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Titli 1 March 2024: Titli is talking to her mum. Her mum encourages her to fly. They see her dad coming home drunk. Her dad argues and stumbles. Her mum gets a jerk and falls. Titli runs to her mum. Her mum dies. Titli sits crying. Her uncle says I won’t bear Titli’s expenses, I have responsibility of my children also. Her aunt says we can’t send her to the orphanage.

The old lady says Titli’s mum died and took away my son also, he committed suicide after her death, I won’t keep Titli with us. Aunt says I will raise her, until I m alive, I will raise her as Kakimaa, not Kaki. She hugs Titli. Uncle says the past will never leave Titli. After 15 years, Titli and her cousin run to see a baraat. She dances and says its our best friend Hetal’s marriage, the day is special for us. The lady asks what, you didn’t get the Jaimala, how will you explain the girl’s family. Titli says we will make the garland and give it to them, don’t worry. Chintu comes to call them. Titli signs him. She rushes to make the varmala. He goes and dances with the groom.

Titli takes the flowers from the decorations. She takes some lotus from the temple and says sorry Kanha ji. She sits and sees Hetal coming for the marriage. She quickly makes the garlands. She gets hurt by the needle. Pandit asks them to get varmala. The groom’s mum says I have asked them to get varmala of real pearls. Hetal’s parents are worried. The lady scolds them. She asks her son Akhil to come. She says we will take the baraat back. Titli says varmala has come. She shows the garlands made by flowers. The lady says I told about pearls. Titli says the flowers are precious. She tells about the flowers. She says it has blessings of all Devis and Devtas, you should have these garlands, instead the pearls one.

The lady smiles and hugs her. Everyone smiles. Hetal and Akhil exchange the garland. Titli says it’s a special day today, its my mum and dad’s marriage anniversary today, Kakimaa told me about them, I will go now. She hugs Bhakti and leaves. She asks Chintu to come. Chintu says no, I have to dance. She says give me the scooty keys and come soon. A guy stops Titli. She scolds him.

He misbehaves with her. She steps back and falls in a guy’s arms. The guy asks won’t you play the game with me. The bad guy runs away. She thanks him. He introduces himself as her school senior Rahul. She says everyone was scared of you, you changed a lot. He says I m from Akhil’s side. She says I have to go home. He says I will drop you. She says no, I will go on my scooty. He asks what’s the problem if I come along. He says people will misunderstand, I don’t want my family to face any questions. She goes.

He smiles. The bad guy looks on. The fuel is seen on the road. Her scooty stops midway. The bad guy comes there. He says you have called me here. He teases her. She takes her slipper and scolds him. She says my dad is in police, he will beat you a lot, my mum is a lawyer in supreme court, you can never get out of jail. The guy laughs and says I know your entire family, your parents have died, your Kaka Paresh works in a jeweller’s house, you have no respect, you are an orphan. She cries. He holds her hand. Garv is seen sitting in a car. He hears Suraj and his evil parents’ confession of torturing their bahu. He races the car.

They get scared. Suraj says he isn’t our new driver. Garv says yes, I was here to record your confession, I m Garv Mehta, your bahu’s lawyer, I want a fair settlement, give full alimony to my client. Suraj says we won’t give it. Garv scares them by speeding the car. They agree to fill the money. The car gets damaged. He hits the car to some pole. They cry. Garv says sign the papers and give confirmation. Titli asks the bad guy to leave her. Garv gets down the car and wears his coat. He leaves on his bike. Titli sees someone coming on a bike.

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