Twist of fate update Friday 10 April 2020

Twist of fate 10 April 2020: Abhi lets his daadi sleep on bed and hugs her. At the other side, Suresh tells Pragya that he will leave now and asking her also to sleep.

Pragya says he solved a big problem today and asks him to speak to Rachna once. Suresh says he cannot see Racha’s face after her mistakes. Pragya says even he did a mistake by hiding his love, even she did mistake by loving him even after knowing he loves Bulbul. He says situations are wrong, not people. Same has happened to Rachna.

Daadi says Rachna not to worry as Suresh came back from Akash’s house and Akash’s daadi has promised to get Akash married to Rachna if Rachna is right. Rachna gets happy hearing that. Daadi says she is confused if they are doing right by marrying Rachna to Akash as Akash refused to acknowledge Rachna for money and now he is agreeing to marry after his daadi’s interference, will he be able to keep Rachna happy, she feels they are pushing Rachna in sorrows. Pragya says let Rachna take a decision if she wants to marry Akash or not.

Akash speaks to his fiance and says the man who came on their engagement day was Rachna’s brother. His mom hears him telling that and snatches phone from him. She speaks to Akash’s fiance who says she enjoyed the engagment and her friends were happy and excited dancing with Abhi and says her friends want to take pictures wtih Abhi. Akash’s mom says she will inform Abhi about that and cuts the call. She then slaps Akash and says why was he informing about Rachna to his fiance. She then says she will take him to Rachna’s house as daadi had insisted her. Akash’s father thinks his wife will create a drama at Rachna’s house.

Bulbul sees Suresh praying in the temple and then going into the marriage hall. She goes in with Pragya and sees Suresh clearing furniture and decorations from marriage hall. He says since workers are on leave, he is working. He then sees Bulbul helping.. Ya rabba dede koi jaan bhi agar… song plays in the background. Bulbul says it is very difficult to remove decorations and asks Suresh and Pragya to marriage in a simple way. Suresh injures his hand while listening to Bulbul.

Pragya gets worried for him and goes to bring First Aid. Bulbul says he has become old now and does not look good clearing furniture, he looks good filing PILs. She then says she is joking. Pragya comes back with First Aid box and sees Bulbul tying a cloth on his hand. She goes back sadly when Suresh stops her. Pragya says for hiding her love, he does not need to hide his love for bulbul. Suresh says she was right yesterday and says he will inform the truth to his family. Pragya says it was her mistake that she thought he loves her, so she will inform the family. Suresh says we both will inform our families together. They both go into the house and call their mothers. Madhavi and Sarla ask why are they calling them together.

Akash’s parents reach Rachna’s home. His mom asks him how can he love a girl of such a cheap area. His dad says even they used to stay in this kind of locality with one bathroom for whole locality. Mom sees Sarla’s servant brooming floor, asks her about Rachna and informs she came for Rachna’s alliance with her son. Servant goes in and informs that Akash’s parents have come for Rachna’s alliance. Everyone get happy. Sarla asks Madhavi to greet them in. Bulbul says Rachna that her prince charming Akash has come with his parents with alliance. Madhavi greets them in and asks them to sit. Akash’s mom meets Rachna and asks how is she, she is looking innocent and her son fell for her. She says she came with his son’s alliance for Rachna. Suresh says he did not expect them coming so early. Akash’s mom asks Rachna which college she usesd to stay and when did he meet Akash.

Rachna informs about her college name and says she met him in second year. Mom asks if she had an affair with another guy before Akash. Mom asks why did she get pregnant as she is from good family. Rachna says Akash married her. Mom asks Akash if Rachna is telling true. Akash says he did not marry Rachna. Rachna asks him why is he lying. Mom asks if she wil get pregnant with anyone who marries her, guys are like that, but she had to be careful.

Suresh asks Akash’s mom if she has come with weird questions here. She says she has come with alliance. She asks Rachna why did she get pregnant so early. Suresh says she cannot insult Rachna. Mom says she wants to know if the kid is of Akash. Rachna says it is Akash’s child. Mom says she will get DNA test of all of Rachna’s friends. Suresh asks her if she has gone insane. Mom gets angry and says she does not want to stay here and goes out. Madhavi pleads to accept her daughter. Mom starts shouting in front of whole locality neighbours that Rachna got pregnant with out marriage, etc.

Sarla says she cannot insult Rachna like that as she knows that Akash is lying and he cannot take his child’s responsibility and she came with an intention of insulting Rachna. Mom says Sarla that she herself is getting insulted, she came here because Suresh came pleading to get his sister married. Neighbours badmouth about Rachna and Suresh. Akash’s mom says Madhavi that she did not brring up her children well, so Rachna got pregnant without marriage. She says she will speak to them after DNA test and goes from there.

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