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Twist of fate 6 September 2021:  Abhi ask Pragya what happened? Pragya says my kumkum. Abhi says no problem, I will apply it again. Pragya says it is inauspicious. Abhi says we got married, now everything will be auspicious.

Pragya says I want kumkum now itself. Abhi says there is no shop here, I will apply it later. He starts driving the car and says he will call Uncle-Aunty so that she feels good. He realizes that he don’t have their number. Pragya says you had called Purab from Aunty’s number and asks him to call him. Abhi says you have become smart in a day. He calls Purab and says hello…Purab says he felt relieved hearing his voice. He asks him to come home soon as Rhea is tensed. Abhi asks what happened? Purab tells that Ranbir jokingly told her that you are in danger.

Abhi says Ranbir’s tongue is black, as whatever he said is coming true. He says this is the result of Aryan’s company. Purab says don’t take my son’s name. Vikram says don’t take my son’s name too. Abhi says both of them got mirchi. He asks him to send Aunty’s number. Vikram asks him to come and says you got our bhadka.

Abhi and Pragya call Uncle. Pragya asks did the goons trouble you both? Uncle says we are fine and asks where are you? Abhi asks if anything wrong happened, tell us? Uncle says nothing, where are you? Pragya says someone is there and wants to know about us. Abhi says we are at national highway 55. Uncle says crossroad 10, ok.

He asks them to take care and ends the call. The shooter 1 smiles and aims gun at them. He recalls and a fb is shown, the shooter 1 gains consciousness and shouts…he swears to kill Abhishek Mehra and his wife by night, else he will kill himself. He says either you both will see tomorrow’s sunset or I. fb ends.

The shooter 1 tells Uncle that he will kill them. Aunty says we told you, why you want to kill us. Abhi tells Pragya that she is right, someone was there and that’s why Uncle told crossroad 10 when I told we are on national highway. Pragya gets worried for them and says if they do anything wrong with them, then. Abhi asks her not to take tension and says we will do something. He stops the car.

The shooter is about to kill them, but Abhi calls Uncle again. The shooter 1 asks him to pick the call. Uncle picks the call. Abhi asks Uncle to give the call to the Shooter. Shooter takes the call. Abhi tells Shooter that he will tell where is he, if he leaves Uncle and Aunty, and asks him to leave them. He says he is on national highway 55 and wait for him. The shooter 1 runs out. Uncle and Aunty cry for them.

Pragya gets worried. Abhi sees the temple and tells that her kumkum wish is fulfilled. They get down from the car. Abhi says she is his teacher, medicine, etc. He says he don’t feel thirsty and hungry when she is around him. Pragya says if he continues to talk like that, she gets more love on him. She hugs him. Abhi says lets do it again. Sarita behen and Dadi pray to the Gods in the temple. The diya gets set off.

Sarita behen gets worried for them. Dadi says their Jodi will never break. Abhi asks Pragya to end all her fears. Pragya prays to God and folds her hands. Abhi holds her hand. Sarita behen tells that the diya is not burning. Dadi says I will try. Tai ji asks where to keep this kumkum thaali. Dadi lights the diya again, but it sets off again.

Pragya prays to God that she can’t stay without him even for a moment. Abhi says she is beautiful and her heart is also beautiful and says whatever she asked, just give it to her. Pragya asks if you will not ask for yourself. Abhi says you must have asked for both of us, and when I got you, I got everything. Pragya says God is unfair, either he snatches everything or give everything. She says she is scared of happiness.

Abhi says I am not going anywhere and you are my music, whom I can’t forget anytime. He asks her to end her fears. Pragya says she was not afraid, when she didn’t have anything, but now scared. Abhi asks her to increase her love so that there is no fear. Pragya says then also I am worried. Abhi says you are worried due to the shooter. He says we will marry again without keeping anyone as witnesses, with the promise which will never forget or break. He asks if she is ready for such marriage. Pragya asks how? Abhi says we will give promise to each other in alternate rounds. Pragya says what we will do at the 7th round. Abhi teases her calling her teacher and says we both will take the important promises based on our relation.

He says let’s take the rounds. The shooter 2 comes to the jeep and takes the gun. He loads the gun and is about to sit in the jeep, when Digvijay calls him. The shooter 1 says that very soon he will give him good news. Digvijay gets a call about the Shooter 2 arrest. He gets angry and tells that he wants to get Abhishek Mehra’s death news and not Shooter’s arrest.

Abhi takes round with Pragya and promises her that he will love her in any circumstances. Pragya smiles. They take the first round. Pragya says I will never leave you in any circumstances. They take the second round. Abhi says third promise, I will never let any trouble come in your life. They complete the third round. Pragya says I promise that I will never give you any pain intentionally.

They take the 4th round happily. Abhi says my 5th promise is that I will give you all the happiness of the world, which she deserves, and which she don’t deserve, as happiness is just happiness. They take the 5th round. Abhi says my 6th promise is that I will ask you before taking any big decision. Pragya laughs and asks why this? Abhi says we have to remember this. He then gives her 7th promise and asks her to promise that she will not leave him even if he asks her to go. Pragya promises him and says you will not ask me to leave and will let me stay with you in any circumstances. Abhi promises her.

Pragya asking Abhi not to keep her away from him and let her be with him in any circumstances. Abhi promises her and takes the final round. He says marriage is completed and congrats Pragya. He tells Pragya that there is a strength in this white thread and tells that he is filling love in the thread and tied it on her hand. He asks her to think of it as a mangalsutra. Pragya also ties it on his hand, says until it is with you, I am with you. He takes the sindoor from the plate kept in front of the Goddess and says my name Kumkum is again in your maang, says nobody can separate us. He asks if she is happy. Pragya says yes, my kumkum is very important to me. Abhi congratulates her. Pragya congratulates him too. Allah wariyan plays….Some people standing there look at them and smile.

Digvijay asks Commissioner if he didn’t ask Inspector not to arrest his men? Commissioner says he told them, but the Inspector is honest and he has no brother like you, who has kidnapped his nephew, from whom he gets scared. Digvijay says so you mean that I am a bad brother. Commissioner says yes, more worse than bad and tells that you don’t have any respect for your brother and don’t have any love for your nephew, who used to call you Chacha. Digvijay asks him to call him and asks him to suspend him.

Commissioner says he can’t do this and asks him to tell why does he want to kill Abhishek Mehra. Digvijay says he wants to kill him as he snatched something precious from him. He says he would have told him if he was his brother, but not to the commissioner. He says you will see your team’s helplessness and tells that nobody can save Abhishek Mehra now. He leaves.

Commissioner gets worried for Abhi. Digvijay comes to his office and calls some men there. He gets angry and hurts his hand. Dadi, Sarita behen, and others wait for Abhi and Pragya. Purab says I want to do Di’s aarti when she comes with Abhi. Sarita behen says Pragya says right about you and asks him to do puja. Tai ji asks what to do with the kumkum thaali. Dadi asks her to make its Alta with it and bring it. Tai ji says ok and turns to go when she feels pain in her knee and the kumkum plate falls down. They get worried. Sarita behen prays for Abhi and Pragya’s safety.

Abhi is in the car with Pragya and looks for the way. She says we have forgotten our way surely. Abhi says we missed the way, but we will think about everything positively and will romance in between. Pragya asks him to stop the car and ask someone for the way. Abhi stops the car and gets down. He asks what did you do? Digvijay goons come there as police team.

Abhi says we have lost the way. Fake Inspector says someone wants to kill you and that’s why we have come to protect you. He says we will come in your car so that we can help you. They sit in Abhi’s car. Abhi drives the car. The fake Inspector/goon thinks of Digvijay hiring him to kill Abhi. He thinks they have to come on time.

Vikram asks Pallavi about Ranbir. Pallavi says he is in the room. He asks her to be in contact with Meera if she wants. Pallavi thinks she knows what to do. Vikram comes to the room. Ranbir thinks if he got to know about my half marriage. Pallavi also comes there. Ranbir finds 34 missed calls from Rhea. Vikram says he has hurt Rhea’s heart. Ranbir says she has manipulated so much. Pallavi says Ranbir is unwell. Vikram says he has done wrong with Rhea, as he told a bad joke to her.

Ranbir says you came to tell this and says thank God. Vikram says did you know that…and tells that Abhi is in danger because of your lie. He says your joke has turned true as someone wants to kill me, thankfully he is saved now, but this thing happened due to your black tongue. He asks him not to say this type of joke again. Ranbir laughs and says I thought that you love my mother, but actually you love chief. Vikram says God will listen to you. Ranbir says God doesn’t listen to me. Ranbir prays that Abhi and Pragya call his Papa in 5 seconds, but Vikram didn’t get the call. Pallavi takes Vikram from there.

Purab opens the file and thinks papers are missing. Dadi asks if he is going somewhere. Purab says no and tells that he needs to see some papers tomorrow. Dadi and Sarita behen get worried about Pragya and Abhi. Sarita behen says Pragya’s call is not connecting. Purab says they are fine and says he will call him.

Digvijay’s goon takes Abhi and Pragya to the farmhouse. He says this is of his Dada. Pragya says it is very beautiful and asks if there is some function today. He says his sister’s sangeet. Fake constables come there and say someone was following them on the way. Abhi and Pragya get tensed.

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