Twist of fate update Friday 1 April 2022

Twist of fate 1 April 2022: Prachi come to the room wearing night suit. Ranbir rolls down the bed and gets up and asks what is the need to wear nice clothes, when she is so beautiful? She says she is wearing night suit. Ranbir says I can’t stop myself and says something is wrong.

Prachi says you like this kurta. Ranbir says I am noticing that you are wearing dresses of my choice. Prachi says I thought you get angry when I am busy in work, then you will not let me work and that’s why I shall smile and then you will like it. He says we will go on a lunch together. He says we will go on a long drive and then will go to restaurant. Prachi says we will go some other time and says she is busy. He says again you are busy and tells that they shall go to Manali again, and have their honeymoon again.

She slips and he holds her. Prachi asks who made this water fall down? Ranbir says sorry. Prachi says you always does this. Ranbir asks her to twist his ears. Prachi asks him to be quiet and says I am very angry. Ranbir says you looks good when angry. Prachi says if you had fallen down. He says if you stay angry with me then I will kiss you. Prachi says then I will not get angry on you. He says lets try, if you will not get angry and says he will spill water on the floor. Prachi says she will not get angry. He says if water falls down on the bedsheet. Prachi says I will not get angry. Ranbir says life’s half problems will be solved and says if she knows what he will do if she gets angry.

Abhi reaches home. Pragya asks where did you go? Abhi asks her to go out and sit in watchman’s cabin. She says why you didn’t tell me that you went to Gaurav’s office. He asks if she was spying on him. Pragya says I don’t need to spy on you, and tells that Gaurav called and threatened me. Abhi says I will break his legs. Pragya says he is a goon and you will not do anything. Abhi says I will break his face. Pragya says why did you go there? Abhi says there was missed calls on Aaliya’s phone and Gaurav was calling to know where did she reach?

He says he was worried for Aaliya and that’s why went there. Pragya says she is not a small girl and can take care of herself. Abhi says I was worried for you too and tells that I don’t want Aaliya to do any foolishness again, and don’t want anyone to suffer losses. Pragya says you can have loss, and says wrong thing happens with good people, says why are you so good? She says you knows well how Aaliya is, and whatever she has done. Abhi says everyone has done mistakes in the past, you and me too. He says our relation is such due to the past, and says we have relation, but don’t have emotions. He says if Aaliya had not done any mistake, then I would have loved her so much.

He says see our relation, it is so changed that we don’t know what are we doing and what are we saying? He says there is so much change, and says I am saying a lot, this is the problem, when I don’t drink, I get emotional and sensible. He says when I drink wine, then you leave the house. He says I thought to go to my peace. She thinks he didn’t drink even today for me, and smiles.

Rhea comes to the room and sees Sid on the bed and smiling at her. She takes her pillow and is about to go. Sid asks what happened? She says she will sleep outside. He says I think you irritate me intentionally and like it. Rhea asks are you out of your mind, I do this to irritate you. He says yes. Rhea asks him to tell what type of girl she is. He says you started fighting. Rhea asks what wrong did I do? Sid says you are going out of room and doing wrong. Rhea says it is not necessary that I sleep with you daily. Sid says I will stop you, as you are doing wrong. Rhea argues with him. Sid says it is waste to talk to you. He goes. Rhea gets happy and says good job. She sleeps alone on the bed.

Pragya gets a call from Subhash He says he needs permission for her office renovation. He asks her to inform him and says if she don’t tell that the work will be delayed. Abhi tells Pragya that he will go to office and see. Pragya tells Subhash that her husband will come and see the work. She ends the call and asks abhi if he got peace. He asks her to sleep on the bed. Abhi gets happy and goes to bed. Pragya also comes to the bed. He asks if she will sleep with him. Pragya says I will sleep on my bed. She keeps pillows and says this is border. He says if anyone crosses the line at night. Pragya says if he is so scared that sleep on sofa. He says its ok.
They lie down on the bed and look at each other. Teri Nazar plays…..They look at each other while sleeping.

In the morning, Sid asks Servant not to serve well. Prachi asks him to eat well. Ranbir asks him to eat well. Prachi asks Sid to have food properly and says you will have junk in office. She tells Rhea that she doesn’t know him, he eats much when stress. Ranbir tells Rhea that Prachi knows Sid well. Sid says he used to go to their rented house. Prachi says Sid was my sasural. Sid says when I came to know about her skills and I offered her job. Ranbir says Prachi and Sid was always together and I used to get mad at him. Sid says he wanted me to marry and pushed me out many times. Ranbir says ofcourse. Rhea hears them. She thinks to go to office today.

Mitali asks Aaliya if she made tasty breakfast that Abhi and her finished it fully. Aaliya gets Gaurav’s call and disconnects it. Abhi comes to Pragya and asks her to walk fast. Pragya asks did you have breakfast? Abhi says yes, Bhabhi made nice food. He asks why she is walking slow. She says I am wearing heels and calls Shagun. Abhi says how good you are looking, why you haven’t worn it before. He says we will get late and asks her to come. Pragya asks him to go alone and tells that she has to meet lawyer and then a big singer. Mitali asks Pragya to take her. Pragya says I will take you later. Aaliya hears him. Gaurav calls again and thinks I am not her boyfriend to call her again and again, it is important call.

Mitali asking Aaliya what happened, why her mood is spoiled. Aaliya says nothing, you do your work. Mitali thinks nobody can hide anything from me. She thinks when I hear you in your room, then I won’t feel good. Rhea comes to Sid’s cabin and thinks to search some proofs. She thinks they might have gone to some business trips and might have some photos together. She doesn’t get anything. Peon comes there. Rhea asks where is Sid? Peon says he is in canteen. Prachi asks Sid to read carefully and asked not to eat slowly. Sid says what to do, when I am nervous. Prachi says that’s why I asked you to eat properly. She says she will go and check for Ranbir. Sid asks her to sit with him for sometime and holds her hand.

Rhea thinks I was making stories and here they are writing romantic stories. She clicks their picks. Sid tells Prachi that he wants her to read the file, says I know that you can’t stay without Ranbir. Prachi tells about Ranbir’s dream of having a start up and says when I couldn’t give him time, then I think that my time of my life is wasted. Sid smiles and says you loves Ranbir so much and asks if such love happens between all couple.

Prachi asks if Rhea and he don’t have love. Sid gets upset and recalls Rhea’s words. Rhea thinks so much will happened, and first of all, doubt will start. She comes to his cabin. Ranbir asks what’s up Rhea? Rhea asks what are you hiding and asks him to show. He forces him to show. Ranbir shows Prachi’s pics on the laptop. Rhea says you see her daily. He says I see her daily, but whenever I see her, it is like I see her for the first time.

He says she doesn’t have even 4 hours for me from 24 hours. He says she works 4 hours in kitchen, 9 hours in office and nothing is left for me. Rhea says she must have given you time when coming home. He says she tells me whatever she did and I tell her whatever I did. He says we talk and sleep after having food. He says that’s why I see her pic. Rhea says she asks with whom she talks to 2 hours. Ranbir says she talks to your husband. Rhea says they talk other things too. She holds his hand and takes him outside. She says even Sid don’t give me time, and says I got the answer. She says may be even you get the time. She takes him to canteen.

Sid tells Prachi that what a person loves love and money, and says the love which you both have can’t happen between anyone. Prachi says my Maa and Papa also have the same love. Sid says I hope I would be lucky like you. He says Rhea doesn’t love me. Prachi says she likes you, she is your wife and asks him to think of his feelings. She asks him to hear his heart and says only feeling matters. Sid says Rhea is sweet or rude, and says on our honeymoon and smiles. Prachi says there is confusion than love.

She asks him to understand love and asks him to promise not to take such things in mind. Sid holds her hands and promise her. She also promise that she will be with him always whenever he needs her. Rhea and Ranbir see them doing hifive. He says when I asked Prachi to do lunch with me, then she said that she don’t have time. Rhea says she has time, but not for you.

Aaliya gets Gaurav’s call. She asks why did you call and tells that she was hearing Bhai and Pragya. She says it was normal conversation, and asked him to see the renovation work. She says what is the use of renovation and tells about the unauthorized constructions outside. Gaurav says it is in ITO. She says yes. He asks driver to take him to ITO. Mitali asks Aaliya, why are you talking to Gaurav? Aaliya asks if Abhi does as we want. Mitali says that Gaurav is not good. Aaliya asks her not to interfere in her work. Mitali thinks why I have a feeling that she will drown us due to Gaurav.

Rhea tells Ranbir that you said that Prachi don’t have time for you, but she has time, and not for you. He says you are right. Rhea thinks this is easy. Ranbir goes to them. Sid says think of a devil and devil has arrived. Prachi says I was about to come? Ranbir asks what is happening here? Prachi says work and says Sid is eating being nervous. Ranbir asks do you know about my favorite sandwich. He says you have ordered it and eating yourself. Prachi says your brother has ordered it. Ranbir asks Rhea to come. Sid tells Ranbir that Prachi named the sandwich as RANwich. Ranbir says if you want me to come, then order this sandwich. He eats it and tells Rhea that whatever she thought is not right. Prachi says what she thought? She gets a call and goes. Rhea says Sid, Prachi knows you so well, and says even I don’t know much. Prachi tells Sid that the meeting will happen in 2 mins, and asks him to come. Prachi sees Ranbir ordering coffee and looks at him and goes.

Abhi meets the renovation guys. The guy tells that if the wall falls down, then the kutcha houses will break and many people will lose life. The guy asks why Pragya is not buying new office instead of this renovation. Abhi says this is my old office. He says we shall rebuild the walls, and says safety is important than renovation. He asks the guy to rebuild it and not tor renovate it. Gaurav captures everything on his mobile. He smiles.

Ranbir and Rhea come home. He asks Soni about Dida and Pallavi. Soni says they haven’t come till now. He messages Prachi to come home fast, as he reached home. He is about to go to room. Rhea says you haven’t showing any reaction. Ranbir says they are colleagues and their relation is of dewar and bhabhi. Rhea says no girl and boy can be friends. Ranbir laughs and says they are good friends, colleagues. He says I made them friends and tells that Prachi started going to office, so that I don’t gets distracted. He says don’t think so much, they are just good friends and colleague. She thinks it won’t be easy to make you against Prachi, and says once I put the doubt virus in you, then you will try to make yourself understand.

Abhi comes to Pragya and gives her coffee. She asks did you make coffee? He says shagun and then tells that he made it, and says he was making coffee and something was extra so I gave to you. Pragya says I will like it if you tell that you made it for me. He says I made it for you and asks her if she sent him to the office, tells that it was his first office. Pragya says I was busy and wanted you to go. Abhi reminisces that Dadi had inaugurated the office. Pragya says X factor was missing in others. Abhi says you don’t like my songs. Pragya says you was rockstar and I was your Number 1 fan.

Pragya telling Abhi that later she liked his songs and had become his number 1 fan. He asks why did you leave singing? He says the reason was that there was no reason left in life, no happiness, romance and inspiration, so what to sing. He says a singer can sing without mood, but not without inspiration. He says that’s why he left singing. Pragya says life is stable now and asks him to sing today for him. He says no. Pragya goes behind him. Rhea comes to Ranbir’s room and says I hope I am not disturbing you. He says no. Rhea says where is Prachi, if she is with Sid. Ranbir says yes, they are working together. She says I didn’t see such a stupid guy before. He holds her hand. She gets happy. He says I will not scold you as you called me stupid. He says I tried to make

you understand, but now I will make you understand in a different matter. He says I would have not bear if anyone would have said this. He says I know that there is a tension between Sid and you, and that’s why you think that he likes Prachi, which is untrue. He says if they are seen together, then you will think that something is going on. Rhea says do you think that they don’t like each other. He says they like each other, and says I like you, as you are my brother’s wife and wife’s sister.

He says Sid and Prachi like each other as they are friends and not because there is something between them. He asks her not to think much, else she will get mad. He asks her to take out all the bad things and sleep. She says if you think that I shall not doubt them, then you are doubting my intelligence. She challenges him to prove her wrong or she will prove him wrong. He says Prachi said that you are changed, but you are still same. Rhea says I don’t think like you by heart, and says whoever thinks by heart gets betrayed. He asks what do you think that my trust is my eye blindness, and tells that he will prove that he is not wrong. Prachi tells Sid that she will go and see Ranbir. He might put AC on. Sid says he is not a kid. She says she likes to work, but she is not career oriented and don’t want to get money, she started working to support Ranbir for his start up and that’s why I had started earning money. She says we are not husband and wife, but partners. Sid says you are that of girl who wastes talent for her husband. She says I am from that kind of girls who likes to hear lullaby in childhood and fairytakes when grown. She says she wants to give so much love to Ranbir. She says she will go and see Ranbir. Sid tries to stop her. Rhea hears them fully. Prachi comes to the room and covers blanket on Ranbir. She touches his forehead. He says you woke me up, now you will make me sleep, by resting on my side lovingly. She rests beside him and keeps her head on his head. She closes her eyes. Ranbir looks at her. Phir kabhi song plays…..She kisses on his cheeks and sleeps.

Later Pragya comes to Abhi and asks him to get up. He says what happened? Pragya says you can sleep when I ask you to sleep on sofa, and says I am the owner of the house, and I spoke to you so nicely and you showed your back to me and came here. He says he don’t want to sing. Pragya says I am your owner and is my personal singer too. He says your request changed into demand. She says you have to sing song and asks him to sing. He refuses. Pragya goes. He thinks she will change her clothes and will sleep beside me. Pragya brings guitar for him. He says I held it after so many years and gets emotional. He then keeps it on the table and says I don’t want to play music. She says you can forget to hold it, but can’t forget to sing the song. She says what do you think that my entertainment will not happen, if you don’t sing. She takes guitar and tries to play music. He gets up from bed from hearing the noise. He says you are insulting guitar, I can bear my insult, but not of any musical instrument. Pragya says now you got the reason to sing and asks him to play music. Abhi plays guitar and sings song. Tujhko song plays…Tanu thinks if Abhi is singing song or playing his song on the music player. She thinks to go and check. Aaliya also comes out of her room and looks at Tanu.

Pragya recalls their moments and smiles, hearing his song. Aaliya says Bhai is singing song? Tanu says voice is of Abhi and it is coming from Pragya’s room. Abhi continues to sing and sits beside Pragya on the bed. It is her dream. He is sitting opposite to her. Aaliya and Tanu peep in their room and gets surprised. Pragya looks at them and tells them that it is personal concert, shall be personal and closes the door. Aaliya goes from there. Pragya thanks Abhi and says thanks you very much. He says I shall thank you for making me meet my two old things, one is of my guitar and other thing is my old office. Pragya says I want to make you meet yourself. He goes from there. Song plays…..

Tanu tells Aaliya that Abhi is falling in love with Pragya again. Aaliya says that doesn’t mean that he is in love, as he sang song for her. Tanu says he had never sing there. Aaliya says he is happy and relaxed seeing Dadi happy in this house. Tanu says she is sure that Abhi will keep distance from Pragya, but she doesn’t believe Pragya. She says they are coming near infront of me. Aaliya says something is not in control, and tells that Abhi will trust Pragya only, and he will go far from you, you don’t exist for him. Tanu says you are worst sister and a bad friend. Aaliya says I can’t lie to please you. Tanu says something it is good to lie.

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