To die for love Update Friday 6 August 2021

To die for love 6 August 2021: Chawani comes in front of Deep’s car. Deep says I am sorry. I will take you to hospital. Chawani says don’t give me money or treatment just give money in name of my mother her name is Wasundra. she is dead. I an orphan. Deep takes him home.
Arohi is dazed to see Chawani. Arohi says who is he? He is so dirty. Deep says he is chawani he will live with us. Roma says who are his parents? Arohi says he is so dirty.

Deep says I will educate him. He is an orphan like me. I brought him with me. Arohi says bring the whole city here. Throw him out. Deep says please. Arohi says okay done. Roma says she agreed. Chawani says to Deep why did you argue with you wife because of me? Deep says I am an orphan like you as well. My mom’s name is Wasundra as well.Bindya shows Chawani his room. She leaves. Arohi comes. She says I asked you not to come here. Its risky. And you came in front of Deep’s car? It could be risky. He hugs her and says you are our didi. I was missing you. She says buttering me? He says I brought your family photo here as well. I won’t go anywhere. Arohi says deep is an evil man. Chawani says but he was good to me. Chawani says maybe there is a reason behind what he does. Our mother’s name is same, wasundra.

Arohi puts the laptop password Wasundra. It opens. Chawani says there must be something related to Virat in it. Arohi goes through his laptop. Arohi opens his emails. She sees Virat’s email. It says Arohi’s bhabhi and Niku are messing with my head. Don’t know if I should kill them or keep them. Deep replied keep them in Manali. I will come there and handle everything. Chawani says for two years, they were kidnapped. Arohi says they must be fine. I will find them. I can’t wait anymore. I have to go to Manali and find them.

Arohi comes to Roma and says I really miss Virat. I want to go to Manali. Roma says deep wont let you go. you can get in trouble. Arohi says please I want to go to Manali. She breaks the vase. Arohi says I want to meet Virat. Prithvi says you can’t go there. None of us can. Arohi says I am sick of my life. I can’t go anywhere. She goes to her room.Deep comes in. Arohi says give me some time. He hugs her. She says I want to go to Manali. He says why? She says I want to meet Virat. It will be fun the weather there is good as well. He says we can’t go there. Virat is in trouble.

Maya slaps Chawani. Deep comes and says why did you slap him. maya says he called me aunty. And he spilled tea. Deep says kids make mistakes. Arohi graps her hair and says how dare you hit the kid. Maya says I am your aunt you hit me for this child. Deep says what did you do Tara. Arohi says did I do something? I am sorry. I want to go to Manali. Maya leaves. Arohi says what happened to her? Deep says nothing. She goes to her room.Arohi is in her room. Roma comes. She lays her head in her lap. Arohi says mama I want to sleep. Roma says I make you sleep like this always. Deep says we can’t take her to Manali because of her anger. Roma says but he can’t come to Mumbai. Deep says I and my people are looking for that witness. He his hidden in the shed. I will go there. Virat will come back. I am going there.

Arohi follows Deep. Deep hits a man. He is injured. The man says let me go. DEep says I looked for you two years. The guy says he is a killer. Deep says you wanted to help Arohi’s bhabhi and Virat arrested? He puts gun on his head. The guy says please let me go. I won’t tell anyone. Someone comes to Arohi. She is scared.The guy says let me go. I will leave this city. Its Chawani with Arohi. He says Deep is so dangerous. Whom are they talking about? Arohi says they are talking about inspector Laskh. They killed him too. Soon I will know who Virat is.

Arohi wakes up in her bed. Deep comes and says there is a good news fr you. We both are going to Manali. Aorhi is dazed. DEep says aren’t you happy? Don’t you wanna good? Arohi hugs him and says of course I wanna go. Roma comes and says stay happy like this always. Go and meet your brother. Deep says we have to only two hours. Roma says get ready.Deep and Arohi come to Manali. Arohi recalls her life before marriage. She is in tears. She recalls marrying Deep. Deep says why are you so silent? Aren’t you happy? Arohi says we are so close to Shimla. But those doors are closed. He says we will never talk about that. Arohi says you can’t shut memories. Arohi recalls her brother and her happy family. Arohi says top the car. I am coming in a while. She sees a temple and goes there. Deep is dazed. Arohi says when I came here before I had dreams. Now I have tears only I hope I find them. Deep says you never believed in God. I never thought you could bow down to God. Arohi says time changes everyone.

I thought I would need to bow to good to meet my brother. Deep says Virat will be dazed to see you like this. Arohi says lets go. They sit back in the car. A woman comes to Maya’s room and scares her. She says I will kill you. Maya is scared. The woman is wearing white sari. Maya runs out. She is scared. She wakes up Orma and says there is someone in my room. she will kill me. Prithvi and Roma come there. Roma says no one is there. Maya says she was scaring me. She said she will kill me. Prithvi says where will she go? Roma says its your wine on your head. She leaves. Chawani says who was this ghost? I have to tell didi.

Deep stops his car. He says here we are. That’s virat’s cottage. Arohi comes to the house. Deep says lets go. Deep takes her inside. They go in. Deep says Virat.. See who is here to meet you? Arohi sees weird sculpyires in the house. She sees knives as well. Deep says virat knows we are coming. He gets to know everything. He has gone out. Lets go have a breakfast. They go out for breakfast. Deep says let me bring coffee. Arohi sees a child sitting in corner. SHe thinks its Niku. SHe goes after him but he runs. Its someone else. Kid says who are you? Arohi says sorry. THe kid leaves. Arohi is in tears. SShe says Niku.. Where are you?

Deep comes back with coffee and sees Tara isn’t there. He says Tara.. Some thugs surround Arohi. They say how can we help you madam. Arohi says let me go. Deep is looking for Arohi. Arohi says don’t come near me. I have gun. he says we have it too. Deep is looking for Arohi. Someone comes and breaks their necks. Arohi sees the man. Its Inspector Laksh. She is dazed. He says welcome to Manali Tara. You came and started fighting? Arohi is in a shock. Arohi recalls Deep telling her Laksh has died.


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