Strange Love update Thursday 16 December 2021


Strange Love 16 December 2021: The Episode starts with Renuka not getting cable. She calls Sid and says cable is not coming, give me his number. Sid says he is busy in work and ends call. Jyoti sees Renuka getting worried as she is going to miss her fav serial. Renuka says I will not stay here, my son is not listening to me. Jyoti says she behaves like kids sometimes. Shlok and Astha are on the way. She asks where is he taking her. He says you question like girls, can’t you come with me without asking anything. She says I can and smiles. He thinks he can’t express its very special moments for me. She thinks why does she get happy being with Shlok, why does she feel she has experienced this before, whatever it is, I should not think and live this moment. Sajna ve ab raaste dikhaade tu………..plays……………

Indrajeet comes to the police station and Manya meets him. Indrajeet says he feels he has seen him. Manya says don’t say this to get the fine less. Indrajeet says he is ready to pay the fine. Manya says they should get a lesson. The inspector asks them to settle it by taking the fine. Manya says fine. Indrajeet gets busy in the formalities. Astha asks why did we come here, you said we are going to buy gift. He says you started asking again, I m hungry, I thought we will eat something. She says I like panipuri a lot and he asks her to have it. She says its very tasty. He thinks no one can know your likes and dislikes better than me.She asks him to move her hair strands falling on her face. He does and she says thanks. Jyoti calls the mechanic and he repairs the TV. She says thanks, they get bore without tv and makes Renuka hear it. Renuka says you are making fun of me, that I missed my serial. Jyoti smiles and leaves. Renuka gets glad to see her serial’s repeat. Indrajeet comes home and calls out Barkha. Apsara brings the kids.

Shlok sends voice message that Astha is with me. Aspara smiles looking at Indrajeet’s anger. Shlok asks him to find them if he can. Indrajeet says he will find her before 12. Apsara says its Astha’s birthday and Shlok will celebrate with her.Astha makes Shlok have the panipuri. Shlok pays the man. Astha says lets go to buy gift. He asks whats the hurry, I did not kidnap you, I will drop you back. She says I m not afraid, remember I know judo karate. They leave. Mahiya mere mahiya…………..plays…………. Renuka gets head ache and says all this is because of Jyoti, she does not care for me and I have to do all the work even after getting a bahu, she does not give tea to me. She says why am I irritated on me, my head is aching and I m angry on her. Jyoti gets glad and thinks to make her relation fine with Renuka. She asks her to apply balm. Renuka refuses and Jyoti applies the balm to her. Renuka says better.

Jyoti asks about her marriage and Renuka tells about her college time, she was very beautiful in her young days. Jyoti says she is beautiful even today, Sid comes and smiles seeing them bonding. Renuka and Jyoti have a laugh. Sid asks whats the matter, did sun rise in the west. Renuka says nothing, Jyoti does this to show you, he thinks his mum is bad. She leaves. Jyoti says she was trying to win Renuka’s heart, why did he ask her. Sid says everything will be fine and hugs her.Indrajeet says where did Shlok take Astha and looks for her. Astha says time passed so soon, you did not buy gift till now. Shlok says we will have tea and leave. She agrees. He asks her to sit and gives tea to her. He wishes her happy birthday from heart, and makes her cut the muffins. He takes her pics to capture the moments. He gives her the gift. She asks is this my gift. She opens it and says its very beautiful. She asks shall I wear and show. She wears the earrings and asks how do I look. He says very pretty. She says thanks, I liked it, thanks I had a wonderful time, I will go now. She leaves. He says I said it, I will celebrate my wife’s birthday. He sends the video to Indrajeet and Indrajeet gets angry.

Astha comes home and asks Kamla did Indrajeet come from police station. Apsara says long time back. Astha asks about him and kids. Apsara says kids are in room. Astha worries for his reaction. Apsara gives the milk to kids and says Astha has come, their dad will be coming. She asks them to sleep. Sojal calls her and thanks Apsara for always informing Shlok, that’s why Shlok is able to celebrate Astha’s birthday. Apsara says they have always helped us, how can we move back if its our turn to help. She ends call and says I think Indrajeet came.Indrajeet asks Astha why did she go out, when he asked her to rest at home, he worries for her, she has to be careful. She says relax, why are you overreacting, I went out in fresh air for sometime. He says I know Shlok came there by chance, I m seeing you give importance to him. She says he was not there, whats the problem if he comes, I like to spend time with him, I got a friend after many months, I stay happy with him. Indrajeet arguing with Astha over Shlok. Apsara hears them and gets glad. He asks her not to meet Shlok. She says he is saying as she plans all this and goes. She says I feel you are doubting on me, I don’t like this, I feel you don’t trust me, such relation gets weak. The kids come and Apsara sends them to the room, and says don’t know why are they fighting. Indrajeet thinks Astha is not agreeing to what he says before, he has to calm down, its matter of some time. He tells Astha that he does not have big heart to see his wife spending time with someone else, Shlok meets you by any excuse, I feel hurt, I don’t have any complains with you, but with Shlok.

He brings her to the kids and asks her to swear on the kids that she will not meet Shlok and change her way if he comes infront of her. She asks what is he saying, he can’t decide whom she will meet, she is not doing anything wrong, he should not have any problem, how will this affect kids. He asks her to promise. Apsara smiles and records this. She says person should get space in relation, else it becomes suffocating. She says she will not answer him where is she going and why. He says he hates Shlok. She says why is he not understanding, she will never do the thing which she does not like. She asks him not to create an issue infront of kids and leaves.Its morning, Jyoti tells Sid that Deep’s fever is not getting away. Sid says he will call someone. Renuka says no need, I need a Baba, he will make Deep fine. Sid says times have changed and she is saying about any Baba, he will be fine with medicines. He says its superstitions. She says will she wish anything wrong for Deepu and asks him does he trust his mum or not. She says there is no harm in calling Baba/saint, and goes.

Astha gets ready and smiles seeing Shlok’s earrings. She says I don’t know how can anyone know about someone’s likes, Shlok knows my likes and dislikes so well, strange. Indrajeet comes to her and says I think you are still annoyed. He asks her to understand her point of view, he tried to find her all night, he was worried for her. She says I m very sorry, I should have thought what you went through, trust me, I did not do anything wrong, I will be careful. He says sorry I also overreacted. She says kids were scared, this should not happen infront of them, I will go and see them.Sojal gives tea to Varad and finds him upset. She asks what is he thinking, he looks worried. He says nothing, where is Shlok. She says he went out, will come. She says you might be thinking that its less time for Astha’s marriage. He says yes, how to get her memory back, we can’t be happy by small victories. She thinks he did not say wrong but what can they do. The Baba comes to the house and scares Renuka that the house will have many troubles.

He asks about Jyoti and Sid’s marriage, did it happen by Renuka’s happiness. She says no. Sid insults him and asks him to leave, as he is making them fight. Renuka apologizes. Baba says if he does not trust, fine I will leave. Renuka stops him and he says he will not stay without their will. Sid asks Renuka to show Deep. Baba looks around the house and signs his men. Shantanu and Mishti fight and tear a book. Apsara comes to them and gives juice, asking them not to fight.She says bad people fight and leaves. Astha comes and hears the kids talking about Ballu, he loved them and was very nice. Shantanu says if we did wrong work, he did not scold or beat us, and used to explain in his unique way. Shantanu says I miss him a lot, and reminds how he made their admission possible and made them do homework. Mishti says don’t know why dad says Ballu is not good. Astha comes and asks do they really like Ballu. Shantanu says he was very nice, so we like him. Mishti says sorry.

Astha says its fine, I m not feeling bad that you lied, but I want to know the reason for the lie. Shantanu says I was afraid. She asks by whom. She tells them a secret that even feels Ballu is a good person. Mishti says she is afraid of Lord. Shantanu says yes, he told us to tell everyone that Ballu is bad. Mishti says don’t say this to dad. Astha says fine, I won’t say and hugs them. She thinks why did Indrajeet made the kids lie. Renuka tells Jyoti not to go to clinic, Baba will make things fine. She argues with her. Jyoti thinks how to explain Renuka, she has to continue medicines for Deep.Astha asks the kids not to cry, she is with them, they trust her right. She says she will never leave them and promises them. She asks them to promise that they will always support truth, the people who are afraid lie. Shantanu says you don’t know dad’s anger. She says he will not say anything and thinks to ask Indrajeet why did he make kids lie.

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