Twist of fate update Monday 26 July 2021

Twist of fate 26 July 2021: Rhea comes to Aaliya. Aaliya asks her to pack her bags, she has to leave the country, don’t cry, she will be fine. Rhea says you went to Prachi’s house to get your phone that day, you know dad and Prachi’s mom didn’t meet. Aaliya says maybe, I don’t know. Rhea says he didn’t meet, else he would have told me to donate blood to elder sister, he would say that Rhea was like her elder sister. Aaliya gets shocked.

Rhea tells Aaliya that if Dad would have met Prachi’s mom then he would have said that Rhea would have been like her elder sister. She says you lied to me, your Rhea. How can you do this? She says you have lied to me since my childhood.

You knew about my mom then also you kept me away from my mom and sister. She says you have kept Dad away from his wife. She shows Prachi and her pic and tells that you had known everything, but you had hidden everything from me and filled hatred against Prachi and her family. She says I tried to kill my sister because of you and asks why? She says if you couldn’t let us stay together then why did you separate us?

Ranbir makes Prachi sit on the bed and makes her wear anklet…Song plays…..SubhanAllah…..She asks why you was caring for me so much and told Maa that you will take me to room. Ranbir says I was not care, but help. Prachi says Shahana will tease me. Ranbir gives her medicine and water and asks how she will tease you.

Aryan comes home and tells that Rhea came home and is crying, may be she came to know that Prachi is discharged. Ranbir says I am coming there. Prachi asks him not to interfere in Rhea’s matter. He tells that he will interfere and tells that he needs to go home and talk to his mummy. He leaves.

Prachi finds the album kept on the bed and thinks Shahana must have kept her. She looks Rhea and her baby pic and calls Rhea as choti. She tells her about her feelings for Ranbir and tells that if she would have been here then she would have told her. She says his name is Ranbir and asks if she will meet him. She kisses on the pic and hugs it.

Aaliya says I love you. Rhea says you don’t love me, you knew that what Prachi and her mom is related to Dad and me. She says you knew them and used to say that Prachi is not a good girl, this or that, her family is poor etc. She tells that she used to like Prachi’s mom and finds ways to meet her. Aaliya says I love you Rhea. Rhea says don’t love me and I don’t love you. She says my biggest happiness is my mom and you kept me away from her. She says you told that Prachi’s doesn’t have a heart, but she loved me a lot. She says how can you do this, you kept Dad and me away from her.

She says you filled hatred in my heart and that’s why we couldn’t meet. She says we couldn’t unite because of you and tells that she will give rights to her mom and Prachi di, and will tell everyone that Prachi’s mom is my mom. Aaliya thinks she won’t let Pragya come home and this will happen when I keep Rhea in my control. Rhea says you are a cheat and liar, I hate you and goes. Aaliya thinks Pragya can’t come here.

Abhi wakes up and sees Tai ji sitting on the chair in his room. He asks when did I sleep? Tai ji says you got fever due to injury and that’s why slept. Baljeet Dadi comes there and checks him, says now you are fine. Abhi tells that he will get spoilt. Baljeet Dadi says she will return the love with interest now. He asks if Rhea called and gave blood.

Dadi says Rhea gave blood and Prachi is fine. She told that Rhea was happy and told that Prachi is her sister. Abhi asks what? He says this change is because of you, you are lucky charm. Dadi says don’t love me so much, it would be difficult for me to go from here. Abhi challenges and says I will not let you go from here and will do Chinese torture.

Dadi says I accept your challenge. Tai ji comes there and gives water. Abhi searches for his mobile. Dadi says it is in hall so that his sleep doesn’t get disturbed. She says I will bring. Tai ji stops her. Dadi says she is not that old. Abhi says I will bring it. Dadi and Tai ji go to bring it. Abhi reminisces his Daljeet dadi and tells that Baljeet dadi will not let him miss her.

Ranbir comes home and looks angrily seeing Rhea. He walks towards her. Rhea is happy and is about to tell him. Ranbir asks her not to take his name from her mouth and asks if she ever thought, how much others will hate her knowing her doings. He says sometimes we do get angry on someone, but shall not try to kill them. She says the truck driver whom you hired to kill Prachi was caught by me and he confessed everything.

Rhea is shocked and tries to say, but he continues to blame her for the office theft, MMS conspiracy and attempt to murder Prachi. Rhea says sorry. Ranbir asks her to shut up. Rhea says I am really sorry and tells that we were together since childhood and I used to think you as a good girl. He says when you asked me to break Prachi’s heart, I thought you are jealous, but I didn’t know that hatred was growing in your heart for Prachi. He tells that how much I hate you, but it will be less than your hatred for Prachi.

She says you have betrayed me, chief, and the world. I don’t want to see your face. Rhea says I just wanted you, where to go? Ranbir says you don’t deserve me as a friend, other relation is very far away. He says I hate you to the core. Rhea says you hate me because of Prachi. Ranbir says yes, I will hate you all my life and tells that Prachi came out of death, she was about to die. He asks if she realizes how difficult it was to lose a daughter, sister and for him. Rhea cries.

Ranbir says if you think that Prachi asked me to confront you then I will tell you the difference between you and her. She says Prachi and her family know that you wanted to kill her and says if I was on her place then would have killed you, but she stopped me to come to you and gave me promise not to do anything. He says her family is not taking action against you, says that they can do this, but their heart is so big than your thoughts that they are not taking any actions. Rhea asks him to listen and cries. Ranbir says my heart is not big and listen to him carefully, says I will never forgive you in this birth, or any of the births. He says your mistake can’t be forgiven by anyone and tells that he will justify his hatred now.

He says I have no relation with you, everything is finished. Our friendship is over. He asks her to go away from his life and says you are dead for me, everything is finished. Rhea cries asking him not to leave her. Ranbir goes. Aaliya hears them and thinks it is bad for you, but good for me. She says you will not come out of this pain and until you remember to go to Prachi’s house, I will plan something.

Abhi waits for Baljeet Dadi. Raj comes there and asks Abhi if he is fine. Raj tells that his condition is like him, got a caring lady. Raj asks whom? Abhi says Dadi. Raj says it is good that you will not miss Daljeet Dadi. Abhi says he missed her, first Dadi used to take care of him and then Pragya. Raj recalls Pragya favoring Neha and Tarun’s marriage and gets upset.

He thinks because of her, Neha went far from him. Dadi comes to Abhi and gives his phone. Abhi calls her ballu. Dadi asks him to call Prachi. Abhi calls Prachi. Prachi thinks if Mehra sir called her to scold her, thinks if Rhea told him everything, thinks he shall not say anything to Maa. She picks the call. Abhi asks if she is fine and asks if she has any pain.

Prachi says she is fine. Abhi tells that he was coming to meet her, but his Ballu/ Dadi is not letting him come. Prachi says ok. Abhi asks her to take care. Prachi also asks him to take care and ends the call. She thinks Rhea must not have told him, she might have got scared. Ranbir and Prachi think about each other and smiles. He thinks he couldn’t propose Prachi on rose day.

Pragya comes to Prachi and covers blanket on her. The window gets opened by the wind. Pragya closes the window. Prachi opens her feelings and thinks if this is a feeling of love, as she got scared seeing her mother. Pragya thinks Rhea didn’t get her mother’s love and that’s the reason she has become like this. She thinks if I was in her life then she wouldn’t have been like this.

Rhea recalls Ranbir’s hatred for her and is crying. Aaliya thinks Rhea shall feel the pain as Ranbir hates her, whom she loves him a lot. She thinks she will become her pain killer. Rhea tells that she loves Ranbir and his hatred doesn’t affect her love. Aaliya hears her. Ranbir thinks to propose Prachi such a way that it will become special day for her. He thinks she will tell their kids, how their Papa proposed her. He thinks to call her and tell her everything directly, thinks he don’t want any complications.

Pragya switches off the lights and goes out of Prachi’s room. Ranbir thinks he shall propose her specially, so that she shall feel that this is it. He thinks of the best way of proposing her and gets an idea. He calls Shahana. Shahana picks the call. Sarita behen hears Shahana and thinks something is there in Shahana’s life. Ranbir asks Shahana if she was sleeping. She says no. He asks for her help. Shahana says I can give my life for you. Ranbir tells her something.

Shahana gets happy and says love you for the great idea, says I will do everything. Sarita behen asks her not to get them insulted. Ranbir asks Shahana not to tell her anything and ends the call. Sarita behen thinks Shahana is in love and tells that she shall feel ashamed. Shahana says why, she was talking to her friend and was making her understand. Sarita behen thinks she shall keep eye on her.

Pragya is bothered by Sarita behen’s taunts for Rhea and the latter’s words asking if she wants her to be fatherless. Prachi comes and hugs Pragya. Prachi insists to cut the vegetable. Pragya asks her to finish the juice.

Rhea wakes up seeing Pragya’s pic and says good morning mom. She tells that she had a good sleep for the first time, as she hugged her and slept. She says I love you so much. She says you used to tell that you miss your other daughter. I know and I also missed you. She says I am stupid to talk to your pic and shall talk to you directly. She calls her, but Pragya doesn’t pick the call.

Rhea thinks her mom might be upset and thinks to meet her and tell her everything. She messages her and waits for her reply. Pragya checks her message and thinks she doesn’t want to meet her, after whatever she had done with Prachi, but she shall meet her for the last time. Rhea gets up from bed and goes to change her clothes.

Aaliya comes there to say sorry and checks Rhea’s message. She thinks only Rhea knows the truth, Pragya doesn’t know. She thinks even now I have the golden chance to stop their meeting.

Prachi sees the hall decorated with balloons and looks at the standing couple showpiece kept there. Ranbir comes there in window and opens party poppers. He loses his balance and falls, but then shows a rose to Prachi and comes inside. He shows the card and says I love you Prachi……song plays….

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