Twist of fate update Saturday 16 December 2023

Twist of fate 16 December 2023:  Prachi saying that she feels that Ranbir is behind Khushi going missing. Shahana says even she felt the same, everyone was behaving normal, but something was not normal, and seems like they were hiding something.

Prachi says shall I tell you some strange thing and says when I was stuck with Ranbir in the storeroom, I felt something which I always wanted to feel. She says it was strange and weird, but good at that time. She says it feels peace when all your family is with you, and says I felt like Ranbir and Khushi are here, all my world is in one room. She says she felt this when Panchi was born, when Ranbir asked me to look in the mirror and said perfect family. She says I felt her there, but she couldn’t be found. She says Ranbir was saying that he saw the ghosts, and I felt that he was distracting me. Shahana says if Khushi was there, then would have come out seeing you. Prachi says yes. Shahana asks her to trust Akshay and says he will do something.

Ranbir wakes up in the morning and imagines Prachi on the same bed with Khushi and him, and then running behind her asking her to take a bath. He thinks he shall do as Lawyer said, and shall not do as Mummy and Dida said. He thinks when he takes Khushi to the orphanage, then they might give him khushi. He says I shall take Khushi to orphanage and leave her.

Akshay brings tea for Ashok. Ashok asks did you make this tea? He says Prachi makes such a tea that all the day is energetic. Akshay asks if you see any flaws in her. Ashok says no and says there can be flaws in you, but not in her. The lawyer comes there and says he has talked to higher authorities and Khushi will be found soon.

Rhea tells Pallavi that Ranbir and Khushi are not in the house. Pallavi gets worried and asks Rhea to get her phone. Rhea gives phone to Pallavi. Pallavi calls Ranbir and asks him to come home, drop Khushi home and then go. She asks how can you take Khushi away from us, and asks her to get her there. Ranbir says I am really sorry and ends the call. Pallavi calls him again, but his phone is switched off. Pallavi says how he can take her away from here. Rhea tells her that Khushi is his own daughter. Pallavi says he doesn’t care about my feelings, she cries saying he has done wrong. Rhea gives her water and asks her to drink. Pallavi says how can he take our daughter without informing us.

Ranbir is still driving the car and sees the Police checking the cars at the check post, and thinks why are they checking the cars? He gets down and asks the driver behind his car to take the car backwards, but another car comes behind that car. Khushi wakes up and asks Ranbir where are you taking me? He says we are going to orphanage. Khushi says she don’t want to go there. Ranbir says he will be with her. Inspector sees Khushi in the car and says we are searching her. Ranbir tries to run with Khushi, but gets caught by the Police. They arrest and take him. They take Khushi also. Prachi tells Dadi that she is going to search Khushi.

Akshay calls Prachi and says Khushi is found. Prachi gets happy and thanks Akshay. She ends the call and tells Shahana that Ranbir had kidnapped her and was taking her somewhere, when Police arrested her. She asks Dadi to stay at home. Meera and the warden come to the PS to take Khushi. She tells that if she could then would have handed Khushi to Prachi.

Ranbir and Khushi are brought to the PS. Khushi cries. Ranbir insists to talk to her. He says I promise you, Parvati and everyone promise you that nobody will ill treat you and will not lock in the dark room. He asks her not to cry. She hugs him and asks him not to leave her. Inspector takes Ranbir inside. Khushi cries and insists to meet Parvati. Meera says she will make her meet her. Khushi asks her not to break her promise. Meera and Warden are taking Khushi from there, when Prachi reaches the PS and suddenly her car stops. She sees Khushi coming out of PS with Meera and warden. She gets down the car and asks Khushi, if she is fine.

She asks where did you go? Khushi says I had gone to Shiv’s house, and says I myself went there, and says I told Police, but they didn’t listen to her. She asks her to believe her as she loves her. Prachi says yes, I love you a lot and hugs her. She asks her not to cry. Khushi asks her to save her Shiv for her, and asks her to bring him out for her. She says you can scold me, but please take him out.

Khushi asking Prachi to take Shiv (Ranbir) out and says I will not ask anything from you. She asks her to ask Police uncle to free him. Naina song plays…..Meera and warden take her from there. Prachi sees her leaving. Naina song plays…Rhea gets a call and comes to know about Ranbir’s arrest. Pallavi asks what has happened?

Rhea says Ranbir is caught at the check post, and they are thinking him guilty of kidnapping Khushi. Ranbir is locked in the lock up. He asks Constable to keep eye on orphanage, and tells that those two women behave badly with Khushi. He then asks him to let him call home, so that he gets free from there. The constable says ok and goes.

Prachi comes inside the PS and tells Inspector that she wants to meet Ranbir. Inspector tells that she was right about Ranbir, don’t know what he taught Khushi, she was all praising for him. He tells that they had less team, but because of Akshay Tandon, we got more team and Khushi is found because of him. Prachi asks if I can talk to Ranbir. Inspector says yes, and asks the lady constable to take her to meeting room. The lady constable takes her to meeting room, and then goes to call Ranbir.

Prachi says why he is doing this, and all his family members are helping her, and didn’t tell her anything. Ranbir comes there and says you. He says seems you are angry and asks him to say. Prachi asks your attitude, what you want to proof, if you want award for your behavior. He says I shall feel guilty and I am irresponsible. Prachi asks him to understand himself and his problem inside him. She asks him why don’t he solve it. Ranbir says someone please send me back to my cell. Prachi says sorry. Ranbir says I don’t need your sorry and keeps his hand on her shoulder. She turns and asks him to say sorry for whatever he has done.

He asks why you are angry. Prachi says Khushi was in your house. Ranbir says Khushi ran away from orphanage and came to me. He says he was taking her to orphanage when he was caught by Police. Prachi says you was going to farmhouse with her. Ranbir says Mummy, Dida and even Khushi wanted me to take her there, but I did what was right and was taking her to orphanage. They argue. Ranbir asks her to go, and says he is already worried, and asks Constable to take him inside the cell. He says my mood and time, both are wasted.

Pallavi and Rhea come there and insist to meet Ranbir. Inspector says ok, take them. Lady constable says someone is troubling them. Prachi thinks of Ranbir’s words. She sees Pallavi and Rhea coming. Prachi confronts Pallavi and says why did you lie. Pallavi asks what wrong has happened, if I lied. She says you have lied to me many times, big lie is that you was alive, but didn’t tell us and many more lies. Pallavi says I lied due to helplessness and asks why did you hide from me that Khushi was with you. Rhea asks Prachi how can you talk to Pallavi aunty like this. Prachi says Shahana says that Rhea is not trustable, but I scold her and says that she trusts her.

She says you can’t see anything other than Ranbir. Rhea says you can take out your frustration on me, but I can’t hear anything against this family. Prachi says when mistake is done, then have to bear the punishment.

Inspector says you shouldn’t have talked to her like this, infact convince her to take back the complaint. They go inside to meet Ranbir. Pallavi asks lady constable to say where is her son, and says if you walk like this, then will reach next year. Rhea says she is a mother and loves her son a lot. Lady constable asks Pallavi to learn to be calm from her, and says you would have taught him good values else he wouldn’t have kidnapped the child. Pallavi says my son is innocent and truthful. They go to Ranbir. Ranbir apologizes to lady constable. Pallavi blames herself for his arrest. Ranbir says I didn’t want Khushi to go, it is my mistake. He says I couldn’t keep my daughter away from me, so it is not your fault. Rhea says when Prachi had come home, we should have understood that we have done wrong. Pallavi says I will go and meet Prachi, I had fought with her, as I felt that you are here because of her. She says I will talk to her and she will agree. Ranbir says you will not talk to her, we don’t need her favor. Rhea asks why? And says infact Inspector asked us to take her help. Ranbir says I don’t want to take her help, she will make sure that I will be in jail, as she is going to adopt Khushi. He says we will do something, but you will not request Prachi. Rhea goes to call Lawyer. Ranbir asks Pallavi to relax.

Prachi telling Inspector that she wants to take complaint back against Ranbir. Inspector asks if you are sure and tells that he heard her conversation with his mother, and her attitude was such, I asked them to talk to you. Prachi says I want to get him freed, and wants to take back the complaint. Inspector asks Constable to free Ranbir and asks Prachi to sign. Rhea hears and gets happy. Ranbir hopes that he gets good lawyer. Pallavi says Rhea has gone and will do something. Ranbir says Prachi will not let me come out of lock up, she got me arrested. Constable comes there and tells him that he is freed to go. Pallavi says I told you that Rhea will do something. Ranbir and Pallavi come to the Inspector. Pallavi tells Inspector that their competent lawyer has got him freed.

Inspector says not your lawyer, but Prachi freed you.

Pallavi asks why you are lying. Rhea says no lawyer had come here, Prachi got him freed. Ranbir signs and goes out. Pallavi and Rhea go out. Prachi sits in the car and it doesn’t start. Ranbir comes there and asks her to come out of car. He asks what does she want, and asks what was her motive? Prachi says she is not answerable to him. Ranbir says you shall tell me directly. Prachi says I brought you out due to Khushi, she wanted me to do this. Ranbir takes car keys from Rhea and takes Prachi there, asks her to sit and says I will drop you home. He makes Prachi sit on the seat beside the driver’s seat. Ranbir drives the car. Pallavi and Rhea are seated on the back seat.

They reach Prachi’s house. She gets down from the car and her pallu is stuck in the car. Ranbir gets down to help her. Akshay comes there and takes it out. Prachi thanks him for helping her and standing by her to solve all her problems etc. She says today she got peace, else some people snatch it from her. Akshay tells Ranbir that he didn’t expect this from him. Ranbir asks him not to talk about expectations. Akshay takes Prachi inside, while Rhea takes Ranbir in the car.

Later Ranbir sees Prachi taking Khushi away from him. He wakes up shouting. Pallavi and Rhea ask him if he saw any bad dream. Ranbir says no. Pallavi says if you saw dream about Khushi. She asks him to say what happened. Ranbir tells them that Prachi has taken my Khushi away from me.

Later Aaliya calls Rhea. Rhea is shocked to hear her, and says Buji, I don’t want to talk to you. Aaliya asks her not to end the call, and says I know that you love Ranbir and I called to talk about him. She says I came to know what Prachi did with Ranbir, and says she had gone to adopt Khushi, and says her mistake can prove profitable for you. She asks her to snatch Khushi from her. Rhea says I will not listen to you and will not repeat the same mistakes. She says I will not be manipulated by you, and tells that I have changed myself. She says I don’t want to win from Prachi, as she is my sister and I will not fight with my sister.

Aaliya asks if you will not fight for Ranbir also. She says you have to win Ranbir, this changed Rhea can’t do anything. She says Ranbir must be broken, help him and used this adoption to get him. Pallavi comes there and asks Rhea why she is taking so much time to get water. Rhea says she was taking it, she panics and goes. Pallavi thinks why her behavior is strange.

Aaliya gets emotional and thinks she had yearned to hear Buji from her. She thinks she has nobody else than her, and she will do her better. Prachi comes to the office and asks Akshay if he was doing Mr. Bhalla’s work. Akshay gives her the papers. Prachi says why do we earn money, so that our life gets upgraded for better life, we do it for our happiness, and sometimes we have to think from heart. She says Mr. Bhalla’s company is in losses and he is letting his employees go, to do cost cutting and says I feel that there is better option, and says he has 4 factories, and says if we shift his factories to outskirts then the rent will be less, and the same employees can continue and can hire more locals. She says this way we will be saving their dreams and jobs. She sees Mr. Bhalla and tells Akshay that she will leave. She leaves. Mr. Bhalla tells Akshay that he has to fire some employees to do cost cutting. Akshay says I have a better plan.

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