Titli Starlife update Saturday 8 June 2024

The Episode starts with Titli making the Jagran arrangements. Dhara and Monica take care of the guests and keep them busy. The lights go off. Titli worries. Dhara goes to see. Maina says we should ask the ladies to leave. Titli says I will try again.

Alpa scolds her. Titli says don’t worry, I will fix everything. She asks Dhara about the main switch. Dhara says yes, its near the backdoor. Titli goes to fix the fuse. Garv comes to help her. The lights get on. He goes.

Everyone comes out of the house. Titli recalls everyone’s words. She says I can’t lose, its about my family respect, I have to do my duty right away, I will think later how to prove my innocence. The ladies like Titli’s work and praise her.

Titli says I learnt this from Koel, she taught me to work quickly. Monica’s inlaws come and praise Koel and Titli’s bond. Maina gets jealous. She says pandit will be coming in some time, then we will start the puja. Monica calls Garv lucky. He says Titli is hiding her pain behind her smile.

Manikant says she is acting, she wanted to send her husband to jail. Titli hears this and gets sad. She hears the ladies talking about phone recording. She calls Bhakti and says I have an idea to prove the truth.

Alpa taunts Maina. Maina scolds her and asks her to mind her own business. Titli wishes her plan to work. Everyone does the puja. Titli smiles seeing Garv. Maina and Manikant do the puja. Koel comes in front. He leaves. Koel touches the ground where he stood. Maina asks Monica why didn’t you touch Adi’s feet. Monica says Adi asked me not to do it. Titli says I feel one can bend in love, it shows the value.

Garv says husband and wife are equal, not in everything, it’s a fact, husband has an upper hand. Monica says girls are also regarded Devi. Garv thinks why didn’t she touch my feet if she kept the fast for me. Bhakti comes home and meets everyone. She sees Hiral. She goes to Hiral and backbites about Titli. She says bad happened with Paresh. She recalls Titli’s plan to make Hiral admit her plans. Hiral says Titli is dual faced, just I know her truth. Bhakti records it. Monica says Adi kept a fast for me, how sweet. Garv says yes, but just Monica deserves this, not everyone. Titli thinks I will prove myself right. Hiral catches Bhakti and takes the phone. She deletes the recording. She says Titli has to leave that house, its decided.

Garv and everyone dance. Ankit says when Garv’s real face comes out, Titli will stand against her. Ishani says we don’t have to punish Garv this way. He sends Titli and his pic to Garv. Garv and Titli dance. Monica says I wish everything gets fine between then. Adi says it will happen. Garv falls down intentionally. Titli asks what happened. He says my foot twisted. She holds his foot and checks. He thinks you kept the fast for me, how can you leave the rasams. Monica says Garv made Titli touch his feet. Titli says Garv would do the same thing being in my place. She goes to get spray. Garv gets the message.

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