Titli Starlife update Friday 14 June 2024

The Episode starts with Garv taking a stand for Titli and arguing with his parents. He says I knew you won’t believe me, so I got the proof. Hiral comes. Titli says she came to say the truth. Garv says speak up. Hiral says I lied that day, Titli never called me and told me anything against Garv, I filed the complaint against him.

Maina asks how shall we believe you now. Garv says I know it’s the truth. Koel says they both are fooling you. Titli says no, trust me once. Koel scolds her and says no one trusts you. Dada ji and Hiren say we trust Titli. Monica and Dhara also join Titli.

Manikant says you stood against me for this girl. Hiren says no, you are standing on the wrong front, Titli is right. Alpa asks Hiren and Dhara to come to other side. Manikant says she is dividing the family, can’t anyone see. Garv says I trust my wife, she won’t go anywhere, she will stay here with me. Titli says I didn’t do anything, please trust me once. Manikant goes. Garv surprises Titli. She stays upset. He says I can understand what you are thinking and feeling right now. She says of course, you didn’t trust me, if this happened with you, then I would have trusted you. He says maybe, I felt cheated when you lied to me. She says I felt the same when you called me a liar, you didn’t stop Koel from ousting me.

Titli says we promised to keep our promises. Garv says no. He keeps his hand over the candle. She stops him and says you are letting your anger conquer our love. She pacifies him. She says I get upset and even then I come back to you, because I love you, can’t we forget everything and make a new start. They hug and kiss. He says I love you so much, tell me what do you want, we will got out for dinner or shopping, I will do whatever you say. She says I want to resume my job. He is shocked. She asks what happened.

He says I allow you to go, I have no issue, but family might have an issue, I don’t blame them, its not their mistake, no woman has done a job in our family, its impossible to convince them. She says I will make it possible, you are with me, right. He nods. She thanks and hugs him. She goes to Koel and Maina. Maina says you are pleasing us to become a part of this family. Titli says I have to win your heart. Garv says you are already a part of this family. He thinks I can’t share your time, just I have the right. He doesn’t let Titli talk.

She asks Koel and Maina to cook the food. He takes Titli with him and says you talk to them tomorrow, spend time with me now, come. He thinks I don’t want you to do a job again. Alpa and Hiren argue. Its morning, Titli prays. Dada ji comes and blesses her. He says wow, the temple looks beautiful today. Titli says I want to talk to Maina, I want to go and do a job again. Maina asks what. Garv asks Koel to go out and enjoy. Koel says I have much work in the house. He sends her. He says sorry Titli, I had to do this.

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