Twist of fate update Monday 19 December 2022

Twist of fate 19 December 2022: Rhea coming to the room. Aaliya says everyone is messed up. She says Ranbir fought with the goons and brought Prachi back. Rhea says everything changed, just as the night finished. Aaliya says Pallavi and Vikram would have asked Prachi to go from here.

Rhea recalls Ranbir telling Prachi in the kidnapper’s place that he will never let her fall, and will always protect her. He asks her never to leave his hand, and promises never to leave her, says nobody can separate them. Rhea asks him to come. Prachi says I hate Rhea, but I love you so much. She says sorry for leaving him and going. She says I promise that I will never leave you. He asks her to promise. She promises and says I love you. Rhea says it is my mistake, I let this happen.

She says if I haven’t brought Sid here, then this wouldn’t have happened. She says I separated and then united them. Aaliya says nothing is going to change. Rhea says they were confessing their love. Aaliya says they were inebriated and will forget when they wake up. Rhea says their love will bring them closer, and says I was so happy when Prachi had left, but Ranbir reached there. She says they were hugging as if they are happy, and will stay here and I have lost. Aaliya asks her to control herself and slaps her. Rhea makes crying sound and says Mom is taking Prachi’s side and don’t worry about me. She says if she tells me that Prachi and Ranbir shall be together for the former’s mental health, then what shall I do? Aaliya says there is something in Pallavi’s mind, which we can’t think of.

Pallavi pulls the curtain of Ranbir’s room and thinks he got betrayed by life and wife. Ranbir wakes up and asks what had happened yesterday. He sits and recalls Sid’s words. He asks what to do, I loved her so much and did so much for her, then also she is pregnant with Sid’s child. Pallavi asks him not to think much. Ranbir says my life is ruined, how she can do this with me. He keeps his head on her lap and cries.

Shahana wakes up Prachi and asks what happened, are you fine? Prachi gets up and remembers all whatever had happened? She asks until now I am here, and says I can’t stay here, let me go. Shahana says you are not going anywhere and says Ganapati ji is coming today. She asks her to get ready as Ganapati ji is coming. Prachi asks her to understand. Shahana asks her to understand that Ganapati Bappa wants you to do the puja and brought you back as you don’t want you to go. She gives her saree and asks her to get ready fast.

Aaliya asks Servant if she found her necklace. She says no. Another Servant comes there. Aaliya tells him that her necklace is stolen and says she saw them in the jewellery shop. She asks them to return her necklace. The Servant asks if we go to bank, then if we steal money in the bank. He tells that poor are not thieves and says when some theft happens, then poor are caught. He says before accusing us, you should have searched in my room. Aaliya asks him to search the necklace. He says I don’t touch ladies stuff. Aaliya asks the lady servant to search the necklace. The lady Servant searches the necklace and finds it behind the table. She gives it to Aaliya. The Servant asks Aaliya to apologize to Priya. Aaliya says you might have stolen the necklace and now did this. She fires them and asks them to leave.

Ranbir and Vikram bring the Ganapati home. Sid suddenly falls and holds the Ganapati ji. Ranbir dances and says Ganapati Bappa Morya. Rhea says everyone came, but Prachi is not here. Aaliya says our mood gets spoiled with her presence. Pandit ji removes the veil and shows Ganapati ji. Ranbir looks at Sid.

Shahana comes to Prachi’s room and asks her to come fast. She looks at her and says you are looking very beautiful. Prachi asks her to listen and says she is feeling strange and worried. Shahana says you are feeling this, as your heart is not at peace. And you are having this feeling, due to the spray.

She says you both were drunk and was telling I love you to each other, and was showing off their love to each other. Prachi asks if Ranbir said this. Shahana says many times he told you, and also said that he will never love you, and says everyone came to know that you both love each other a lot. Prachi says we shall go downstairs, Bappa has come.

Pallavi takes Ranbir from there. She asks what is happening? She says I know what is in your heart, this is emotional time for you. Ranbir says yes and hugs her. Prachi comes there and looks at Ranbir. Aaliya says God doesn’t come, but devil does if we take his/her name. Prachi looks at Ranbir. Ranbir asks Pandit ji to start the aarti. Vikram and Pallavi do the aarti first.

Prachi takes aarti from them. Ranbir and Prachi do the aarti together. Ranbir leaves the aarti midway and goes. Prachi ends the aarti. She pushes Sid to do aarti with Prachi. Prachi moves away from there. Shahana pushes Rhea to the front. Rhea does aarti with Sid and goes back. Prachi prays to Bappa to bring out the truth and apologizes for going from there, before his arrival.

Prachi apologizing to Bappa for leaving the house before his arrival. She hopes that everything will be fine, with bappa’s arrival. She asks him to bring out the truth. Ranbir asks Bappa to take away his pain, it is increasing so much. Rhea thanks Bappa for getting her victory, and asks him to throw Prachi out so that she can get all the kingdom.

Aaliya tells Pallavi that whatever she thought is right and this work shall be done. Pallavi asks vikram to come with her, as she needs to talk to him about something important. Vikram asks what you want to say? Pallavi says I want to suggest something and tells that she really cares for Prachi’s child and her. She says I want Prachi and her baby to stay safe and her delivery shall happen peacefully.

Vikram says it is very natural, one woman is feeling another woman’s pain. Pallavi says she has attachment with their family’s baby, and tells that she wants to discuss about Prachi. She says whatever happened last night. He says he don’t want to talk. Aaliya tries to hear him, when someone calls her. Aaliya says we will talk later.

Pallavi asks Vikram to agree. Vikram refuses and goes. Aaliya thinks what Vikram is not agreeing. Pallavi says you can’t leave the talk incomplete. Vikram says there is no sense of the solution suggested by you. Pallavi says I want to talk to you, today is the good day. He says not today. She says something good might be happening, as this thing came in my mind today and asks him to come.

Shahana looks at Sid and turns her face. Rhea is talking to someone and looks at Sid. Ranbir is looking at Prachi, who is talking to someone. Sid comes to Ranbir and says I need to talk to you. Ranbir says I don’t want to hear. Sid says let me give explanation. Aaliya sees Sid trying to talk to Ranbir and signs Rhea. Rhea comes to Ranbir and asks him to come.

She takes him to dance. They dance on Ganapati bappa morya….Prachi looks at them. Aaliya smiles seeing them dancing. Dida sees Prachi sad. She pushes Rhea and makes Prachi stand with Ranbir. Ranbir dances while Prachi stands folding her hands towards Bappa. They both dance and fold their hands. Everyone claps for them. Prahi goes from there. Rhea tells Aaliya that Ranbir will not like Prachi’s dance. She holds Prachi’s hand and takes her to dance with her. Prachi also dances with her. Ranbir looks at Prachi and turns her face. Sid comes to Ranbir and says I need to talk to you, it is urgent, give me two mins. Prachi feels dizzy. Shahana takes her to room. Vikram comes back and asks where is Ranbir and Sid? Ranbir asks Sid, if anything is left after whatever you have done and says if you are alive today, it is just because I want you to be alive. He asks him not to take illegitimate advantage of being his brother. Rhea comes there and tells Ranbir that Mom is calling him. She asks him to come.

Aaliya comes to the room, to hear Vikram and Pallavi and tells that Aryan is not here. Aryan comes there. Pallavi and Vikram ask her to be quiet for sometime. Vikram says Pallavi thought something which was strange at first, but it seems right. Rhea thinks what she thought. He says whatever happened with the kids, is very unfortunate and for the house peace, we have decided.

He says we have decided in a hurry and some will think this strange, says they have decided for tomorrow. Rhea says I know you have taken this decision after a thought and not in a hurry. Pallavi says we have taken this decision in a hurry and don’t want to delay this. Ranbir asks what decision you have taken? Pallavi says your Dad and I have decided to get Sid and Prachi married? Rhea gets happy and smiles. Prachi wakes up from the sleep in shock. Shahana asks what happened? She asks her to sit and have lemon water.

Prachi makes a sad face and says she don’t know what is happening with her. She says she has a feeling that someone wants to pull the land under my feet and wants to wipe my identity. Shahana says nothing will happen. Prachi says she has to talk to Ranbir and then she will get peace. Aaliya says this is what is called as matured parents, who takes decision thinking about children’s future. She says hats off to Pallavi to fulfilling mother and saas’s role. She says I am very proud of both of you.

Dida says this decision is not right, this can be Pallavi’s decision, but not of Vikram. Aaliya says he said that he has taken this decision with Pallavi. Sid says Prachi and I shall not get married. Ranbir asks if he doesn’t want this, and asks if she is not beautiful. Rhea says Sid will marry her, there is no reason not to marry her. Pallavi says there is one reason that Prachi is pregnant with Sid’s baby.

She says Ranbir and Rhea’s marriage have happened, and that’s why Sid and Prachi’s marriage will not have any hurdles. She says she is thinking about family and don’t want any complications in relations. Sid looks at Aaliya. Aaliya threatens him showing his sister’s pic. Sid thinks he will make everything fine, as marriage will not happen next week. Pallavi says engagement is tomorrow and the marriage is next week. Dida objects. Aaliya says Pallavi is right. Pallavi says we can’t delay, else we will get bad reputation. Dida asks how you will make the kids understands. Pallavi says my decision is final. She says mahurat is of small time, so we have to do it fast. She says the relation made by them, we shall accept and they shall oblige to us.

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