Twist of fate update Friday 16 December 2022

Twist of fate 16 December 2022: Ranbir asking Prachi, why she didn’t tell him about her baby. She asks my baby? Ranbir says I mean our baby. He says why didn’t you tell me, when I came to the hospital. He says I thought you didn’t tell me, thinking I will accuse you.

He says he waited for her and was giving her time to say, and was happy about her pregnancy. He says I had bought that rented apartment for us and thought to start our parenting there. He says I wanted to do everything for you and was ready to leave everything as I just wanted you. He says I was not happy to become a father, but was happy as you are making me father. He says I was happy to make Bau ji as you was about to bring that happiness in that world, and I wanted to give you all the happiness to you. He says now I…

Prachi asks if you trust me or not? Ranbir says no, and says it is not that simple. He says he is feeling bad and asks if she thought what I went through. He says I know that you was shattered the day,when I accused you. He says I didn’t let anyone come near me. Prachi says whatever Sid told, you trust him? Ranbir says I don’t trust him, but I have no reason to disbelieve him. He says I don’t know, if I shall trust the proofs or you, if I shall heart my mind or heart. Prachi looks in disbelief.

Ranbir says Sid confirmed the proofs. Prachi says you can’t take Sid and my name together. Ranbir says why you didn’t tell me about the baby first and says I shall know about baby or not Sid. Prachi says so you are believing Sid. Ranbir says everything was lie whatever you hid from me, else accept that you are liar. Prachi says I can’t believe and asks him to say that I shall not answer. He says I want an answer. Prachi asks him to answer if he trust her or not. Ranbir says if I don’t.

Prachi says then I will think that you have done the same thing with me which you have done with me before. He says I am not the same as before, but you are still the same. Prachi says leave it, now it is over between us, neither love, nor relation. She goes from there. He tries to stop her, but in vain. She goes. He tears the pillows. He sits down on the floor. Prachi is thinking about Ranbir’s words and cries.

Tu bhi royega plays….Prachi comes to her room. Shahana asks what happened? Prachi hugs her and cries. Prachi says Ranbir said that he asked why did I give the news to Sid, about the baby. Shahana says you should have asked him if he trusts you. Prachi says he said that he wants to trust me. He says either you trust or don’t trust. She says he doesn’t trust me. Shahana says he is trusting Sid. Prachi says he trusts Sid, Rhea, Aaliya except me. He doesn’t trust me and says I am responsible for this, and says this has happened with me before. She says I come in his talks always, and says I thought everything will be fine. She says I gave him a chance, he married Rhea, and then also I gave him a chance. He didn’t trust me, I get fool by him again by again as I love him. She says I am suffering due to my true love, Ranbir never loved me truly, and I am getting punished for my true love. Shahana says you didn’t do any sin, I will question him, how can he question you. Prachi tries to stop her. Shahana says today I will question him. She goes.

Ranbir thinks about Prachi’s words. Sid is coming from the opposite direction and asks Ranbir to hear him. Ranbir says don’t and is about to hit him, but stops. Sid gets angry and goes to Aaliya and Rhea’s room. Aaliya asks how dare you to come here. Sid blames her for attempting to kill him. Rhea asks Aaliya, did you do this? She asks what was the need? Aaliya says my life was not at stake and says don’t question me. She says he said that what we wanted. Sid says you knew that I will lie to save my sister, and asks I had married Rhea, and She is the worst mistake of my life.

He asks why do you come in my life and says because of whom I have ruined my brother’s life. Aaliya pushes him down. Sid says you shouldn’t have been born and if you wanted to born then you wouldn’t have been born as a woman. He says you are not a woman but a witch. Aaliya says no Sid. Sid says I know you are a cheap woman like Rhea. Rhea keeps her hand on his mouth and asks him to bang his head on the wall or take out his frustration somewhere else. She says before doing judgement on us, think about your sister and think that your Dad was a cheap person. She says if he didn’t have an affair, then you wouldn’t have a step sister then we wouldn’t have blackmailed you. She asks her to worry about his step sister, else he will cry for her dead body. She pushes him. Sid cries.

Shahana thinks where is Ranbir and thinks to question him. She comes to his room and asks if he is in the washroom. She asks if your love was this, that you leave her alone whenever Prachi is in need. She asks him to scold her as well. She couldn’t find him there.

Aaliya and Rhea rejoice seeing Sid’s helplessness. Rhea asks if you are done with crying then shall we talk. Sid says he feels disgusted with her. Aaliya asks him not to look at them. Rhea says it is enough of their melodrama. Sid says you both are cheap, and says you cut the roots where you stay. He says animals are faithful, but you people don’t leave anyone. Rhea hurts his injuries and asks what is my fault, that I love Ranbir and you loved me. She says I did so much to get Ranbir and says you are a loser not to know that I don’t love you. She laughs. Aaliya says well played Rhea. Sid says I hate you. Rhea says don’t say this, and acts as if she is getting a heart attack. She hugs Sid, cries and laughs aloud. Aaliya says what a loser? Rhea says you are such a loser, that you can’t even hate, and crying like small children. She says one thing Sid did right, made lie as truth infront of family.

Rhea appreciating Sid for making the lie as truth infront of the family and says they agreed. She says there is a conviction in his lie. She says nobody believed me when I said that Prachi’s baby is of Sid, but they believed you. Sid says they love and trust me. Aaliya says correction, and says they used to love you, but now everyone will hate you. Rhea and Aaliya laugh, making fun of him. They say poor guy. Sid says you have snatched everything from me, I want to go away from here and die. Rhea acts and says don’t talk about death, you don’t deserve to die, and says such people are needed in this world.

She says I might need you in future. Aaliya says he is weak at heart, he might fall in love with you. She tells Sid that they will leave his sister soon, just as Ranbir accepts Rhea. Rhea says step sister. She says my dear Sid, we are taking good care of your sister and threatens him suffocating his neck. Sid says you can blackmail me and get Ranbir, but will never get him. He says you are a bad housefly. Rhea slaps him and threatens to kill his sister if he misbehaves with her. Aaliya calls him paplu and says pray that Ranbir accepts Rhea, then only you can meet your sister. She says it was fun. They laugh.

Ranbir comes to the inhouse bar and thinks of Prachi and Sid. He recalls Sid’s words and breaks the glass. Shahana thinks where is Ranbir, don’t leave Prachi alone. She thinks if she could then would have killed Rhea and her Buji. She overhears Aaliya and Rhea laughing. Aaliya asks Rhea not to talk to Paplu like this and says he was once your husband. She says he came to our use. Rhea says yes, he was of good use, and says he was called for Prachi, but he came for my use. She says he married me in Bangalore and fulfilling the relation here. Aaliya says he is fulfilling the relation here. They laugh madly. Shahana hears them. Sid pleads infront of them to let him go and says I have done your work. Shahana is shocked and the vase falls down touching her hand.

Rhea says someone is outside. Aaliya asks her to go out and check. They come out to check. Shahana is hiding and thinks to tell both Prachi and Ranbir. She says save me from these witches. Sid comes out of the room and is going. Aaliya and Rhea ask him to stop. Rhea says our talk is not yet over. Aaliya says you can’t go until we ask you. They hold his hand and take him inside. Shahana keeps the vase back and goes.

Rhea asks do you love your sister or not? Sid says I love her a lot, but there is nobody for you. Aaliya says who is talking, who came to save us. Aaliya asks him to hear her carefully and says you did what we asked you to do, and says you shall do what we ask you to do. Rhea says if you don’t do or tell anything about us, then I will kill your sister. She hurts Sid and asks him to go and rest. She says love you and laughs. Sid goes.

Shahana thinks to tell Prachi and Ranbir, and says they did this to malign Prachi’s respect. Ranbir is driving the car and drives rashly. He is about to meet with an accident and stops the car. He drinks wine and gets drowsy. Shahana thinks to tell Prachi and goes to her room. She finds her missing. She checks in her cupboard and thinks to see her outside. Pallavi is sitting sadly and thinks about Wendy’s words. Shahana asks did you see Prachi? Pallavi says I was really happy that Prachi is becoming Ranbir’s baby mother and did godh Bharati and blessed her with my heart.

She says I wanted to do everything which was good for the baby, and it was Ranbir’s first baby and the heir of the family, but like always Prachi snatched all the happiness from me. She says I had convinced myself that I can get happiness from Prachi, but it was just my illusion. She says I was right about Prachi, she has come to take revenge from us. Shahana asks do you know where is she? Pallavi asks do you think that I care for her. She says I hope and pray that she don’t come back to this house, she shall yearn and cry, and shall break like she has broken our family.

Shahana says don’t say this, your curse might come true. Pallavi says this is my curse and it will come true. Shahana is shocked and cries, worrying for Prachi. She asks God to make her meet Prachi or Ranbir. She calls Prachi and finds her phone at home. She cries and asks where did you go? She finds a notepad there.

Shahana reading the letter left by Prachi for Ranbir. She reads, Prachi says Ranbir, you used to say that I taught you love, but even I have learnt from you that love doesn’t bend down or don’t die. She writes you used to say that you love me, and even I used to think this, that your love will not get less in life’s ups and downs, but seems like you never loved me, if you had loved me then would have trusted me, like I trusted you.

She writes that she don’t need any answer as everything is over, love, trust and hope. She says I shall leave from here, take care. She writes her name as Prachi. She says she wanted to write, as yours Prachi, but….Shahana gets teary eyes.

Prachi goes past from near Ranbir’s car and her pallu falls on his face, but he is unconscious.

Prachi runs and falls down on the down. Ranbir doesn’t see her. A truck comes and goes to other side. A guy comes to Prachi and asks if she is fine? Prachi wipes her tears. Shahana thinks what did you do Prachi, you went alone in night and thinks to take Aryan’s help. She drops Prachi’s letter while going and it falls near the bed. Rhea collides with Shahana and scolds her.

Shahana asks her to stay in limits and says she is not Prachi. She says if I was on Prachi’s place then would have killed you. Rhea asks her to go and wipe her so called sister’s tears and calls her useless. Shahana says Prachi has left home as she couldn’t bear the accusations. She says you have asked sid to lie. Rhea says Sid is Prachi’s friend and will agree to my sayings, says she is making her feel super powerful.

Shahana says she will see her later and goes. Rhea is happy and says Prachi has gone, I have finally gone. She says her pregnancy good news is fake, but other good news is real, I have won.
The guy asks Prachi to drink some water. Prachi says no, I am fine. The guy asks if you want to call someone. Prachi says I am fine and asks him to go. The guy offers her help and asks if she fought with her husband. He comes behind Prachi and asks her to tell him about an address. He asks if Delhi people does like this. Prachi asks him to go. Other guy comes there and kidnaps Prachi with him. Ranbir opens his eyes and falls unconscious again. The kidnapping happens right infront of his eyes.

Rhea comes to Prachi’s room and calls her. She says finally she is gone. She falls on the bed and feels good. She says illness and trouble’s gives peace and says it is amazing. She says this house and Ranbir is mine. She picks his pic and says whenever I try to come closer to you, that inauspicious Prachi used to come between us. She will stay in this room and will have food and romance too.

She says she feels so much in love with him. She says I know you are upset with me, but it is all that inauspicious Prachi’s mistake. She says if she would have been there, then I would be your first love and first wife. She says I will give you all happiness of the life, you shall be loyal to me and shall just love me. She thinks to shift her room in this room, and thinks if husband is mine, then room is also mine.

She thinks to remove Prachi’s clothes and keep her clothes. She says yuck seeing her sarees. Aaliya comes there and asks what are you doing? Rhea says I am moving her stuff. Aaliya says she is still at home. Rhea says Shahana told that she has left and says she will move her stuff and will make her control shift and delete. Aaliya laughs and says good idea. Shahana comes out of the house calling Prachi. The goons are taking Prachi. Prachi hears her voice.

The goons threaten to kill her and Shahana also if she makes any sound. They take her to the temple. Shahana sees Ranbir in the car and tries to wake him up. She thinks he is drunk and says we don’t drink, but men drink. She tries to tell him that Prachi is missing, but he is unconscious. Shahana thinks what to do, shall I search Prachi or handle him. Prachi tries to push the goon. Other goon comes from tempo and covers a big bag on her head.

Sid comes to Dida and tells that he has hurt the family badly, but he was helpless at heart. He says may be this was God’s choice. Shahana sees the goons taking a woman in the truck. Prachi shouts for help. Shahana thinks it is girl’s voice. She then thinks it is Prachi’s voice, as Prachi calls her. Shahana finds her bracelet and thinks she was Prachi. She runs behind the truck and falls down.

Dida takes Sid out and throws him. Vikram asks what happened? Dida asks him not to come back again to this house. She says blood can never change. Vikram asks why are you saying this? Dida says if someone scratches old wounds then it injures. She says she had two sons, Vikram and Vikrant, and tells that Vikram is keeping her with respect, and Vikrant humiliated her and she can’t go back to village. She says you are characterless like your father and said about my Prachi and Ranbir. Pallavi says it is not just Sid’s mistake. Dida asks her not to say, and says it is about Ranbir.

Rhea says mistake is of Prachi, Ranbir told her clearly that Sid likes her and she should have stayed away from him, but she met him secretly. Dida asks her not to say anything. Sid tells Dida that he is not giving justification and says Prachi didn’t do any mistake. Aaliya says you want to say indirectly that you love Prachi. Vikram says we will talk about this matter when the matter calm down. He asks Sid to go to his room and rest. Dida says I asked him to leave. Vikram says we will talk later, you are angry now. He hugs her and says you are repeating the same mistake, which happened with Ranbir.

Dida doubts her upbringing. Vikram says it is nothing like that. The girls in the tempo removes cloth from Prachi’s head. Prachi asks who are you all? The girls tell that they have been kidnapped. A girl tells that her boyfriend got her kidnapped. Other girl says they will sell us. Prachi is shocked.

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