True love update Wednesday 25 March 2020

True love 25 March 2020: Meethi ask the conductor which bus goes to Aatishgarh. He shows her the bus. There is one last and only bus which will be going to Uttar Pradesh today. The bus is shown leaving and she sees Akashs sitting in it as she turns. She shouts out for him and is even running after it to stop.

Akash is sitting with his eyes closed. She runs after it shouting but the bus drives away. akash finally realises or hears her and opens his eyes with a start. He can see Meethi running after the bus in the side mirror. She falls on her knees as she sees it taking a turn and disappearing. She begins crying…Akash don’t go leaving me. Don’t go! She gets up wiping her tears when she feels something and we see Akash standing behind her. She feels his presence and smiles. Piya o re piya starts playing in the background. She turns and is super happy to see him. They stand there looking at each other for some time. She quickly wipes her tears and moves towards him. Meethi and Akash run up to each other. She holds his face and he kisses her hands in turn. And they hug. Flashes of their past meetings and of their happier moments in Aatishgarh is shown. They both just stand there holding onto each other relishing their love. After breaking the hug he sweetly lifts her in his arms while she pecks him on the cheek. They both look so happy. He lowers her back on her feet and holds her hand in his. You have come here for me right? Tell me Meethi. She gets emotional but jokes…have come here for the paan vendor. They both smile. I love you Akash. I cannot live without you. Your Meethi is incomplete without Akash. I have realised how much I love you. If you leave me again then I tell you no one would be worse than me. They hug each other again. He promises her he will never leave her again. I wont be away from you ever. Everyone around is just watching. They clap and Meethi and Akash break their hug. He gestures her to leave and she happily holds his hand and they go from there.

Mukku (in a saree) is looking out of the window for any trace of Meethi and Akash. They should have come by now. Why did they not? An auto stops outside. Mukku feels happy but it turns out to be Veer’s mom and dad. She is worried why are they taking so much time? They should have come. What if Akash left? She shakes her head and starts pacing worriedly in the room. Rathore seems to be passing by from there but stops looking at her. What is my little princess doing here? She smiles hearing his voice and hugs him. He gets surprised. All well? Why are you crying? She tells him to look into her eyes….they are tears of happiness. I am very happy. What I want is going to happen today. He reminds her it is Meethi’s wedding today that is why you are happy. She reminds him of the game they played by making signs….V loves M.

He looks at her happy face and asks if she is means that? Mukku affirms….its me papa….its Mukta. They hug again. I am so happy for you. Why did he not tell earlier? She tells him everything in mute while Vishnu’s confession is shown again. Next Meethi’s realisation that she loves Akash is shown. He is very happy for you. It’s good that that drama is over now. All that was wrong. You, Vishnu, Meethi, Akash all your lives would have been ruined. Let us go and tell everyone who is going to get married today. He takes her hand and starts walking but she stops him. We two shouldn’t be telling it. In fact Meethi should. He is ok with it if that is what she wants. I anyways don’t have time left to pack my princess’s bag. It will happen the way you want it. I can at least talk to my would be son-in-law once….should explain to him once my way. I like him. She smiles back at him. You had just come and are leaving now. You just met me….I just got my life; I should explain to him at least that he is taking my princess. They both get emotional. Kissing her on her forehead he hugs her tightly calling her his princess.
Akash and Meethi are walking out of the bus stand holding hands. He says Maiyya will be very happy to see you. She stops thinking of Damini. She wouldn’t be happy at all. He assures her he will make Anni understand. She tells him not to come home right now. Tappu Massi and Anni don’t trust you I will have to explain to them. He tells her not to worry. I am with you. Plus they will automatically agree to it when they will see you with me. She declines. Try to understand.

Everyone at home couldn’t trust you as I couldn’t. I too am to be blamed somewhere for whatever happened. Planning a drama of wedding with Vishnu and playing it. What else could I do? I got trapped thinking about Anni’s happiness. But now I will have to tell them the truth. I will have to tell them how much I love you….I cannot live without you. I cannot be anyone else’s or even marry anyone else. I will have to explain this all to them. You understand right?

He doesn’t want to be away from her for even a second. I have got you back after so many difficulties. I don’t want to lose you again. She too cant live without him. But wait for this one moment after which no one can separate us from the other for even a second. He wants to accompany her. She asks if he trusts her. He nods….more than I trust myself. She tells him to wait here only. I will make everyone agree and then I will call you to give you the good news. Pick my phone and come home asap. She stops an auto and hugs him. I love you and I will be back soon. He tells her to call him if no one at home agrees for it. I will make everyone understand. I am waiting here only. The auto drives away; their hands tear away from the other and they both shout I love you’s at the other (I can see doom). He thanks God silently for giving him his happiness back.

Rathore is talking to Vishnu. Today it will be Mukta who will marry you. Vishnu shares his happiness. I cannot even tell you in words. I promise I will keep her happy. rathore says that you will have to. You know her full name….Mukta Raghuvendra Pratap Rathore. If you make her cry even if by mistake and I get to know. Vishnu assures him he wont give a chance to complaint…either to Mukku or him. rathore trusts him. I know you want to hear someone else’s voice right now. Vishnu fumbles declines. Rathore tells him to remember no one can lie to him. He gives the phone to Mukta. Vishnu asks for Akash and Meethi. mukku denies.

But she said she will not come back alone. She will come with Akash only. Vishnu cannot believe it that they will be married today. mukku agrees with him. Once papa decides something then he makes sure it happens. Vishnu says he knows. But you have so less time to dress you as a bride. I am coming very fast with the baraat. She tells him she doesn’t take time to get ready. But yes I cannot wait anymore. He says I love you to her. She smiles but realises her dad is standing there (looking all lost). She replies a me too and ends the call.

Rathore wipes his tears. She notices him. He doesn’t want to hide the truth. We should tell them that you and Vishnu love each other. She is worried about Tappu and Ammo Nani. He says the misunderstandings which they have can be cleared this way only. Truth wins always. She agrees with him. They both leave.
Meethi is so happy in the auto. Hope everyone at home agrees to it. I cannot live without you anymore.

Jogi and Kanha are discussing about pandit ji, etc. A police jeep is shown approaching Thakur House. Rathore comes downstairs holding Mukku’s hand. He calls for everyone’s attention. Mukku tries to stop him. The jeep stops outside and cops get down. Rathore cannot contain himself. I have come to tell you something very important. Police is shown entering through the main gates.

Rathore says I want to disclose a very big truth to you all. Kanha asks for it but Ekadish turns up on the door with 2 policemen…I will tell the truth. Rathore’s face loses its smile while everyone looks at her shocked / puzzled. Ekadish says the truth which will shock you all. Raghuvendra Pratap Rathore announce whatever you want to from behind the bars. Inspector, he is the man who brought our daughter (Surabhi) to this place and killed my nephew.

Surabhi looks shocked and so does everyone else. Arrest him. Mukku interferes. Do you even know what you are saying against whom? My dad cannot do it. Jogi steps forward. What rubbish is this? Ekadish says you think murder is a joke? Every killer and its family have to pay for the murder. The way that Iccha did….and her daughter Meethi too. And now this Rathore will have to pay…for killing Nirbhay. Epi ends at Rathore’s face.

Maiyya pointing at Rathore. Inspector, he is the man who brought our daughter (Surabhi) to this place and killed my nephew. Surabhi looks shocked and so does everyone else. Arrest him. Mukku interferes. Do you even know what you are saying against whom? My dad cannot do it. Jogi steps forward. What rubbish is this? Ekadish says you think murder is a joke? Every killer and its family have to pay for the murder. The way that Iccha did….and her daughter Meethi too. And now this Rathore will have to pay…for killing my nephew Nirbhay. Jogi turns to Rathore what is she saying. Rathore says as far as I know her this is a scheme. I did meet Nirbhay while I was trying to save Surabhi. We fought as well. He was wounded so I came back after admitting him in the hospital.

Ekadish looks at Surabhi who stands worried and unsure. Rathore adds he wasn’t supposed to die. Inspector asks him to come to police station for questioning. We have an eyewitness for you as well. Tappu calls Ekadish a liar and cheater. You don’t trust her. All her allegations are false. Inspector says we can decide who is right or wrong only after enquiry. She tries to say something but the inspector says put. Mr. Rathore we can discuss the rest in police station. Jogi tries to say something but Rathore stops him.

You have come in a respectable house Mr. Shinde talk nicely. Next he comforts Mukta nothing can happen to him. Is there anyone who can harm me? ekadish watches keenly. Rathore tells Mukku he will be back before the mahurat time for the wedding. She doesn’t want to stay alone here. I want to come with you please. Jogi denies. You wont go anywhere I will go with him. tappu tells him to stay back here for he would be needed here. I and Kanha will go and come back fast. Kanha agrees to go with him and tells Tappu to stay back. The constable shows handcuffs to Rathore who asks him if he knows who he is. You don’t! At least you would be knowing this much that you cannot handcuff someone without magistrate’s orders….and this much as well that I am not a criminal. Go back and the constable retreats. Rathore tells Mukku to stay back. Maiyya is eyeing them with a smirk. Mukku still wants to come along so he allows her. tappu is reluctant but he assures her.

Rathore stops for near Maiyya. I don’t leave any work or any story incomplete. If this turns out to be some plot then it wont be the last one of this story. Ekadish doesn’t take it seriously and waves at him to go. He leaves with Mukku and Kanha in tow. Tappu comments she (Ekadish) doesn’t know what she has got herself into after sending Mr. Rathore to jail. Maiyya starts looking around and shouts out for Damini – Thakur’s maid servant! Where are you? Tappu holds her hand telling her to stop speaking rubbish. Maiyya pulls her hand free and glares at her. damini comes there and she and Maiyya stare at each other. Tappu is worried for Ammo.

Maiyya asks her what she thought. You couldn’t understand what I said? Jogi looks at her with disgust. Maiyya continues with her rant. I told you what I would do. You kept my son here as your servant here in Iccha’s house….in my husband’s killer’s house? Now you and your family will have to pay for it. And it will begin with that Rathore. Jogi stops her. I am quiet because you are Akash’s mother. Tappu tells him it is no point talking with so much respect with this lady as she doesn’t understand this language. Anyways let Mr. Rathore come out. She will automatically understand it. Ekadish mocks him. We will see it. No one has the strength to stop Ekadish. Your daughter Meethi stayed in Aatishgarh for 23 days and we hurt her so badly. Who could do anything?

Till she is my daughter-in-law…. Damini shouts back saying she isn’t your DIL now stunning Ekadish and Meethi who has reached home by now. The chant begins in the background as Damini comes to stand in front of Maiyya. She has broken that relation. Your son has signed on the divorce papers. Now he has no right on Meethi. He tried a lot to win her heart but it dint happen so he gave up and has left for Aatishgarh. The decorations which you can see here….it is Meethi’s wedding today with Vishnu. ekadish has a broad smile on her face. Damini says the same Vishnu whose name and identity was used by your son to cheat us. Why are you smiling? You don’t believe it? She notices Meethi standing in the doorway and goes to her.

maiyya turns to look at Meethi. damini brings her inside. Ask her she will tell it yourself that there is nothing between her and Akash. Maiyya mockingly calls her daughter-in-law again. How are you? What is this you divorced my son? Tell me the truth if one sign on a paper will you be able to break the relations of your heart? Love, cry and yearn for him as much as you want but don’t dare to come back to Aatishgarh.

Ekadish says if you come this time I myself don’t know what I will do. True! Say it when will you come back? Should I send palanquin (paalki)? Damini answers in negative. She wont come back ever. Why are you asking her again and again? Their relation is over for life? Don’t you understand? Meethi tries to calm her down. Maiyya tells her not to shout so much or she will get heart again. You will be back in hospital. Explain it to her or her brain nerve will explode. Damini sternly tells her not to worry about her. if you still think Meethi loves Akash then you are mistaken. Meethi tell her that there is nothing between you and Akash. Ekadish smirks while Damini continues saying tell her you don’t love Akash. You have signed on divorce papers so its all over now. Tell her. Meethi recalls her own words of assurance to Akash. I myself will have to make them understand how much I love you. She is in dilemma recalling Akash’s words that he cannot stay away from her for even a second. I don’t want to lose you again.

The whole scene replays as she struggles with her answer. Damini prods her to say it that she has forgotten Akash forever. You are about to get married. She notices Meethi’s confusion and insists. Say it. You wont go back to Aatishgarh and you have forgotten Akash. And if you will go you will have to go over my dead body. She takes Meethi’s hand and keeps it on her head. Meethi stops her and puts her hand over her mouth. ekadish looks super duper happy. I will marry Vishnu…today only. Damini hugs a crying Meethi while Maiyya thanks God.

Damini asks Maiyya if he heard it. Though you have come here without being called but now that you have come then do bless the bride and groom. Maiyya relaxes. God, you do wonders! Came here for one eye you gave two. Meethi promised to marry now there is no need to be scared. Now she wont be back in my son’s life ever. She is about to go but stops to give her wishes to her bahuriya (Meethi). She finally makes an exit from Thakur House.

Jogi puts a comforting hand over Meethi’s head. Tappu takes her along. Next Jogi turns and consoles Surabhi.
Inspector comments that an eyewitness has identified you Mr. Rathore. He has seen you beating Nirbhay badly in the hospital. Rathore agrees to tell the story once. Nirbhay forcefully took his wife (Kanha’s) Surabhi to get her abortion done against her wish. I went there to save her. I saved her and was leaving when Nirbhay took out a knife. I warned him yet he dint stop. I beat him badly. It was Rakshabandhan so Surabhi gave me a swear of it. If it wasn’t that day and she wouldn’t have begged me to stop then you would have to arrest me. I saw that he was wounded so go him admitted. I also left money for his treatment. He was injured but not about to die. This ends here.

Shambhu is still adamant it was Rathore only. I am not lying. He had captured him and had kept him all tied. Rathore says he is lying. Shambhu calls him a liar. Rathore holds his shirt. If you will lie then I will beat you here only. Inspector tells Rathore to control his anger as it would be better for him. I will put you in jail right away if you even touch this eyewitness. Calm down. He told us you beat Nirbhay first and then threw him over the bridge. Is it true? Rathore replies that he came back to Mumbai after saving Surabhi. I am here since then…with my family. I haven’t gone back to Aatishgarh after that. Inspector asks for proof. Rathore replies whole family is here. Maiyya comments….a culprit’s family will obviously try to save him. all 3 turn to look at her. rathore exhales a deep breath. Epi ends on Maiyya’s smiling face.

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