True Love Update Tuesday 26 January 2021


True Love 26 January 2021: Maiyya is taken aback at the sight of the temple. Who offered rotten flowers in the temple? Gomti too looks around in shock. I had told you to bring fresh flowers to decorate the temple. Meethi too is confused. I had just set everything on my own a while back. I don’t know how this happened.

Meethi offers to set everything right again. just give me five minutes. maiyya stops her from going near the temple. All this is an indication that an evil spirit has entered in you. Nandini hears this from a distance and smiles. Maiyya continues repeating the same. you shouldn’t go near the temple as it will get impure. Meethi looks at her in shock. Damini too is taken aback to hear all this. Meethi runs away from there with Damini following her. maiyya tells Gomti to sprinkle ganga jal in the temple, clean everything. Akash reaches the Cemetery. He tells Vishnu that he is here with the policemen but they couldn’t find any dead body here. Vishnu is confused. Akash ends the call as the inspector comes to talk to him. you always give us wrong info and misguide us. Where is Aslam Khan’s dead body? We cannot raise our fingers at anyone without any solid proof. We are looking for Aslam Khan.

Please let us do our work, don’t waste our time. Akash apologizes to him. Inspector leaves. Akash too leaves from there. He doesn’t notice Khanna who is standing nearby in the shade. Now it is confirmed that Akash and Vishnu have teamed up against me. Vishnu is working in my office only and is leaking inside info. These people don’t know me.Damini caresses Meethi’s face as she sleeps. She thinks of Maiyya’s words. She is startled when she finds Meethi gone from there. She goes out to look for Meethi.

Guru Ma is doing tantra puja for Meethi. Meethi stands hypnotized again. Damini notices Meethi burning the garland made by fresh flowers. She comes in and makes Meethi leave it. Meethi starts laughing like a maniac. Damini has to fight really strongly to free that garland from Meethi’s grip. Meethi looks on unhappily / angrily. Guru Ma chants some mantras, picks up a knife and slashes her wrist.Simultaneously, Meethi too picks a knife and hurts herself. Damini shouts in disbelief. Meethi pushes Damini who gets hurt by the wall. She rushes to stop Meethi from slashing her other wrist as well. Finally she has to slap Meethi to bring her out of the effect of Guru Ma. Meethi looks at her hand in shock and begins to cry. Damini gets worried for her. Meethi faints in Damini’s arms.

At night, Jogi, Akash and Damini look at Meethi while she is still asleep. Rani too comes there. She asks her papa about her Meethi Ma. Will she be fine? Jogi and Damini look at him a little surprised. Akash says your Ma will be fine soon. papa is here. Jogi tells Rani that nothing will happen to Meethi as you are with her. I have taught her a mantra (about life) which revives the spirit of everyone. You feel strong. Rani too wants to learn it. he agrees but before telling her, he takes her promise that she will go and sleep after hearing it. He tells her Koshish Karne walon Ki Kabhi Haar Nahi Hoti poem. Akash and Damini eye Meethi tearfully. Rani bids good night to everyone. Meethi Ma you should get well soon. we will have loads of fun then, good night. She leaves. Meethi moves her head a little.

Akash tells Damini that he will have to take Meethi to a psychiatrist. Trust me, I wont let anything happen to happen to her. damini agrees. You should go ahead with your idea. I have no clue what’s happening to her. Why God takes test of good people all the time? First Iccha, now Meethi. Jogi reminds Damini how Iccha never gave up. She never blamed God or circumstances. She always accepted her destiny, fought with time. Damini agrees. I too wont give up. I will fight with fate, God for my Meethi. She leaves with Jogi. Anjum Nani tells Damini about Manthan Mai. No one knows when she will meet anyone. people come to meet her from far but she meets those who is blessed by God. The wishes of the people who get to meet her comes true. Damini offers to wait for her till she agrees to meet her. God will bless Meethi right? Anjum Nani nods.

Next morning, Akash wakes up and calls out for Meethi worriedly. She comes out after taking a bath. He is concerned for her. you should take rest. She denies. I am perfectly fine. Nandini peeks from outside. He looks at her wrist. It must be paining. She shakes her head. Akash is really pained to see her thus. She too is feeling the same. I know sometimes I am not me anymore, I change. But I have no idea why that happens. Anyways, I don’t want to think about that. I want to live a normal life, live happily. Please don’t stop me. She gives him tea. I will make lunch for you. He agrees to order food from outside. She suggests bringing it in office only. We will have lunch together. She leaves while he still looks at her worriedly.

Khanna gives a Rs. 5 note to Vishnu. this will help him identify you (as my guy). Vishnu asks him what’s in the bag. Khanna tells him not to bother about that. I trust you completely, I trust no one else. Don’t tell anything to anyone. Vishnu leaves. Khanna smiles thinking about Vishnu’s fate. He was going to cheat me, he should be punished.Meethi is at Akash’s office. She takes his phone from him and ends the call. It is time for lunch. She opens the lunch box and is shocked to notice that the food is spoiled. They both wonder how that can be.Nandini holds the doll in her hand in her room and is doing something to it. on the other hand, Meethi starts feeling pain. Damini requests Meethi to let her tie this thread on her hand. Maiyya too orders Meethi to let Damini do her work. Damini has done so much for you all your life. Can you not listen to this much? Damini says I wont be able to face Iccha if something happens to you. I beg you. Meethi finally relents. Nandini prays to Ma Shakti to do the last attack on Meethi. Meethi winces in pain. Damini is having a hard time tying the thread on her hand. She runs to the washroom as she is feeling pukey. Akash waits outside worriedly. She comes out but continues to have terrible pains. Maiyya and Damini hold Meethi. Akash chants Hanuman Chalisa as per Maiyya’s guidance.

Meethi shouts in pain while Akash chants the Chalisa. Wind starts blowing. Nandini prays for Meethi’s destruction. Maiyya and Akash hold Meethi while Damini once again tries to tie the holy thread around Meethi’s wrist. Manthan Mai is too praying for Meethi’s well being. Hanuman Chalisa plays in the background. Damini ties the thread somehow. She next does a little puja to rid Meethi from the ill effects of evil eye. Nandini too continues with her puja but she fails in her attempts to hurt Meethi. Meethi loses consciousness. Nandini is shocked to notice that the candle is blown out because of the wind. She cannot understand the reason behind Meethi being alive. She closes the windows and even gets hurt at her head in the process.
The room is full of evil odour. Akash, Maiyya and Damini cover their noses. Damini is sure someone is doing black magic on Meethi. Maiyya wonders who it could be. Damini says, Manthan Mai had said that the one who is doing magic on Meethi, if his / her magic fails then that person would have surely got hurt. Akash takes Nandini’s name. No one else can do it except her.


Nandini is wiping the blood marks when Akash and Damini storm in her room. They look at the blood marks and are surprised. Nandini looks at Rani. Nandini has her back towards them. Rani tells them that this isn’t blood but red colour. I was doing painting when it fell so Chameli is actually cleaning it. Akash bends down beside Nandini but she dips her hand in the colour, wipes it over her forehead where she was hurt and gets up. Damini notices the mark on her head but Rani denies. Damini agrees with Rani but Akash eyes them both suspiciously. Damini goes from there. Nandini asks about Meethi just when Akash was about to leave. Akash replies to Rani instead. Your Meethi Ma is not well. Someone is trying to hurt her. If you notice something weird, or have a doubt on anyone then do come and tell your papa.

Rani nods. Akash leaves. Nandini closes the door as soon as he walks out of the room. She thanks Rani for saving her. you lied for your mother. Rani says, Meethi Ma tells against lies but I don’t know why I lied when I saw you. But how did you get hurt? Nandini lies that she was cutting fruits for her Meethi Ma. She gives confusing answers to Rani. Rani says you could have told as you got hurt. There is nothing to hide. Dadi would have taken you to hospital or would have called the doctor here. Nandini replies how everyone at home is worried right now because of Meethi. there is no need to call doc. I have to take care of your Meethi Ma too. Go, I have to clean the room now. Rani leaves. Nandini thinks how they had come to catch her red handed, I am not going to get caught ever.

Next morning, Meethi thanks the Lord for saving her life. She apologizes to her Anni for being stubborn. I wasn’t letting you tie that holy thread but maybe I wouldn’t have been alive today without it. damini says, I couldn’t have let anything happen to you. I would have pushed you more in that case. I should actually thank Maiyya and Akash for their timely help and support otherwise it would have been a big problem. Meethi asks Maiyya if she is upset with her. Maiyya declines. I can even give my life for you. I am happy that you are alright now. Akash requests Meethi to go to doc with him once. She agrees. She notices the lights in Akash’s phone which is kept in his pocket and points it out to him. he is shocked to find 20 missed calls from Vishnu.

Akash reaches a location and looks around for Vishnu who is hiding. Akash cannot understand how Khanna trapped him in all this. Vishnu says I don’t have time for all this. police is after me. I will have to hide somewhere till everything is sorted. Akash agrees. We have to find proof against KHanna so as to prove you innocent. Vishnu asks him if he had a word with Mukta. She must be worried. Akash had a word with her. I made her understand everything. She was upset earlier but not its all fine. She must be leaving for Bade Papa’s house asap. Vishnu thanks him. I have to go from here and find a safe place.

We will be able to think of a good plan then only. Akash knows of one place where police cannot come. They both leave.
Akash brings Vishnu to his house. I cannot leave you in this situation as all this has happened because of me. Nandini notices Vishnu and recalls meeting him at Khanna’s office. Why is Khanna’s man with Akash? I find something wrong here. What is he doing here? Khanna and Akash are enemies. I will have to tell Khanna. She calls Khanna and tells him everything.
Akash shows Vishnu his room. He goes out to bring something for Vishnu as he is hungry,Damini notices Nandini applying ointment at her cut and is shocked. This means Nandini did get hurt yesterday. She took Rani’s help and saved herself. She only is doing black magic on Meethi.
Akash tells Vishnu about what is happening with Meethi. I don’t believe in black magic but I saw that Meethi was feeling better once Anni’s puja was complete. Anni says the culprit is in our house only. Manthan Mai had said this to her that once their magic fails then that same person gets hurt instead. We all had a doubt on Nandini but she dint get hurt anywhere. He gets Damini’s call. She tells him that she has got her answer. He leaves from there after telling Vishnu not to leave this room before he asks him to. Vishnu nods.

Damini brings Akash to Nandini’s room. Nandini has tied a handkerchief around her head. damini tells her that her game is over. I have got to know that you are behind all this. Nandini acts all innocent but Damini continues. Akash asks Nandini why she has covered her forehead. She lies that she has headache. He suggests her to remove it, Anni has a very good medicine to rectify it. Or are you hiding some wound? Nandini acts all naive. Why does everyone blame me for every wrong thing? you can check yourself. Damini removes the handkerchief but is shocked when she doesn’t find any mark on Nandini’s forehead.

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