Twist of fate update Saturday 18 April 2020

Twist of fate 18 April 2020: Arvind tells Suresh that he is trying to bind Pragya in a loveless marriage as he does not love her by heart and says someone must have been made for her. Mamiji hears to their whole conversation standing near the door.

Abhi is shown just then trying to compose a song. Aaliya asks Abhi to continue the song and says she did not think his stupid songs would be so successful. Abhi says she knew he would be a rockstar and his business would be handled by Purab. He shows her a chawl and says they used to stay here. Aaliya asks why is he still thinking about chawl and says we should move on and try to protect our interests and if someone tries to hinder them, to bury them.

Purab thinks of telling Aaliya the truth that he loves someone. Aaliya on the other side says Abhi that she gets whatever she likes. She gets Purab’s call and says she likes Purab and will get him. She picks Purab’s call who asks her to meet him. She agrees and cuts the call. Purab thinks to inform Bulbul also about it and wants to tell truth to Aaliya he cannnot lose Aaliya’s friendship and Bulbul’s love.

Suresh says Arvind that Pragya is his life now and he wants to spend his life with Pragya and asks him to finish the topic here. Mamiji thinks topic has just started and she will not close it so easily. Arvind says to take his decision. Suresh hugs Arvind and says let us have food now. Arvind says he did not prepare food at all. Suresh says Pragya told she will bring food. Mami hears them coming out and goes from there. She then goes back when Arvind and Suresh go and starts searching a pic of girl whom Suresh loves. She looks out of window and sees Dimpy there, she thinks Suresh loves Dimpy.

Suresh and Arvind inform Pragya that he did not get food yet. Pragya says she sent it through Bulbul. Bulbul says she gave it to Maamiji and she must have stopped gossiping with someone. Bulbul shows her mehandi design and asks whose mehandi is better, hers or Pragya’s. Suresh says it is Pragya’s as he has to spend his life with her.

Purab comes to his office and sees Aaliya in his cabin. She says she knows everything what he does behind her and says he is a cheater. She closes cabin door and says he spends a lot of time in office and asks how will they spend time together then. She sits in his lap and says why is she so shy. She asks what he wanted to tell her and then shows him a sherwani asking him to try it. Purab shouts her to stop it. Aaliya asks her what happened. Purab says it is too early as she has just come from Australia and he needs some time to understand themselves.

Purab’s employee knocks the door and asks for his signature. Purab scolds him for disturbing, signs the document and sends him. He says Aaliya to meet him in the evening as he cannot speak in the office. Aaliya gets angry and goes from there. Purab gets Bulbul’s call. He asks Bulbul to come to his office soon. He thinks he will sort out his love and friendship soon.

Daadi and Abhi are traveling in a car. Abhi says she does not take care of herself at all. Daadi says she will get well when he gets married. Abhi says Aaliya is getting married now, then why she is behind him. Daadi sees gurdwara and says she wants to pray there and gets out of car. She sees Pragya there helping people around and thinks Pragya is so good natured and well cultured, she will ask Pragya if she will marry Abhi.

She meets Pragya and asks her to wait for her until she brings someone. She goes to bring Abhi. Abhi is speaking to Aaliya who informs that he is being insulted because of Pragya and says she will file a defamation case on her. Abhi asks her to ahead and speak to their lawyer. Daadi asks Abhi to come out and meet someone.

Allah Wariyan…. song plays in the backround. Dadi brings Abhi to meet Pragya. Crowd surround Abhi and Pragya sees him, but doe snot see Daadi with him. Purbi asks Pragya to come with her. Pragya says let us wait. Crowd gets bigger, so Pragya leaves from there. Daadi and Abhi come there and does not find Pragya.

Mamiji sees Suresh talking to Dimpy and thinks she will see how they are romancing. She hides behind a vehicle and watches them talking and then Suresh leaving in his scooter. She thinks definitely, love story is going on between Suresh and Dimpy.

Aaliya informs Tannu that the way Purab is behaving, it looks like someone is there in his life and she needs to find this out. She says she did not see anyone in Australia as she know Purab is her future, and if someone is there in Purab’s life, she will not leave him easily. She says Purab gets disturbs when she sees him and tries to get away from her. Tannu says hope her doubt is wrong, else Abhi will kill Purab. Aaliya says she will find out the truth soon.

Bulbul introducing Pragya to Purab stating that she knows everything about them and that her sister wanted to speak to him about their relationship. Bulbul leaves both of then alone to speak to each other.

Pragya was happy to know how simple Purav is and stated that she is is happy for him and bulbul. She also told him that as bulbul is the youngest she has always been protected and now that she chose the best guy for herself she is ready to get them married.

Bulbul took Suresh’s call who was worried for both of them still out at night.

In the meantime Alia came to meet purav to ask him about his indifference in behavious when she banged her car with bulbul’s scooty. She insulted Bulbul by giving her cash for the damage and angrily marched inside the office.

Seeing Purav and Pragya and misinterpreting their conversation she thought Purav was in love with Pragya. She fumed and went out promising to remove Pragya from his life. Alia almost ran down Bulbul in the process.

Bulbul pleaded Pragya not to disclose about Purav at the moment and that once Pragya’s marriage is done she can disclose. Alia met Purab in the house and challenged him about his relationship with another woman. She also asked him to forget her and once again be with her. But Purav very clearly announced that he can never forget the girl he loves and he will die if he cannot see her everyday.

Pragya meets Abhi in the shop and once again started fighting over their meeting. They banged their head against each other while trying to pick up a mangalsutra which accidentally fell from Pragya’s hand. Pragya’s mami sees Suresh with some other woman and tries to plot him.

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