Titli Starlife update Tuesday 30 April 2024

Titli talking to Bhakti about Garv. Bhakti says you listened to him, he didn’t understand you. Titli says he understands me, it gives happiness to give happiness to lover. She goes for work. She gets busy at the florist store. Garv sees the time and calls Titli. She doesn’t check the phone.

Uncle says you are taking many contracts. She says I need to work for the family to manage expenses. Garv worries and says why isn’t she answering. She checks the time and says I should tell Garv that I will get late. A lady comes there. She says help me in finding the girl who works at happy flower shop. Titli says its me. The lady thinks she is Garv’s choice. Garv comes there. He thinks who is Titli going. Titli sees the lady’s artificial hand. The lady says I don’t have my hand, we don’t find real people in this world. Titli says I also felt this, I met someone and got to know some real people also exist in the world, he is my fiancé, I m so lucky. She sees Garv and says Garv, here. The lady turns and sees Garv. Titli says you should meet him, come. The lady goes. Garv meets Titli. He says you didn’t take my calls. She says sorry, my phone was on silent, I had much work. He says I was also busy, but you are my priority. She says I want you to meet someone, where did she go, she left, she got cheated by someone, I felt bad seeing her hand, her hand was artificial, she was finding me, don’t know why. He thinks.

The family makes arrangements and packs gifts. Dhrishti argues with Dhara. Alpa asks Dhara to wear the chosen dress. Dhrishti says fine, I look good in everything I wear. Maina, Koel and Manikant come home. Maina shows the shopping bags. Koel says we will go inside and see, come Alpa. Garv shows the diamond necklaces and asks her to gift it to his family. He says this watch is for my dad, you give this to them on Gordhana ritual, everyone will be happy.

She says I can’t lie and cheat them, you are doing this to help me, but your family knows our reality, I want them to accept us the way we are, I have already made the gifts ready with my love, you told me that you won’t force me for anything I don’t like. The lady looks on and thinks your dreams will never get fulfilled, your relation will break, Garv, your happiness will burn, I won’t let this marriage happen, it’s a promise. Titli returns the gifts. Alpa taunts Maina. Maina says truth won’t come, I m Garv’s mum. Alpa says yes, who else. She goes. Koel says Garv will like it, I will get the necklace which Maina gave to me. Manikant comes and calls Maina. Koel gets the necklace. She says Maina left for work. She shows the necklace to Babu ji and asks do you remember this, I wanted to make Garv’s wife wear this necklace, Titli doesn’t deserve Garv and this necklace, but she is lucky, I m also lucky, you named everything on my name. Babu ji says this necklace is fake. Koel laughs. She thinks to get the necklace polished for free by calling Paresh.

Titli asks Paresh not to worry, gifts are arranged, they will like it. Paresh worries. Garv and family come to Titli’s house. Dhrishti and Alpa do a drama. Jaishri and Hiren are shocked to see each other. She says we used to study in the same college. Manikant says I told you, it’s the cheap flowers. Babu ji says get happy for your son, he got a nice girl, she is like Koel. Manikant asks him to take medicines. Baa asks them to sit. Koel asks where will we kept the gifts, place is less. Chintu says no, there is much place. He takes the gifts and keeps it. Alpa sits on the chair and is about to fall. She asks what’s this.

Jaishri says I m sorry. She asks Chintu to get another chair. Koel taunts Jaishri. Everyone gets seated. Garv looks for Titli. Dhrishti says how do they live in a small house without AC. Monica says don’t say that, where is Garv. Titli prays. Bhakti asks are you nervous or excited. Titli says both, I took gifts for everyone, I don’t know they will like it or not, this Radha Krishna is for Koel, I will handle everything. Bhakti says everything will be fine.

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