Timeless Love update Sunday 11 June 2023

Timeless Love 11 June 2023: Dev tells Abhimanyu that sometimes someone is younger than you, but teaches a big thing. Abhimanyu asks about whom he is talking? Dev says forget about that person, did you understand what I said. He asks him to say what he wants to do, what he wants to become, big or small thing, share with me and help me to understand. He asks him to say. Vidhi couldn’t believe how she could do this and gives credit to Milapni Devi for boosting her courage.

Timeless Love 10 June 2023

Seema says this is happening because of your job. She says you got self confidence.Abhimanyu tells that his self confidence increases when he does cooking, and then he is very happy. He says when people praise the food made by me, and praises it, then I get a kick. He says I know the matter is about Raichand’s family prestige.

Dev says nothing is impossible as it is matter of your happiness, your dream is yours, you want to become chef, it will happen.Abhimanyu says Maa. Dev says I will handle her. Abhimanyu thanks and hugs him. Dev thinks the woodcutter wanted the wooden axe and gets happy with it.

Seema tells Vidhi that Dev saved her respect infront of the groom’s family. Vidhi recalls Dev offering her a job and protecting her respect. Seema tells that she is becoming super di. Dev says Vidhi has changed not just his thinking, but the perception to see life. Vidhi says I am changing, thank you Dev sir. Dev also thanks Vidhi.

Next day in the morning, Pandit ji does the aarti in the temple, while everyone attends the aarti and sing bhajan. Satyavati is in her house temple. Dev comes and sits beside her. Satyavati asks Dev if he came late in night, after she slept. She says yesterday I saw your car outside balghar nd asks if he was there. Dev says no, and lies to her. Satyavati asks him if he is hiding something.

Dev says I want to talk to you about Abhimanyu.Urmila tells that they have less money this time, and golden went to her mausi to learn beauty parlour course. She tells that this month they will have just air in mouth. Hari prasad tells Kaluchacha that she is acting.Satyavati says if Abhi doesn’t have interest to join business, then he shall sit at home.

Dev asks did you remember that Abhi had stopped talking to us, when he failed in his semester, and he asked us to make him do some course which interest him. He says we didn’t listen to him once, and I asked him to do degree, and asks him to go to college and get attendence. He says he used to share his feelings with me, but didn’t share after that. Satyavati says he is grown up and married now.

Dev says we could never realize where his happiness lies, and we used to think that his dreams are small. Satyavati says we haven’t failed, he has failed due to his weakness. She says he shall do his duties. Dev says we shall understand him and says people go in depression. He says you know well, how is his relation with Priya, and his marriage is on the verge to break.

He says I am handling business and it is working well, and says why to pressure my siblings, they shall fly in the sky like a free birds. He gets emotional. Satyavati asks what about your happiness, you have to get married and start your life. Dev says I am happy with my life, let Abhi do what he wants, if he is not happy then I will fall in my sight.

Abhi comes there and says nobody will know that Raichand son is doing chef’s job, I will do this as Abhimanyu. Dev says I will handle. Satyavati says when the brothers have decided, I am okay with it. She asks Abhi not to ruin Raichand’s family name. Abhi thanks Satyavati and Dev. Dev says that controversy is handled, I got a message.

Priya thinks everyone’s dreams are special, except mine. She thinks she will fulfill it.Urmila’s husband take the prasad from the temple and asks her to come as she has to buy a new purse. Just then plaster falls down from the rooftop on Urmila’s husband. He sits on sofa and tells that he is saved with Maiyya’s blessings.

Urmila says he needs to be admitted in the hospital and needs to be operated. Bimla gives her balm and asks her to apply. Vidhi cleans the floor.Hariprasad says I will ask for advance for the house repair. Urmila says Vidhi shall get the advance. Hariprasad says he will not take even a single penny from Vidhi. Vidhi smiles and looks at him.

Dev is in his car and checks the time. Amba calls him. He picks the call. A boy knocks on the window and gives him newspaper. Dev tries to stop him. Amba says that boy got much money to deliver you this newspaper. She asks him to read the news. Dev reads the news that Amba is shifting her business to Indore. Amba says she likes surprises, as the surprise is related to him. Dev says why me? Amba says city and heart is yours, I need a little space. Dev says shifting business is risky. She says she is not afraid.

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