Twist of fate update Saturday 10 October 2020


Twist of fate 10 October 2020: Tanu thinks where is Abhi and asks Payal to call him. Ronnie comes and asks Payal to bring water for her. Payal asks have you gone mad, and says I will follow only my boss orders. Ronnie asks why she is following Tanu’s orders then.

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Tanu asks him to mind his language and says she is Abhi’s to be wife. Ronnie says he is following his boss order and says you have to stay outside the house till you gets married. Tanu asks Payal to call Abhi. Payal refuses to accept her orders. Tanu gets irked. Ronnie jokes. Abhi thinks about Pragya’s words and is angry. Tanu thinks she can cheer him easily now as he is alone. She asks Abhi to listen to her and says sorry. Abhi is still angry. Tanu says I did a mistake, I didn’t know that you will bring food for me. Abhi asks why she is apologizing to him when she thinks she didn’t do anything wrong.

He says he takes care of everyone’s happiness, but nobody thinks about his happiness. He asks her not to waste his time. Tanu says it is your mistake as you haven’t broken my fast. Abhi says he wants to be alone for sometime. Tanu thinks Abhi is talking serious and says Pragya might be responsible for this. She calls Pragya and comes to her room. She thinks there is nobody inside. I shall do something to make Abhi get angry on Pragya and then he will kick her out. She thinks she will break Abhi’s favorite thing and picks the guitar. She then thinks what to do. She gets Pragya’s specs and thinks to break it as Abhi loves it. She breaks the specs with Pragya’s nail polish to make Abhi believe, and says she wishes to break her eyes. She thinks it will be a blast now.

Dadi takes Pragya to a room. Pragya asks what happened? Dadi asks her to be silent. She calls Purab and Bulbul. Pragya asks why you are tensed? Dadi says Indu is spying on her like a spy. She asks what is the emergency. Bulbul says Sarla is not eating, drinking and crying all day. She says she might get into depression and asks can she tell the truth to Sarla.

Dadi says they can’t involve many people in their plan. Bulbul asks her to think about her mum and says we should tell her. Pragya says you are not wrong, but you knows her. She says Maa will be happy, but she might tell infront of everyone being emotional. She says she want to tell her that she has still her values. She says everything will be fine once they succeed in their plan. She refuses to let her inform Sarla.

Abhi comes to his room and thinks he has to see Pragya’s face again. He thinks he will not open the door of his room today. He rests on the bed and then happen to see fuggi’s specs broken. He thinks Pragya has broken it, and says I will not spare her. Tanu peeps in the room. Aaliya pats on her shoulder. Tanu says she is waiting for the Diwali bomb to burst which she has planted in her room. Aaliya asks her to tell straight. Tanu asks her to wait and watch. Abhi calls Pragya. Tanu asks Aaliya to come and see what will happen to Pragya.

Abhi asks where is Pragya? Dadi thinks what might have happened? Dasi asks why you are searching her. Abhi asks Ronnie to call Pragya now. Dadi asks what happened? Abhi says she has broken my favorite thing. Pragya asks what happened? Whenever I go outside, you people gather here. She asks why they are tensed? Abhi asks how dare you touch my thing and looks on angrily. Pragya asks what did you do? Abhi takes her from there. Tanu tells Aaliya about breaking Pragya’s specks. Dadi thinks to make Abhi calm. Abhi angrily takes him to room, and shows fuggi’s specs broken. Pragya is shocked to see her specs broken and says she don’t know anything.

Abhi says it is broken. Pragya says I didn’t do this. Abhi says then who has done this. Pragya says what will I get by breaking it. Abhi says my sentiments are attached with this specs, and says you got peace. He says it is my fuggi’s specs and says it is her last memory. He says it can’t talk to him, but he talks to it atleast. He says you have snatched my fuggi from me and then this specs.

Aaliya says Abhi is not having power to kick her out and says Pragya might call Police. Tanu says we shall go and see. Pragya says she will never accept this. Abhi says it is my mistake as I am letting you do all this. Pragya asks him to say what he wants and says she is not afraid of anyone. Abhi says humans get afraid, but you are no longer a human. He says you will be punished, and says he will not hear or talk to her even though it she wants him to talk. Aaliya gets a call and she asks Tanu to enjoy the drama. Pragya refuses to acknowledge the blame and says she will not talk to him until you believe that I didn’t break your specs. Tanu is happy and says she has decided what to do


Pragya telling Abhi that she didn’t break the specs and refuses to talk to him until he trust on her. She cries and thinks this specs have connected us, why I would break it. Tanu peeps in the room and sees Pragya crying. She thinks Pragya gets affected by Abhi. She thinks to make Pragya lose through Abhi. She gets an idea to get back everything from Pragya, and thinks who can convince Abhi for this. She thinks Aaliya can convince Abhi for this plan. She tells Aaliya that she saw Pragya crying with her eyes. Aaliya smiles. Tanu shares her plan. Aaliya says it is a brilliant idea, but I will not talk to him. She says Abhi will not agree to me.

Tanu says then who will talk to Abhi? She says Dadi. Aaliya says Dadi is traditional and will not agree. She says she will think something. Dadi comes to Pragya and sees her crying. Pragya tells her that Abhi kept her old specs, but it was broken. She says she didn’t know how it was broken. Dadi says she will scold Abhi. Pragya says she didn’t feel bad when Abhi scolded her, and says she felt good as Abhi loves her very much. She says she is afraid that her love in his heart will end. Dadi says we have to hurry up and bring Tanu’s truth infront of him, and then things will be fine. Pragya tells her that they will not talk to each other from now, but she is sure that Abhi will make excuses to talk to her.

Dadi says you both can’t stay without each other. Pragya smiles shyly. Aaliya gets an idea and says we have to convince Dasi. Tanu stops her. Dasi asks why did you stop me? Dasi says she is spying to know what is going on in the house. Aaliya says we need help. She says Pragya is the problem and says we are finding way to kick Pragya out. Tanu says don’t know who can do this tough task. Aaliya says you will refuse. Dasi asks her to tell. Tanu says we have to convince Abhi to deal with Pragya and says I think you can’t do this.

Dasi asks them not to take her lightly, and says she can do anything to teach a lesson to Pragya. Aaliya asks her to decide. Dasi says yes. Tanu shares her plan with Dasi. Dasi asks have you gone mad? Will Abhi agree? Aaliya says you said you will agree him. Dasi says she can convince him but. Tanu requests her to help her. Dasi says Abhi will not do this. Abhi and Pragya argue and tries talking through Payal and Ronnie. Pragya says may be his thing was broken because of him. Abhi tells that he can break her head also. Pragya and Ronnie leaves.

Abhi thinks he has taught a good lesson to Pragya. Tanu asks Dasi to talk to him. Abhi tells her that he taught her a lesson. Dasi says you should do something to deal with her, and says I have a permanent solution. Abhi says I can do anything for my family. Dasi asks him to trap Pragya in fake love. Abhi asks are you fine and asks her to take rest. Tanu says we are not joking and are serious. Abhi says I knew that this cheap idea is yours. Tanu asks him to impress, love and then cheat Pragya. Abhi doesn’t like the idea. Dasi asks what is wrong in this. Abhi says he gets angry seeing her. Dasi says you can try…Abhi refuses and asks Tanu to keep cheap tricks to herself.

Aaliya says she knows that Abhi would react like this. Raj comes and asks what is going on? Aaliya expresses anger towards him, and says you couldn’t handle the killer which I hired to kill Pragya. Raj says he was an useless man. Abhi talks to the broken specs and says he will punish the guilty. Pragya hears him and thinks she is missing real happiness. She thinks Abhi loves her so much, and wishes she was with him instead of specs. Abhi thinks Pragya might be thinking him as stupid and wonders why she left him and oversee his love.

Dadi asks the servants to decorate house well. Pragya gives instructions to Ronnie. Dadi asks Pragya who will do the puja. Pragya says Abhi. Dadi says husband and wife do the puja together. Taiji says Tanu will sit with Abhi. Dadi says she is intelligent. Pragya says she will sit with Abhi as she was his ex wife. Dadi agrees. Pragya asks her to make her grand son understand not to roam around her. Abhi says he is rockstar and people roam around him. Dadi thinks they are still fighting and how they wul do the puja.

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