and tells her that Abhi don’t respect her. She tells that Abhi walks in the room holding Pragya in his arms and saw her cutting photo. She says Abhi scolded me and insulted me badly. Aaliya asks why did you cut the photo and asks her to apologize to Abhi. Tanu refuses. Aaliya asks her not to show ego. Tanu says what do you want. Shall I see Abhi insulting me. Aaliya says Abhi will never love you the way he loves Pragya, and you also don’t love him more than his money. She asks her to apologize to Abhi. Tanu thinks she should apologize.

Dadi sees Abhi sleeping in her room, and asks what happened? Did anything happened with Pragya? Abhi says Pragya didn’t do anything and I am tensed because of myself. He says the goodness in me is because of you. You always tell me that I shall never leave my goodness, but I have failed in my test and have fallen in my eyes. He says I have left my goodness and don’t want to fall in your eyes. Dadi says you are my son and will never fall in my eyes. Abhi asks what about Pragya?

Dadi telling Abhi that he can’t be wrong and can’t do anything wrong. Abhi asks what about Pragya? He says Pragya is not having any blood relation with me. He asks if she will accept me with my wrong doings. Dadi says I know that you loves her from your heart, and she also loves you. She says Pragya can never leave you…I am telling truth. Abhi thinks he has broken their relation with a signature. Robin comes to Dadi and asks her if she has any head ache pain reliever. Dadi says it is a good excuse not to do work. Robin says Pragya needs it. Dadi asks him to stop and gets the medicine. Abhi says I will give her medicine and goes.

Aaliya gives divorce papers to Lawyer. Tanu asks him to get the divorce done in a few days time and asks him not to take longer time.

Aaliya gives him greed of money, and says she needs end result. Lawyer says work will be done and goes. Tanu and Aaliya congratulate each other. Aaliya wishes Tanu for her upcoming marriage. Tanu smiles. Abhi goes to Pragya holding medicine and water tray. Pragya says sorry. Abhi says I should be scolded by you, and my guilt will lower with your scolding.

Pragya says it was my mistake and I drank it with my wish. Abhi says I should be punished. Pragya says anger suits you and not guilt. She says if I have done anything wrong? She asks shall I have done something wrong and tells options. Abhi says I don’t have strength to tell you. Mitali comes there and asks Pragya to go to Dadi’s room. Mitali tells her that her behavior was strange yesterday and asks for a prize.

Pragya says my head is paining. Mitali says do you think that I made stories. Pragya thinks what wrong did I do and why Abhi is feeling guilty. Lawyer comes out of Aaliya’s room and his files fall on floor. Dadi asks him what is he doing here? Lawyer refuses to tell anything and goes. Dadi and Rachna get suspicious. They come to Pragya’s room. Pragya says I want to meet you both. Dadi asks did you call any lawyer here. Pragya says no. Rachna tells her that they collide with some lawyer and he refused to give any details. Rachna says Aaliya might be conspiring to get Abhi’s property. Dadi says she saw some stamp papers in Tanu’s hands yesterday. Pragya says they are planning something big against Abhi or me. Tanu makes halwa for Abhi. Abhi says Pragya have made it before. He asks why did you cook it now. Tanu says I have made it. Abhi forgives her and eats halwa. He spits halwa saying it is bitter. Tanu says you are missing Pragya even now, and tells him that she gave divorce papers to lawyer to get divorce done soon. She asks him to get habitual to eat halwa from her hand.

Dadi calls Akash and Purab there. She tells Purab that Tanu was having some papers and said that she have become family member now. Pragya says Tanu might asked lawyer to get divorce papers of us. Purab asks Pragya to get some cold drink. Rachna calls Robin and asks him to bring something. Purab tells Pragya that he tried to enquire about the status of their divorce and it had not happened. Dadi thinks that lawyer went to Delhi and never processed the papers. Purab asks her not to worry. Dadi says we will also have cold drink. Robin comes. Pragya questions him. He says Abhi took you to room. Pragya thinks something is amiss. Purab says only Abhi can tell us now.

Tanu is having icecream. Aaliya says I asked you to give some sweets to Abhi and get marriage date. Tanu says I have done everything whatever you told me to do, but Abhi acted rude with me. Aaliya holds her head and says you are really mental. She asks what is your problem? Tanu says you both couldn’t see my efforts, and scold me. Aaliya gives her icecream. Tanu eats it. Aaliya says those girls are different who cook food and win heart. She says I asked you to buy halwa from a shop, then why did you cook that bitter halwa. Tanu says you people have genes problem and says I will also learn to make halwa. Aaliya asks her to do it after marriage, and says they have to hurry up with the marriage date.

Abhi is talking to someone on phone and scolds someone. Purab comes to him and asks what happened? Abhi says the thing is about trust and says it breaks when you trust something. Purab asks what happened? Abhi says yesterday Pragya and I have went out, and I thought to take her signatures. He says I got Pragya’s signatures on the papers while she was drunk. He says he is angry and feeling guilty. He says what I will do when Pragya comes to know everything. Purab is shocked.

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