True Love Update Monday 1 February 2021


True Love 1 February 2021: Rani wakes up but starts having pain again. she calls out for Meethi Ma while she screams in pain, and finally falls on the floor. She is in extreme pain yet she gets up somehow and reaches the door of her room. She continues to call for her Meethi Ma.
Nandini is confused seeing the black flowers. Guru Ma explains that this indicates that her mantras are showing their effect. One by one the flowers will continue to turn black as and when Meethi’s condition deteriorates. Nandini smiles. I am only waiting to hear about Meethi’s death now. She had thrown me out of her house, now I will send her away from this world itself.

Maiyya asks for Rani. She has brought a gold chain for Rani. Rani calls out for Meethi once again but Meethi is unable to hear her voice. Maiyya shows her the chain. I had kept it for my heir. Meethi is sure Rani will be happy seeing it but Maiyya says I will be happier when I will make her wear it. meethi only wishes that Rani stays away from people’s evil eyes.
Meethi and Maiyya finally hear Rani’s voice. By now, Rani somehow manages to descend the staircase but trips in the end. Maiyya and Meethi rush to her side. rani gets unconscious. Akash comes there. He picks up Rani and they all head to the hospital.

Mukta and Vishnu fold their hands before Iccha’s photo. Vishnu says, we have come to seek your blessings for the new year. Nani makes faces as usual. Mukta prays for Meethi. please remove all the obstacles from Meethi’s life. She has suffered enough already. Hope this year brings happiness in everyone’s lives. She tells Vishnu that they can go to their home now as Khanna has been arrested. Nani asks her which home she is talking about. You call that a home where new problem pops up every other day, where there is no peace and calm. You call that a home? Look at Akash, he has progressed so much. He is keeping his wife as a princess. Look at you Vishnu, you haven’t even brought anything for your wife or your baby on occasion of new year. You could neither be a good husband nor could you become a good father. Till when will you live on the alms of relatives? Mukta asks her to repeat her words. Nani stays put. Mukta tells her to stop it. you could have said some kind words on the new year atleast. You couldn’t bless us but atleast don’t taunt us. Vishnu reassures Mukta that he dint feel bad about it. let it be. Mukta has felt bad though. I am not a saint that I will listen to her taunts quietly. She turns towards Nani to give her a fitting reply. Vishnu never retorts to your taunts as he respects you.

He bears them all quietly. Nani points out that Vishnu has no other option. Mukta tells her that she has not given anyone else a chance to speak. Should I tell you today who actually is living on the alms of their relatives? Your son, his wife and you! Nani shouts at Mukta but she is unfazed. You have been living here in this house since years on Bade Papa’s money. Why dint you say anything then? nani is angry that no one has spoken to her like this in this house till date. Mukta knows that her words have affected her. you insult people actually, not me! apologize to Vishnu! nani refuses to apologize to Vishnu but Mukta threatens her to do so right away or she will break all her ties with her. nani is shocked. Vishnu tries to talk to Mukta but she walks out of the room in a huff. Divya comes there. She asks Nani what happened. Nani tells her all that Mukta has said to her. your granddaughter has forgotten her values while living in that chawl.

Doc takes Rani inside and tells Meethi and Akash to wait outside. Nurse comes to ask the name of the patient but Meethi tells her her name instead. Meethi is really worried for Rani. Akash assures her that nothing will happen to Rani. Nandini reaches Bundela House. The guard informs her that everyone has left for City Hospital. She thanks him and leaves. Mukta brings a bucket full of water. Everyone is taken aback to hear that she will do Nani’s shraad today. she asks Vishnu to read the mantra. He tries to stop her but she pours the water over her head saying that Nani is dead for her from today onwards. Nani continues to look at her in shock. Mukta bluntly tells her that she was her great grandmother, but not anymore. Vishnu asks her if she has lost her mind. Is this how you behave with elders? If I don’t say something then it doesn’t mean that I will tolerate everything. She is your Nani, she can say anything to you. Mukta repeats that her relation with Nani is over. Vishnu says I am an orphan. I was born in a jail.

I only got love from teacher didi. I have got this family because of her only. I cannot give up this family so easily. He apologizes to Nani for all that Mukta has done. I know you taunt me, point out at my faults, I know you do so as you mean well for me and Mukta. He tells Mukta that Nani has every right to taunt them but she doesn’t have any right to break ties with people. You make relations with very difficulty. It is easy to break them. he addresses Nani again. I know I don’t have enough funds to keep Mukta and Manav happy or give them a luxurious lifestyle but I give them happy as much as I can. Mukta points out to Nani that Vishnu is still taking her side yet you say that he is not good enough. Nani realises her mistake. But you did my shraad? Mukta did it as she was angry. I am your great granddaughter after all. Your blood is running in my veins. I anyways don’t know that particular mantra. Nani says sorry to Vishnu as well. I don’t know what all I have been saying to people all my life. I couldn’t bring a smile on anyone’s face. Vishnu doesn’t mind it at all. This is your right, you should not apologize. Mukta too says sorry to Nani.

Doc checks Rani. Nandini reaches hospital. She asks the receptionist about the patient who has been brought here in ambulance. Receptionist tells Nandini that Meethi Chatterjee is in ICU. Nandini smirks thinking that only Meethi’s dead body will leave from here. Akash wonders what if Nandini is behind Rani’s state. Meethi is sure Nandini wont hurt Rani. She has problem with me. she will try to hurt me. she will not try to hurt her daughter anyhow. She is a mother after all. No mom can do this with her own daughter. Doc comes out just then. Akash and Meethi ask her about Rani. What has happened to her? Doc is unable to understand the case.

There are no symptoms, no infections, no problem at all, yet the patient is still not gaining conscious. Meethi wonders how they will get Rani treated then. Doc says we are trying to find the problem. I can only tell you that the next 48 hours are really critical for them. maiyya is in thoughts. She has found the problem. This is no illness but an evil spirit that is after Rani. Everyone is taken aback. Maiyya realises that this is the effect of black magic. Nandini is doing it. She did the same with you, now she is doing it with Rani. She will not live anyone in peace. We will have to cast away all the evil eyes from Rani. Doc calls it superstition. It is all psychological. Black magic cannot hurt anyone. maiyya knows he wont trust her as he has a modern outlook. I have seen life more than you.

Meethi cannot understand how a mother can hurt her own child. She loves Rani a lot. Akash doesn’t know if Nandini has actually done it or not but I will surely find out if she is the reason behind Rani’s condition. Akash turns to go from there and takes out his phone.Nandini calls Guru Ma to tell her that they have hit the jackpot. Guru Ma says only three flowers are left, meaning only three more days of Meethi’s life. Maybe the game can end in two days only. Nandini smiles. She thanks Guru Ma.bNandini gets Akash’s call. He lies to her that Meethi is unwell. She feigns to be worried for Meethi. I wanted to help you but you people have thrown me out of your house. Hope you don’t feel that I am behind everything? I have nothing to do with you two. Nothing can happen to your Meethi as you are with her. your love is there to protect her. He affirms. You cannot do anything to my Meethi. He notices Nandini standing there itself and is surprised.

You would surely want to know what has happened to Meethi? He walks closer to Nandini, she has her back towards him. you would want to know why Meethi is in hospital? Nandini understands that he is standing right behind her. akash tells Nandini that Meethi is in hospital as her daughter is in hospital. She is struggling for her life. She is unconscious. Even the doc is unable to find out why Rani is not getting cured. I thought that maybe her real mother might know the reason behind Rani’s condition. Nandini refuses to believe him. I know Meethi is in hospital. Nothing can happen to Rani. You are wrong. You are trying to play games with me. nothing has happened to Rani. She is perfectly fine.


I cannot believe you. He tells her to go and see for herself. She panics and runs towards the ICU. Nandini peeks in through the glass and is shocked to see Rani inside the ICU. Nandinipeeks in through the glass and is shocked to see Rani inside the ICU. Meethi tells Nandini that she cannot go inside. Nandini wants to meet Rani once but Meethi points out that only doctors can go inside the ICU. You can meet her once my Rani gets well. Nandini recalls doctor’s words that Rani has only 48 hours. Meethi affirms. This time is very crucial for her. nandini remembers Guru Ma’s words and gets worried. This cannot be! That was for you. She fumbles but Meethi insists her to talk. Nandini finally asks her if Rani ate that apple. Everyone is stunned. Meethi says yes. what was in that apple? Nandini shakes her head in disbelief. Meethi asks Nandini about the apple. What was inside it? what happened after eating it? Nandini replies that the black magic mantras were chanted over that apple. It was meant for you Meethi. Rani was not supposed to eat it. Everyone is stunned. Nandini is upset with Meethi for letting Rani eat that apple.

What kind of a mother are you? that apple was for you. Akash slaps Nandini. You stooped so low that you tried to kill Meethi? Meethi says you kept that apple to kill me. how can you do it? maiyya asks her if she is a mother or a witch. Your daughter is bearing the results of your sins. Akash wants to know who have her that apple. Till now you have only got slapped once, don’t force me to forget that you are a woman. My daughter is battling for her life. Tell me.Khanna gets bail. He talks to his Guru Ma. I will meet you right away. I want to take revenge with my enemies. Their names are Akash and Vishnu.

Maiyya is angry with Nandini. A woman like you should never become a mother. You don’t deserve to be called a mother. Meethi requests Nandini to speak up. There must be a way out to stop all thia black magic. Nandini only knows that whoever has eaten this apple cannot stay alive for more than 2 days. That is what Guru Ma had said. God, what has happened! I was happy thinking that you are going to die. I dint know my sin will retort on me. my daughter’s life is in danger today. akash blames her for Rani’s condition. You should not be worried. I have no idea what I should do. I feel like killing you at this very moment. Meethi denies. we will have to find a way out seeking Nandini’s help.

Please take me to Guru Ma. There must be a solution. Nandini tells her that it is of no use. Guru Ma is very upset with you as you defeated her. her magic failed on you. meethi doesn’t even mind begging in front of Guru Ma. She sits on her knees before Nandini. I will beg her to save Rani. You can take my life. Why to kill a kid? Take my life, but save Rani. Akash makes her get up. Why are you begging in front of this lady? He turns to Nandini. You should think about your daughter if you have a little shame left in you. Meethi says we don’t have time for all that. We have to save our daughter. I can sacrifice my life for her. I don’t have any problem with that, atleast she will be saved. Nandini looks at her in shock / disbelief. Akash tells her not to be mad. Nothing will happen to either you or Rani. Meethi again requests Nandini to take her to Guru Ma. Save my daughter. She doesn’t have much time. There is no time to think or cry. Please come with me. we have to save our daughter.

Guru Ma assures Khanna that the bad time of his enemies has already begun. She shows him the black flowers. This means that three days of your enemy’s wife’s are gone. There are only 2 more days left now. She is in hospital now. Khanna smiles in relief. Guru Ma is angry with Meethi. I will give her such a painful death! KHanna notices the change in the colour of the fourth flower and points it out to her. she smiles seeing it. Nurse tells them that Rani’s condition is deteriorating. She rushes to call the doc. Meethi pleads Nandini to come, we have to save Rani. She is your daughter. Nandini looks at Rani one more time and is in tears. Forgive me Meethi. today I have realised that bad comes back to you only. I will take you to Guru Ma. I know only you can save my Rani. Akash too wants to come along but she tells him to stay with Rani. Meethi and Nandini leave. Akash prays for Meethi’s safety.

Guru Ma is looking at the flowers. Your end is very near Meethi. She is startled to hear Meethi’s voice. You should not worry about my end. I am that Meethi Akash Chatterjee for whom you are wishing death. I am all perfect! Guru Ma refuses to believe it. this cannot be! Nandini tells Guru Ma that Rani has eaten that apple. Her life is in danger. Meethi pleads her to save Rani. I can even give my life for her. Guru Ma says she cannot do anything. It is entirely Nandini’s fault. I did whatever she told me to. That fruit was for you. Meethi knows it too but what’s Rani’s mistake if she has eaten it. I beg you. rani is a little kid. Why should we hold grudge against her? please save her. do something. Guru Ma declines. nothing is possible now. there is no option. I had told you beforehand only. I told you that if I use my powers once then there is no backing out. Rani will have to die! Meethi retorts in denial. Rani wont die. She is my daughter. I will save her. just wait and watch. If you have so much faith on your mantras then I trust my motherly love way more than that. I have faith that God can never let evil win over good. Guru Ma isn’t affected. Pray as much as you want to. Remember that the last flower is yet to turn black. You have only this much time. Meethi says time will have to stop I will do it. come Nandini, we have anyways wasted our time by coming here. We will have to do something on our own now. she turns to leave when Guru Ma challenges her. even God cannot stop what I have started.

Meethi accepts her challenge. Now this fight is between good and evil. Now I will see who wins – a motherly love or your mantras. I trust my God this much that good will win. Be prepared to lose as it is definite. We will see who dies now. She leaves with nandini.
Damini reaches hospital. Maiyya is in tears thinking about Rani. What’s her fault in this? What’s the fault of my DIL? Damini reasons that it is all destiny. Maiyya wishes that she gets punished by destiny instead of her granddaughter. I have made so many mistakes in my life. Damini consoles her. Life and death are up to God. We can only pray with all our heart. This is the time to stay strong, have faith. We should pray with all our heart. I have heard that God listens to a mother’s prayers. You too should pray for Rani.

Meethi assures Nandini that this is not the time to get worried. Pray that Rani is saved. She notices the Ganpati idol in the taxi and prays for Rani’s well being. Nandini regrets all that she has done. I had lost my mind that I took help of black magic. The taxi driver halts the taxi. He tells them about a solution. My dad used to say that if you are cursed or if someone has done black magic on you then only a serpent can save you. if you feed milk to serpent and he drinks it then your daughter will be saved. Nandini is not ready to believe any of it. I have tried it once, not anymore. Please drive the car. Meethi tells the driver to take them to the old serpent temple.
Doc tells Akash that Rani’s condition is deteriorating. Vishnu suggests showing Rani to another specialist but doc denies. I have consulted with all the biggies already. They all have said that the chances of Rani’s survival are quite less.
Nandini and Meethi are on their way to the ancient serpent temple. They finally reach the temple. Meethi pours milk in a contained kept nearby Shiv idol. She prays. I am not superstitious but I trust God completely. My daughter is in trouble. Please accept my prayers and save my daughter. She closes her eyes. Nandini too follows suit. A snake appears from a corner. Meethi and Nandini notice it. Meethi stays put at her place unfazed, holding the pot in her hand.

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