Twist of fate update Monday 9 January 2023


Twist of fate 9 January 2023:  Inspector Yamini Singh, Vikram, Dida and Lady constable are in the room. Dida says she is not asking us anything then why did she call us? Lady constable says Yamini calls the people whom she don’t doubt. Vikram asks then why she called us. Lady constable says for their duty.

Yamini asks them to tell if they saw something strange happening. They refuse. Yamini asks them if Prachi is their favorite. Dida says I might lie, you shall ask Prachi. Yamini says you love Prachi a lot. Dida says she loves Prachi and she is near her heart. Vikram says he has accepted Prachi and has hugged her. He says he don’t love her more than his son, but don’t love her less than him. Yamini says where Prachi is loved so much, she is getting attacked too.

She asks them not to tell anything to anyone, else they will get ready with the questions and she will have problem to identify them. She says she wants to look in their eyes and identify (the guilty). She asks them to go and send Sid. Lady constable asks Yamini whom she doubts. Yamini says first she will meet everyone and then will confirm her doubt.

Ranbir tells Prachi that whatever happening in this house is for you. Prachi asks if it was right to throw the phone, shout and accusing. Ranbir says I behaved rudely outside and I shouldn’t have done that. He says you are very irresponsible and doesn’t take care of yourself. Prachi says what to do for the things which is not in my control. Ranbir says he is not asking her to say sorry, but instead he is sorry.

He asks shall I write and give to you that you are careless and irresponsible with my sign. Prachi asks if I am mad. She is about to go. He asks her not to fall down and says it is his mistake to say sorry. Prachi says he don’t know to say sorry, baklu.

Aryan calls someone. Shahana asks what happened? Aryan says nothing. She says you are worried about the phone call. Aryan says it is about Mili. He says he don’t want to say as she will judge. Shahana asks him to say and says she will not judge. He says he will not tell her now, will tell later.

Yamini asks Sid why is he tensed, she didn’t ask anything till now. Sid says I didn’t hurt Prachi, I respect and care for her a lot. The constables say he is saying truly. Yamini asks if anyone dislikes Prachi here? Sid says yes. Yamini says if they have any fight with each other.

Sid recalls Aaliya’s threat and says they are sisters and argue sometimes, but don’t fight and love each other. Yamini asks him to go and send Rhea and Aaliya. Sid goes. Yamini says he is hiding something from us. Aryan comes there and asks if Sid haven’t come till now. Pallavi asks why are you taking tension, it is routine question. Aryan says he is not taking tension.

Shahana thinks he is in tension. Dida asks what happened? Shahana says there is question on everyone’s marks, what is being asked inside. Vikram says Inspector wants to see if our answers are different. Aryan asks what she had asked you? Vikram says she asked if we like Prachi and to what extent. She wanted to know who is close to Prachi and who is not? Rhea asks what she had asked? Dida says Inspector asked us not to share anything. Vikram says yes. Sid comes out. Dida says what happened? Shahana says what they asked. Sid says she asked if we…Dida stops him from sharing her questions.

Sid says yes, she strictly refused to let us share anything and called Rhea and Aaliya. Dida asks them to go. Lady constable asks who wanted to kill Prachi. Inspector says that will be the wolf in lamb’s skin. Aaliya and Rhea come there. Yamini asks them to come. Rhea asks if you have made list of questions for us. Yamini says she will ask the questions related to the attack on Prachi. She asks them not to tell anyone about the questions. Rhea says yes, we know so that nobody gets clue about the question and don’t prepare for answer.

Yamini says dida must have told you. Rhea coughs. Aaliya says we are ready to answer you. Yamini says you don’t have a choice and asks who loves Prachi a lot. Rhea says I am her real sister and loves her a lot. Aaliya says we all love each other as a family. Yamini asks how is your relation with Prachi. Aaliya says when she was small, I fed her food with my hand, then her mother took her from home.

She says Prachi returned home when grown up and my love for her rekindled. She says Prachi feels that she don’t love her and Rhea is her favorite, but it is not like that. Yamini says she understood and one day Prachi will understand too. She asks about Prachi’s birthdate and then says they are twins, so must be having the same birthdate. Aaliya and Rhea leave. Yamini says her doubt is confirmed.

Aaliya comes out and tells that Yamini asked how is their relation with Prachi. Dida says she asked us different question. Aaliya blames Prachi for the happenings and asks her to behave well with everyone so that nobody becomes her enemies and that she makes less enemies. Dida says there are many enemies of good people and says Prachi’s enemies feel why she is so good. Shahana says Dida said right. Vikram asks them to be quiet.

Pallavi says they haven’t been quiet. Sid says you are not understanding. Pallavi asks him to shut up and asks him not to forget that she is sorting out his life issues and asks him not to dare to talk in the middle. Yamini comes there and says first I will solve the matter for what I have come. She says she has questioned everyone. Rhea says you didn’t ask Prachi. Yamini says you said that you love Prachi. Rhea says yes, she is my real sister. Yamini says I didn’t ask Prachi and Ranbir as they are not in my doubt. She asks lady constable to take Aaliya’s phone.

Aaliya gives her phone. Yamini asks the password. Aaliya says it is password only. Yamini checks the message and says you have messaged tailor that work is done. Aaliya says dupattas were made by him. Yamini asks her to call him. Aaliya says he might have slept by now. Yamini calls Tailor and asks him to reach Kohli house fast. She ends the call and asks them for tea. She says don’t bring sweets, she had much already during Diwali and wanted some salty snacks. Dida says she will ask Priya to make it. Dida steps on a packet. Shahana says she will throw it outside and takes the packet.


Shahana thinking to take tea for everyone, and thinks Priya is busy since morning. Tailor is on the way to Kohli house, and thinks he made Dupatta on Aaliya’s sayings, if that girl died for whom that dupatta was made and Police is investigating. He thinks if Aaliya has told Police that he has made the gun powder dupatta, and calls Aaliya to ask her. The police rings in Inspector Yamini’s hands. Yamini asks why is he calling you, when I asked him to come here. Aaliya says he wants to ask why you called him here, as this is our house and not a PS.

Shahana brings tea and says Priya was asking if she shall bring sweets. Dida asks her to give tea. Aryan tells Shahana that something is stuck to her feet. Shahana takes the paper and says she will throw it. Yamini asks her to show. Shahana shows her. Yamini says it is someone’s report. Rhea thinks if it is her report and collides with her intentionally to make the report fall down. Yamini asks her to pick the report. Rhea picks it and checks, thinks it is her report. She tells Yamini that it is waste paper, tears it and says she will throw it outside. Dida says I am tired and will go to sleep.

Yamini asks Aaliya to call Tailor and asks why was he calling? Aaliya says you didn’t give phone to call. Yamini asks her to call. Aaliya calls him and says phone is not ringing. Yamini says we will ask him when he comes here. Prachi takes Dida to her room and says your favorite medicine time. Dida says no medicine today on festival. Prachi says you can’t skip. Dida says today is Diwali. Prachi says your disease doesn’t know that today is festival and asks her to have it. She makes her eat it. Ranbir smiles hearing her. Prachi says she will come after 15 mins and if she don’t get sleep then they will talk. Dida asks her to sing lullaby for her.

Prachi refuses, she sees Ranbir. Ranbir says sorry and goes from there. Dida says he said I love you. Prachi asks her not to stress her mind. Dida says it is happening with your heart. Prachi comes out. Ranbir holds her hand. Prachi turns and looks at him. He asks will you not ask why did I hold your hand? Prachi says I will not tell. Ranbir asks did you ever think why I get rude sometimes? Prachi asks why you get rude always? Ranbir smiles. She asks why he is faking smile. Ranbir tries to say.

Prachi takes a chair and sits and says you are taking a lot of time, so I thought to sit and hear. Ranbir says basically, it is…Prachi asks if he needs mahurat. Ranbir comes to her and says actually. He says you are good. Prachi says you are very khadoos/rude. Ranbir asks what did I do? Prachi recalls Rhea’s words and says you take care of Rhea more than needed. Ranbir says now I understand, and says you have two names, one is Prachi and other is Mrs. J (jealous). Prachi says jealous and goes.

Tailor comes there. Constable brings him there. Yamini asks his name. Tailor says he is Sukesh. He says his father was also a tailor. Yamini asks if his shop is of firecrackers then from where he learnt to make crackers dupatta. The tailor tries to run away, but gets caught. Yamini asks him to say who had given him money to make dupatta and who wanted to kill Prachi. Tailor says he made dupatta on Aaliya’s sayings. Aaliya says he is lying and trapping me. She holds his collar and asks him to say who has given him money.

Yamini says you gave him money. Ranbir asks how can you try to kill Prachi. Rhea asks how can you blame Buji? Ranbir says what proof you want, when this tailor confessed that your Buji tried to kill Prachi. Vikram asks how dare you, you would have atleast thought that Prachi is pregnant and says you have risked her baby’s life too. Aaliya acts to plead infront of Tailor and asks him to say truth. Tailor says he is saying right, but Aaliya didn’t want to kill Prachi, but actually Pallavi wanted to kill Prachi. He runs away saying this. Aaliya smiles. Ranbir, Sid and Police run behind him.

The tailor hides behind the car and thinks he might get saved from the Police, but will not be saved from Aaliya who is very arrogant. Pallavi is shocked with what tailor said. Aaliya asks Pallavi if he took your name. Rhea says yes, he took Mom’s name. Prachi says he was lying. She says he was taking Buji’s name and Mummy’s name and asks Pallavi not to worry, and says if he was saying truth, then he wouldn’t have run. Pallavi says he said this to divert our attention. Pallavi says I know you all are not thinking that I am being blamed.

She says may be he is targeting all the family members, may be he is everyone’s enemy and have to find out, we are not safe. Rhea says she feels that someone is keeping eye on them and says we shall find out who that person is. Shahana says why don’t you tell this before. Aaliya says this is family discussion and asks her not to interfere. Aryan asks how can you say this. Aaliya scolds her. Vikram asks Aaliya not to react as says I understand your frustration. He says we shall rest as everyone is tired. Sid comes back. Vikram asks about Ranbir. Sid says he ran behind Tailor, I fell down and came back. Vikram asks him to rest and asks Prachi not to worry. Prachi says your love and trust is with me, I don’t need anything else. Vikram asks her to be happy, and says we all are with you.

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