Timeless Love update Thursday 22 June 2023

Timeless Love 22 June 2023: Dev smiles thinking about Vidhi’s letter. Satyavati comes there and sees him smiling. She says Mahadev shall keep that person smiling who made Dev smiled. She says you are sad alone. Dev says he is serious when he is doing work. Satyavati says when people die, then they keep their eye sight down. She says you have taken up all the responsibility and bear all the problems.

Timeless Love 21 June 2023

She says you should have been a bit selfish and snatched some happiness from us. She says you shall focus on your life and choose a good life partner. He gets Chitra’s call and picks it. Chitra greets them and tells that Maa would be fine, as Dev bhai is with her. She tells that she is in Dev’s office, to do the interiors. Satyavati asks if she is working? Chitra says Amy Mausi is doing the interiors. Amba says we took some reference and will come to office tomorrow.

Satyavati asks her not to make many changes in office, as the interiors was of the past when his Papa was alive and Dev don’t want the change. Amba says I value past and will not let it go, infact will do something to make new memories. She says we will meet tomorrow. Dev says bye and ends the call. Satyavati says No Maa, you are thinking wrong. Dev says you are perfect and knows what son is thinking. They laugh.

Bimla tells Hariprasad that all the neighbors are doing work. Hariprasad is still worried about the expenses. Kalumal comes there and offers to let him contribute to the jagrata. Hariprasad hesitantly agrees. Kalumal says everything will be 50-50. He says they will welcome Dev Raichand and his wife. Urmila and her husband hear this. Urmila calls golden and asks her to come back, says their destiny will wake up.

Amba comes to the office. Kanika asks how did you come? Amba says she came for interiors and tells that Chitra went for shopping. Kanika compliments her beauty. Amba says you can compliment me in installment as I will stay here. Kanika asks her to accept apology and says our intern misunderstood you to be Mrs. Dev Raichand. Amba says she don’t mind it. Kanika says we don’t mind too. She asks her to wait in Dev’s cabin. Amba goes to Dev’s cabin.

Bimla tells Hariprasad that the sadsang where she goes. Hariprasad says I will not stop you now. He says I don’t have right to stop you. He says you are not just my wife, but a strong pillar of the family, you have done so much for this house. He says you run the house in the small amount of money, brought by me and you make savings too. He says you never asked for anything and bear my brother and his wife. He says I wanted to give so much to you and kids, but couldn’t do anything. Bimla says you have given us so much love and good values to kids, you are our inspiration. Hariprasad says these things are looking bad to me. He says he wants to tell her something. Bimla says even I want to say something.

Urmila comes inside and asks Bimla why she didn’t tell her that Dev Raichand is coming to jagrata. She gives her guests list. Bimla says you will not help us. Urmila says she will make the almond bhog. She says I would have helped you, but. Bimla says my friends will help.Vidhi notes down the expenses of the office in the computer. She thinks it is more than 1 lakh. Seema says Peeli and Laali came. Urmila says your Sena came. She asks shall I leave my husband here? Urmila says he will taste the food made by Bimla. Laali says the family members fast during jagrata. Urmila and her husband go.

Vidhi talks to the accountant about the expenses. Accountant says the expenses happens with yogesh’s permission. Rishabh informs Vidhi that Dev’s wife is in his cabin. Vidhi goes to invite her. Hariprasad comes to his employer’s son and invites him for jagrata.Vidhi comes to Amba and invites her for jagrata of Milapni Devi. She says it is said that the Jodi keeps united always if seek Milapni Devi’s blessings. She says I know everything is fine between you both and says even if you have a small fight, then it will be fine. Amba asks if you have invited Dev.

Vidhi says he was getting info from me about it. Amba tells Vidhi that she is playing an important and positive role in their present and future. Vidhi says Dev sir is very good, and you too, I just want you both to stay together always. Amba says even she wants, and thanks her for the invite. She says I will come surely. She keeps invite in her purse.Chitra comes there and tells that she did the shopping and says contractor came. Amba asks her to explain designs to him. Later Vidhi comes to Dev’s cabin and says she has written some suggestions to lessen the office expenses. He asks if it was over budget.

Vidhi says no, but if some money is saved, then it can be used for home expenses. Dev says good. She thinks shall I remind sir about Jagrata and thinks Kanika Maam said that she will invite. He asks what are you saying? She asks if you will come to my party, if I get good marks. He says he will try. She says I will not break promise made to you. She says your secrets will not come infront of anyone and I will not break your trust.

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