Twist of fate update Monday 22 February 2021

Twist of fate 22 February 2021: Pragya comes inside. Lady constable tells that her daughter is released with the help of media, because of the influential man. Pragya thanks the God. Media asks Abhi who had stolen the necklace. Abhi says he will enquire and find out. Other reporter says you left your daughter’s birthday to come here. Abhi is going out and Pragya is coming inside, their hand touch each other hand. Both Abhi and pragya feel each other. He turns, but couldn’t see her. He thinks Pragya loves rain and I hate rain. Pragya comes to Prachi and hugs her. She wishes her happy birthday. Prachi thanks her and says sir got her freed. Shahana says you came late. Pragya says where is that Inspector, he made my daughter cried a lot.

Shahana says he is there, and tells Prachi that it will be fun. Pragya comes to Inspector. Inspector asks if she came to thank him and says it is our duty. Pragya asks him to stop smiling and says you arrested her on fake charges and then forced her to sign on confession letter. She threatens him that she will make him lose his job. Inspector says I have no personal enmity with her. Pragya says but it is our personal matter. She tells Pragya if the matter go to college then what will happen, and asks him to apologize to her daughter. Inspector says we freed her. Pragya says why did you arrest her and why did you free her? Inspector says as she is innocent. Reporter asks other reporter to call cameraman. Pragya asks him to apologize to Prachi. Prachi says its ok. Pragya says it is about your image and reputation. She says you have done wrong and will apologize to her.

Pragya asking Inspector to apologize to Prachi. Inspector apologizes to Prachi. Inspector thinks both rockstar and this lady talked same thing. Reporter calls cameraman, but Pragya and Prachi are left. Abhi thinks of Prachi’s words.

Aaliya asks him how he can go to Police station and help a waitress, and reminds him that he is a rockstar. He says what is your image infront of people and tells that most importantly, you have gone against Rhea. She says it all happened on her birthday, when that waitress stole her necklace. Abhi says she is not like that and asks her not to call her thief. Aaliya says necklace was found in her purse and tells that you doesn’t care about Rhea for the first time, for a stranger. He tells that same thing happened when you never trusted us, because of Pragya.

He tells that Pragya left Rhea 20 years ago and left. Abhi asks her not to talk about Pragya and tells that you can’t understand what was going on inside, and says you would have seen prachi’s eyes and tells that she was innocent. Aaliya tells just like you had seen innocence in Pragya’s eyes, and tells that she took one of the daughter and didn’t tell about kiara when she was pregnant. She asks did you see innocence in her eyes, and tells that you was searching love in her eyes and never see betrayal. Abhi tells her that he will prove Prachi’s innocence infront of her.

Abhi is going. Rhea calls him and tells that Aaliya said that he went to Police station. She tells that Prachi had stolen her necklace and curses her and her family badly. Abhi says I am so disappointed and asks if they taught her this. He says it was my mistake that I did your upbringing keeping you away from everyone, and tells that you don’t see Prachi’s goodness. Rhea thinks she never saw dad talking like this and says Prachi will pay for this. She calls Rocky and asks him to take revenge from her.

Shahana and Prachi reach the house. Shahana waits outside, and tells that Chachi keeps the door bell off. She takes out spare key from under the mat and gives to Pragya. Prachi asks when did she give to you? Shahana says she got it made. She goes to check if there is something to eat. Pragya tells Prachi that they shall return tomorrow. Prachi tells everyone is not bad and tells that Rhea’s father is really nice, and tells that Rhea thought that she has stolen her necklace, but her father trusted her and helped her come out of the lock up. Pragya asks how you know him? Prachi tells everything about their accidental meetings.

She praises Abhi calling him sir, and says God made me meet him so that he helps me. Pragya asks if she left her phone in his car. Prachi says you talked to him. Pragya says she couldn’t hear him. Prachi tells about his speech and tells that she wishes to have a father like him. She then hugs Pragya and says sorry. She tells that she thought only mothers love her daughters and tells that she knows that even a father loves his daughters now. She tells that Sir scolded Shahana like Dadi used to. Pragya asks her not to praise much else she will be jealous. She says she will meet him and thank him. Prachi says he is world’s best father. Shahana says he is very funny and tells Pragya that she should have married him, so that Prachi gets a father like him. Pragya says you say anything. She thinks who is he?

Abhi thinks of Aaliya’s words and thinks I couldn’t see your betrayal in your eyes behind your innocence. He thinks of their moments. He thinks about her and cries. He takes out Pragya’s pic from under his bed and thinks of their moments. A song plays…oh ho….tenu khuda mane ya….

Rhea’s friend comes to her room and asks her to wake up. Rhea says college starts after I reach there. Her friend asks her to see the time. Rhea gets up and asks her to go and get her clothes. She goes to washroom. Her friend gives her clothes, Rhea tries many outfits and then wears one. Her friend says you are looking pretty. She tells that she has informed Rocky and Shaina what they will do with Prachi. She tells that she has arranged some posters with Prachi’s pic and thief written on it. Rhea smiles.

Rhea’s friend telling that she has arranged some Prachi’s posters with thief written on it. She says everyone will rip her. Rhea says she will kick her not only from college, but Delhi. Her friend says she will. Rhea tells that she has to go and see dad, last night he was upset, so I have to convince him. Her friend asks what to do here. Rhea asks her to think how to trouble Prachi more. She talks to Aaliya and tells that she will convince dad. Abhi talks to Purab and asks where is that man? Purab says he will come. Man comes.

Abhi tells Aaliya that he is from Security agency and came to take the footage of our CCTV camera. Aaliya and Rhea get shocked. Abhi asks him to bring the CD and says I want to see who kept the necklace in Prachi’s purse. He asks Purab if he called Police. Purab says yes. Rhea panics. Abhi asks the man about his name. He says he is Mahesh. Abhi asks if he is honest and if he ever steal.

Mahesh says no. Abhi says I want to know the person doing everything, that how it feels when someone is blamed for no reason. Rhea tells Aaliya that she will tell Dad. Aaliya asks her to calm down. Rhea says everyone will know. Rhea’s friends are spreading rumours and have pasted Prachi’s pics with chor written on it. They cook up fake stories against Prachi. Prachi and Shahana come to college. They see the posters. Shahana says I will scratch his face. Prachi asks Shahana to take the posters out. Rhea’s friends say what is the use, everyone know who is the thief.

Prachi and Shahana take the posters out. Rhea’s friends asks them what a speed and asks them to go everywhere and get the posters. Shahana asks Prachi to come and says we will tear all posters. They all laugh. Purab tells Abhi that he has to go to office as Vikram is getting mad. Abhi asks Mahesh if he will know in 1 hour. Mahesh says you need all footage and tells that it will be done by evening. Mahesh goes to get chip. Aaliya asks Rhea not to look scared. Rhea says I am culprit. Aaliya says you are not culprit until you are proved guilty. Rhea says I don’t know why dad is so desperate. Aaliya says I fail to understand why bhai is protective about her. Rhea says why did she come from hoshiarpur to my college. She says my dad never scolded me, and says if he comes to know that I have kept necklace in her pocket then will he get me arrested. Rhea says I did what you asked me to do.

Aaliya asks her to relax and calm down. She says I will go and see Mahesh, before he sees you. Rhea’s friend hears them and asks are you the real chor? Rhea asks her to shut up and come to college. Aaliya thinks she should have thought about this before, and thinks to delay Mahesh’s work. She comes to Mahesh and asks him to go to kitchen and see the CCTV there. She asks about the chip in his hand. He tells that it is footage chip. Aaliya tricks him and exchanges the chip. She thinks she shall tell Rhea and hide this chip. Mahesh comes back and tells that it is not easy to fool a technician, and tells that his chip is smaller than hers. He says you made my work easy and told who is the thief. Aaliya asks him to help her and threatens him. Mahesh says you are in danger now.

Dadi tells Tai ji that she is going to temple for puja. She tells that she will take Abhi with her. Tai ji asks if Abhi will come? Mitali comes and says driver came. Dadi says Abhi will take her. Abhi says he has some important work. Dadi emotionally blackmails him. Abhi says I will come with you. Dadi hugs him. Abhi helps Dadi get up. Mitali asks Tai ji why did Dadi wink her eyes. Tai ji says beeji is fine and acted so that Abhi comes with her. She tells that today is 11th Purnima and beeji prays for Abhi and Pragya’s union. She says God hears old age people and kids prayers. Mitali thinks if Abhi and Pragya meet today.

Rhea and her friend reach college. Rocky and Shaina asks why she came late, and says you should have seen their faces. Rhea says they torn the posters and says I liked it. Rocky tells that they went to clean the campus, and says you have taken revenge from her. Rhea says it started just now, and says she won’t stop until she kicks her out. Rocky asks where she brought her evil ideas. Rhea says she is born with it. Prachi and Shahana hears them.

Shahana tells Prachi that she will scold Rhea and says she will not stop until we cut her nose. She says I will slap her hard. Prachi stops her. Shahana says this is your problem and asks if she is seeing goodness in her evilness, and says Rohit came home in Hoshiarpur as you was silent. Prachi says I am not stopping you, but asking you to wait for the right time. She says I will reply her, but my way. She says I don’t want revenge, but want to teach her a lesson, so that she got raise her hand infront of her. She promises Shahana that she will teach her a lesson before college ends.

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