Titli starlife update Wednesday 3 April 2024

Titli 3 April 2024:  Rahul says you can trust me. He proposes her for marriage. She says its my yes. She holds his hand. He acts sweet and makes her wear an invisible ring. She smiles. Rahul’s mum says we have to make visa to go to Dubai, medical tests are needed, Titli do you have a password. Titli says no. Rahul’s mum says we will make it in Tatkal. Hiral gets jealous. Chintu jokes. Rahul’s mum says someone was going to come from lab for blood tests. A man comes and takes Titli’s blood sample. Rahul holds Titli’s hand. He says don’t worry, I m there. The man says report will come by tomorrow. Paresh says you can send it to me. Rahul says my number is registered. Paresh says now he has more right on Titli. Rahul’s mum says we have just two days time to make arrangements. Rahul asks Titli to keep his ring safe.

Titli talks to everyone about Bhairavi. Dadi says its strange that Bhairavi didn’t have kids till now, I want your good news within one year of marriage, Titli. Chintu shows the video to Dadi. Titli says things are rushing. Jaishri asks everyone to go and sleep. The lab man comes. Titli asks did you forget something. He says papers. She says fine, why are you tense, I will get it. Rahul’s mum calls him and asks did you get the papers, no one should get it, we want to know if Titli can conceive or not, its fertility test papers. He thinks she will kill me if I say Titli went to get papers. He says a girl has come. She says Titli shouldn’t know about those papers. Titli gets the paper and says lab man has come to get the paper. Titli asks the man to keep the paper safe. She says you wrote my name wrong, I will correct the spelling. She checks the fertility test form and worries.

The man takes the paper and goes. Bhakti asks what happened. Titli says that sample was for fertility test. Bhakti asks what. Titli says the man forgot the paper here, I just saw it. Bhakti asks her to ask Rahul. Dadi says its his right to know this, we have also found about Rahul. Titli says they should have told me once. Dadi asks why, no one asks. Jaishri says always a woman is blamed when a couple doesn’t get a child, maybe they didn’t tell you because the relation can break and you will get hurt. Titli goes.

Hiral gets Garv’s call. She says a client is coming and we have to take care of him. Titli is at the flower shop. She says I will make the bouquets in some time, and write every details in the diary, you won’t miss me. Uncle says my business ran well after you came here. He asks her to keep her relations well in Sasural, but don’t forget herself. She calls Rahul. She goes and sees Rahul scolding the lab man. Rahul says you should have called me even if my mum asked you to do this. Titli stops Rahul and asks the man to leave. Rahul says sorry for all this, trust me, I didn’t know this, it will be your decision to plan the family, I m not like others. She says I trust you. He thanks her and says forgive me. She says but I have a condition. The client rings the bell. A girl asks do you want anything, your case related documents are in this file. The client holds her and misbehaves with her. She asks him to leave her. Garv comes and hits the man.

He beats the man. He says you misbehaved with a girl. He scolds the man. The staff looks on. The female staff says Garv did right. Garv warns the man and throws him out of his office. Everyone claps. Hiral thinks how can someone be so rude and so hot. Titli says we will always talk and clear our doubts. Rahul says I promise, this won’t happen again. She says you have to dance in Sangeet today. He says I will dance right now. She says I have to go home now. She smiles happily and leaves.

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