Twist of fate update friday 11 February 2022

Twist of fate 11 February 2022: Tanu come to Abhi’s room and says nobody decorated my room, today my marriage happened with him. She thinks she will stay here as Tanushree Abhishek Mehra. Abhi comes there. Tanu says it is your room, don’t be uncomfortable. She says you and your family tried to stop the marriage and did planning and plotting. She says if she wanted then would have file case against his family being rape victim and would have got security too. She says she wants to give him money and asks him to come. She takes him to the bathroom and opens the shower. She says my voice will not record. She says sorry Abhi, I came here to win the war here. She tells that she came to give him love and peace of mind. She whispers in his ears and says you didn’t rape me.

She says I am forgiving you for whatever you have done with me and you also forgive me. She says we shall start from where when Pragya haven’t come. He tells that he has no wife before Pragya came. He says you loved and married the guy who doesn’t love you and tells that though he is angry with Pragya, but he is always of her. Tanu says you are in this condition due to Pragya. Abhi says I am in this condition due to you. Tanu says even pragya wants to get you, but lost and I have won. Abhi says my heart used to beat for Pragya and I breathe for her. He says you have won, but can’t win me. Tanu says I will win you one day, when you stay from Pragya, then I will get you and then Pragya’s breathes will stop, you and both Kumkum Bhagya will be mine.

Pallavi tells Ranbir that she never saw Abhi so disturbed before. Ranbir tells Pallavi that just as Chief feels, he also feels the same and don’t want to do this marriage. Pallavi says enough and asks him to stop it. Ranbir says don’t you care for me, for your son. Pallavi says Abhi got married by cheat, but you are marrying with your wish. Ranbir says I told you that it was not my wish. Pallavi says it is too late. Ranbir tells that what is the use of such a life, if I am not happy. He folds his hands and tells that he don’t want to do this marriage. Pallavi says if Prachi tells me that she wants to marry you, then I will talk to Rhea and will stop this marriage. He says you have time till night, if you don’t convince Prachi, then you have to marry Rhea.

Ranbir thanks and hugs Pallavi. He says I love you so much. Pallavi says only mother loves her child so much and asks him not to take advantage of her love. Ranbir hugs her. Mitali worries for Abhi’s reaction. Aaliya says it was my mistake seeing Abhi coming there. Mitali says it is my mistake as I brought Tanu to the mandap, thinking her to be Pragya. Aaliya says who has brought Tanu out of almira. Abhi says she must have hired a third person who has done this. Mitali thinks aaliya was helping Tanu. Abhi says I am not blaming anyone and thanks them for their help. He goes. Aaliya says we shall be careful from close relatives. She asks Mitali why did you come to Tanu’s side. Mitali says you know me, tells that people take side of winning party. She says when I thought Pragya will win, then I came to her side, then shifted to Tanu’s side. She says she has to do this to maintain her status.

Abhi sees Pragya upset and crying in her room. He recalls blaming her for ruining his life. He goes inside, but turns to go. Pragya asks him to listen and says sorry, hugs him. Abhi says I shall be sorry. Pragya says I should have been alert knowing Tanu can do anything. Abhi says I shouldn’t have got angry on you. He says I give your kumkum to someone else and says sorry for getting angry. He says you are crying. Pragya says I am not crying. Abhi holds his ears. Pragya holds his hands. She says our lives are changed now, but we have to make Rhea’s marriage memorable and our today shall not effect her marriage. Abhi says we will do. Pragya hugs him.

Prachi looks at the friendship band which Ranbir had given her and cries. Manmurade song plays…She switches off lights and is about to sleep. Ranbir comes there and knocks on the door. Prachi opens the door and looks at him. He says I want to talk to you something, tomorrow is my marriage. Prachi says I know tomorrow mahurat is very good, it is good that you are marrying tomorrow. Ranbir says we have a last chance. Prachi asks him to stop it and says she knows what he is going to tell. Ranbir says I will tell and you have to listen. He says you have to say the truth. Prachi says I will tell you truth, and tells that she don’t want his marriage to happen. Ranbir thanks her and asks her to tell this to his Mummy that she loves him. Prachi says she didn’t want his marriage to happen with Rhea, as she is her sister and knows that she can get a good guy than him. She says Rhea doesn’t value money, but I value it and will marry a rich guy only. She asks him not to fall in love matters.

Ranbir says it is waste to talk to you. Prachi says I am telling you for the last time and says whatever you want, can’t happen. He asks are you sure? She says yes. He says you know that I am a one woman man. Prachi says I know. He comes out of room and sees Tanu standing. Tanu asks did you see abhi? Ranbir says no. She asks what is going on? Ranbir says nothing and wipes his tears. Prachi comes to the door and closes it. She cries. Ranbir also cries.

Pragya comes to Abhi. Tanu comes there and calls Abhi. She asks what is he doing here? Abhi says this is my house and I can be anywhere. Tanu asks what are you doing in Pragya’s room. Pragya says he came to talk and was leaving. She says she is not talking to her and tells Abhi that if he wants to talk to her, then would have called her in their room. Abhi says you can’t be my wife. Tanu repeats Judge’s words and tells that she is his wife and asks him to take care of her. Abhi says you are not my wife. Pragya asks him to calm down. Abhi says when I was marrying you, I was thinking of Pragya only. Tanu says I am your wife in reality. She says she will leave. Pragya tells Tanu that Abhi is drunk. Tanu says he is drunk and goes to change her bridal clothes. Pragya tells Abhi that if Tanu goes from here then she might fall harassment case against you. Abhi asks when to start then? Pragya says let Rhea and Ranbir marry then I will do something. Abhi says my mind doesn’t work without you. Pragya says she will be with her always. Tanu comes back and tells that she will sleep where Abhi sleeps and asks Pragya to go. Pragya leaves.

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  1. The way the movie is going is really bad. How can only Tanu be creating the whole issues. We subscribed to watching the love story between Ahbi and praga


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