To die for love Update Tuesday 21 September 2021

To die for love 21 September 2021: Deep says mummy ji don’t worry I will give you her head. Roma says to Prithiv I can’t trust him. I can only trust you atm. Please keep an eye on this monitor room. He says don’t worry I am here. she says I am going.
Chawani gives drinks to the watchmen. Arohi said to chawani turn this recording on after roma does the ritual. Arohi is sitting on stage Arohi wonders how will she go. Chawani gives a drink to Prithvi. Prithvi drinks it.Chawani comes to Arohi.

Arohi texts Rome celebrating so much while wearing this gold locket? See how I ruin your day. Roma looks around for Arohi. Arohi coughs and pretends like she is vomitting. She rushes to her room. Roma says if Aorhi is here who is deep meeting?Arohi comes to deep and says sorry you had to wait. I was getting ready. Whats the problem? He points gun at her and says you are the problem. You are still an idiot. I will cut your head and give it to roma. She says go ahead if that makes you happy. He says how did you replace yourself with tara? She didn’t know about that place. Arohi says i made tara come there. Ask her when you go home. I know you are not a devil like them. Why didn’t you shoot? kill me.

Your heart wants to keep me alive. Arohi shoves him puts something in his eyes. He screams. Arohi ties his hand to the car. He says stop. Arohi says see what I do to your mummy ji. He says stop Arohi. Arohi leaves.Roma says this recording is repeating. Where is tara. She runs downstairs and asks bindya where is Tara? Arohi comes back home and comes to her room. Deep tries to free himself. Aorhi comes in the hall. Bindya says where is tara?Watchman comes to roma and says here is a parcel for you; roma calls deep and asks about the parcel. He says he doesn’t know about it. Roma opens and screams. It has a cut head of a doll. Roma screams. arohi come snad says what is this mom. Who brought it here. roma says arohi sent it. Arohi says I am so scared.

Arohi wants to kill me and my baby. Prithvi says whom did you meet? Arohi was here all the time keeping an eye on us. Tara says tell us. Arohi will kill me and my baby. Deep says please calm down. You couldn’t do anything. Go from here. He says tara listen.. He my mistakes shoves Tara. Arohi screams my baby..Roma gets a doctor home to get Arohi checked. The doctor says we are sorry we couldn’t save the baby. The baby has died. We tried so hard but she can never be a mom. Everyone is dazed. Roma says are you sure. She says yes. Arohi says my baby.. This can’t happen. I told you deep. My baby. She screams and cries.Roma says to deep how could you do this. You couldn’t protect your son. You can never know what family is. You only belong to road. You couldn’t be a good son or husband or father. I shouldn’t have adopted you or gotten you married to my daughter. Go from here. I dont’ want to see your face. He leaves.Deep comes to punching ring. He fights people in anger and recalls all that happened.

Chawani says they have to keep niku alive. They wont kill him. Arohi says I can’t leave niku here.Deep comes to Roma and says I am sorry. Roma says go from here. You love that Arohi. Tara was right. You are with her. deep says please dont say that. Roma says that Arohi killed my grandchild my son hates me. My dreams are shattered. She is always at large after all this because you help her. He says give me one chance. She says you have time till tomorrow morning If Aorhi doesn’t come here I will cut that Niku into pieces. Deep texts Arohi lets meet next morning.

Deep comes to meet Arohi. Arohi says please save my niku. He says how dare you. You killed my child and want me to save Niku? She says tara was never pregnant. she was lying all this time. Deep says I heard his heartbeat. You can’t lie to me. Arohi says she never loved you. She knew you love me and she did all this drama to keep you. I can prove it. You love me we will go away from here. Deep shoves her and says stay away from me. I will find the truth out and if all this is a lie you wont be alive. Meet mummy ji at 9 or niku will die. He leaves. Arohi says please listen.. He leaves.Deep comes home and wonders if arohi was lying. He says tara where are you? She isn’t home. Deep looks everywhere and finds a fake tummy. He says what is this.. This means Arohi was right. Such a lie. He sees her fake reports and sound of heartbeat. Arohi comes home. Deep says stop Tara. What is all this. What was this stomach doing in your room? Roma says what happened? Deep says there was no child. She lied to us all this time. Roma says is he right? deep says she was never pregnant. She played with our emotions. Arohi says you love that Arohi instead of me. You are saying all this to stay with Arohi. You want to leave me.

Roma says you can never leave my daughter. You will be an orphan again.Deep comes home. He sees all the toys her purchased. Deep is broken. He says why did you lie Tara. I was so happy. He sits down in tears. Arohi texts Deep you have to help me deep. Please.Arohi tells chawani deep didn’t reply. Roma ties Niku in a room. She is about to hit him. She says your bua will have to come out when she hears your screams. arohi calls roma and says I am coming there. Don’t harm niku.Prithvi brings his men. Deep comes.. Roma says when his she coming? Arohi comes in. Arohi says where is my niku? roma slaps her. Roma says because of you my dreams are shattered. My son hates me. I wont kill you easily. she slaps her again. Deep closes his eyes. Roma says your niku will see you dying. arohi says don’t harm a child. roma says you two will die in front of each other. She loads her run. Arohi looks at deep. Police comes outside. A man says they are here to arrest Arohi. Arohi says you can’t kill me and can’t keep me here. Roma says prithvi take her where Niku is and hide her. Deep takes Arohi there.

Police comes to Roma’s house. She says do you know where you are? He says we want to look here for Arohi. She says give me search warrant. Roma says come back when you have search warrant.
deep shoves Arohi in a lock. She hugs Niku. She says bua is here don’t worry. Deep says lets bring mummy ji. Deep and Prithvi leave. Chawani comes and gets Arohi and niku out. roma comes and opens the door. No one is there. Roma says what joke is this?Arohi asks Chawnai and niku to run in one direction. Prithvi’s men see them. They run after the kids. Arohi is in another direction. Arohi is worried for the kids. They hide behind a box. Deep sees them. Prithvi comes there. Deep says to Prithvi what are you doing here? Go out and look for them everywhere. Prithvi’s men go out.Arohi is seeing them. He doesn’t tell prithvi. Pritvhi goes out. Arohi is about to hit deep to save the kids.Deep says to the kids I know you both are hidden here. Run towards the jungle. I wont tell anyone. I have sent them in another direction. Arohi is dazed. She leaves the stone. Deep looks at her. Arohi is in tears. The kids run. Deep comes towards Arohi. He recalls seeing her message. He said I will help you in saving niku arohi. I will end all this. Deep say chawani saving Arohi. Someone hits both Arohi and Deep on head and they both faint.

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