To die for love Update Thursday 5 August 2021

To die for love 5 August 2021: Roman says you used to call him Virat Bhaiya. She says sorry I mean brother. Roma says what? You said sorry? Tara drops the parsad. Deep says why did you throw it. Tara says I am not feeling comfortable. She comes to her room and cries. Its Arohi. She rubs her hand on the wall.Arohi recalls she wore Tara’s clothes and made her wear her clothes. Tarra said what are you doing in my clothes and what is all this? Why have you roped me. Open me I will kill you. Arohi said don’t cry so much. your throat will hurt you. You have only my face. You used my face, let me use yours too. Tara says you will regret doing all this. Arohi says its your time to regret. These kids are dangerous. Chawani asked Arohi why are you going there as Tara? Arohi said they doubt Kesari. I can live among them as Tara so I can find about Bhabhi and niku.

Arohi says I can’t do this. I can’t pretend to be this Deep’s wife. Roma says where did you find tara? He says I found her on the road. She was injured. she told me she doesn’t remember anything. Maybe she went after Kesari but she doesn’t remember anything. Roman says where does she live? Deep says i don’t know.
Arohi says I have to stay strong. I have to pretend to be his wife so I can avenge my brother and Laksh’s death. I want to find bhabhi and niku. Roman says why is God doing all this to us. Deep says I will talk to Tara don’t worry. Deep comes to Tara’s room. Arohi us wearing a red sari. DEep looks at her in shock. Deep says these clothes. She says I wore them for you.

Aren’t you happy? What else can I do? He says you look so pretty. A few things are left. She says what? Deep says this mangalsutra. Arohi recalls what deep did to her. He makes her wear the mangalsutra. Deep brings Sindur.Arohi says no I can’t let him fill my hairline. He is about fill her hairline. His phone rings. Its Roma. She says yes mummy ji we are coming downstairs. He says lets go. Everyone would be dazed to see you like this. Deep holds her hand and takes her downstairs. Everyone is shocked to see her like that. Maya says Arohi… Arohi says what did you say? Arohi? She grasps her face. No one will take her name here. If you do that I will be worst to you. Prithvi says why do you look so change? Arohi says I know what to wear in pooja. Roma says you look so pretty. Is everyone done so we can continue pooja? She sits with Deep.

He says in heart why I feel so weird. Pooja is over. Pandit ji says this candle will stay lit for 7 days. Arohi touches papa’s feet. Everyone’s dazed. Maya says for the first time Tara has touched her papa’s feet. Arohi says why is everyone staring at me like that? I need rest. She goes to her room.Arohi comes to room and looks for proofs. She looks in deep’s laptop. She says what can be the password? She enters Tara.. Roma.. Mummy ji.. Nothing is correct. Deep is coming in that direction.Deep comes in. Tara says please tell me the password. He says what are you doing on my laptop. She ways I want to shop online. He says you know my password. You know everything. she says I forgot. You are right I should rest. Deep hugs her from behind. he says you should keep yourself calm. You need rest. He hugs her. Arohi isn’t liking it. He says you shouldn’t take any stress.

Deep is about to kiss her. Arohi shoves him. He says what are you doing.. She says I felt like something is hitting my head. I need rest. She sleeps. Deep leaves. Arohi follows him.Prithvi calls someone and says I want to talk about something important please mett me. He meets Roma. Roma says what do you want to talk about? They go to the room. Arohi tries to listen but she can’t.Arohi is sleeping. Deep says wake up. He says give me towel. She says I am going downstairs. He says what are you saying. Why are you acting like you are not my wife. She gives him tower. He holds her hand. Deep says Tara you are behaving weird. She says I am just not feeling well. Dont’ worry.

Arohi does arti and pooja. She says please give me strength ma. Bindya sees her and is dazed. Arohi comes ot hall. Maya says Kesari brings tea. Arohi says you forgot. Maya says yes I forgot. Arohi twists her hand and says how dare you take her name. You know I don’t like her. sHe tried to blackmail. Deep says stop it. Tara says I recall what happened. I followed her yesterday. She told me that bindya sent her here. She forced her to blackmail me. Bindya says she must be lying. I dont’ even know her. Deep says Bindya is loyal. Arohi says no she iss the one. She has to prove herself. Arohi says do 100 ups and downs. Bindya gets tired. Arohi says go I forgave you. Arohi says maybe Kesari lied. We have to find her. Arohi says now they will look for Kesari.Roma says I don’t care what Tara does. We have to ignore it so she gets well. You go to Maanali and bring Virat.

Arohi calls Chawani. She says its so tough to live here as Arohi. Chawani says I will come there. She says no you wont come. I can’t risk your life. He says I miss you. Arohi says chwani listen. Deep is standing behind her. Arohi is scared. Deep says I can’t see tears in your eyes. Tara says I don’t know whats happening with me. I don’t understand. I can’t control myself. Virat bhaiya isn’t here maybe that’s why I miss him. He says let me call him. He turns on video call. The camera is not working. He says the network is not working. Arohi talks to Virat. She says hi Virat bhaiya. She says when are you coming back here? I really miss you. He says Arohi’s bhabi and that kid have gotten me in trouble. She hangs up. Deep says I think there is no network there.Arohi says why are you looking at me like that? He says how are you changing? You never spoke to Virat this nicely. She says I just want him to come back. He says I have to go somewhere.Arohi says that means bhabhi and niku are in Manali.

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