Timeless love update Tuesday 26 September 2023

Timeless love 26 September 2023: The Episode starts with Dev asking Hariprasad not to involve his mother in their matter. Hariprasad asks why, when I have told your mother clearly then why you have come here, why she didn’t stop you and told you that she was humiliated here. He says tell Satyavati. Dev says I said not to involve my Mother, I came here to talk about Vidhi. Hariprasad slaps him hard. Abhimanyu gets angry. Hariprasad says don’t take my daughter’s name with your dirty tongue. He says my daughter Vidhi held my hand when she came to your office for the first time. He says she never left my hand, but now she will not care even if I am lying on the pyre. He says she has become yours fully, your mother had come here, my wife and I replied to her that we can’t give our daughter to you. Dev asks Abhi to calm down. He tells Hariprasad that he can understand. Hariprasad says you don’t know anything and says I can never think that someone can fool my daughter. Dev says I didn’t do anything. Hariprasad says when a guy’s family had come here, then you had stayed here, by making some excuse. He says you have broken Vidhi’s engagement and then your engagement too. Dev says you have a big misunderstanding.

Hariprasad says yes, I had that you misunderstood. Dev says we didn’t know about our feelings when Vidhi’s engagement broke. Hariprasad asks what about Amba ji. Dev says my decision was wrong about Amba. Hariprasad says you have eyed my daughter infront of him and broke my trust. Dev says what I feel for your daughter is not a sin or any shame. He says our matter reached you in wrong way. Hariprasad asks him not to say any word and asks him to leave, else he will kick him out. Bimla asks him to stop him now. Dev sees his condition deteriorating and says I will leave from here. He says you are her father and wants to search a good guy for her. He asks him not to vent out his anger on his mother or Vidhi. He asks him to see all the matter from his perspective and not from society perspective. Bimla asks Dev to leave and says hariprasad’s condition is bad. She asks how much you will get us insulted, and says all neighbors are watching. Neighbors leave. Dev says you had told my mother that if Vidhi marries me, then she will get old before time and her life will end. He says may be she will have long life if she marries someone else, but happiness might end before the start. He asks Abhi to come and leaves. Abhi asks Dev why did you stop me? Dev asks why you stop when I asked you. Abhi says seeing Vidhi’s face. Dev says we have to give sometime to hariprasad ji.

Amba gives coffee to Priya and makes another cup. Priya asks if someone is ciming. Amba says for Dev. Priya tells that Mummy ji took alliance for Vidhi, but returned insulted. She says hariprasad slapped Dev. Amba gets furious.

Bimla says don’t know why they came here and tells hariprasad that she is worried for him. Hariprasad says I am fine. Bimla says you shouldn’t have slapped Dev. She says just as you slapped, he folded his hands. Hariprasad says he has done such a thing. Bimla says I never saw you getting angry on any women. She says you told so much to Satyavati too. She says Dev ji was standing hearing all the insult. He coughs. She gives him water.

They hear temple bell ringing and bhajan sound, and come out. They see Amba there. Amba asks if all the hospital bill is settled etc. Hariprasad asks her to take the shop papers. Amba says how your house will run there. She asks him to distribute the profit into 4 parts and one share to her. Hariprasad agrees. Amba says please don’t slap me. Hariprasad says I respect you so much. Amb asks like you respected Dev.

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