Twist of fate update Friday 1 May 2020

Twist of fate 1 May 2020: Bulbul ask Purab to marry Aaliya. Purab asks what will happen to their relationship then. Bulbul says she does not love him now and says why did he not inform her about his engagement to Aaliya and why did he betray Abhi, because of his mistake, her sister is suffering. She says before it is too late, he should marry Aaliya and if Pragya gets any problem, she will not forgive him.

Pragya and Aaliya reach a hotel. Aaliya asks why have they come here when they had to reach airport. Abhi says if she is very eager to sit in flight. He goes to reception and takes rooom keys. Pragya asks him repeatedly why did he bring her here, he does not listen to her and takes her to a room and says welcome to Shimla. Pragya asks what rubbish is he talking. Abhi says he is not rubbishing, it is her Simla, she wanted to enjoy her honeymoon, it is her honeymoon here, he will go to his girlfriend now. He says he told her this trip will be her worst trip and asks her to pray god to strengthen her to stay here for 4 days. Pragya says she will be happy staying alone for 4 days without him and says he would have booked a small hotel room instead. Abhi says he will remember her choice and asks her not to go out of room, else she will repent.

Tanu calls Abhi and asks if he dropped behanji at hotel. Abhi says yes and now he is going to a concert as he does not want to miss earning money. He says he asks her to meet him in the evening to spend some quality time. Tanu’s friends praise her for spoiling Abhi’s honeymoon and warns her from Pragya saying when she can manipulate Purab, she can manipulate anyone.

Pragya sees painting of couple kissing near Eiffel tower and reminisces Bulbul telling she is excited to hear her enjoying near Eiffel tower, etc. She gets Sarla’s call who asks her if she reached airport. Pragya says yes and says cabin crew is asking to keep phone.

Abhi is busy preparing for his concert. His sponsors ask him to wear their dress with their logo. Abhi says he will, but needs alteration before that and asks his secretary to alter it showing Sarla’s gifted sweater by mistake. Secretary says it will not fit him. Abhi says he made a mistake and brought someone else’s bag. Secretary says it is okay, people make mistake in love. Abhi asks her to shut up and says he will bring his bag from hotel.

Pragya opens window and sees rain outside. Pyar hai ya saza…. song plays in the backround. She cries remembering Abhi telling he will make her life a hell. She hears door knocking sound, opens it and sees waiter holding her tea. Waiter gets in and drops tea on her by mistake. He apologizes her. She says it is ok. She opens suitcase and sees it is Abhi’s suitcase instead. She thinks of wearing Abhi’s clothes till she washes her clothes and dries them.

Tanu comes to Abhi’s concert venue and gets angry hearing people talking that Abhi went back to his wife as he loves her a lot.

Abhi comes to hotel room and calls Pragya, but she does not pick it. He calls room service who opens the door. He calls Pragya/Chashmish to wake up, but she is asleep listening to music. He takes her earphone, hears song and says she hears very boring songs. Pragya opens her eyes and sees Abhi. Abhi says he needs his clothes which she is wearing. Pragya says her clothes are wet and she cannot remove his clothes. He gets Tanu’s call, picks it but forgets to cut it. Tanu hears him asking Pragya to remove her clothes and she resisting but agreeing to remove it. She cuts call and calls him again, asks where is he. Abhi says he is in his friend’s house and is removing his frien’ds clothes, his clothes…. and then asks her to wait for him until he comes back.

Pragya says she cannot remove clothes. Abhi says he will give his clothes to change, removes his t-shirt and gives it to her. He changes clothes, sees Pragya wearing his clothes and says she is looking like Jr. Abhi and he would have used her as his duplicate if he would have found her before. He says he is going for his honeymoon and asks her to enjoy, but not to call her boyfriend, else he will ruin them both. He says she is looking rocking and goes from there. He smells PRagya’s perfume on his clothes and says it is smelling awful. Pragya says same smelling his perfume.

Abhi tells a hotel staff to put bag in his room after few hours just so Pragya also has to be tortured with his perfume, like he’s getting tortured with her perfume.

Bulbul and Purbi are going to their house. Purbi says Pragya wouldn’t have to do all that work. Bulbul sees Purab there. She sends Purbi home and goes to Purab. She asks him what he came for when he refused to marry Aaliya. He says he came to ask why she came close when she wanted to leave him in the end. He never wanted to fall in love with her, but she wanted it and that is why she attracted him in office, washroom, elevator, etc. She tells him she didn’t do anything purposely, it just happened. He says exactly. Love doesn’t happen by thinking. then why she is doing this? She says it’s their both mistake. She asks him not to compare love and marriage. Marriage you do after thinking, just like Abhi married Pragya. But they can change that marriage in love. She will have to give hope to Pragya and a chance to this marriage.

Purab says he knows Abhi and he won’t fall in love with Pragya. She asks why not? She knows her sis very well. She’ll definitely fulfill her relationship, but first Purab has to marry Aaliya. He tries to say something, but she tells him it’s better if he goes away from her life. She turns her face and walks away. She then looks back at him, but now he turns and walks away. Both become sad and cry.

Akash is talking to Rachna on phone. She tells him that her brother will never listen. He says he doesn’t care. If she doesn’t come, then he will go there. He still thinks of her. She says nothing is left in her heart for him so it’s better if he doesn’t call again. She hangs. Rachna turns and her mum is there. She asks whose call it was. She says it was wrong number. Akash sends a message to Rachna. He turns and his mother is standing there. She asks him what he’s doing in guest room and why he got scared. She asks if it’s a girl matter? He says no, after what happened, no girl looks at him. His mum tells him not to worry, she will find a rich girl.

Abhi comes to Tannu and hugs her, but she avoids him. He goes behind her and she again avoids. She asks him since when he started using ladies perfume and she finds a long hair from his shirt as well. What kind of that friend he’s that she doesn’t know. He says he met him in last concert. She tells him to tell his stories elsewhere because she knows where he was and with whom. If he was tired of her, then he could have told her instead going to chasmish. He says what are you saying? You know me. She says, not after what happened today. He tells her she made him marry and now she’s getting insecure.

She says yes because she didnt know he would fall for her. She’s leaving from there saying she doesn’t care what he does. She can’t see herself getting insulted by Abhi leaving her and going to chasmish. She tells him to forget that they had any relationship. He stops her and asks her to calm down. She tells him he’s a liar. She’ll get hurt now, but then she will be alright. She walks out. He follows her and asks if she thinks anything can happen between them. She says, looking at him, yes. He tells her that she’s jealous and it’s his insult by her joining his name with Pragya. She tells him what all she heard on phone. He says he will prove it today, he will propose Tannu in front of his fans. He leaves.

Pragya’s Dadi is looking at her marriage photos, while Sarla is not able to concentrate in kitchen work. She asks Dadi if she should call Pragya, she should have reached Shimla. Dadi says she will call. Pragya thinks it would be better to talk with Dadi, so she picks up, but it’s Sarla talking on the other side. Sarla asks about Shimla. Pragya says it’s very good place and it’s cold. Sarla asks her if everything is okay as her voice doesn’t sound normal. Pragya says all okay and changes the topic saying it’s going to snow in evening. Sarla tells her not to go outside. Dadi takes the phone and tells Pragya not to listen to Sarla. If she doesn’t go out, then how she will enjoy. She asks her to take photos and send her. Pragya says there is network problem.

Dadi says no problem, she will see when they return. Bulbul comes out. Pragya is in tears. Dadi asks Pragya to pass phone to Abhi. Pragya says he went to washroom. Dadi gives her tips to give to Abhi. Bulbul takes phone from Dadi. Pragya tells her she’s fine. Bulbul tells her not to lie to her. Sarla asks what she’s lying about. Bulbul says she’s saying she won’t go out. She then indirectly tells Pragya not to suffer with Abhi and don’t worry about anything. She hangs. Both sisters get emotional.

Abhi comes on the stage. He says before concert, he wants to talk something personal. Purab is also attending the concert. Abhi says he told everyone about love before this, but today he’ll tell everyone whom he loves. He’s madly in love with someone.

A hotel staff gives Pragya’s bag to her. She’s listening the radio and tells Pragya that Abhi is going to take her name. She gets worried hearing Abhi talk about his love. At Sarla’s house, they also turn on the radio to listen Abhi’s concert. Abhi says he will introduce that girl to everyone on the stage. Sarla wonders whom he’s talking about.

The concert starts. Pragya is worried what if at home they watch Abhi taking Tannu’s name. Abhi sings Tum Ho song looking at Tannu. After he finishes, he says he dedicated this song to his darling, Tannu. Pragya and everyone is shocked. But an old lady comes on the stage. He hugs her and introduces her to everyone. She heard his first song when she was 43 years old and now she’s 52. Pragya is relieved. Abhi continues, she listens his song 100 times a day. She wrote a letter with her blood and he taught her ramp walk. Tannu and Abhi smile looking at each other. Abhi dances with the old lady and gets down on his knees and says, I hope you now know how much I love you. Tannu smiles at him and whispers, I love you.

Sarla says she got scared for a moment. Dadi says Abhi loves all the Daadis and all Daadis love him. Abhi says I love you Tannu and hugs the old lady.

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