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Twist of fate 23 May 2020: Abhi comes there and says what a scene. At one side is my friend and at the other is my wife. They have broken relations with me and are beginning a new relation with each other and didn’t invite me, but I came here.

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What you have thought that I can’t search you……..Purab interferes. Abhi says, I am talking to her. Keep quiet. He asks Pragya, how did you come here. Pragya says you are thinking wrong. Abhi says, I am not blind nor stupid, but you are. You should know that you can’t marry as you are already married. He says, I won’t stop you. He asks her to remove her mangalsutra. He tries to snatch the mangalsutra from her neck.

Bulbul stops him and says Pragya is not the one whom Purab loves. She says, I am the one. Abhi is shocked and couldn’t believe his ears. Bulbul tells him that Purab wants to marry her. Abhi is still in shock. He recalls Pragya saying she don’t love Purab.

Tanu asks Aaliya, where is my strong Aaliya and asks her not to fall weak. She asks, don’t you have faith on your brother. Aaliya says, she has faith on him. Tanu says, why you are making your bro against you. Aaliya says, she wants to kill Pragya and she also cares for Dadi. She says I love her. She says, Abhi might be punishing him and wishes to see them dying.

Abhi asks Bulbul, are you lying to save Pragya. Bulbul says, she is saying the truth. Purab says, she is telling right. I loves bulbul and left Aaliya for her. Abhi gets angry and says he forgave him but he attacked at his heart again. He says, you have broken my trust, hope, love etc…..Purab says, I did for everyone’s betterment. Abhi slaps him and asks why did you do this. Did I do any mistake? Why you didn’t think about me, Aaliya etc. He slaps him and starts beating him. Abhi says, why you punished me. This time you won’t get forgiveness.

Purab wants to speak up but Abhi beats him. Purab falls from the stairs. Bulbul rushes to him. Purab tells her that he said that they have to leave. He forcibly takes Bulbul from there.

Pragya asks Abhi to listen to her. Abhi asks her to leave his hand and goes. Purab and Bulbul leave in his car. Abhi comes back to Pragya and says you did all the planning. You helped them to elope and encouraged Purab to elope with Bulbul. He says, I will see them later but will end your chapter first. I will throw you out of house first. Pragya tries to speak. Abhi says, he will push her from there and make this place as suicide place. He takes her in his car.

Bulbul asks Purab to stop the car else she will jump. Purab says, this is not the solution. Bulbul worries for Pragya. Purab asks her not to take tension and says Abhi won’t vent out his anger on Pragya as she is innocent.

Abhi brings Pragya home and push her on the ground. Mitali tells Raj that she saw Abhi going to his room angrily. Raj says, he is busy. Mitali says, it is very important thing and talks nonsense. Taiji comes and listens to her. Mitali says, Dadi thinks you are useless. Taiji scolds Raj. Raj tells them to fight outside. Mitali leaves.

Aaliya tells Abhi that she told him not to bring her home. She calls her shameless. Abhi tries to stop her. Aaliya says, my Purab left me because of her. I wants to kill her. Abhi tells her that Pragya is not the one whom Purab loves. Dadi thinks about Pragya and thinks to see her. Aaliya says, what do you mean? You married her to take revenge. Abhi says, she is not that girl. Aaliya is shocked. Dadi’s sister follow her and stop her just in time. She tells her about Didi who is not taking any medicines. Dadi goes to give her medicines.

Abhi says, we thought her wrong. She is not the one Purab loves. Tanu wonders who informed him. Aaliya asks, about the girl whom Purab loves. Abhi says she is Pragya’s sister Bulbul. Aaliya recalls her meetings with Bulbul. She gets shocked. Abhi tells her that Bulbul and Purab confessed infront of him. Pragya says, she didn’t support them and went there to stop him. Abhi says, you stopped me and helped them to leave. Pragya asks him to ask Tanu. She asks her to say. Abhi tells her that he read that letter. Your truth is out infront of us. Tanu gets scared. Abhi says, you betrayed us. you and your sister are betrayers.

Pragya says, you started it. You brought a punching bag instead of a wife. Don’t I get pained? She asks, don’t you think that you are doing wrong. Abhi asks her not to lecture him. He says, I did a mistake to marry you instead of your sister. What did you and your family did? Your sister loved a man who was already engaged. Pragya looks on with teary eyes. Tanu smiles.

Abhi blames Pragya for helping Purab to elope from the marriage altar and for keeping quiet after knowing everything. He breaks the relations with her and says we can have only one relation ie, hatred. I will do that so that your family will see you crying all your life. Aaliya asks him to end her chapter and says she might ask money from us. Tanu says, we shall permanently get her out of our life.

She did three mistakes and should get rigorous punishment. Aaliya gets angry and says she will kill him. Abhi calms her down and says he will bring her truth out of her entire family. When her family start hating her then she will commit suicide. I will tell Dadi about the truth. Tanu says, this is the right punishment for her. Pragya looks down in shock.

Bulbul asks Purab to call Abhi and enquire about Pragya. She gets worried for her. Purab says, you know naa how he was behaving. Bulbul insists so he calls Abhi. Abhi picks the call and asks him how dare he call him. He asks him not to show his face or call him and disconnects the call.

Pragya tells Tanu that you changed colour so steadily. Tanu says, I was helpless and it doesn’t matter to me whatever you thinks about me. What matters to me is Abhi. If I have tell the truth to Abhi and Aaliya then he would have kept you at home. Pragya says, I can’t understand your love. It is just for showing the world. Tanu says, she loves him truly and everything is fair in love and war. Pragya says, she feels pity on Abhi for loving a greedy and selfish girl.

Abhi calls for Dadi and asks for servant. He says, he saw her going to the guest room. Abhi recalls his moments with Pragya. He goes to Dadi and sees Dadi’s sister refusing to eat medicine. Abhi tells her that he went to her room and wants to talk to her. Dadi says, she will come after making her take the medicines.

Aaliya comes to Tanu and says I am seeing since when you have started hiding things from me. She asks about the letter. Tanu says sorry for hiding the truth and says she feared that she develops soft corner for her. Aaliya says, she will hate her always and she will remain a behenji for her. She says, Bhai would have get angry on you if he gets the letter. She asks her to inform her if any such things happen.

Sarla talks to beeji and says Pragya is behaving irresponsible like Bulbul. Beeji asks her to call Pragya and put it on speaker. Sarla calls on Pragya’s number. Aaliya and Tanu get her phone. Aaliya asks Tanu to give good news to Sarla about Pragya leaving the house. Tanu picks the call and tells Sarla that Pragya will be with her for forever. Sarla asks what do you mean? Tanu says, you are innocent and your daughters are very clever. Sarla asks her to say straight.

Tanu tells her that bulbul loves Purab and Pragya helped them. I don’t think that abhi will forgive your daughter. Sarla gets tensed. She tells Beeji that how can this happen. Beeji says, we will enquire what is the thing. Sarla says, Bulbul didn’t call me and asks her to call her friend. Beeji calls her friend who says Bulbul went somewhere. Sarla cries and wonders why Bulbul did this. Beeji asks her not to worry. Sarla cries miserably. Beeji tries to calm her.

Purab brings food for Bulbul and asks her to eat. Bulbul refuses. Purab says, you will realize that my decision is right. Bulbul says, I won’t forgive you if anything wrong happens to my family.

Abhi is pushing Pragya to leave the house. Pragya asks Dadi to stop him. Abhi blames Pragya for hiding the truth about Purab loving bulbul. Everyone get shocked. He blames her for provoking Purab to leave the marriage altar. Abhi says, he can’t tolerate her at home now. Dadi asks, is this true? Pragya says it is right but. Abhi pushes her on the ground. Pragya asks Dadi to stop him.

Abhi says, your family will hate you. Pragya tells Dadi that she didn’t help Purab and she thinks of this house betterment first. Aaliya asks her to shut up and says you didn’t think about my Dadi. She reminds her of her middle class status and blames her. She asks Abhi to kick her out. Pragya asks, where will I go? Aaliya says, go anywhere but not come here. It is shown as Sarla’s dream. Sarla wakes up taking Pragya’s name and tells Beeji that she saw a dream. She opines that something bad is going to happen with Pragya. Beeji says, it won’t happen.

She cries and pats her head. She says, I won’t forgive bulbul as she didn’t think about her sister. Beeji tells her that Abhi will support Pragya. Sarla says, she is feeling tensed.

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